Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ask Shigeru Miyamoto

On March 15th, I will be able to interview Shigeru Miyamoto, inventor of Mario and senior managing director of Nintendo´s Entertainment Analysis and Development Division (EAD). Miyamoto is currently on press tour to promote the new ´Super Mario Bros.´ coming out on DS. He will also talk about Revolution, to some extent.

I am currently compiling questions for the interview. What would you ask him? Feel free to leave suggestions, if you want. It makes me less likely to leave anything out and perhaps you will get your question answered.

Image Source: Nintendo press server


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mattisdada said...

Yeah first post, well, ask him anything about the revolution, and ask him about the ds lite and maybe ask about the quialty of the VoIP on MP-H cause it might be shotty cause of the mic.


mattisdada said...

oh and also, anyone that wants to use my blogger accoutn amy do so freely, i want to make a multi-user blog with well writen articls whcih can be about anyuthing you want at all!



Anonymous said...

Ummm.. hmm..i want to put forth a question.. cant think of any right now.. Suggest a real name for the rev if its not going to be revolution.. ok about... the Nintendo Inno ! yeah for innovate! lol be back later with a post of more substance.

Falafelkid said...

Nintendo Players have got photos of the DS Lite launch in Japan. Nice queues.

Falafelkid said...

Oh, forgot to mention that the interview will be just in time for my anniversary: one million page impressions. A nice exclusive for all you people who have made this blog what it is today. Thanks, everyone.

Metaldave said...

1. Try to get him to confirm the Zelda Revolution control issue, even though we pretty much know its going to happen now.

2. Tell him we all know the Revolution controller has more secrets, but ask him if there is still a big secret in the system hardware yet to be revealed? Its important to know how large of a secret it is in the hardware. If its just a little secret, then we know its not going to be 3D projection or whatever it may be.

I hope its a big secret still within the hardware. I have a feeling that he will make it sound big too, as well as being very cryptic about it as usual.

3. Ask him one more time about the graphics of Revolution and if we are going to see any difference on our regular TV's compared to PS3 and Xbox360. Its important to be reminded of this.

4. Ask him about the "WOW" statement that Iwata made and if there is more to it than that, or if he was just talking about the normal graphics you will see on you TV.

5. Ask him if we can expect Mario 128 as a launch title. We know Smash Brothers will probably make it but we haven't heard much about a new Mario IP.

Good luck with the interview Fala!

hpv said...

Most important thing is to ask him if Kid Icarus Revolution has gone into development yet. And remind him that we're all going to buy xbox instead if we don't get a new KI.

You might also ask him about changes to the controller to accommodate at least SNES games without requiring the controller shell.

Also try to get him to confirm a price and what's going to be included in the box. Remind him that we all love pack-in games!

Lf_sIcKmAn said...
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Lf_sIcKmAn said...
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Lf_sIcKmAn said...

Hey Falafelkid, im a reader from all the way down here in south america, Ecuador to be most accurate... and been reading your blog for a while now... its fun above anything else :D keep up the good work...

I think you should ask Teh Shigmeister if there is something VERY IMPORTANT under the frontal flap of the revo, and a price estimate of games for the virtual console... i know lots of readers are interested in both of these questions so i hope u get to ask him at least one :D

Take Care, and if its not too much to ask (this would like... totally make my year), ask Shigeru to say hi to Luis Fernando Rivadeneira from Ecuador for me... it would be great to at least be mentioned by the master... thanks even if u cant... bye bye... (please try!)

ColdBlooder said...

hi falafelkid,

you could ask how "big" the last secret of revolution is. bigger than the controller? or is it a small one?

you could ask if the last secret has something to do with myiamotos vision of "games that break out of the tv".

and you could ask when the ds lite will be released in europe.

Andy Witmyer said...

This is great -- conratulations for getting this impressive interview!

I liked and endorse the questions suggested by MetalDave. Those are definitely some points I would touch on.

If I were you, I'd take a hardball attitude with it. The best interviews are those with an edge. Play the devil's advocate with him -- it may allow him to answer more passionately instead of giving standard issue responses.

I would ask him what he thinks of Pilot Wings and if we'll ever see a sequel to it on Revolution this generation.

Definitely press him on Super Mario Revolution. IGN seems to think that the game won't make it as a launch title -- this has caused a bit of a stir. I think it would be important to get a clearer picture on this. Perhaps ask him how development on it has been proceeding.

Anyway... good luck with the interview!

Andy Witmyer said...

This is great -- conratulations for getting this impressive interview!

I liked and endorse the questions suggested by MetalDave. Those are definitely some points I would touch on.

If I were you, I'd take a hardball attitude with it. The best interviews are those with an edge. Play the devil's advocate with him -- it may allow him to answer more passionately instead of giving standard issue responses.

I would ask him what he thinks of Pilot Wings and if we'll ever see a sequel to it on Revolution this generation.

Definitely press him on Super Mario Revolution. IGN seems to think that the game won't make it as a launch title -- this has caused a bit of a stir. I think it would be important to get a clearer picture on this. Perhaps ask him how development on it has been proceeding.

Anyway... good luck with the interview!

Raphael said...

Ask him, if Nintendos next homeconsole
will be completely presented at E3!

That´s an awesome question, which can
stop the hype after E3, before the
rumors are going to reborn.

Bush would call it a "preventive strike". ;-)

pi said...

For me

... I just only wish to know. How confident of revolution after know ps3's speed ?

.. will revolution sale under price form the start or not ?

.. and full set of revolution really inexpensive or not ?

Anonymous said...

My Questions :

Why did Nintendo develop the new Zelda for GameCube instead of developing for REVO ???

Will there any hot selling games be developed for REVO, like Nintendogs or other NDS Highlights? When not, then the marketing strategy of Nintendo has not learned anything from the past !!!

Comment :
I like Nintendo but i must confess that sometimes i have problems to understand the decesions of the marketing people! Nintendo should bring every successful game from the DS to the REVO, this is the only step to survive or to win the japanese market.

Anonymous said...


I would agree with others...ask more about the hardware in the Revolution and if there is any secret. Also about games Kid Icarus and Pilot Wings...are a must.


Anonymous said...

I think you should ask about the power supply batteries and mobility. And if it is mobile how will you see it a screen or posibly another method (nudge nudge) 3d stereoscopic.

Anonymous said...

Ask about the stereoscopic 3-D ask him about the ON ask him about weaker graphics. Ask him about HD.

Ask hime about Mario 128.

Ask him to develop a mature original franchise.

Ask him to get consoles out sooner in Europe.

Tell him thanks for signning my copy of mario 64 in london.

Anonymous said...

Ask him the ultimate Nintendo question every fan is dying to know:

"Is Toad gay?"

Anonymous said...

There are very few opportunities to ask this guy questions, so i would ask: Given your remarks about wishing that video games were not confined to the frames of a tv or monitor, do you see this issue being tackled on the revolution, at launch or at any point in its lifetime?
and: Can you tell me whether any of the following rumoured technologies will be included in the revolution: displacement mapping, PVPro miniature laser projection technology, OR a PPU chip.

Anonymous said...

Please ask him if at this point New Super Mario Bros is supposed to be a single game or the first of a whole new series.

About the first party titles for Revolution : please ask if they intend to revive most of their old franchises that were not reused lately (like Pilotwings, Kid Icarus, Punch-Out). Tell him that it's been so long since we last saw them that while fans would like them for what they are, they would seem totally new for newer gamers.

Obstacle-Man said...

with development kits rumored to be in the area of $2000, will Nintendo be embracing Independant developers?

If So, will the independant developers be able to develop for the Virtual Console as well as the Revolution?

Since it would be hard for an independant to find a publisher, would their games be availible to purchase through the WiFi connection?

On a WiFi related note, ask him if on the revolution you can specify a global list of friends or if it has to be game specific like on the DS.

I believe we heard before that GameCube games would have to be played with an actual gamecube controller, What about the virtual console games? the revolution controller looks as if it was designed to be turned on it's side for NES, but SNES and N64 would require a shell, will those games require the revolution controller with a shell, or use the game cube controller?

Sule said...

Nintendo wants to reach out for a new public, right? With the gamecube they had the ''Hip'', dark and mature commercials. This showed they were trying to appeal to a different type of gamer. What's Nintendo's plan for advertisements and say television commercials. TV is the way to show yourself to a large audience! Or are they letting the games (and leaking developers) talk for them?


Moshe_Zew said...

Ask what MetalDave suggested way up ^^

Stabby said...

Try to convince him that Zelda: TP does NOT look next-gen and that X360 games in the future will look a lot better than the first. Then ask if the graphics will be on par with the X360.

Heartquake Kid said...

Ask him about the TP-Revo combatlbility. ;-)

Greetings and congratulations, HQK

LukeSwits said...

Ask him about a supposed new franchise he is suppose to be creating.

Ask him what was his favourite game from this current generation.

Ask if about the damn FLAP!

Anonymous said...

