Friday, May 13, 2011

Project Café screenshots are obvious fakes

The first alleged Project Café screenshots are in circulation. A blogger on Gameolosophy has posted two images, apparently showing Pikmin 3 and Endless Ocean 3. There are various reasons why they must be fake. The blogger seems to believe they are real, though.

I do not claim these screenshots to be official.  But my sources gave me the scoop on a million things about the new Nintendo console before other sources caught wind of them (Pikmin, Rockstar, Retrostudios).  And through these sources, they have supplied me with some screenshots for two games.

I cannot verify whether said blogger really did post those rumours first. I certainly read them elsewhere. The images in question are, quite obviously, fake. They appear to be real-life photos with crude graphical elements and text from videogames pasted on top. What is more, there are a number of interesting comments below the article. User Watchdog points out that the Pikmin screenshot just pasted the HUD from Pikmin 2 onto a real photo. He then notes “that ´Final Floor´ makes no sense when you’re outside.”

The article, though careful to assert that these images are to be thought of as rumour, lacks any kind of journalistic approach. The author even admits this.

I post anything I receive on here for your amusement/entertainment and my amusement and entertainment.  You have the choice to believe or not to believe.  It doesn’t matter.  E3 will be here before you know it. 

I guess we have another rumourmonger here who is keen on artificially pushing up her click count.


Spazer said...

I think I will laugh a lot when the supposed video come ( dark, blur, bad angle etc...)

But this is amazing to see how certain people like her and Osoko tanaka for example do their maximum trying to make believe the most possible part of morrons in their bullshits.

Pathetic, fucking fake people.

Anonymous said...

falafel warrriorrrrrrrrrrr :)

Anonymous said... still stopping wiis from the comments WHAT IS YOUR ISSUE with nintendo you moron....

chaussures mbt said...

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NintendoKnow said...

Hey Fal, have you seen the supposed leaked project cafe video? I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. Here's the footage

Grandmaster B said...


Anonymous said...

leaked video of wii 2 GIG GIG GIGEDY

its two students in a classroom with a projector and a phone camera JESSSSSUSSSS H you SADO's are easily fooled......

twin sticks is core gaming GIG GIG GIGEDY YEAH RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandmaster B said...

Lame attempt to get attention to that blog.

NintendoKnow said...

Grandmaster B said...
Lame attempt to get attention to that blog.

So because I run my own blog that automatically means I'm not entitled to ask for someone's opinion on something?

I've been speculating along side Falafelkid since 2005 with the beginning of the Revolution rumors, and, despite all the trolls and fanboys that seem to always frequent this blog, I've always respected and enjoyed hearing Falafelkid's opinions on a lot of these rumors.

Maybe you're not aware of this, but manually promoting your own blog by posting comments on other blogs is the absolute least efficient way to drive traffic to a blog or site. If you ever want some tips on driving real traffic to your blog, let me know and I'll give you a few tips :-)

Grandmaster B said...

Why bother posting the video on your blog then? Its a obvious fake. I am tired of all the BS fakes out there and you are only encouraging them by posting fake videos on your blog.

Some German Guy said...

So you've been speculating since 2005... And you still can't recognize an obvious fake and want to bother Fal with such shit? I'm surprised Fal even bothered writing about those crappy pictures. Man, there are just too many attention whores out there sucking on the hopes of naive nintendo fans.

Anonymous said...

Falafel this story sucks.
That's not even a real gaming website.

You are not the "finest" in gaming journalism.

I didnt even doubt for a second that those were fake screenshots.

You gave that ghost site more hits than it deserves by calling attention to them.

This followed a secret you saw in old stationary logo.

I like your work, and your blog, but you aren't the "finest" until your work picks up in quality.

-a friend

Grandmaster B said...

So you've been speculating since 2005... And you still can't recognize an obvious fake and want to bother Fal with such shit? I'm surprised Fal even bothered writing about those crappy pictures. Man, there are just too many attention whores out there sucking on the hopes of naive nintendo fans.

Ditto. Well said :)

Fook said...

I think you all are a bit condescending here. One of the main things with al this rumours is to discuss (and to gloat at) obvious frauds and possibilities. It´s part of the fun. And as you say, E3 is only days away, so let´s place our bets while there still time :) No harm in that. Peace!

Grandmaster B said...

Fook I know I am definitely not being condescending. Fal debunks things and I dont have any problem with what he does but its guys like that guy above me who just simply posts it and then says "who knows if its real (when its obvious its fake) and wait for E3".

However I do think those pictures and that video dont even deserve a mention here even (if it were my blog). Only encourages more stupid fakes.

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Anonymous said...

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