Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spanish Wii site posts huge rumour list

Spanish Wii site RevoGamers (translated by Google) has posted a whole list of rumours, which apparently come from an inside source, but are highly contentious.

I have been in contact with user B. (anonymized for the time being) who has close ties to the site and has kindly been able to clarify some points and add some detail. I have known him for some time and think of him as a reliable enough source to post this.

However, I would like to remind everyone that all of these rumours are entirely unfounded. I have not been able to verify anything posted below. If true, the content must be classified as highly confidential, so I am led to doubt its authenticity altogether. I suggest you do the same.

GameBoy successor cancelled

Nintendo had been working on the ´Gameboy Advance Next´ which was to become a third pillar (alongside the Wii as a home console and the DS as a portable). The handheld was to feature hardware comparable in power to that of the GameCube.

It was to offer online gaming and downloadable titles, do away with physical media altogether and be compatible with the Virtual Console. Apparently, concerns over media storage and too high a price point caused the project to be scrapped.

DS successor in the works

Nintendo is working on ´Project 3´ which is to become the successor of the DS. It will be a handheld console without buttons. Instead, it is just one big touchscreen, comparable to Apple´s ´iPhone´.

New Miyamoto IP

Miyamoto is working on a new IP on a similar scale to Zelda. It is codenamed ´The Rise of Darkness´.

It is said to be an online-only title, perhaps an MMO. Miyamoto wants every day to be different in the game. An older rumour on the same site pointed to a game that mixed elements of the real world with science fiction and spritual elements, loosely inspired by Buddhism. Gameplay-wise it was described as mixture between Zelda and Shenmue.

Nintendo developing MMO

More talk about an online game, codenamed ´Project Live´. This sounds very much like an MMO. It is said to be a big city, in which you can kidnap players from another team and leave clues for them to find you. No word on whether this is connected to Miyamoto´s new IP.

Miis used in future games

´Animal Crossing´ on Wii will be based on Miis, ´Mario Party 8´ and even the Wii version of ´Mario Kart´ might feature them, as well.

More channels coming

The next Wii system update will feature both a ´Movie Channel´ and a ´Talk Channel´. No further information is given other than the names. Also, there will be some improvements to the ´Mii Channel´, as far as I can make out.

Brain training may become dedicated channel

Some talk about a game that is based on the Latin phrase ´Mens sana in corpore sano´ (Latin for: ´a healthy mind in a healthy body´). This sounds very much like Braining Training or Big Brain Academy. Apparently, this could become a channel of its own.

Wii mic takes shape

The Wii microphone will plug into the controller, just like the Nunchuk extension.

N64 blockbuster titles coming to VC

´GoldenEye 007´ and ´Donkey Kong 64´ will make their appearance on the Virtual Console this year. Apparently, the contracts between Nintendo and developer Rare work in Nintendo´s favour. It looks as if no other Rare games will become available, though.

Also, ´Star Fox 64´ (aka Lylat Wars), Ganbare Goemon (aka Legend of the Mystical Ninja) and ´Mischief Makers´ will make it to the Virtual Console soon.

Sources: B., RevoGamers (translated by Google)


Anonymous said...

Gotta love rumours, it keeps the gaming world thinking and hoping and on there toes. These sound really interesting, but that what rumours are suppose to be. I hope some of them do come true. Id like to see Nintendo do some good online projects.

I for one dont really care that much for them, but there is that other percentage that those. Id do Phantasy Star any day, but that bout it. But we shall see, its still to early and the console is still who knows what will happen by August....

Shoxware Games said...

It is highly doubtful, that Miyamoto is working on such a game...

As for the rest... a Brain Training channel is very likely in the works ... it would make sense!

Anonymous said...

Most are hard to believe. Especially Nintendo creating MMo's considering they're insistence on friend codes and lack of harddrive. Also Goldeneye coming to the VC has more hurdles to pass then simply getting Rare to agree since 007 is owned by neither Rare or Nintendo at this point.


Anonymous said...

Nintendo making a kidnapping simulation MMO?

(entire continent suddenly covered in red flags)

Tadashi Oshima said...

GB successor cancelled:
I also believe Nintendo is merging the Gameboy with the DS.

DS successor in the works:
Of course they are working on a DS successor. But I highly doubt they will omit the buttons.
One simply needs to feel the buttons.

New Miyamoto IP:
Based on the codenames, it's just a rumour, nothing more. This is one of these "Nintendo/Miyamoto works on a really mature game"-rumors.

