Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Geometry Wars developer working on Rev project?

Are the award-winning makers of the Xbox Live Arcade blockbuster Geometry Wars and the racing series Project Gotham Racing working on a Revolution title?

The UK-based development studio Bizarre Creations Ltd. are listing a yet unannounced project with these mysterious words:

What's next from Bizarre Creations? Remember kids, Bizarre Creations ain't just a racing game company! We have fingers in other pies as well... and PGR3 isn't the only thing coming to next-generation consoles from our studios. Watch this space for details!

Their next update was a photo of (allegedly) a bruised elbow, accompanied by these words:

As a result of excessive leaning whilst play-testing Bizarre Creation's as-of-yet-unannounced project, Nick Davies (Design Manager) has incurred a really gross gaming injury. In fact, it's so gross that he thought it would be a good idea to share it with the world at large...

One of the posters suspects just what I am thinking: A bruised elbow is most likely sustained while playing with the Revolution controller.

And, finally, they have a third update about a mystery piece of paper, which they claim is "fluttering around" the studio. Here is the latest picture of the mystery paper, next to what I believe is a shotgun shell of sorts.

Could this project be for the Revolution? Quite possibly, in my opinion. The developer has made their admiration of the console known and the bruised elbow is a solid hint. They are currently developing a game for SEGA, possibly one of their own IPs, and this could be it. I am going to watch that website for more.

Source: Bizarre Creations Ltd.
Image source: Bizarre Creations Ltd.


niwre said...

Hmmm, I don't know.

I think you can see a hint in everything, as long as you want it to see.

runnin_blue said...

Doesn't that say it was posted on 15 May 2005!? Developers barely new what the Rev was at that stage.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a battery to me that red thing.:S

Reprise's Blog said...

I smeel an NDA^^

PS: Genialer Blog, mach weiter so ;-)

Shoxware Games said...

@ runnin_blue: Of course did developers know, how the Revolution-Controller look like on May 25 2005! WE are the public, and THEY are the developers!

aaw said...

The ???? is a game between Bizarre and Sega. they announced a press release about it when tgs 05 was.

Bizarre Creation's second project (the thus far unannounced, super-secret, next-gen title) now has a publisher! Yay! Frustratingly, I can't give you any details at all apart from what is written in the above document. There's some important points hinted at though:

*It's multi-platform. This title won't be limited to a single machine. This lets us reach the widest audience possible, which is great for this type of game. However, we don't consider making a multi-platform game as an excuse to compromise on quality or rush out a hastily "ported" title. Expect the usual Bizarre quality you know and love, with people on the team focussed specifically on making the most of each platform's special features.

*It's a next generation title. So you can expect great graphics, great sound, and great production values.

*It's a new concept. In other words, it isn't based on any existing IP (SEGA or our own). It's NOT Outrun 3, Crazy Taxi 4, Fur Fighters or whatever else you care to guess. This is something completely new, and totally original.

Reprise's Blog said...

It's a sega game...
and the boss of sega said, that the Controller will be great(2 or 3 Weeks before TGS)

Eithan said...

After browsing through their forums they do announce that the game is a sega game. They also make a good point that they are not Xbox exclusive:


It's a real shame I can't tell you anything about our "un-announced" projects... basically it's all hush-hush secret stuff that we can't really tell you about for several reasons... usually it's stuff like we're still thrashing out deals with publishers, or it's licence based, etc... so information is restricted and some guy in a marketing department makes the decision as to when the announcement happens...

One thing we don't want is to announce a game too early... then have it drag on and on (just look at how 'Republic' and 'Galleon' are doing, too much PR too soon)...

I think iRobot already mentioned this in another post, but the reason these forums are up for the other teams is so that you guys can see that we are working on other stuff and not just doing PGR2... we're also not an "XBox" exclusive company... we work on whatever platform the game suits or the publisher we work for wants... it just so happens that Gotham's publisher is Microsoft, so it was pretty much guaranteed they'd only want it on XBox.