Aks him the following things, please ;)

What did happen to Stage Debut?
Will there be a Roll-o-Rama Revolution?
Would he like to see a Donkey Kong game developed by Rare Ltd. on Nintendo DS?

The last question could be interesting.

Bekannt said...

Ich habe noch eine Frage:

Beim Nintendo DS Lite wird es einige Zeit dauern, bis dieser in den USA bzw. Europa herauskommt. Nintendo hat gesagt, dass sie in Zukunft versuchen werden, Konsolen möglichst schnell auf der ganzen Welt auf den Markt zu bringen.

Die Frage ist: wenn der/die/das Nintendo Revolution gegen Ende 2006 erscheinen soll, kann es dann sein, dass die Konsole erst 2007 in den USA bzw. Europa zu erwarten ist?

MfG Bekannt

Anonymous said...

I know it has already been suggested to get a price but he obviously isn't going to give a specific price so could you ask him instead if it is a lot cheaper than $300, say like $200

Anonymous said...

WHOA! you get to interview Miyamoto??? THAT'S SO COOL!!

ok, a couple of suggestions before anything. stay clear from sensitive issues like sensible revolution info. ask about cooperative works with other companies like Sega, F-Zero-GX was an awesome game. try not to focus on one issue, go big! ask about the company, and recruiting methods. try to find out if they hire people with excelling talents that have nothing but the internet to show off their stuff. Ask about his personal views on the console war, and his visions for the future of Nintendo, both the god and the bad. And most importantly, make sure that by the end of the interview you don't end up looking like just some reporter that came outta nowhere, nothing's more annoying than ending up looking like a random nuissance (past experience, don't think too much of it) so make sure he's comfortable and has that feeling of wanting to meet ya again just for a cup of tea XD who knows? ou might end up being friends

stultissimus said...

God damnit, Falafel, you lucky bastard. I wish I could talk to Miyamoto.

Ask him what he knows so far about third party support. Don't ask for specifics - we all know that Nintendo employees won't answer them - but just ask if Miyamoto has seen more third-party interest than there was during the launch of N64 or GCN. Particularly if he knows of any Revolution-specific third party titles.

Oh, and ask if he still has his new intellectual property on schedule for showing at E3.

Anonymous said...

Meine Fragen :

1. Wird die Revolution an einen PC Monitor(VGA Adapter) anschliessbar sein ???

2. Arbeitet Nintendo schon an ein Zelda Revolution oder Zelda DS???

3. Wird der "Shell" Pad in der Grundausstattung dabei sein, oder muss man es separat erwerben ???

4. Wieso verfügt der Nintendo Revolution über keine Festplatte???

5. Viele Leute,welche den neuen Controller gesehen haben, fragen sich wie man denn das Teil benutzt ohne eine Ermüdung des Armes zu bekommen. Wie sieht Nintendo dieses Problem ???

Noch ein Tipp an Nintendo: Alle DS Hits auf REVO zum Release launchen. Japan würde bestimmt positiv auf ein Nintendogs Revolution reagieren.

Andrew said...

One thing I've always wanted to know is what the third-party software situation will be like. For example, SEGA is supposedly developing a completely original Sonic game for the Revolution. This could either mean that 3rd parties like the Revolution so much that they want to make lots and lots of exclusive titles for it, or that the PS3/Xbox 360 version of Sonic Next-Gen is too graphically intensive to work on the system. If Revolution doesn't get great third party support, it will fail, so I think Miyamoto's opinion on this would shed a lot of light on it. Oh, and ask him if Ouendan! or Band Brothers is ever going to be released in the US, otherwise I might just have to import them, and give Lik-Sang more business.

the IALS said...

Hi Falafelkid,
Fasching gut überstanden?
I hope so.
So, you are about to interview Shigeru Miyamoto?
You are one lucky bastard :).

I'm not going to give you any additional questions since I am confident your head is already working overtime to have the important ones, you know, the ones we are all eager to get an awnser to.
Anyway,my endeavour with this post is as follows.I just recommend you to ask him some random things first, you know, maybe some questions he doesnt hear everyday.
Ask him a couple of funny,cushy ones first to engage his sympathy
for you and if you are done with that slowly approach him with a tricky one,that should work.
Furthermore, check out the Spong Miyamoto interview, its a good example of how to avoid static interviews.
Also,if you find time make him aware of your Blog,the community and last but not least dont forget to greet him from The one and only IALS!!!
Ha, just kidding.



Anonymous said...

Leck mich am arsch Falafel press dir die gamefront Bilder!
Nintendo ist soeben unbesiegbar geworden!

Anonymous said...


Great blogg! Keep it up with this kind of atmosphere, always!


1. Would you concider have this interview on dv-video? So that we can haer/see later on your site?

2. I don't know about you guys but I would like to know if they (BigN) have any projects based on their longtime partner Sharp's 3d display technology that might pop up on any new Gameboy?

3. Is he planing to buy any nintendo stock's before REV gets out? And futhermore, could he advice "when" it's the right time for somebodyelse like me/us to buy?

4. I've made or come up with creative ideas on how a advertising campain (print/video) based on what I think the REV might be like. Would it be possible to send these ideas to him or Nintendo for a comment? If yes advice how I/we might do that?

5. How deep are they analysing the booming mobilephone market?

well thats was all. thank you


Pope said...

This is the second time I post my question, the god damn psp wouldn't let me post >.<

Ask him in which room of the Kodak Theatre the E3 press conference will be held. I still wonder if its in the big one or the usual?
And if its in the big one, try to get him why there.

Secondly, ask him if the Revo will be shown completely at E3.
And if we can await big news before E3.

Ask him about crossbeamstudios.
If you mention them, don't forget Nibris.

And guys: Me too want to know if theres another Pilotwings or Kid Icarus, but do you really think Miyamoto will answer such questions? Just be realistic ^^

ShockDrop said...

Ask him anything about the new Smash Brothers >_> Liek, characters and stuff. Or new modes, or even if there will be anything like screens released before E3.

And, ask him how the Wifi will work on the rev. How will you select matches?

And ask him what ways, if at all, will they give out things to download old games for free. Like, will there be 2 free in the rev box, or can you get one for free for buying a game? Or special codes inside Nintendo games that let you download em.

And the price of the downloads of course >_>

the ials said...

The IALS has a message for all of you:









Anonymous said...

G Fresh said...

Quote him on his cryptic comments and ask him to elaborate a bit. The whole moving away from the television comment he made in some interview (vague enough for you?) really has me wondering. It was something like, "blah blah blah, but I can't comment on that right now." Obviously he was eluding to something, otherwise it didn't need to be mentioned. Get the secret out of him Falafelkid! You can do it!

Darth Link said...

No one seems to remember this, but at last E3 Iwata said Miyamoto was creating 'something brand new', and quite frankly I'm dying to know more about it.

Press him to tell you something! Anything!

And good luck with Miyamoto, Fal.

kimo said...

Nice. Congrats on the interview. Some things I wonder about sometimes:

Is Nintendo aware of all the rumormongering surrounding the Revolution and does that affect their overall strategy in terms of disclosing their next console?

How does he feel about being portrayed as a celebrity or legend within the gaming world?

How long has he been playing the guitar?

And perhaps, would he happen to know if they will make a Super Smash Bros for the DS?

I doubt he'll be able to disclose any more than he's supposed to anyway, and regardless of the questions you ask, he will likely give us more statements to decipher and play around with. Yay.

SNES Link said...

When he was little, what did he want to do for a living?

Anonymous said...

i have two things i would like to know, and im guessing a lot of others would like to know also.

1. since nintendo is all about this blue ocean strategy and how its supposed to open up games to a whole new audience, how are they going to approach pricing on games? will they still leave that up to publishers (or whomever else determines price) or will they put a maximum limit on the price of new games for the revolution? the current ($50, and now $60!!!! on the 360) price for brand spankin' new games is too high to appeal to the majority of the blue ocean audience. what are they going to do about this?

2. i would really like some more info on indie developers and how nintendo plans on bringing them to the foreground in gaming. i believe thats the only way to bring creativity back to our games. the controller alone, or even paired with some new imaging tech will not bring ultimate satisfaction to this blue ocean audience, only originality and ingenuity can do accomplish this feat.

googleplexer said...

I agree with something someone posted above:

Ask about Independent Developers publishing for the Virtual Console service. I really want to know if we will be able to download original games through Wi-Fi.

Also ask why the development kits come at such a low price compared to the PS3 and XBOX 360 ones.

game on said...

I would love to hear if there are any MMORPG'S in the works. Can you imagine a MMO done in the Nintendo universe?

Anonymous said...

dude Miyamoto doesnt interview with homos.

Blizz419 said...

dude Falafel has already met Miyamoto in the past you dumb ass

Blizz419 said...

ok here is what ive come up with and agreed with others about

Is there anything besides the SD card slots under the front flap?

Will any form of external hard drives be supported?

Is the so called "mystery port" for the sensor bars?

Is there a possibility that the CPU & GPU will be on the same die?

I would definatly bring up that alot of people are hoping for a new Kid Icarus.