Nintendo Developing MMO:
Kidnapping another team's players? Leaving hints?
Not possible as a standalone concept. Also, basing it on teams and that single players have to be the hostages make it an even less attractive game.

Miss used in future games:
Also, we already saw the Miis in MP8.

More channels coming:
A Talk Channel? Movie Channel? Pretty generic sounding names.
That the Mii Channel will be improved should be obvious, seeing that there are lacking options.

Brain training may become dedicated channel:
Quite possible.

Wii mic:
I doubt the mic would be blocking the extension port because you couldn't use the nunchuck then.

N64 blockbusters titles coming to VC:
DK64 is Nintendo's property and GoldenEye was just developed by Rare, Nintendo owns the game. The Bond license itself seems to be more of a problem.

The other 64 titles are quite possible.

You still use the wrong character :(

Anonymous said...

"kidnapping simulation" sounds very like a Nintnedo game actually.

It would be cool and fun to chase after the deeds with help of clues comming every day via Wii24


Anonymous said...

touch screen + controller =



It seems that Nintendo is really working on that sort of controllers.

Falafelkid said...

@Tadashi Oshima:

You still use the wrong character :(

I am still using that European keyboard, remember? And I am not going to import one from abroad or change my current driver just to make you happy. Sorry.

Thanks for pointing the issue out (it had been pointed out before, but you were not to know), but things are going to stay the way they are.

As I said before: if that is the only orthographical complaint you have concerning my blog (my spelling is otherwise impeccable, I am confident enough to say), then we should both be happy.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonym.

It seems that Nintendo is really working on that sort of controllers.

I guess the images you linked to (from that recent patent) show some earlier prototypes of the existing controllers. Usually, patent images do not reveal future products, because they are released to the public some considerable time after their original submission.

Rhyhon said...

Ah, delicious rumors. They seem to have forgotten to include the NiGHTS one that's been going around, though.

I'd put this more as wishful thinking and speculation than actual content, but I'm hardly a professional at this. Better to be pleasantly surprised than to be unexpectedly disappointed.

Anonymous said...

holy jesus YES YES YES. this is the shit we live for, isn't it? thank you falafelkid. very nice.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

Mystical Ninja and Mischief Makers on the Virtual Console? That may be the most plausible rumor out of all of them, but it has me by far the most excited. Oh God do I love both those games to death.

Zucas said...

Hmm all seem somewhat reasonable except the plug the mic into the controller thing. That would be silly if you were to play online play. Then you can't use the nunchuck. I'm pretty sure the mic will have to be USB or bluetooth.

Starstriker1 said...

Not necessarily. If the mic plugged into the wiimote, and then the nunchuck could be plugged into THAT, the problem would be avoided. Granted, that'd increase the length of the remote or the cord a bit, but them's the breaks. At any rate, I'd hope that nintendo goes for such a solution and avoided denying the mic to nunchuck users.

nz guy said...

nintendo would come up with wackyer codenames than that...

Neo said...


Falafel, Capcom has announced that Devil May Cry 4 will be heading to the Xbox 360 and PC, which marks another exclusive lost for the PlayStation 3!

The shit is really hitting the fan on the PlayStation forums.

ian said...

i heard the 'project live' rumour just before e3 last year but was being touted as a simplemmo hide and seek title for the wii.

also to anon, i would implore sega to do a decent pso for the wii, they have been rubbish since the cube ep1 + 2 efforts.

touch-gen said...

If indeed a successor to the DS is in development then I for one would not be at all surprised. The DS has been selling by the bucket load and has yet to even lose its velocity! I cant really see the DS:2 only having a touch screen, maybe some new kind of interface but I think or at least hope that Nintendo make it compatible with the Virtual Console. In other words, we need buttons!

I can only hope that Miyamoto-san is working on an MMO. Miyamoto could do some amazing things on such a title but like always lets wait and see.

As for the channel? Cant they call it Wii-Talk? Much more catchy! lol. A movie and music channel ould also be great to see. Nintendo has for a long time wished to enter into the movie industry and has expressed in several occassions to do so. Could we finally see Metroid:The Movie??? Ok, OK. My fanboy inside me is getting carried away I know. But then I dont think Nintendo will be soley a Games company forever. Just like when thy made gaming cards over 100years ago could we see Nintendo taking a different another avenue again? Will they certinly can afford it.

Anonymous said...

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