Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project Café video fake, E3 invitation confirms ´Stream´?

A video clip allegedly showing a presentation of Nintendo's next home console has surfaced. A number of regular commentators here have argued about whether the clip should even be discussed. I am certain that it is fake, but believe that it is worth pointing out why. Here is the clip.


This clip was uploaded by YouTube user privateconnex and is entitled ´Nintendo Project Cafe leak "private developer conference"´. The clip itself, however, starts with a slate reading "Private Presentation of 'Project Cafe' by a Video Games Editor". Now, this is the most compelling reason to believe this is a complete fabrication: no videogames editor in the world would be giving a presentation of gaming hardware that is yet to be made public. I even believe that no videogames editor in the world has even seen the console. But even if so, it is hard to believe that Nintendo would trust media outside of Japan. The young woman seen in the clip is clearly not Japanese.

Another aspect is the location. The clip appears to be filmed inside a lecture theatre, commonly found in universities. These are practical, but no-frills places for any presentation. A company like Nintendo would on no account book a venue like this. Next up, the slides are reminiscent of previous fakes. I wrote about those images: "Any kind of presentation would use renders rather than simple outlines. Such basic images are only ever used in patent documents. This is surely a fake." If used in any kind of presentation to the outside world, it is even more important to keep up appearances.

Lastly, the person following the presentation appears to resemble Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. This might, at the surface, appear to validate the video as real. On second thought, it does the very opposite, though. If this presentation really did take place and someone in the audience would want to break the NDA they undoubtedly had to sign prior to entering and hence risk their job, how much more foolhardy would it be to film the event sitting right behind Reggie? This is just plain stupid.

Various points I made earlier with regard to the hardware are also applicable here. It might strike us as odd that previous fakes have all shown the same hardware design, both console and controller. But either they originate from the same person or subsequent fakers realised that their work would become more credible if they picked up on it. You can rest assured that all images and videos purporting to show the Wii successor so far are fake.

What we can do, legitimately, is speculate on the basis of facts. There is very little, but here is a little more. This is an invitation by Nintendo of Europe for a media reception at E3. Notice the design.

Note that the imagery used is a combination of the squares with beveled edges we know from the DS family with the blue circles that have appeared in connection with the Wii. Combining them is what appears to be a stream or a wave. This may suggest that the next console will bring home consoles and portables closer together. It also may corroborate that the console will be called Stream, as previous rumours suggested.


Radar11x said...

I think you hit all the right points with calling this vid fake but i can help but remember when and image of the Wii-mote was leaked and many of us commenter myself included called it fake. :)

Falafelkid said...

Hi Andrew.

That story is untrue. The Wii remote was never leaked. Some poster on NeoGAF later replaced an image he had posted before the reveal. That was all. You must have confused things.

RGB said...

You took the time to write that. If that other guy from the other blog posted something like what you wrote I would of had no issue with him at all.

Interesting about the invite but I think you are reading too much into it IMO. But at least its something LEGITIMATE worth speculating over unlike the other guy and his blog posting stupid fake videos.

Anonymous said...

The video has already been confirmed as fake, for like a few days now, at least.

RGB said...

@ above

I sincerely hope you didnt need confirmation that it was fake. ROFL. I think you missed the point entirely by Fal's post.

Anonymous said...

falafed this was confirmed fake like a week ago wen it hit WIIBO101 SAID ITS TWO STUDENTS IN A CLASS ROOM

guess what its confirmed as TWO STDENTS IN A CLASSROOM

wiboy101 on the da this leaked said the following

two stdents in a classroom with a mobile phone camera a wii 2 it does not make

a week later its confirmed a school project to get 5000 hits on youtube off course the fake wii 2 video won with over half a million hits...

your a week late dude

its funny again wiiboy101 was the only guy who called it

wen two students mess around in front of a phone camera thats exactly what you see

wii 2 my ass

Anonymous said...

andrew continues to smoke crack the wii remote was never leaked !!!!


and again wiiboy101 guessed the wii controls 90% perfectly before everyone else

the only thing he got wrong was wii remote shape and no rumble in nunchuck

he even predicted the speaker BECOSE HE THINKS LIKE A GAMER NOT A HARDLYCORE

im guessing andrew has never thoght of this stuff et is a self proclaimed core gamer

yeah right

RGB said...

