Thursday, November 16, 2006

The strength of the ´PlayStation´ brand

If you have ever wondered what SCE´s main strength is, this editorial should clear things up for you. It is their previously flawless marketing and PR effort, which managed to build up the brand name that is PlayStation.

In Germany, for example, SCE have managed to get the brand name into the Duden, the prescriptive dictionary for the German language, officially recognizing ´PlayStation´ as synonymous with console gaming (much like ´Hoover´ is used as a generic term for all vacuum cleaners in American English).

Although ´Gameboy´ is also recognized, ´PlayStation´ is the only home console in the dictionary and you will search for brand names like ´Nintendo´ and ´Xbox´ in vain.

And below is a prime example of the fruits of Sony´s labour. Here is a recent report by local television station NBC6 about people queueing up for the PlayStation3.

NBC6´s Sharon Lawson describes the scenes in front of the retail outlets like this:

Die-hard videogamers waiting to shell out $600 for the ultimate in next-generation consoles.

All it needed was a phrase like ´what they believe to be´ - and everything would have been fine from my point of view. But this particular brand name is so strong that even experienced reporters will assume that it is the ultimate, whoever else may be competing.

If you want, drop NBC6 a line and tell them how you feel. When leaving comments, you should tick at least the ´newsroom´ box.

But more importantly, this goes to show that Sony still has a big ace up their sleeve. And it is the strength of their brand. We all know the severe problems they have had and are still having. So do publishers. But if you ask ordinary people on the street about home consoles, most will think of ´PlayStation´ before they think of anything else. And this advantage should not be underestimated.

EDIT Here is another great example of mindless reporting, this time courtesy of CBS:

The reporter even congratulates Kaz Hirai on a very successful launch. In the meantime, I have been speaking to the analyst who confirmed that Sony launched with less than 200.000 consoles for the US market and he confirmed that position to me, further noting that the figure was leaning perhaps more towards 150.000.

Again, allow me to clarify my position: no console deserves this kind of uncritical, mindless reporting.

Source: Kotaku
Thanks to: Godashram


The I.A.L.S said...

Finally he gets it.....


truthkilla said...

Too Bad PS3 is going to be Shitting on everyone with all it's problems. Graphical problems, not bein able to play Ps2 game with glitches, 360 games looking better the ps3 games. I'm not even talk about gears of war that a given. I'm talking about ridge racers 6 for the 360 looking better then the PS3 ridge racers 7.

That racing game for the 360 came out anout a year ago and looks better.LOL

Falafelkid said...

Hi Truthkilla.

You are absolutely right. Most recent events have not exactly been in Sony´s favour. It is just important to note that they can rely on a high degree of brand recognition. If that can also translate into any brand loyalty remains to be seen, of course. Especially the high price tag scares off most casual gamers I know.

Also, I would like to point out that I would have objected to any of the three being called the ultimate next-generation console. Every console has their individual strengths and weaknesses - so does the PS3. There is no ultimate next-generation console.

The I.A.L.S said...

Just give me a Sam and Max point and click adventure for Wii and I'll be happy.

I just don't endorse these rushed 3rd party ports from Activision, Electronic Arts and the likes.

Ubi Soft is the only 3rd party developer putting some real effort into their Wii offerings I'm afraid to say.

Rayman and Red Steel look decent.

The 3rd party support is still insufficient.
I'm not seing many original Wii offerings.
That's unfortunate.
Maybe Nintendo should try a lil bit harder to get them on board.

All I want is some proper original content from developers around the world and not only half-assed ports like Call of Duty 3 for example.

I will give Wii the benefit of the doubt as I always have.
But taking everything into account it still leaves me with a bitter taste when I think about how some western and eastern developers alike treat Wii.
They are still a lil leery with Nintendo and their unconventional ways.
They will probably wait until Wii prooves that it can establish itself.

I'd say the main difference between now and when Gamecube launched is the excitement towards the new control method.

The 3rd party situation is the same I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

The PS3 a $600 hotcake that you WILL BUY NO DOUBT !!!

Grandmaster B said...

Ever notice how Fal ignores you IALS? Its cause you talk utter crap and you deserve no respect.

I doubt he even reads your messages.

As for your comment that he finally gets it. What is wrong with you. His not stupid, nor am I, and we all know the PS brand is strong.

Either way, so was IBM when it came to PC's in the 80's, 90's. So were many things. Things change.