Is there any development going on in a new iteration of Nintendo's second pillar "Game Boy" or has the DS line
actually replaced the gameboy now?

Also i would clarify the whole secret being in the controller thing, as no one seems to get that it wasnt
actually claimed to be a controller secret just another secret that a translation error became widely believed
and most people refuse to believe this, but if they hear it from miyamoto then they will believe.

Ask him why he thinks reggie recently claimed to never have seen the "ON" video when in the past he said he has seen it.

i like snes links idea of asking him what he wanted to do for a living when he was a child.

Game on's question about MMORPG's is also a good one i like.

910do said...

Hi Falafelkid,
My question will be, Myamoto said about his new IP that he feals older now and this will affect his upcoming franchise, can he elaborate more on this please !!!!

superlee said...

Ask him if he has any plans or ideas for any kind of massive multiplayer online game. That is, anything that can't be done with normal multiplayer.

Ask him if Zelda for the revolution will use an expansion controller or just the remote, and if the difference from earlier Zelda games is strictly game mechanical.

Ask if the secret to the controller is a microphone, and if he won't tell you which he won't, ask how big of a secret it is.

That's all I can think of. :)

Anonymous said...

"Miyamoto is currently on press tour"

what kind of interview is this? will it be a sit down interview, or will it be something like him standing behind a podium with people shouting out questions to him?

and if it is a sit down interview, how in the world did you go about accomplishing this, that is to be able to get an interview? (and if you've done interviews before, how did you go about setting one up? im just curious.)

Anonymous said...

Ask him if the downloaded games cost more than 5 dollar (euro)

Derek said...

I have a couple questions...

a) After unveiling the controller at last year's E3, many fans were initially disappointed and skeptical.

Although fans have come to embrace the innovative design, do you expect the same sort of response after unveiling the new 'secret'?

b) You've mentioned that you plan on targeting 'non gamers' with the Revolution console. This has been shown with Nintendogs and Braingames for the DS.

However, does Nintendo still plan on regaining the lost market share of gamers that was taken by Sony and Microsoft? Can we not only expect to see more 'mature titles' on the Revolution, but exclusive mature titles on the Revolution?

c) The last console race was met with developers creating the same game for multiple consoles. This often left many gamers to buy an X-box because of the higher graphics capability.

What's Nintendo's opinion on this? Is the Revolution going to follow the same formula, or can we expect to see more first party titles?

d) What's the deal with Zelda?

- Derek

Anonymous said...

Ask him if he personaly works on a mature brand new game for the Revolution, and if the project FEAR is still alive.
Ask him if the Nintendo Company try to increase its partnership with huge third party devs as SquareEnix, and if they plan to reiterate "exclusive" collaborations like the capcom Five series.
Ask him when we can expect to learn more about Zelda DS.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fal...

ask him about the nintendo ON video maybe if Reggie is there ask him about agreeing and later on denying...

Blizz419 said...

asking about Zelda DS, thats a good one anon

Anonymous said...

1. Ask him about how many third parties are lined up, is more than what they had for nintendo64, or is it some where around the sort of support they had for gamecube?

2. when will a new gameboy comeout? will it be a generation changing device, something thats changes the handheld market forever/

3. Is there anything this generation of video games that you would of like not to ever have had happen. like stoping gta from coming out, or changing cel-da to zelda, or changing the design of the gamecube

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many bad questions listed here. Guys, Miyamoto isn't going to reveal anything about the Revolution to Falafelkid. Geez.

Ask Miyamoto a question that only he can answer. Here are some examples:

1) As one of the original designers of video games, you based many of your games on past literature such as Super Mario Brothers on Alice in Wonderland. Even Pikmin seemed inspired by your love of Nature and gardening. Now that designers today were raised playing your games, will games become stale as new games are based on older games? This occurred with film when new directors, raised on the original movies, lacked the same inspiration the original directors had.

2) What trends do you see occurring in video games within the next five years?

3) It is said that a movie is play where one can only be an audience. However, a video game is a play where one is an actor inside. Do you agree or disagree with this idea? How do video games compare to Broadway and the play-acting business?


Taylor said...

Are there any other game designers you particularly admire? What do you admire most about the game industry? Conversely, what do you find most troubling about it? What are Nintendo's greatest strengths, specifically in terms of game design. What do you think are Nintendo's greatest weaknesses? Many of Nintendo's non-core-franchise games star Mario. Do you feel that this is a marketing crutch, and that Nintendo should try to branch out and create new characters and universes for their games? Can you cite any specific examples of competitors' games you really admire or enjoy playing? Do you even play video games that often, and if not, why? What drove you to using games as creative medium in the first place? What are your other artistic pursuits?

Anonymous said...

falafelkid you are a homo. Quit deleting my posts you little girl.

Anonymous said...

i have a question for S. Miyamoto.

When we can begun to hope about a Super Mario game, produced by S.myamoto ?
A little game like Super Mario Bros Nes take no longer for devellopement and a game like this can be powered Revolution launching ( what about a "Special" Super Mario Bros episode with new levels designed for Revolution and aivable with download stuff onto revolution )

Taylor said...

Additionally, he's not going to answer any of your Goddamn questions about the Revolution, or any of its games.

Also: Lately we've seen a trend of minimal (Shadow of the Colossus), or even nonexistent (Call of the Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth) Heads-Up-Displays in video games. While some say that they remove the HUD to deeply immerse the player into the game, others believe that it is done to make games more cinematic, more movie-like. More and more, we're seeing games with grandiose plots and long, drawn-out cutscenes, but no real substance in regards to how the game plays. Do you feel that this is a negative trend, or is it just a natural step forward for video games?

Anonymous said...

falafelkid, your site is bookmarked on my browser and I check it everytime I check my email. Fantastic work I must say. Congratulations on this prestigious interview opportunity.

Ask Miyamoto the following if you would:

"Mr. Miyamoto, given Nintendo's new and brilliant Blue Ocean marketing strategy, what sorts of real-life experiences are inspiring you to create new and innovative games based on them?

I am inspired by the possibilities of the new Revolution controlller such as non-violent pick-up-and-play cooking, surgery, dentistry, zoology, musical conducting and composition, and digital interactive art. Can you give us some hints or at best details about any of these new games to attract new audiences in the Blue Ocean of opportunity?

Will the Nintendo DS Lite and the Opera DS web browser make it to the states this year?

I'm trying to convince my mom and my teenage sister to play video games. Can you give me some suggestions to persuade them to experience and enjoy Nintendo games?

Falafelkid, thanks for your time and keep up the integrity inspired video games journalism.

~Squirrelly Bob

Cahaz said...

Hi there, im no new poster, i already posted as "anonymous", and i follow your blog since a long time.

First, i must congradulate you for the interview. I think its great that you give a chance to readers to ask things
to miyamoto.

People here need to understand that we
cannot ask everything, and think you can get everything you can though. some understood it, but but others dont. And asking things that we may already know about is still interesting, because new things can slip about them.

Anyway, here's what i'd like to ask to miyamoto, feel free to take them in note to reject them as, or change them you see fit. (english isnt my first language, so i may do some mistakes here and here, hope you can
reform them if you pick them :-) )



Mario bros started as a little guy without a real name, staring in the video game donkey kong. The situation then evolved; Mario got is own game, is own brand, and now mario almost do anything, Doctor, sport player, you name it. Mario is now an icon of the industry, up here with pac-man, how does it feel to be the man behind all this?


Mario was the most selling brand in this generation,we can say without any doubts that millions of players are waiting to see the new mario, especially because you already stated mario would take a different aproach on the revolution.
We know you cannot reaveal everything on it, but can you talk a bit about it, will the next mario guide the gamers to how the revolution controller work, a bit like mario 64 did for the n64?


We heard that you where creating a new brand for the revolution, a new game, with new characters and a new world. Does it mean that other brands may be left behind on the revolution?


What about resurecting old franchise? There's tons of old gamers outside that remember the days where they played Punch-out!, Exitebike, Ice Hockey, Dunk Hunt, Pilot wings. With the virtual console of the revolution, and downloadable games, these games may resurface in gamers memories, thus opening a possible market for these old franchise, a chance to make a come back. Can we hope to see some of them come back to life?


Microsoft already give the option to download games via xbox live, and we saw a new phenomon in the market with it: Independant games, made by small studios. What do you think about that? Is there a chance to see this on the revolution?


You are seen as a star in the video game industry, a true pionner, you have alot of fans. But you, are you a fan of another game creator? Who do you think helps the industry, and bring fresh ideas, a bit like nintendo's philopsophy?


You co-guided a team with mr. Kojima to bring the first metal gear solid to the game cube. You also worked in
a different world, more darker than
most of your creations. How does it felt?


(And here's the punchy Question.
I hope you take it, and at least try it. This question is very direct and could be like oil on the fire of speculations on the web.)

Nintendo likes inovative and disruptive technology, like we saw with the DS, and with revolution's controller. We also heard that, if you could do something a video game, it would be that you wouldnt sit in
front of a typical, four-cornered television.
What do you think about 3d display? This technology may be used in cinemas in the near future, Could nintendo support it in the future?

