Thursday, March 23, 2006

GDC summary

As my contacts have assured me, there was little Revolution news at the GDC. IGN has a live transcript of president Iwata´s keynote speech. Here are the key points:

* Zelda game for DS announced, to be released this year
* Sega and Hudson back catalogue will be available through the virtual console

That´s it, people. Hardly anything. My contact was perfectly correct.

Source: IGN


Lf_sIcKmAn said...

Yay! I knew it!

E3 cant come soon enough... ZELDA DS... "DROOLS" :D

Drum Eagle said...

It will be called "Celda" because of the Cel-shading graphics.

Anonymous said...

I am actually pretty mad right now. I was atleast hoping for a name, anything really, everyone knew sega was already going to do the virtual console.

Lf_sIcKmAn said...

That's what happens when u expect too much... E3 is REVOLUTION... period...

Anonymous said...

Bomberman on revolution! I cannot wait for the n64 madness! SEGA was interested in the back catalouge. This is definite news as far as im aware, if this IS Genesis, SEGA CD, dreamcast (CD input), Saturn (download or input), ect. then this is possibly the greatest news ever.

Zaro said...

Photo of the conference with Zelda pics!

Anonymous said...

new zelda vid

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to add fuel to the fire...but it does make you think. Ok, I admit it, I'm adding fuel to the fire.

We all know about the rumor of an executive stating a video game company was going to beat the movie industry to 3D "viewing".

I wouldn't discount something like this for any of the big 3 systems.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this helps, sorry.

belle province said...

Good Lord !!! this new Zelda games looks great, another reason to get myself a Ds Lite. Damn cant wait to try this one out. HAs anyone bought Metroid Prime Hunter? looks damn good as well...
I wish E3 would come sooner (sigh)

Falafel, keep up the good work .

Anonymous said...

Hardly anything ?
You gotta be kidding ! That's awesome !

Ben said...

hey belle province I have metroid hunters and let me tell you I was super hyped for this game and was afraid it might suck if it was all hype but man was I wrong this game is without a doubt THE BEST DS GAME I HAVE PLAYED so yeah it is good :)

Anonymous said...

hey falafel, were you at GDC?

i talked briefly to a guy who said he was from germany... i didnt think to ask then!

...i was the guy holding the sign ;)

SNES Link said...

Nintendo knows how to make games.

Kalle said...

Yeah, Sega on the back catalouge!
I know there were rumours about that but now it's official!
That maybe will confince some old Sega fans to buy a Revolution.

But I doubt that it will read Dreamcast GD's.
It's all about downloading and probably no Dreamcast, Saturn and SegaCD. It's still a bit big do download quick enough.

THE IALS said...

Oh tactics, that was you really?..
Man I gave you mad props on flaffis last entry for doing that!!
Please check it out it must be somewhere in the middle!
Respect man!


IALS said...

There it is:

See people these are the real heads.
The real creative heads.
This is the authentic personification
of Nintendos soul.
Blizz,Productnumber,babble and all you other trolls should take a leaf out of this guys book.
AS you can see from the passion this why you all love the one and only IALS!
Because he is always on point.

Please show some love.


Anonymous said...

hahah yeah, that was really me :) i posted a comment in one of falafels recent posts ahead of time saying i was gonna do it and everything...

thanks ials :) i got made fun of a lot. glad to see that someone out there thinks it was cool. so far i've seen myself on GAF, GamaSutra, N-Sider, WIRED, and gonintendo... most everyone is making fun of me. i totally knew that would happen.

i REALLY want to know if that german guy i talked to was falafel. he had kind of a british/english (its hard for me to differenciate) accent, but said he was from germany.

Anonymous said...

oops, that was me at 2:47


IALS said...

Eh no,no rest assured, that wasnt Falafelkid...
In one of his recent posts he said he would fall back on Joystick as his weapon of choice to get the "scoop" on it..

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, that's right. dang.


Anonymous said...

Iwata dropped the Bomberman!!!

IALS said...

Haha lol
Thats right!

Cameron Mulder said...

I was wondering when a Zelda DS game would come out. I think nintendo could do some fun things with zelda and the DS.

But i have to say i'm not so sure about the graphics. I have no problem with the whole cell shading thing, but i thought the video makes it look a little strange, and not as good as i think the DS could put out. Look at Metroid, that games looks amazing, where as zelda looks, ok

Anonymous said...

i think the idea was to give it much more of an old-school feel... they already have twilight princess for "realism" and "awesome graphics"... i think they were just more focused on how to make this game appeal to people that loved the original zelda game but never got into the newfangled 3d ones...


Anonymous said...

That's not right, very very much was announced...
The idea behind the rev controller, brain age development, clarifications on the wifi connection, heck even nintendos philosophy was bluntly stated: Innovation, disruptive technologies and fun.
And much more (Celda, etc)...
I don't understand what you want more???