Nintendo was even the word when people thought of gaming 10 or so years ago. No brand lasts forever but Sony do still have the major advantage now. Everyone (well at least sub-consciously) knows it.

Anonymous said...

The IALS IS Falafelkid.

The I.A.L.S said...

Oh IALS sees, the grandmaster b....
Kid whine force is in full effect today!

You have a way with getting on peoples last nerves have you ?

Reading comprehension goes a long way in life.


Grandmaster B said...

Dont you mean comprehensive reading? You are still learning english, so am I, but you are a good 10 years behind.

nz guy said...

ials you should write a book or somthing so that we can ignore you without having to scroll past.

luckily the brand is all that sony realy have going for them and i cand wait to see the expressions on my friends faces change from when they first turn it on to when they quickly turn it off again and start searching for the receipt

nz guy said...

what i mean is that xbox are going for the hardout graphics thing so that mean ps3 aint spechal there and nintendos gyroscopis make more sence, simply because its more versitile onehanded so they definatly arent spechal there either.

they do have the ridiculis price thing going for them but i wouldnt call that a particularly attractive quality.

The I.A.L.S said...

wtf Grandmaster b.... stfu already

You have no clue whatsoever whats going on have you?

Please tell me WHO the HELL are YOU?????

Don't noone know you!

For fucks sake noone gives a shit about your wannabe grandmaster bitch verbal diareha!

The ....bith in is ouzing all out!

Everything is going according to plan as far as IALS is concerned.


And by the way, being ten years behind IS JUST A MINOR DISAPPOINTMENT!




Anonymous said...

"don't you mean comprehensive reading?" -grandmaster b.

hahaha quote of the year.

on-topic: i'd like to also remind people that "nintendo" was once synonymous with video games in general, too. remember what happened? playstation. for some reason, it seems unlikely that nintendo will become branded that way again, but xbox is already on its way. there are quite a lot of people that say "play xbox" and mean videogames. could be microsoft's time to pwn. who knows.

-"superfan" tactics.

Kevin said...

My brother who works at KB Toys in our mall said he must have gotten around 150 calls in just today with people asking about the PS3. He said he did not even get one call about the Wii and no he wouldn't make this up either. People here are gung ho for PS3.

The I.A.L.S said...

Grandmaster b you have always been annoying as hell.
even more so than Blizz.

I respect people who can downright ignore the obvious just so that their meaningless speeches make any sense.

Get your act together once and for all.

Also note that Kid is bitter with me ever since I set the record straight concerning pointless Wii speculation.

All the insults and spam attacks on my part were just for fun since kid always reacted so overly inexorable to them.

He was way too serious and uneasy with everything and took it personal I'm afraid to say.

To be honest I couldn't care less what any of you think about THE IALS.
Mark my words:
This isn't real life!

This is a joke! a game!



The freaks come out at night!

At the end of the day, Kid only knows too good that the IALS does it for the buzz and not the hype cause!

So ask yourself what would the world be without freaks like IALS ?

IALS has brought every single one of you so much joy with his off the wall comments ever since he emerged!

It's no mystery.
I just know it.

Pay hommage to THE IALS


cOrMiN said...

@"superfan" tactics:

You know, to people about age 30 - 50 in Sweden, "play nintendo" is a synonym for playing videogames :)

Shaun said...

One thing to remember is the bigger the brand name the bigger it gets tarnished if anything does not live upto the promise.

Wii has some dud launch games like ALL consoles do. Only with the Wii the controls and not the graphics are the struggling point. Nobody expects HD graphics but they expect the controls to work well. Just like the 360 games right now challenging the 1st generation of PS3 games, expect the Wii controls to be used in some fantastic ways in the 2nd / 3rd generation of games.

@ i.a.l.s

why there wasn't millions of "point'n'click adventure" games on the DS i don't know. i just hope the Wii finally gets some.

nz guy said...

dont incourrage him lol. you should gt his email and chat sumplace else.

i hadnt thought of that way, must be this cold i have :P
a big fall from grace was wat happened to nintendo so its quite possable it could happen to sony.

Anonymous said...


Internet Attention Looking Scumbag?

The I.A.L.S said...


Internet Attention Looking Scumbag?

You know it like a poet son.

Word. Quite buttery.


Anonymous said...

here's a better one:

IALS - Im A Lame aSS


Anonymous said...

i dont believe that people will create a huge line like this to get a wii. You can blame sony for everything, but not for doing the right job. They did it again.