(i think this question could be reworked, and get better, you may rework it as you see fit. What i like about it is that shiengieriu have two options: 1- He may say that
this is something he'd like to see in the near future, or something like that, or 2- He could say that he cannot comment about that. This silence would mean alot, and it would be the most interesting answer
that he could provide.

Im sure lots of speculations would come from this, sbout your interview, And i still wonder why no other interviewer to this date ever had the guts to ask something like that, this straight.


here you go, thanks in advance if you pick any of them!

hj said...


Ask him about the DD64's Mario Artist series (communication pack, polygon maker,etc) .

Thank you.

Fedboy said...

I do not expect him to spill any mayor beans, but he could spill some minor details as how much of the revolution has been revealed so far? Or have you already got other publishers for your Download catalogue? Maybe even why in the name of jesus did you guys hire reggie?

Taylor said...

Why do you think that violence is almost unanimously ubiquitous in video games? Do you believe it is primarily rooted in escapism? Why do so many developers have difficulty conceptualizing nonviolent/slapstick games? Do you think that developers use violence as a crutch, that they're simply trying to appeal to an audience that craves violence, or something different altogether?

Idriss said...

Which games under development are getting his most attention at this moment?

Are we going to see Mario Revolution at launch?

Is he still planning to bring Stage Debut to the Revolution?

If Mario 128 doesn't appear at Revolution launch, can we expect his new IP?

Are the rumors that Zelda TP will feature Revolution control true?

How far is Zelda DS development at this moment?

Ether[m-m] said...

Ask him about if Revolution would involve some kind of novelty on how games are displayed.

Also the one about indie games via wifi download someone suggested would be interesting.


shiggy said...

yo falafelkid,

what questions have YOU planned to ask him?

my question to miyamoto-san: the legend of zelda being timeless, how about making an episode happening in the future?

Anonymous said...

Even though this blog is all about Revolution speculation and news, please ask him some questions that are NOT about upcoming products. Game industry journalists always pester creators about future products, missing the opportunity to find out something personal -- his design philosophy, his experience with game creation, his thoughts about his audience, etc. Many interviews pitch the predictable questions about the next wave of software, half of which cannot be answered properly because of all the secrecy surrounding products in development. Why not ask him about something older? He might be very forthcoming about previously-confidential info on Super Mario Bros. 3, for example.

Anonymous said...

Make sure to butter him up first. Don't ask him about games at first. Find out about his family and hobbies and interests, and incorporate those into your first questions. Let him talk about some of those things and he will open up to your further questions. Make him feel comfortable.

The questions I have are regarding hand-helds.

1) With hand-helds being more powerful and including wireless technology, does he see a big future in multi-player hand-held games?

Virtually any game on the DS could be a cooperative multi-player experience: Mario and Luigi running around in the same level, two Links on a cooperative quest, next-door neighbors in Animal Crossing. As a casual gamer, I prefer games that I can play with family or friends, and games with cooperative play are the most desireable to me.

2) Is there any possibility of an accessory for the DS (or future handhelds) that would output audio and video to a television?

As a casual gamer, I don't want to look at a tiny screen if I can avoid it. A simple RCA cable would seem a no-brainer.

3) Is there a possibility of a future portable that plays GameCube disks?

Sebi said...

Hey! Ask him if Nintendo have thought about "Controller-Faceplates" so everybody can have a personal Controller like the GBA Micro! :)
Wouldn't that be sweet?

Anonymous said...

Here are some of those "not new product info" questions I was talking about.

- Why does Mario use a raccoon tale to fly? How did that idea come about?

- Mario used to be a determined, hard-working blue collar guy. Since the N64, he more resembles a joyful, curious child. Can you tell us anything about this evolution and how you personally view the character?

- Some have commented that Shadow of the Colossus resembles an "alternate universe" sequel to the original Zelda, combining a rugged landscape with gloomy ruins and a prevailing sense of mystery. Have you spent much time with the game, and did it remind you of Zelda?

- At this point in your career, do you have any personal reflections about the future? Is there anything in particular that you wish to accomplish?

- Can you tell us about a time when you were surprised by your audience's reaction to your work?

- You seem like a very affable guy; I'm curious what kinds of things really bother you, really get under your skin?

- DocOctorock

Anonymous said...

I have a nice list of question you should ask him. This first question will get you ver popular with a lot of fans.

Ask him if they plan to bring Mother 3 or Earthbound 2 to the United States.

Next ask him if the HMD in Animal Crossing is a hint at whats to come on the Revolution considering many of their products have been featured in DS games, most recent the controller.

Then ask him if there will be any type of 3D projection or new 3d visualization used for the Revolution, and that will cover this large rumor going around.

Ask him what is behind that flap in the front of the Revolution.

Ask him if Super Mario Bros for the DS will allow you to link with a friend and play as Mario and Luigi at the same time.

Ask him if they plan to use any of Gunepi Yokoi's technologies on the Revolution.

Well that is all I can think of for right now. Just make sure you watch the expression on his face for each of these questions.

Oh by the way this is Solstice

ONboy said...

Wow, what an honor! How long do you think you will be speaking with him? Be sure to video tape this and put it high-quality online! Or at least an audio stream ;) I have a few questions:

Regardless of the price or technology needed, what would you like a Nintendo Console to be? I'm not saying revolution, or even the next next gen, but if there were no limitations what would it be?

I'm sure you know that once you do reveal the revolution, whatever it is will be stolen by your competitors (mainly sony and Microsoft) in a matter of time, almost definately for their next-next gen. Do you have another "revolution" in mind to keep them on their toes?

What was the Zelda video shown at Space-World about? Is it the Zelda game planned for Revolution?

On the topic of Zelda, is there a new game planned for Revolution or is it just going to be Twilight Princess with modified controls? If it is a new game, when can we expect it, and why is it going to be "unlike any previous Zelda game"?

Is Mario Revolution going to be shown at E3? And is it Mario 128 or a new idea? How will is utilize the Rev controller?

What other games do you personally have in mind for revolution, even if they aren't being created yet?

You obviously could retire any time you want, so what keeps you at Nintendo?

Have you seen the ON video? I'm not going to ask if it is real or not, but what did you think of it? Do you think it is a good idea?

I'm guessing you know of The Sims. Have you heard about Will Wright's new game being released this fall called Spore? The game itself is truly a "Revolution". If you have, what are your thoughts on it?

Will Wright has publicly shown interest in both Revolution and Handhelds. Is there any chance Spore will becoming to a Nintendo system?

One more question: How long are you planning on staying with Nintendo before your retirement, and how many games do you think we can expect from you? Remember, you are the father of the modern game!

descartado said...

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Conker3000 said...

Ask what the possibilities are of Sega putting their Genesis titles for download on Revolution.

Tell Miyamoto that Sega has shown major interest in doing this, and many Sega fans would jump to buy a Revolution right away if this happend.

Kevin said...

Questions for Master Miyamoto:

Where do you see the future of gaming?

Did you see the ON video and what did you think of it?

Will Nintendo Power start coming with demo discs when the Revolution launches? (yeah off the wall question)

When will we get new Revolution information?

Can we have a small hint? (ha ha will never happend)

Will we find out what the 3rd secret is at E3?

Can you give us a status report on Mario 128?

Will Zelda: Twilight Princess support the Revolution controller?

I'm sure you will ask him some good questions Falafelkid. :)

trip1eX said...

Ask him if the last secret of the Revolution is about the console itself or the controller?

Ask him if Nintendo will devote more of their game design resources to making American-looking games?

What I mean is that Miyamoto and Nintendo seem to know what makes this medium special. I would like to see them make an American-looking rpg or fps game or large scale fps multiplayer game because I believe Nintendo would bring the fun and high quality game design (smooth controls and frame rate, clear visuals, fun and engaging gameplay, ...) that they are known for to many of these American-looking games that are missing these ingredients.

Will the REvolution feature a Nintendo-made headset? Will it be included with the REvolution console?

Anonymous said...

Will we get more information about Revolution before E3?

Anonymous said...

Mario questions to ask:
Will we be seeing the koopa family back into the revolution mario game or a future ds game? And will there be a 2d sidescroller mario game for the revolution with enhanced 3d graphics similar to the new super mario bros for ds?

enigma7 said...

New Patent: I haven't seen this one before. I was searching the patent office today and came across this beaut.

I think it's worth noting that the word "projection" is used 45 times!

Falafel, you might want to move this one to the front page. What it's essentially dealing with is a camera system that doesn't make entire buildings or walls disappear if a focal character moves behind it. It merely makes a mask that cuts through the foreground object. This would make nothing but sense if some sort of 3D projection was used because it wouldn't look right for whole 3D objects to merely disappear like they currently do. Also, the camera angles seem to be fixed. It's an interesting one. Be sure to view the images (you have to download a tiff image viewer plugin to do so).

klumzee said...