Anonymous said...

This hsas to do with Nintendo Go.
Engadget notes that Go is Japanese for the number five, which is fitting as this will be Nintendo's fifth home console. It's probably not a logo for Revolution's online system, likely to fall under Nintendo's current Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. According to Engadget, the text is authentic Japanese, but too fragmented (cut off in the image) to be much use.

It is interesting to note how the crosses form an interior cube, looking upside-down to us accustomed to seeing the exterior, Game Cube logo, connoting a reverse in direction from the past console. Also, the multiple orientations of the cross relate to the orientations in space of the Revolution controller, which features a cross (D-Pad) on its top.This is the last peice of the On Puzzle.If you don't rember have a look.www.nintendoon.comIn the video,the is a metion of 2 worlds.If you put the GCN logo and the Go logo,they spell Go.The revo will play both GCN and Go discs.Thus 2 worlds.This is the final name.The On video has lived up to its legacy.The Revolution is now the Nintendo Go.At 4 mins and 40 secs into the video you see a GCN and revo pointing to a On.Its telling you to use your brain and combine the 2 to form the Go logo.At 5 mins and 57 secs you now see the word "run" which means the same thing as "go" in the com world.The On video was always telling a message and with "Go" the mystery is now solved.The revo is now Nintendo Go.

IALS said...

Seriously,I never heard no bullshit like this before!
That shit doesnt even make no sense!


SNES Link said...

@ Anonymous

Wow, that's a whole truckload of speculation. The more you say without evidence, the worse off your theory is.

Anonymous said...

If you think SEGA adding themselves to the virtual console is "nothing", then you sir are a baboon.

I fart in your general direction!

Requiem said...


Nintendo mentioned that those indie developers who couldn't find a publisher or had a small game created will be allowed to use the Virtual Console as a place to distribute the game to gamers.

This is the best news in my opinion!

daniel said...

If this means that Volfied from PC-Engine can be purchased and downloaded my life is complete. This is BIG Revolution news!

Anonymous said...

I was a huge fan of nintendo until yesterday, because they have disappointed me. Have you seen the video of the new Zelda for DS = it sucks !! I mean they try to bring a pseudo 3D Zelda to DS, have you seen the architecture of the dungeons in the video ?? it sucks ! Instead of making a 3D Zelda, they could have made a 2D! The most sad thing is about Cel Shading = it sucks !!!
GDC ?? Well =No infos about Revolution ! I mean , im not interessed in gaming Old School games the whole time by using the Virtual Console. They should concentrate on more modern games !! Believe me, the future of this company is their past. They repeat past mistakes !!

tim said...

This zelda is completely in line with LTTP/Wind waker. If you suddenly "hate" nintendo for bringing what seems to be an awfull cool portable rendition of the zelda universe - then it really must suck to be you.

A portable zelda never looked this good - can't wait to play it.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonym.

the GCN logo and the Go logo,they spell Go

An interesting theory, though it´s perhaps a long shot. But there is indeed a possibility that the Revolution (or whatever it will be called in the end) will somehow be an accessory to the Gamecube, rather than replace it. After all, the Dev Kits are very similar to and based on the GCN architecture.

The connection you make to the ON clip and terms like ´run´ relating to the term ´go´ are a bit of a long shot, though. Still, intersting stuff there. Thanks for sharing that.

IALS said...

Du bist heut echt der lustige hier im Raum..
Weiter so..

IALS said...


IALS said...

look Flafi,
This is how you approach a Nintendo rep. without disgruntling him or her!
You should take a leaf out of IGNs book.

IGN: So you're still positioning Zelda: Twilight Princess as a GameCube title?

Beth: Yes.

IGN: You're not going to say 'for GameCube / Revolution' on the box, or anything like that?

Beth: It's a GameCube title.

IGN: It's definitely just GameCube then?

Beth: Right now, it's a GameCube title.

IGN: [Laughs] Right now? What does that mean? Oh forget it -- you're not going to answer, anyway.



Dont pretend to be the busy "Im too important for you freaks" coeval,
Cause you know,I know,as always
you're sitting in your IKEA designed livingroom or office in front of the screen soaking up every comment...

IALS said...

Another example:

IGN: There's still a Revolution secret, apparently. It gets mentioned every now and again.

[Beth laughs]

IGN: Is it a big secret?

Beth: It depends on which one it is, I don't know. Clearly there are things we haven't said yet about Revolution, mainly talking about the games and what you're going to be able to play and what the experience is really like. But yes, there are still some secrets out there about what the system can do.

IGN: Hardware related secrets?

Beth: You know, maybe. It's kind of hard to say. There are just a lot of things that we haven't talked about yet. There's a lot more to learn.