Blizz419 said...

oh yeas IALS i'm so annoying, funny thing is everyone that comments in this blog finds you annoying except you, i also find it annoying how you tend to use the term "verbal diareah" ever since i said it refering the quality of your discussions, your just a front kid, your a nobody trying to be a somebody, you aint real son so stop pretending.

Anonymous said...

The IALS IS Falafelkid.

Blizz419 said...

correction that second "annoying" was supposed to be "amusing"

i also find it amusing how you tend to use the term "verbal diareah" ever since i said it refering the quality of your discussions

Blizz419 said...

Falafel is definatly not IALS, also the reason most people have been trying to get a PS3 is to resell it on ebay or craigslist, so your points are pretty useless anonymous

Anonymous said...

No offense blizz, but the PS3 being sold on ebay at outrageous prices, really shows how much people want it, not the opposite, I don't see any Wii for sale at those carzy prices, wether you like it or not, The PS3 is a huge brand and Sony own the next generation without a sweat, like they did before, may be a more powerful Wii would have do some waves, but a bunch of minigmes and motion sensing ( espect to mario, zelda & metroid) won't sadly do the trick, people want MG4 and resistrance , gears of war, FF games, not bananablitz and reyman and some last gen games slapped with motion sensing as a last thought, COD 3 !! anyone, so pathetic.

The I.A.L.S said...


is at it again!


The IALS will send your "verbal diareha" to hell and back until it reaches banana island dula.

You are simply no match.

Shift lanes laddi.

How can you even breath?


Anonymous said...


Just delete IALS comments from now on for the sake of the readers.

We do not wish to indulge of his perpetual immaturity and constant annoyance.

Us ignoring him just won't do.


Anonymous said...

The IALS IS Falafelkid.

Anonymous said...


Ihr kotzt mich alle an ihr gicht Kinder!

JC said...

The blog's owner has obviously given up trying to stop the spammer(s).

I thought at first that it was a viral-marketing invasion meant as an attempt to drive away traffic from a news source posting not-nice-but-true things about Sony while trying to kill morale. But it doesn't make sense, as only someone of unemployed/living-in-parent's-basement status (not to mention supreme insecurity issues) could have this much time over a 24-hour period to spend on blogs and message boards.

I can't pinpoint, exactly, what it is they fear about the Wii, but I'm guessing that they're jealous of its pasty-white outer shell for stealing their thunder.

The I.A.L.S said...

The blog's owner has obviously given up trying to stop the spammer(s).

I thought at first that it was a viral-marketing invasion meant as an attempt to drive away traffic from a news source posting not-nice-but-true things about Sony while trying to kill morale. But it doesn't make sense, as only someone of unemployed/living-in-parent's-basement status (not to mention supreme insecurity issues) could have this much time over a 24-hour period to spend on blogs and message boards.

I can't pinpoint, exactly, what it is they fear about the Wii, but I'm guessing that they're jealous of its pasty-white outer shell for stealing their thunder.

12:05 PM


That hit the nail right on the head!

Blizz419 said...

ials for someone not from the states you sure try real hard to act like your from here with all your slang another example of your fakeness, and anonymous the reason you wont see Wii's going for such an outrages price is cuz Nintendo is having many more systems available at launch, the measely amount of Ps3's available today shouldnt even be considered a launch cuz its so completely weak in numbers its pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Please people. Has no one heard of "Don't Feed the Troll"?! Just ignore ial's posts, scroll past him, and you'll eventually get used to him like a bad smell. Replying to him, and (even though I'm doing it now) referring to him just gives him the attention he craves. Get over him.

Anyway, if anything, the Playstation 3 will sell by name alone.

Anonymous said...

Hi fal'

Where is the "secret" ?, do you actually still believe in such a thing ?


jcmad5 said...

hey Falafelkid, i was just wondering when you would be able to get your very own Wii?

kingskall said...

fale your an asshole just like truthkilla 360 2nd generation games are competing with ps3 1st generation games and you call ur slef a professional game journalist your noting more than an ass hole wanna be gamer

Blizz419 said...

i'm waiting for all the reports on crashing PS3's lol, were already seeing issues with the HDMI, i bet its going to have much worse problems than the 360 did at launch

Blizz419 said...

and i bet the Wii will have almost no problems as nintendo always makes the sturdiest most reliable hardware

Anonymous said...

It's funny, the playstation 3 at my target fried and they jsut put it up for desplay today

Anonymous said...

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