Ask him if he can tell you anything about his new IP for the Revolution.


Anonymous said...

As a huge F-Zero fan I was wondering wether Nintendo is developing or planning to develop an F-Zero game for the DS. I'm thinking translating the F-Zero X engine to the DS (with possibly a few tweaks) wouldn't be hard and this could do to the F-Zero franchise what Mario Kart DS did to Mario Kart; be the best game in the series yet.

Anonymous said...

Fantasic work, once again proving your site is the BEST for rev news ect...

Blogs and non-blogs included.

Im gonna think of some good questions and i'll get back to you

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Ask if he thinks the new Mario game for the Revo will set a new standard for platformers, like Mario 64 did.


SuRfEr JoB!! said...

ask him about the new super smash bros. like what's going 2 be the name of the game and about the new characters and stage's and when is going 2 be the date of the exactly launch of revolution and the game ....that's all i want 2 know ahh and about if resident evil 5 is going 2 be in the revolution that's all please hehe.....


Anonymous said...

you should ask him about the new levels and stuff that they're adding to twilight princess.and about the colors of the Revolution system.maybe ask him about the ds downlouding stations,will new super mario bros be wi fi compatible.and you sould ask him about OTHER CONTROLLER ADD ONS LIKE THE NUNCHUCK STYLE!OR MAYBE A SHELL FOR THE CONTROLLER FOR N64 GAMES!

Anonymous said...

oh i forgot you should also ask about the internet acess chip,and the t.v. chip thing,that are both for the ds!

Joel Lisenby said...

What is your favorite food?

Anonymous said...

Definitley ask him about the new IP, but try to make all of your questions the type where something cann slip out. And try not to make them yes or no questions, but if he doesnt answer the 'essay' questions, have some yes/no Q's ready on the topic.

You got ideas about Pikmin and Nintendogs from real life-every day events. What kinds of ideas for games have you created recently from these types of experiences?

How does the Rev look on a standard TV compared to a 360? Does it look better?

Will you be helping smaller developers produce games, like n-Space and Geist?

Are you developing a Kid Icarus game?

How has Metroid Prime 3 been coming along?

Shoxware Games said...

Falafelkid - Please ask him, if "Virtual Console" will also offer some indie-developed games! This is extremely important!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shoxware Games said...

Oh, if you ask that, i will built up a FALAFELKID shrine!!!

Gaby said...

someone mentioned it at the beginning but....
ask him about the WOW statement Iwata said about the rev graphics
Is it a wow that is beautiful?
Can we call the graphics next generation?

Also ask him if there has been some changes in the controller since the last time the press saw the controller.

cahaz said...

(QUOTE) "Even though this blog is all about Revolution speculation and news, please ask him some questions that are NOT about upcoming products. Game industry journalists always pester creators about future products, missing the opportunity to find out something personal -- his design philosophy, his experience with game creation, his thoughts about his audience, etc. Many interviews pitch the predictable questions about the next wave of software, half of which cannot be answered properly because of all the secrecy surrounding products in development. Why not ask him about something older? He might be very forthcoming about previously-confidential info on Super Mario Bros. 3, for example."

Quoted for truth. I think most people here seem to forget that miyamoto is a game creator at first.
He didnt created the revolution. He may have throwed some ideas in, because he's well-respected inside nintendo, and have an high place, but he's not the one behind revolution. He didnt created it. He may not even know whats behind that flap. He surely doesnt in-deep details about the hardware layout, how things will cost and all, he IS only a Game creator.

He centernaily knows the secret, but
dont imagine that he will give hints
just for fun. Things may slip, he may not be aware of it. What we can do though is to try to know where the limits are, so that it gives hints. Lets take the exemple of my 8th question you can see in my last post, wich talks about 3d projection. If he says that he cannot comment about that, then we know there may be something here. If he talks about it without any barrier, then maybe it isnt about 3d at all after all.

We all know that we are all on this blog mainly for the revolution, but cmon! Its Miyamoto! dont you have anything else to ask to miyamoto than things about the revolution? I think its a chance to get some cool details about past games, experiences, and thoughts about the industry. Lets talk about revolution, but dont just focus on that.

Like i said earlier, Miyamoto is a game creator, he doesnt know about every little details of new products. He doesnt know at what price it will launch, he doesnt know
whats inside the revolution near the second screw, ...

The interview isnt about the revolution, its about nintendo, and miyamoto's realisation, thoughts and

Please, think about that.

Cahaz said...

"someone mentioned it at the beginning but....
ask him about the WOW statement Iwata said about the rev graphics
Is it a wow that is beautiful?
Can we call the graphics next generation?

Also ask him if there has been some changes in the controller since the (...) "

Here's an exemple of what i mean. Of course that if he comments on the graphics he will say that it will look like next generation graphics. He wont say "Graphics will suck really hard", thats for sure.

Think about what you ask, because some things arent making sense to me.

Also, again, miyamoto isnt iwata, reggie, or anyone else. He's not behind all those wraps and secrets, even if he certainly know them. He's not the one who created the chips inside the revolution, he's not the one that worked on the look of the controller, he's not the one that meet with other people around a table to talk about the marketing, and the price of the console, He's a
game creator.

I may repeat myself alot, but i want
people to understand the facts.

but thats just me.

Anonymous said...


what is his current past-time ?

Anonymous said...

ask him why he thinks videogames are important to society.

Tom said...

Hi Falafelkid!

Ask Shiggy:

- what game/s he is playing at the moment (if have the time to)?

- if he's playing videogames with his kids. what game/s do they play?

- is there already a Revolution at Shiggy's living room?

- is his wife (she worked before their marriage also at nintendo) playing games with him too? (videogames! not the filthy stuff you guys thought about...)

- has he played Resident Evil 4? What he thinks about the game

- if he were involved in the development of "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!" ? What he thinks about it?

- what is his nickname in mariokart ds. what is his logo? Is he racing wi-fi? Is Satoru Iwata racing wi-fi too?
Do they challange each other sometimes? Who is the better driver?

- what is the the feature of revolution he likes most (if he can tell yet)?

- what is he thinking about the fanboys that cry for stereoscopic 3D. Do he think this would be a feature which would evolve gameplay or is it a stupid idea? Why?

- Shiggy started his work at nintendo by designing the look of arcade-machines. Do he miss this time eventually?

- is he still jamming with his banjo?
Is he playing in a band? What people jam with him?

-what place would he recommend gamers visiting Tokyo or Japan at all? What place would he visit if could find the time for?

- will there sometime be the possibility to visit the Nintendo HQ and/or the Development-Site?

- do he experience his job just as "simple work" or maybe as "endless fun" or how would he describe the attitude he has for his job?

- what do he think about apple? Do he use some of their products? Which products do he use and for what (design, entertainment...)?

- is shiggy appealed by tech or does this not mean much to him?

- the "Reggienator" said he's frequently looking on and, so which websites likes Myamoto-san most?

- Why is XBox360 not succeeding in Japan?

- Why is the DS such a big success and why will the Revo be a success too? Please don't use the standard PR-phrases!

- what would be a question he had never been asked but he always wanted to answer?

I'm going to stop now - I could go on forever asking the hell out of Shiggy.

Miyamoto is the perfect modern-day hero!

Falafel, send him my best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Ask him how far along they are with the EEG cap's ability to control games.

Anonymous said...

In 20 years time when people think of super mario bros (nes), super mario 64, and super mario revolution which one will be considered the most innovative and why?


Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you get a chance to talk to the main man, congrats dude!

Now, having said that. Here are the two main questions you HAVE to ask. ESPECIALLY the first one. It's what all Nintendo fans NEED to know:

1. Ask him EXACTLY how far along Mario 128 is. As in, have they even started, and does it seem as if they're going to make it for launch?

2. Ask him why the hell Nintendo decided to JUST start the sequel to SSBM last year.

Anonymous said...

How much input did you have in terms of the design and functionality of the controller?

What came first The idea for the controller, or an idea for a game that would need the controller to work?


Anonymous said...

When the FULL capabilies of the revolution are finally unvieled (at e3 or otherwise) what is the first thing

a) Nintendo Fans

b)Video game fans in general, and;

c)the competiton

will say, and why?


nikelecious said...

hey Falafelkid,

can you ask him some of these questions..?

-How many more "revolutionary" features will be on the Revolution?

-How many launch titles can we expect for the Revolution?

-Is there any chance we can expect the Revolution to launch in the summer of 2006?

-Is there a more specific date for the launch of LoZ:TP besides fall, like a month?

-There are a lot of new and young developers out there. Is Nintendo giving them chances to develope games for the Revolution?


192bpm said...

please, ask him about MOTHER 3, how does he feels its release after all those time and if it will see the light outside japan.

and ask him if he has seen the nintendo on video!

metoo said...

" is there already a Revolution at Shiggy's living room?"

Of course, he's even playing commercial versions of every launch game tittle, even if those games havent gone gold yet and are far from finished. He just likes to check the source codes and check for bugs, all this on a commercial machine, not a dev kit, mind you. Heck, he's even selling some random master discs of zelda twilight pricess, because they've done the pressage of their stocks.