Hope this goes a little way to explaining why we're so cagey on the other titles just at the moment... when we get the word you'll be first to know... (well... maybe second or third :wink: )


P.S. If you happen to meet any of the team down the pub, rumour has it that if you can get us drunk enough you can pretty much find out anything you you might want to know. (However getting us drunk could be quite an expensive excercise)

source: http://www.bizarreonline.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=68

Steffen said...

The elbow-picture was posted in august. No way a relatively small developer would have access to the Rev-controller by then. Most big-time developers hadn't even seen it!
Sorry Falafel, you're mistaken here :)

Shoxware Games said...

@ steffen: Of course this is possible! Nintendo wants to reach these "relatively small developers" with Revolution! They want creative and innovative software on their machine, so this is way possible! Don't expect a super-innovative game from EA!

SNES Link said...

(At an EA Board Meeting)

Man 1: "So, how are we going to support Revolution without actually spending much money?"
Man 2: "Yes! Precious precious money. MMmmmmmm...."
Man 3: "I know! Lets just use the controller to draw game plans for our soccer, basketball, and football franchises in between plays!"
All: "Brilliant!!"

BIGMIGZero said...

Point Blank Revolution?

Damn thats a stretch isnt it haha!
(blank paper......guns.....?)

Well i tried.

matenriquez said...

I got an idea
Sega published game + "shotgun shells?" = Next-Gen House of the Dead?
Just a tought
I personally think that would kick ass on Revo

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone. I must admit that I didn´t have a lot of time to post this (still: better post something original than regurgitate the stuff that´s on other sites, eh?), so I didn´t actually check the dates. I admit that they do draw into question whether this game could be for the Rev. However, I would like to point out that it´s not impossible, as others have pointed out. It´s possible that they had a controller dev kit by August, to my knowledge. But my bad for not checking the dates on the entries.

Arsenis said...

That would make you Human, don't worry dude!

KLind said...

I saw that a while ago, and I don't have any Idea. But whats the deal with all these developers having SUPER SECRET MEGA HYPER CANT SHOW projects? I mean Bungie is doing that, any Revolution games, and now Bizarre! Whats up with that?

Anonymous said...

Klind said:
But whats the deal with all these developers having SUPER SECRET MEGA HYPER CANT SHOW projects?

Maybe the developers are stalling because they can't think of anything.


I got a swelling like that once when I played Far Cry (pc) for an entire weekend but it was caused by me rubbing my elbo on a plastic arm rest edge over and over.

Grandmaster B said...

Call of Duty 2 possibly a launch title?

HereticPB said...


Fala my blog link has changed - Nin-Centrum.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Getting a little desperate for updates, aren't you.

Arsenis said...

Zoonami - seems like they will probably be exclusive to Nintendo, The project "Game Zero" is two games...

Thunder Emperor said...

Remember guys if the game is made for sega as the publisher, then have a dev kit in august is very possible. cause sega wil lbe among the first developers and publishers to get working on Rev games

Penis said...


Vince said...

It has to be a Rev title. Why would a game for PS3 or X-Box 359 cause such an "injury" on the elbow by "leaning" on something. I could image a shooter game, where you hold the controller like a shot-gun (the red shell!) and aim with it while leaning your elbow on the couch table or floor...

Anonymous said...

this "shotgun shell", in my eyes, is a normal battery :D

Raphael said...



therealabdallah said...

It is, I just put a levels on the image in photoshop and its clearly just a battery when you put some more light on the image.

therealabdallah said...

Which also means that the paper beside it is very small - this is one of the standard semi thin batteries as far as I can see.

ssj2119 said...

Nintendo president vows cheap games
Iwata discusses price hikes and ways to keep costs down as gaming enters the next generation.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) – Nintendo has already vowed its next generation console will be cheaper than its competitors. Now it's making the same promise about its games.

Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo of Japan, told me last week that while the company has no control over what its partners ask for their games, "I cannot imagine any first party title could be priced for more than $50."

