Thursday, November 02, 2006

´Zelda: Twilight Princess´ updates on

There have been updates to the ´Zelda: Twilight Princess´ page on Apart from plenty of videos of people playing the game, there are two additional clips you should see:

Clip 1: Game Opening (1:22 minutes)
Clip 2: Game Trailer (2:05 minutes)

EDIT The good people over at Infendo have managed what I could not: rip the embedded flash videos to YouTube, here and here, respectively:



Anonymous said...

I ignore those trailers because of spoilers, but I watched the videos of people playing ‘Twilight Princess’. It looks like they have fun.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The music is the same as the original E3 trailer that we saw last year. So my big question is this:

Does the game have a full orchestral soundtrack?

Anonymous said...

I know this is out of th etopic but i just wanted to say it. For the people who watch South park Yesterday Wednesday at 10.00pm I just wanted to tell you that Karman was hilarious representing the Wii fan waiting for the Nintendo Wii.
YEs!! Southpark included the Nintendo Wii in their episode yesterday and made a to be continued, so that means that at least 2 Southpark episodes will have the Wii in their show!

I wonder if they are going to do a 3 episode since in the show they talk that there is only 3 more weeks for the Wii!

ps. The EVgames idea was hilarious (for the ones who didnt get it the real name is EBgames.) i loved Wii pics everywhere i cant wait till the next episode comes!

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Andi alda ich will n cooles game zocken !!

Kanns kaum erwarten!

aber warum muss Ubi die Steurung von Red Steel so verkacken ???

Und warum gibt es kein Blut ???

Der Titel hätte soviel Potential!

Echt schade!

Sonic muss BAAAAASE sein!

Über Zelda brauchen wir uns nicht unterhalten- Soul FOOD !!!

Call of Duty 3 - Sicher ganz lässig mit gute Steurung und vorbildlicher Grafik !

Über Farcry lässt sich nicht viel sagen!

Super Monkey Ball und Elebits sind bestimmt nicht ohne.

Besonders Monkey ball muss echt anders abgehen!

Mann Andi ich kann mich nicht entscheiden!!!!

Am aller liebsten würden ich gleich mit Mario um die Planeten :) ziehen !!!!

Mit Wii hat Nintendo echt ein Ass im Ärmel!

Und was am coolsten ist:

Die Produktions Kosten sind gerademal halb so hoch wie auf 360 PS3!

Sollte Früchte tragen!

Das einzige was mir son bißchen fehlt ist son ober edles flavour game von Rockstar, Square, Capcom oder Valve!

Aber was solls, man kann nunmal nicht alles haben!

Oider, ich hab den ganzen scheiss so lang mitverfolgt, hoffentlich zahlt sichs letztendlich auch aus !!!!


Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous. I read about the South Park episode. There is a great screenshot here, courtesy of ElChibo at Following Revolution.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous. I read about the South Park episode. There is a great screenshot here, courtesy of ElChibo at Following Revolution.



Everything is going according to plan man!

Anonymous said...

South Park episode

Anonymous said...



He was faster than me!!!



Anonymous said...

"Evolution is a fairy

A hair brain fairy

that says I'm a monkey

I'm not a monkey I'm a women"



Anonymous said...


I imagine Cartman being Falafelkid!
Rolling around in his bed waiting for Wii!!





Anonymous said...

the music is 'solutely lovely

Anonymous said...

c|net video preview of Wii:


Anonymous said...

Yup Yup thats one of the best parts of the episode yesterday Fal. how i was saying they Really did it with this episode i just wonder if the second part will talk more about the wii.

but oh well I'll just have to wait! thanks for posting the pictures and the videos, now my friends that didnt see it, now can!

ps.sorry for not putting my name in the other post that i putted about the show.

Anonymous said...

Hi-res versions (854x486) here:

Click on "Download: wmv"

Anonymous said...

Loves the new trailer
First time (at least for me) that princess Zelda appears, and some cool gameplay footage
BTW I liked the opening movie, it's kind of an homage to Ocarina of Time, but it also reminded me and quite a bit to Shadow of the Colossus, anyone else got that feeling?

Anonymous said...

check out this video, at about 00:43 it looks and sounds like the Wii has a camera in it?

Anonymous said...

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