Friday, January 12, 2007

Playing the numbers game

After alleged NPD sales figures leaked via CNBC ten days ago (the authenticity of which NPD denied), GameDaily now has some official data concerning hardware sales in the US for the month of December. Here it is:

NPD Sales figures, December, US

Xbox360: 1,1 million (4,5 million in total)

Wii: 604.200 (1,1 million in total)

PS3: 490.700 (687.300 in total)

These figures do not necessarily contradict the earlier ones, which also included the month of November (though, again, it appears that NPD distanced themselves from those figures). Here they are again:

NPD Sales figures (alleged), November 1st - December 24th, US

Xbox360: 2 million

Wii: 1,8 million

PS3: 750.000

The only notable discrepancy is with the latter PS3 sales figures and the console´s total sales from the former batch.

The Associated Press (via Yahoo News) further reported on the official sales figures from Japan.

Enterbrain Sales figures, November - December, Japan

Xbox360: --- (290.467 in total)

Wii: 989.118

PS3: 466.716

Again, take into account that Nintendo only went on sale there on December 2nd. AP comments:

The figures fall short of the 1 million consoles Sony predicted it would ship domestically by year's end.

Earlier this week, Sony said it met its shipping target of 1 million PS3s in the United States in 2006. But the combined U.S. and Japan total puts the company well below its global shipping goal of 2 million.

Nintendo, on the other hand, managed to again raise their profit outlook significantly, as Reuters reports. Apart from the Wii´s successful launch, DS sales are still going strong in all three territories.

Sources: GameDaily, Reuters, The Associated Press (via Yahoo News)
Thanks to: Joystiq, Joystiq, Some Guy


Carmine "Cai" M. Red said...

Some are skeptical about the Wii totals.;title;4

"Analysts were also skeptical, with some believing that the Wii sold more than NPD reported. "I don't understand how US Wii sell-through could be 1.1 million cumulatively, with Nintendo saying that they shipped half of their 4 million here and zero inventory on retail shelves at year end," said Wedbush Morgan Securities' Michael Pachter. "Where are the other 900,000 units? I assume 200,000 are in transit, but this number makes no sense to me at all." "

~Carmine "Cai" M. Red

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