Development costs in the next generation have been one of the talking points for Nintendo for several months. The company has repeatedly said flashier graphics on the same games will only drive up costs, not increase the industry's appeal. Third party publishers are hoping otherwise, as games for the Xbox 360 (and, if pricing goes as expected, for the PlayStation 3) regularly hover in the $60 range.

"In the US, we're going to see the next generation cost an awful lot," said Iwata. "I really don't think that there's going to be a lot of acceptance by current customers of the $60 price tag. They may allow that for a limited number of premium titles, but not all."

Microsoft and Sony hope to supplement their income with digital distribution, selling games and more via their online services. Xbox 360 owners are able to download new, small games onto their hard drive for a small fee (typically no more than $10). The model will likely be the same with the PS3.

The Revolution won't have a hard drive, though, raising questions about where owners will be able to store games obtained from the system's "Virtual Console" (a service that will allow them to download virtually every game for previous Nintendo home systems, as well as select titles from the Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx systems).

Again, Iwata said this will be a topic addressed at E3, though he did offer some insight.

The Revolution has 512 MB of flash memory, allowing for some initial storage space. The system also has a slot for SD memory cards, which are widely used in digital cameras and can hold a greater amount of data. Most importantly, Iwata mentioned, were the USB ports that are built into the Revolution "so practically any storage method can be used".

It's entirely possible that some downloads might not be permanent, either, making additional storage space less important.

"We can set some limitations as to the time period a piece of downloaded content can be played," said Iwata. "Or, we may opt to let users play as long as they want. This gives us a flexible business model."

That could hold appeal to other publishers. Last week, Nintendo announced a partnership arrangement with Sega and Hudson Software to offer some of their games via the Virtual Console. Later, Iwata hinted more announcements might be coming – though he wasn't willing to discuss this too thoroughly.

"A number of different publishers are now interested in participating in this virtual console system," he said. "As far as the details, though, I believe we will wait for another opportunity before discussing them."

While the Virtual Console's focus so far has been on classic games, Iwata said Nintendo fully plans to use it for new titles as well.

The company plans to encourage developers to take risks in the next generation, challenging them to use the Revolution's unique features to make smaller games anyone can pick up and enjoy. And Iwata said Nintendo will lead the charge in developing and distributing these sorts of games.

"If we can come up with an addictive, but simple title – such as Tetris 15 years ago – my attention should be focused on containing costs," he said. "So, I would make it available through the Virtual Console. I think the opportunity for ourselves will be much larger than software that costs $50-$60. ... Of course, there are a number of people waiting for a 'masterpiece' title. For those games, we'll utilized traditional distribution channels."

One other way publishers are trying to control costs these days is by including advertising in games. It's a controversial move, one that has riled many core gamers. Iwata said he has tracked the trend, but admits it confuses him somewhat.

Players, he said, don't have time to pay attention to the ads as they work their way through the game world. As such, he doesn't see the business sense for advertisers – and believes the trend will not be a long lasting one.

"We do not deny the possibility that Nintendo will be doing something like this in the future," he said. "Personally, though, I don't really think it's going to be a significant source of revenue to our industry."


Your next piece of news falafel....any storage medium for rev!!

That means iPod can be used as a HD

Anonymous said...

holy crap, i can finally put to use my old ass ipod.

babble said...

Pandemic Studios Finds Revolution "Mind-Blowing"

[...] When questioned about the difficulties of making multi-platform games with Revolution, Resnick responded, "Well the Revolution is a very different platform, and we’ve actually just seen some things behind closed doors that are just mind-blowing. Very very exciting. They’re doing something that’s very different and unique. I agree that it’s going to challenge the notion of just doing a port." [...]

: )

Luca S. (Italy) said...

A little off topic
Today i've remenbered the Nintendo partnership on iQUE (a sort of nintendo64) chinese console. The games of the N64 are downloaded and writed on removable media and costs 5$ each. Maybe the virtual console could be selled for the same price.
Luca S. (Italy)

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