You are a tool and so is wiiboy if not the same.

Anyone with half a brain knew upon watching the video that it was fake so dont think yourself all high and mighty mate.

Anonymous said...

I doubt a woman could give a technical demonstration.

Anonymous said...

Signs and symbols. Keep in mind the pipes in the E3 invite meant nothing.

Anonymous said...

Falafel, what happened?

Are you trying to be lazy?

Why are you posting such obvious fakes?

Youre usually better than this.

Anonymous said...

had fun last night a new friend was around for some beers and weed and we soon started playing wii he was a x360 fan / owner

he went into INSANE MODE calling his cod x360 core and all the usual guff so i cracked open wii black ops

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i then further educated him !!!

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he now ses the light twin sticks is OBSOLETE CRAP AND HAS NO PLACE IN A FPS GAME

Falafelkid said...


Are you trying to be lazy?

Why are you posting such obvious fakes?

Read my post. The reason is in there. Maybe you are the lazy one here.

Anonymous said...

hand over the blog to wiiboy101 and watch a real gamer/thinker at work

E3 2011..............

3DS line up wii line up

and the megaton project cafe


NGP cough

and gasp x30 stereo 3D

what a joke the competition are

Tekniko's Cave said...

Wow, there a lot of angry comments for this post :(

jerry said...

" CLASSIC PAD mode of wii black ops was HEAVILY SOFTWARE GIMPED WITH AUTO AIM AND AIM ASSISTED just like his x360 and the game was like doing 30% plus of the aiming for him and his gun sight was a cheat as all he had to do was get a HUGE cross hair inline with a player and shoot NO SKILL NO PRECISION INVOLVED AT ALL"

Playing games puts you into a fantasy world. If I want to shoot with precision, i'll go to the shooting range. Only a dumbass would play COD on the wii and say, "OH Yeah! this is so precise, it's just like shooting a real gun..."

I play games on easy and if there's aim assist, i turn it on. I work 40+ hours a week and I travel alot, i don't have time to be dicking the dog and trying to re-do levels over and over. I play games mostly for the story. When I get back from work, i'm tired, if i play games i want to sit there on a couch and use a dual analog. Moving my wrist around and waggling a wiimote is not my idea of relaxing.

I can't wait to see what nintendo's new controller will be, i'm gonna laugh my ass off if it isn't motion centric.

Raphael said...

RGB said...

The reflection on the white gloss plastic looks unnatural.

Anonymous said...

these specs are real David @ nintendo and metaldave @ NINTENGEN have these specs from EA canada fifa developers..

CPU 3 core powerpc 32bit each core has a 256k level 2 catch all 3 share a IBM EDram level 3 catch of 32MB clock speed is 3GHZ

GPU r700 and hollywood TEV hybrid gpu 200 stream processors (over 4 x that of x360 gpu) TEV2 fixed function effects engine and 8 rops and 2 custom tessalation units clockspeed @ 1GHZ again 32MB IBM EDram 24mb for frame and z buffers and a 8mb texture catch maintains a wii like 3to1 clock balance between cpu and gpu

256mb of custom FC ram and 1gig of GDDR3 ram

8 GB flash drive and a 64GB ready sd card reader…

disc drive a customised toshiba HD DVD drive and disc for very fast loading 25GB storage space 40GB later date..

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Raphael said...

That´s funny ;-)

Raphael said...

"In advance of Nintendo's E3 press conference next week, Nikkei has leaked out details on the Wii successor. The report (registration required) mirrors much of what has surfaced over the past few weeks.

Wii 2 will feature a new type of controller that includes a touch screen. The controller will give tablet-like controls to games, tapping the touch panel to control the characters on your television, for instance. The controller can also be used as a portable game machine.

The touch panel on the controller is six inches. The controller itself has a built in rechargeable battery and includes a camera. The camera can be used for a variety of play opportunities -- for instance, a player making an avatar of himself for use in a game.

Nikkei says that Wii 2 could be released as early as mid 2012. The site lists the system as `Wii successor console´."


Indeed six inches? WOW!!!

Anonymous said...


confirmed here first i got the inside info from nintendo germany a wii game tester

SomeGermanGuy said...

Nintendo STRIIM?
STR + WII turned 180°?
Funny thought...

Raphael said...


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