Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wii outsells competition

Market research firm NPD has released the first reliable sales figures of the holiday season and Wii is the winner.

NPD Sales figures, November 1st - December 24th

Xbox360: 2 million

Wii: 1,8 million

PS3: 750.000

Please bear in mind that Wii and PS3 only went on sale November 19th and 17th, respectively. The figures were released through a CNBC video report (registration required) entitled ´Gaming Wii-nner´.

On G4´s Feed, presenter Layla Kayleigh commented:

For the holiday crunch, [the Wii] doubled the sales of the PlayStation3. In just one month, Nintendo has come shockingly close to meeting half of the Xbox360 sales over a whole year.

EDIT NPD has denied that their official sales figures have already been made available. Yahoo News reports:

Several mention December sales figures for Sony's PlayStation 3, Microsoft's Xbox 360, and Nintendo's Wii published by research group NPD. But according to NPD spokesperson David Riley, NPD has yet to release December's numbers.

"NPD's December/year-end sales data will become available January 11," he said.

Source: CNBC (registration required)
Thanks to: Joystiq, RegHardware, Steezy,


Grandmaster B said...

The Xbox 360 did surpringly well unfortunately by those numbers.

Quite impressive since there were two new hot systems being released.

Either way they arent making profit so it makes no difference, Nintendo are killing them.

truthkilla said...

goes to show how wrong nextgenwars.com is with the Wii's numbers. If Wii sold 1.8 Million in Nov, 500k in Japan on launch day, and over 300k in the UK on launch day. How come they have only just over 2.2 million for Wii? Cause with those numbers the total is 2.6 million, but lets not forget to add the sold out shipments in the US, Japan, and the UK!

Like said before I don't and won't trust NGW.com

thank you for your time. also if anything is spelt wrong i'm sorry i'm writing this on my Wii.

Anonymous said...

wii must keep this up all the way to ps3 euro lournch, in march april if so wii could be number 1 userbase even with 360s head start, then drop a bomb on sony with new wii colours and a price drop. that will se wii dominate all the way to next christmas, the combined punching power of wii and ds will seE nintendo compleatly dominate the gaming industre.... AND ALL WILL BE RIGHT IN THE UNIVERSE.

Carmine "Cai" M. Red said...

Wait a sec... those are REAL NPD numbers?!?!?! Not just made-up estimates from someone else?!?!?!


Oh, and Falafel sir, long time no...uh...comment... what are Wii numbers looking like in Europe? I've heard 385k for launch and then the expected shortages talk afterwards, but are those real shortages where Nintendo isn't shipping anything or are those demand driven shortages like in the US and Japan where they're shipping a lot but people are buying even more?

~Carmine "Cai" M. Red

Anonymous said...

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