No, seriously, i hope you werent serious on that question...

910do said...

...and for once let myamoto ask us nintendo fan a question !!!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

it will ship on the 20th!!!

910do said...

^^ So What !!!???

Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in knowing information about various games, mostly, the chances of Mother 3 being brought out of Japan. I'd also really like to know his thoughts about prospect of a new Kid Icarus game. He said in an interview that if people wanted a new Kid Icarus game, he would make it. Tell him we want it. Thanks for giving us this oppurtunity, I check your site all the time and really enjoy it.

Compacho said...

Ask a fun question. Cause u will get an original response.

For instance: Will Reggie be a playable character in Smash Bros?

As for a more serious Q, I highly doubt he will reveal the other secret of the REV. This is a Q he has answered millions of times. Don't bother.

Ask if there is any truth to the rumor about SEGA, or any other company, putting their library on the virtual console.

Ask about his position on independent DEVs working on the REV.

Ask if the controller shell/cradle will be packaged with the console.

Good luck!

GWX said...


GWX said...
And when he either doges or denis him this PATENT Nintendo just released...
Strange how 'CH1' looks like LINK from Legend of Zelda?!

Anonymous said...

ask me about future peripharals for the nintendo revolution

also will all games require the use of the nunchuk and free hand together?

Anonymous said...

sorry about that last comment i meant "ask him"

not me what do i know bout nintendo?

KLind said...

Hey Falafelkid,
Sorry again for the whole NoEndSoon thing, I was an ass. I hope that doesn't make my question off limits.

Well Here is my question:

As new hardware comes out, and he continues to work on games, has he found past hardware has limited certain ideas? And If so can he mention any specific limits?

Thanks for considering using mine, and also can you ask something about if the virtual console will feature features like Xbox Live marketplace such as demos, trailers, and possibly retro commercials? I hope you can except my appology about NoEndSoon, and you will let me comment on your blog (I've been here since the early days)!

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know if he's ever thought of Bringing togethers Some of Nintendo's Greatest Characters(Mario,Link,Samus,ect) in a epic RPG. Something possibly like a Kingdom Hearts but with Nintendo Characters.

Arsenis said...

well alot of the questions that i wanted to ask have being covered already, so...

but yeah, it would be funny if you ask him if reggie or himself is gonna be playable in smash bros, sense of humor, everything else its you Fal, thats why you do what you do...

Anonymous said...

I have to say, don't ask him ANYTHING about the revolution. I'm sure he's already MORE than stressed enough over the system, and I'm sure he's had enough interviewing about it. We can all just learn a little patience and find these things out in their own due time, which is better and more exciting for us anyway.
However, DO ask him about The New Super Mario Bros., I've seen that it's multiplayable most obviously, how about some WiFi support? Maybe ask him if they have anymore plans to make more old fashioned side-scrollers? Maybe another classic Metroid game in its original presentation?
I can't think of anything else at the moment, anyway. I love your blog, and I'm certainly grateful for the effort you put into it, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Will we still say "WOW" when we view the Revolution graphics even if we have experienced the Xbox 360 on High definition?

Jose said...

Congratulations for such a impresive archivement

I would like you to ask him about what videogaming means to him. I remember that not too long ago he said that he mainly wanted the people to have nice and unique experiences while playing videogames, something different from the monotony that the most of us have to suffer at work.

Suddenly Nintendo is a casual games company, Nintendogs, Train your brain or Warioware are not "experience" games, they are not involving or epic games. They are just plain fun. Has Miyamoto aproach changed since the N64 era???

That is my question :)

I hope you ask him what he fears the most about the revolution. :)

Anonymous said...

Personally I want to know if Luigi is available to play by himself in the New Super Mario game. I love Mario.. but I love Luigi better! I'd like to run through it as just him!

cahaz said...

"As for a more serious Q, I highly doubt he will reveal the other secret of the REV. This is a Q he has answered millions of times. Don't bother."

i dont doubt he will reveal the other secret. I know he wont. And he wont. What we can do, though, like i said earlier, is defining the limits of what he can talk about, so that we know what it MAY be.

Read my earlier posts for more.

It seems like no one read my posts. :( it seems like because you have long post, people wont read it.:(

Anonymous said...

Will we ever see the return of the real Koopa Kids;

Ludwig von Koopa, Wendy O. Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Larry Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr. and Roy Koopa?


Anonymous said...

speaking of spore, there is a video of it with will wright speaking as he plays the game. it looks very cool. its on

that would be a cool game for the rev, and i could see the rev controller being used very well in this game. wright seems to have trouble using the mouse in the video, it seems to pan in and out at various times and it kinda looks like that would be frustrating but i could see the rev controller helping out drastically with that. the video is like 35 minutes in total length. i watched the whole thing!

on another note, have any of you seen this blogger's website? i got it off of revealingtherevolution's blog in the comment section at the end. it looks like it would be fun to speculate about. the guy has pictures of him holding the black revolution controller. pictures of it in his hand that is. what do you all think? the pics are at the bottom of the page.

Grandmaster B said...

"I have to say, don't ask him ANYTHING about the revolution. I'm sure he's already MORE than stressed enough over the system, and I'm sure he's had enough interviewing about it. We can all just learn a little patience and find these things out in their own due time, which is better and more exciting for us anyway."

Are you on drugs?

metoo said...


Fake. The second i saw it i knew it was fake. It looks like a badly done job, a block of wood shaped like the controller made with 5 minutes. The buttons are way too poped-out, they are way too edgy, and the shape of the controller isnt like the controller revealed. I can even tell you why the controller is Black: Because he didnt have to do all those details of the plastic case splited in two, and the door for the

Now enough with those blogs, this place is for questions to ask to miyamoto, my dear.

Anonymous said...

Definately ask about Mother 3 and if it will be localized for North America.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Dan_Smith said...

Ohhh wow thats pretty awesome your meeting him I would love to meet him someday .

Anonymous said...

Simple...yet complex question.

Mr. Miyamoto: What would you have to say about the future of Yoshi in the Revolution?

-Will we see a Rev Yoshi's Island?

-Or maybe something totally new and revolutionary?

Anonymous said...

Questions in order of possible answer (least to most):

Are there MAJOR secrets left to be revealed for Revolution?
When you talk about games filling a room, are you refering to Revolution or some future project?
Do you think that a 3D display would work well with the 3D sensing controller of Revolution?
Will Revolution use a new type of graphical display?

AC9Breaker said...

First I just wanted to express how much I enjoy reading this blog.

Okay, I have noticed some of the more hardcore gamers feeling as though Nintendo is alienating them and pushing them away in hopes of expanding their user base. I have tried to persuade them otherwise but all of my arguments seem to have no effect. I would like to hear his thoughts on the subject of hardcore gamers and how they will fit in the grand scheme of the Revolution.

Rocktapus said...

I'd love to know if he's ever thought of Bringing togethers Some of Nintendo's Greatest Characters(Mario,Link,Samus,ect) in a epic RPG. Something possibly like a Kingdom Hearts but with Nintendo Characters.

Hooray! Someone else thinks this is a good idea! All my friends thought I was dumb for suggesting something like that once. As pertaining to the questions... I'd really like to know about the new IP he's working on. Even if he can't reveal everything, you may get him to tell you something semi-important. Now is really the time to drop choice hints to keep people hyped up for E3 (not like Nintendo needs to do much, though)

Anonymous said...

please ask:(from the biggest nintendo fan out there)

Part of Nintendo's success depends greatly on it's ability to produce a game which blows away the hardcore 20-35 year old gamer. A game which can shed their kiddy image and make Nintendo's machine cool again. Does Nintendo have the game to attract this portion of the market?

Anonymous said...

Falafelkid, you should make sure to ask him to clarify what he was referring to when he said there was another secret (involving the controller or the console?).

Anonymous said...

Ask about a US release for Mother 3!

orion said...

ask if he is at all concerned about sony planning to use the eyetoy for revolution like gameplay at a lower price point, or if the revolution will have enough unique, and innovative features to blow it out of the water. and if the graphics will be closer to xbox, xbox 360, or playstation 3

Grandmaster B said...

please ask:(from the biggest nintendo fan out there)

Part of Nintendo's success depends greatly on it's ability to produce a game which blows away the hardcore 20-35 year old gamer. A game which can shed their kiddy image and make Nintendo's machine cool again. Does Nintendo have the game to attract this portion of the market?"

Your answer: Metroid.

mattisdada said...

Hey has anyone ever thought that Miyamoto might be reading all this and be preperd to ansewr every single question with a block that he had allreayd devised

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. You should read these blogs.

nz guy said...

yea i thought of that. seeing as fel has quite a large fan base he will be forthcoming or defenceive

Ether [m-m] said...


I´ve read your post, but I don´t agree. Miyamoto is not just a Game designer to me. Not at all. Even if he is not an industrial designer or engineer, I´m sure his philosophy and ideas have infuenced on how Nintendo systems have become. Soft drives hard for Nintendo. N64 was conceived with Mario 64 in mind, nobody doubts about that. Maybe is the same for Revo and Mario 128 -that would be a good question !,btw.