IALS said...

So viel zu Nintedo Go..

IGN: Have you seen these Nintendo Go photographs floating around the Internet?

Beth: You're about the fourth person who has asked me that. I have know idea what that is. I haven't been on the Internet yet today, but I have no idea what that is.


Falafelkid said...


You should take a leaf out of IGNs book.

And what exactly did that line of questioning achieve, may I ask? What info did they get out of her by insisting? You know very little about effective interview techniques I see. Are you just impressed with the laughter? I got the TP Rev compatibility info out of Miyamoto, don´t forget that.

Cause you know,I know,as always
you're sitting in your IKEA designed livingroom or office in front of the screen soaking up every comment...

And that´s just pure contempt. You know that I am a professional journalist. I have very little time indeed. You should start behaving or I will be forced to delete more of your comments.

Falafelkid said...

Archaic aka Fletcher has redesigned his page Connect Revolution. He has been following the Revolution from day one. Please check it out.

tim said...


Just delete those ials comments allready. They are obvious trolls and are very annoying.

Too bad the comments of your blog aren't at the same level of discussion as they were a few months ago. It took only a few posters to ruin it.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Tim.

Too bad the comments of your blog aren't at the same level of discussion as they were a few months ago. It took only a few posters to ruin it.

You are totally right. But it´s up to us if we let those people ruin things for us. There´s so much to talk about right now, so let´s talk. Are you people disappointed with no Rev news at the keynote? Or are you just looking forward to E3 more? Do you think Nintendo really still has a big gun up their sleeve? Why aren´t they still showing any games? Is it because they have nothing to show or is it because they have some mindblowing technology they are simply being protective about?

IALS said...

For starters,I am hooked on the idea of a groundup Spiderman game for Rev.
Furthermore, I am positive about Hollywood having quite some tricks up its sleeve.

I am also confident that we'll see some sort of 3D Mario paint-hopefully included with the system from the get go.

Last but not least, without doubt,we will see some Brain Age type of games at E3 sorta like cooking or fishing.

I still hope Valve will share the stage with Iwata at E3 :).

P.S. Falafelkid,remember what Gabi Garbe said about Nintendo Intention!


IALS said...

Also note,a built in microphone would make sense due to the vogue of karaoke.


tim said...

Ok, having read a LOT about this, including public and not public comments by developers - I wasn't surprised they didn't show the revolution yet. I also don't want to get to hyped up about the last secret. It will be something nice, I'm sure - but not in the range of holograms/projection etc - i've always been very sceptic about those.

I was a bit dissapointed about the speech - but zelda DS made up for it. I would have liked some more DS (lite) info and maybe a Q3 - Q4 schedule, since chances are E3 will be overblown with revolution news. But on the other hand, GDC is not a public nor a press event - it's for developers - so in that regard the speech was "ok".

I'm quite sure that the revolution will be graphically capable. Lower resolution, yes - but with the specs that I've seen being tossed around they should be able to deliver very nice details. I also think nintendo is hard at work preparing their launch games - and showing of first footage for the revolution is a hard decision as it will hugely influence the perception of the internet crowd. Therefore I think they want to go full blown with it: they will reveal a LOT of games at E3, and the last secret(s) will finally made public.

Btw: Zelda TP will look different then the last screenshots that were shown - i've got quite some confirmation on this that it improved a lot, and that it's one of the reasons for the media blackout.
Also the revolution "secret(s)" is known by some devs, publishers and magazines. I've heard from two people inside the industry that they are under a strict NDA concerning revolution - in such a way that officially they know nothing about it.

In the end, all this speculation is often just as thrilling as the revelation. I like looking forward to new games/hardware/technology - and so do most other people it seems, so even if it doesn't all live up to its hype I think most still enjoyed the ride.

IALS said...

It all boils down to this(Nintendos moves):


Sorry, but I couldnt think of a way to make it clearer.

Come on Flafi,show some for the most dynamic person on your whole blog



SNES Link said...

I think that Nintendo didn't show any revolution games at GDC for two reasons. First, The keynote speech was for the developers out there at GDC, and a lot of those developers can already get their hands on a Revolution Development Kit. Second, E3 is only 2 months away, why not wait until then?

IALS said...

at E3 of course!

Ah its you Tim I suppose, from cube-europe isnt it?


IALS said...


I meant show some love of course..

Heartquake Kid said...

Aaargh! Falafel*! Or someone else who receives German TV!
Has anyone here seen Galileo on Pro7, 45mins ago?

They played the Nintendo ON Theme as background music!


Stabby said...

@Falafelkid: a senior at NoE told you there would be no huge news at E3. Is this the same source that said the 3rd secret will be bigger than the controller?

Anonymous said...

The most ugly looking Zelda is coming to DS !! said...

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