I also think falafel´s questions may focus on the subject of this blog: especulation about Revolution.

Sorry if my english is not good.


Tadashi Oshima said...

1. Couldn't Nintendo allow Indie developers to make and distribute games for the Rev?

2. Nintendo Co., Ltd. should force NoE to finally make serious ads. Most Nintendo commercials I saw were on RTL2 in the kids programm and event those were rare. Mario vs. Donkey Kong is the last one I remember.

3. How about some firstparty developers in Europe? Maybe even R&D?

4. Nintendo should handle their franchises better. If I only look at what they made with Pokemon in Germany. X reruns, absolutely not regarding the game launches, jumping timeslots as they like...
That's what you get for selling the license to 4Kids and a slack management in NoE. I'm happy they withdrew 4Kids license.

5. What happend with Nintendos plans of making movies/anime?
Would Miyamoto direct one?

6. Was he involved in Shigureden?

7. Does he need an apprentice? *blush*
I'm taking private lessons in japanese and in about 2 years I will haunt the headquarter XD
Be aware!

Anonymous said...

off the topic of questions:

anyone ever consider we were looking at this blue ocean strategy wrong? maybe they came up with the blue ocean strategy as an afterthought. i think they wanted to make games 3d but then thought, hmm, why not include a dvd player so that people can watch the new and upcoming 3d movies that are coming in 2007. so they did. but then they thought, more than just gamers go to the movies, lets capitalize on this huge market for 3d at-home movies. and bam, we have the blue ocean strategy.

so all the info they spouted about the gaming industry dying and people moving on, etc is just proof (albeit true), or you can also say "backing", to make their blue ocean strategy look like their legitimate marketing path. but in actually the reason for that marketing plan was to not let the secret (stereoscopic 3d) out of the bag.

what do you think everyone?

Anonymous said...

Are you the best game Designer in the world?

[Reply: If I say Yes You’ll think I am arrogant, if I say no you know I am lying.]

Anonymous said...

Ask him if he had a game idea before Revolution, which will now become possible.

Ask him if there is anything that he is not happy about at Nintendo that would improve if he worked at another company.

He also once said that he does not play games anymore. Ask him if he is going to create something that would make him play again.

pearlslam said...

I know that there are some game publishers/developers like SNK who still develop and publish their console offerings in 2D. With Sony's strict stance on 2D games on consoles, will Nintendo continue this rapidly growing trend of "phasing out" 2D games from consoles?

Maxime23 said...

@ Ether [m-m]

i think you havent read what cahaz posted completetly. He said that miyamoto have
an high place in nintendo, and that he certainly throwed ideas in for the revolution, as he did for the nintendo 64 and even virtual boy.

take all those "will the graphics be more like xbox, xbox 360 or ps3?", "what's inside the secret flap?", "How much will it cost?" questions.

Do you really see miyamoto answering to these? He's not the marketing guy, reggie does it, and reggie must
know about everything that he can. Miyamoto is a game developer. And i think he's more focused on his projects right now than the revolution console itself. Think about it twice.

And i think cahaz got a point on this.

Tom said...

@ metoo
" there already a Revolution at Shiggy's living room?

No, seriously, i hope you werent serious on that question"

Hey "metoo" I were seriously joking...

... but not at all. I just thought it could be possible that Shiggy have some kind of developer-kit to fool around. Yeah he sure have lots of dev-kits at Nintendo to work with, but to set all his creativity free he maybe has such a thing for "private use" at home where he get probably his best intensions while fooling around with it.

Maybe this is just a stupid idea froma stupid guy, not speaking english very well, but maybe you're just a bigmouth...

With kind regards,

metoo said...

"@ metoo
" there already a Revolution at Shiggy's living room?

No, seriously, i hope you werent serious on that question"

Hey "metoo" I were seriously joking...

... but not at all. I just thought it could be possible that Shiggy have some kind of developer-kit to fool around. Yeah he sure have lots of dev-kits at Nintendo to work with, but to set all his creativity free he maybe has such a thing for "private use" at home where he get probably his best intensions while fooling around with it.

Maybe this is just a stupid idea froma stupid guy, not speaking english very well, but maybe you're just a bigmouth..."

First up, you talked about a revolution, period. Not a dev kit. The dev kit idea was given by me, and you took it to make your post feel a little less thoughtless.

Second, miyamoto is a game creator, not a coder.

Inform you about the industry and how it works before defending your post with statements that makes no sense. I don't care if you dont know about that, not at all, most people
do not. just don't try to look like you do.

Kind regards.

Anonymous said...

If anything at all, ask him about how he views the 360 and the PS3, and how much of a challenge they pose to the Revolution he thinks they are.

rocktapus said...

I'd really like to know if the virtual console will be a testing ground to see how well new versions of older games will sell: For instance, if Earthbound sells really well on the virtual console, will it influence Nintendo's decision to bring over the Mother 1+2 Compilation and Mother 3. Also, would high sales from a game such as Kid Icarus for the NES or Punchout for the NES likewise convince them to make a new one from scratch for the rev? And if so, would they ever think of launching new franchises as an NES, SNES or N64 download?

910do said...

Hey Falafelkid , where are you ??

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone has ever stated this: Will Latin America received more support this time? This could be in the form of translated booklets, spanish menu for the console or even spaish subtitles for the games.

derek said...

Hey Metoo,

What is your problem? Have you nothing better to do than pick apart someones proposed question?

You're post makes you sound like an arrogant elitist.

CaryMG said...

Of all the questions I've read, the ONE that sums up best what we ALL wanna know is *this one ....


When you said "... games leaving the TV & filling up a room ...." were you referring to "Revolution" or a future "Nintendo" project?


Good luck, Falafel!

tom said...

@ metoo

Hey metoo,
sorry when i did upset you, but you did the same to me.
So we're even now (I hope).

I asked the question (is there a revolution at shiggy's home...) the way I did because Shiggy should answer it and maybe begin to talk about dev-kits and so on.

And I'm well aware of the fact that Shiggy isn't writing code but that doesn't exclude the possibility (in my opinion) I described in my last post (fooling around with revo-dev-kits...). There are so many games on the market which seem not to be very well tested or got pushed in deveopment as far as it had been possible. So I thought originaly that it could be possible that a game-guru like Miyamoto is toying around with games which are in development and the mechanics which are used in those games ("how to use the controller in the best way for a special task" for example) even at home.

I hope you can understand my point of view now. So let's declare peace between us, if you like.

Really kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Peace man, i dont want to make bullshit in this blog, i just thought your question was funny.

Lets forget that.

Thunder Emperor said...


There is a poster on th rev-europe boards, Bigtac who has posted alot about the rev, from his supposed visit to ubisoft an dea. What he has said have been in line iwht recent i gen reports of developers being impressed and all. Can you contact him, just to make sue he isn't putting peopel on there though some serius pain and suffering. he has claimed anything on specs nature, just things on games, and how many some big developer will have for nintendo.


metoo said...

Woops that was me.

Rob said...

A while back they said that they were creating a device that would extend the life of the Gamecube. You should ask him if that originally the Revolution Controller.

Anonymous said...

Hey, check this out.

IGN recently announced that THQ's first Revolution title will be an adaptation of Pixar's new movie 'Cars.'

Now, games based on movies always launch around when the movie starts showing in theatres.

Here's the interesting part; 'Cars' comes out in June 2006...



Anonymous said...

please ask about the logistics of DEMO KIOKS


whether nintendo plans to


Anonymous said...

does anyone have issues with this?

"I honestly can't see any of us waving the revolution controller around for that amount of time. Also, I think it makes it way too easy to make games where extereme wrist movement = good, like say hard left/right in mario kart. I guess it all depends on how it is used, you can do some very cool things with it. But if the "big thing" separating it from the others is that you need to wave it around like crazy, I'd rather take a traditional gamepad."

we all know thats completely untrue, or at least we suppose so.

here is a response from someone "It has been repeatedly stated by people who used it (e.g., Edge magazine), that you can just as well use tiny movements, holding it in your lap, as big ones."

but here's the response i never imagined! "That doesn't seem so great either. The smaller the movements required, the more important it is that those movements be precise. Arm and wrists muscles lack the fine motor controls that fingers have. This problem is amplified when not acting against a tensile force like thumbsticks or triggers. Even if you could achieve the same degree of precision controlling a free-floating device with wrist and arm muscles, it will be far more tiring to do so as compared to similar precise movement using fingers."

i got all of this from the /. article here:

does anyone have a response for this, cause i sure dont.

Anonymous said...

look at this!

World of Warcraft for Revolution???

"With a subscriber base of 6 million, World of Warcraft is the caliber of franchise that Microsoft is after. Well, maybe not anymore. Blizzard COO Paul Sams has made his company's stance clear, stating today, "We do not have any plans to take WoW to Xbox 360."

Sams criticized the Xbox Live architecture for being too protected from outside influence. As such, he had his doubts about the prospect of Xbox 360 and PC gamers being able to share their experiences if a console version of WoW was ever released. However, Sams did admit that Blizzard isn't entirely opposed to developing for the Xbox 360 and believes that the MMO genre will blossom on consoles once developers overcome the limitations of the joypad."

look at the last sentence, "...and believes that the MMO genre will blossom on consoles once developers overcome the limitations of the joypad."

haha, go revolution!!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous asking about the slashdot comment:

Using the Revolution remote is very similar to using a PC mouse except that you also have up and down movement. Has your hand or wrist ever gotten tired from using a well designed mouse? Not me. Ever watched somebody play an FPS on a computer? If wrist movements were not precise head shots would be impossible.

Ether [m-m] said...

@maxime23 [and @cahaz]

You´re right. I´m sorry. I missed the first post from cahaz. My reply was exclusively about the second one. The questions from cahaz are perfect to me (in fact, I myself suggested to ask about mario 128 and the freehand controller as he did...without reading it!. That´s crazy...). The ones you quoted not at all, but because they are so straight, so rude. They´re are not good questions for Miyamoto, nor for Iwata or Reggie...They´r not good questions for anybody.

It´s for sure he has not designed by himself the chip, but the graphical balance of the whole system is a much more "philosophycal" matter , the same about the general concept of the controller (Miyamoto speaks of himself as "the creator" of the GC pad)...and so on. I even think he could answer any question about marketing issues, always from this general point of view.

nemo said...

I thought I posted a message; maybe I'm wrong.

I would ask him if Marionette was a marionette/puppet game as EGM once reported, and if so, what kind of influence has that project had on the creation of the Revolution?

I'm curious if it was just a marionette themed Mario game or if what they were working on is going to become the first proper Mario Bros to hit a home console since the SNES. Not that Mario 64 wasn't awesome, but no Luigi.

Brian said...

Hey, Falafelkid. I have three questions -

1. A month or so after Ocarina of Time was released, there were reports and rumours that Miyamoto was "tired". Does he still find development as tiring these days, or, as he is taking more of an executive producer role these days, is it easier than it used to be?

2. Is he flattered that other companies copy his ideas, like Sony with the Dual Shock? Or is he angry that they took it before he could finish Mario 64, allowing Sony to gain a massive lead before the N64 could be released?

3. Riqa. What happened to it?

Another one might be to ask him about his earlier comment about wanting to get away from the confines of a television.

Morton-jn said...

Falafelkid you have to as him about the new franchises he is working on or others that nintendo are working on. Maybe what genre or just ask if he can tell us anything about it. I think they are very important to nintendo's future. Also old franchise revivals.

Anonymous said...

...a comment about the Blue Ocean.

Nintendo is doing business firstly. Good comapany's should look into the past and then look at the current then forged a strategy to move its company, in this case Nintendo, and its followers (we) into the future...

Wheter its going to be a success or not its up to how their compatitor are going to handle this revelation.
Becourse If this new machine of Nintnedo's could make any man on this planet to game producers - I've no doubt this revolution will embark on us anytime soon.

And I bet that Nintendo are looking the on-line-game very seriously as well as the mobile tech. So no surprise if they're still making a win win buisness model of it before they can apply it to anything concret.

Blue Ocean is about innovation, and the oppurtunity that pave the path for it. And the best wa ta archive buisness way, is to plan step by step. And the right step now is to unleash the magic (Rev control on Zelda). This will rised the to-be-dead gamecube market, selling more consoles and games, make the people touch the magic-to-come and ultimately, pospon the Revolution release to finetune it and collect data on how the magic have been received.

now to my other questions for Mr M: tight are you (Nintendo) in realtions with Bandai? You Nintendo have had just made a succsess on the co operation with the SD Gundam Gashapon Wars Gamcubgame. Will we see more and similar collaborations with the company in the near future?

Is there a (any) company you Nintendo would concider to collaborate with that you haven't dune before? (soft&hardware comapany's)


pi said...

Hay! As I been say.

Sony wait till e3. ... so ... Thay wist to make something "same" to revolution

DeAngelo Guillory said...

On Mother 3, even though that's Shigesato Itoi and Iwata's field, ask him if even though Mother 3 is going to hit the GBA this year if anyone at Nintendo has been pushing for the ORIGINAL 3D Mother 3 RPG seeing how Nintendo's consoles would benefit more from an RPG (especially one that was based on or inspired by Dragon Quest) rather than a handheld.

As for anything regarding Mario, I'd rather ask him in person or reserve my questions for a Takashi Tezuka press release.

jack_the_rat said...

I would like to know what happened to the first anounced DS game called "Buzz" ... has it been released already? And if so, which game is it ^^ or is it still in development?

Will the revolution deliver "up to date" graphics? (simple as that ^^, then we all will know :D )

ials said...

New Nintendo Minute:"We’ll have new and classic franchises, downloadable access for 20 years of great games and a controller that raises the bar for interactivity"

A 3rd revolutionary aspect is nonexistant Falafelkid.
Anticipation is bannanas.
Remember where you heard it first.


Heartquake Kid said...

Ask him if it's possible to get the Triforce in Ocarina of time. ;-)

Would be a once in a lifetime-chance. ^^

smk said...

I have two questions that only Miyamoto can answer.

1) In Super Mario Sunshine, there is this weird sectre book that anyone can access in Noki Bay. It's in the mission where you collect the Eight red coins where the eel is. I've never seen this book before, but it's been accessed by a lot people before.

The question is, why was that book put there? And what is it supposed to say?

2) What inspired you to make Wind Waker? What gave you the idea to use cel-shading instead of the Gamecube's raw power? Why didn't you make something like Twilight Princess earlier on in the Gamecube's life cycle? Why so late?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

well it seems everyone wants to ask a qeustion but i think metaldave has the best hes not gonna tell us a bunch of info but if you get lucky you he might slip somthing

heres some of my thoughts

the flap is just some usb ports or something so dont bother

1.ask about his vision of future gameing and if/how he will try to make it a reality

2. ask if REv will have strong launch titles

thanks for reading this

Tadashi Oshima said...

"the flap is just some usb ports or something so dont bother"

Sorry, but they are on the back.
SD Card slots are more likely.

mattisdada said...

fuck yall! PS3 Rulez!!! G-Unit!

Tyler said...

You need to ask him the genre of his new IP. Please? :)

Tyler said...

Also, ask him about the quality of the graphics, and the features of the online interface (voice chat, gamertags, friend lists?)

Anonymous said...

I thinkn you should ask him, where did he come up with the triforce design?

Anonymous said...

Please ask him about a new GAMEBOY falafelkid!!!

Anonymous said...

Please. My question is:
Because Diley to The Twilight Princess?


Anonymous said...

Bring a Laptop and show him the ON video and ask him about it!!!

Arafat Medini said...

Hi Falafelkid,

I'm from Germany, Hamburg.
I have a very personal question for him, does he feel that games have a deeper message then entertainment and fun? A human message?

Through Nintendo and his games I got to know Japan and study Japanese culture for eg. So He and Nintendo had a big impact on my life...

Did he ask himself ones, how all these players playing his games feel or look like, or what they think when playing his games? Does he hope of any effect of his games on ppls way of thinking?

I would be VERY VERY happy to get this question answered by him!

Great blog btw...
Tolle Arbeit! Würde mich freuen wenn die Frage gestellt wird!

Arafat medini

MrLister said...

Fine interview you have gotten yourself there! What I would like to know from Mr Miyamoto is:

1. Regarding the revolution, how much (percentage or fraction) will we have left to discover after E3?

2. Regarding Smash Brothers, Will we see any 3rd party company's characters in the revolution version, and will there be a DS version. Jump Superstars was great.

3. What sort of games does he imagine people playing in 20 years time? Someone with an imagination like Miyamoto-san's should have a great answer to that question.

Enjoy the interview!

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot :

Please ask him if, since Nintendo makes games that appeal to non-gamers, gamers can expect that the games that are designed towards them (as in Zelda, Mario, Metroid) will see a significant increase in difficulty and challenge, since they are for people that already know what gaming is about.

Well I don't know if you get my point... I mean, now that they have those new kinds of games for people who are not into gaming, they don't have to tone down the difficulty in their other games for hardcore gamers in order to make them accessible to non-gamers, because, well, they are precisely for hardcore gamers.

Damn, I wish I could word that better.

Drew said...

Hey man,

I definetly would go w/ some of these questions that are out there, not stuff that you know is gunna be turned down. Also, a good question would be one relating to any new studios they have recently aquired? (even though I guess we could figure that out on our own) but then ask if they have any special purpose? if they are working on the new franchises?

Take it easy

Drew said...

and I kinda wanna be the 200th post here... lol, ummm let me think of another.

Ok, yeah, ask him what he thinks of the emerging importance of China, Korea, and India. And possibly how they might change gaming (and if they plan on investing in new gaming companies there)

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