Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Valve´s Gabe Newell on next-gen consoles

Gabe Newell, founder and president of Valve (the good people who brought us ´Half-Life´) has uttered some harsh words regarding the next-gen consoles. In an exclusive interview with Electronic Gaming Monthly, he was saying that the new platforms needed to help software developers to figure out how to beat ´World of Warcraft´, which he called the most interesting game property out there:
"When I look at the strategies that are being put forward by Microsoft on the system´s side or on the Xbox side or Sony or Nintendo. They are not making my life easier. Like the PlayStation3 makes my life as a software developer much harder. All of a sudden I´m supposed to figure out how to have this asymmetrical, multi-threaded game, right? And I have never written a single line of multi-threaded code ever. It´s not like I was lying awake, saying: ´I need to rearchitect every line of code I´ve ever written in order to get it to work.´

"One of my junior programmers who is writing game code rather than system code could slow things down in a real world case by a factor of eighty. Because they are doing something out in the AI or in the game dll, which used to be totally safe, and now all of a sudden the whole system slows down and then one of the really experienced programmers will have to go in and say: ´Oh, you can´t tell but you ran out of registry space and this other thing happened and no, there´s no debugger that shows that to you.

"Writing for SPEs and writing in a PlayStation3 environment ... it´s like ... There are incredibly few programmers who can safely write code in that environment. You make tiny little changes to code running on one of the SPEs and the entire thing will grind to a halt. And you have no visibility in to why that is happening. It´s just sort fo magically running really, really slow. (...)

"This was not a problem that we were lying awake late at night, saying ´Oh, we would really like to take this on right now.´ We were worried about little things like billing and forums and Wikis and things like that.

"I totally see why Sony wants people to write code that runs on seven SPEs and a central processing unit, because that code is never going to run well anywhere else. They are saying: ´Make your code not run on anything other than one of ours. We´re betting that we will have market share that´s so high that anybody will have to write code for our platform and other people will just starve the air from the other platforms by absorbing everybody´s R&D budget and making their code less portable."
Please appreciate that this is a word for word transcript of a long interview session. I have not changed anything, so this is not written language.

I find it amazing, though, how frankly Newell accuses Sony of making their system unnecessarily complicated. He just doesn´t seem very enthusiastic about bringing anything to PS3. And although he includes Nintendo in his criticism, he should be most sympathetic about the Revolution. After all, it´s the only console that most likely won´t have a multi-core processor.

For those of us who are technologically challenged, here´s a little explanation by a guy called Deth:
SPE stands for Synergistic Processing Elements which are used in servers to cope with multiple tasks. The 360 and PS3 have different ways of running. The PS3 has one core running at 3.2ghz, the SPE’S replicate this speed. That means 8 SPE’s each running at 3.2ghz. It says at the top it has 7 SPE’S but one is defected which means that it will only be used if the machine is working overtime.The ps3 is 2 times the power of the 360 due to this. Also in terms of memory they both have 512mb RAM in total. But what you don’t know is that the XDR ram runs 4.5 times faster than that of the GDD3 RAM which the xbox 360 is using. The ps3 can also produce better video output resolutions at 1080p. Xbox is not Wi-Fi ready but PS3 is. Also the discs sony are using have a lot more space as you all should of noticed this allows for expanse and realtime worlds to be stored onto one disc. The PS3 also has much more USB’S. Do not get me wrong i do not hate the 360 its just not as powerful as the PS3. But what gamers need to keep in mind is that its the games that matter and you should never system power over that. And which one do i think will be more expensive? Its quite obviously the PS3 due to the components that are used.
I cannot verify this information. But it was mainly meant as an explanation of what an SPE is.

Sources: Electronic Gaming Monthly, PS3 Focus forums


Andrew said...

Ummm... I don't think that was from EGM, rather from an online interview with 1up.com. Not a big mistake, but one worth mentioning. Great thoughts, though.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Andrew. The online part of EGM is hosted by 1up.com. They collaborate. I believe the Newell interview was an EGM thing, though.

Anonymous said...

I can see the revolution being hugely populer with developers. But at the end of the day it's still sales that make developers want to jump on board. They may not like the exstra time, but if they make a simple game and it simply doesn't sell... Then... Well, they aren't going to bother again.

Anonymous said...

About revolution horsepower. Read this :


in page 2. (click next in the end of page1) If you read ... not just look at the table. You will know that. revolution CAN have SAME or MORE power but less price and less power consume.

I think revolution will begin form picture or movie then playable game. Than cpu or gpu data

and something sony just DO.


and notice about sony's product.


Gates : "the protection scheme on Blu is very anti-consumer"

remember sony call ps3's cpu (prison) cell.

even sony's format like cd and dvd pop. some format like betamax , md and some more that too unfriendly to user die. will bru-ray? only god know.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Pi. Wow. Possibly 600 MHz? What makes them think that? That´d be cool.

Anonymous said...

SONY makes there systems like that because they want to, in a best case scenario, replace the PC and at the minimum create another computer-like device that can do all the things a PC does.. just in a much more controlled, secure, proprietary, and probably consumer-unfriendly way.

A PC and the internet, and Windows, and all that.. SONY sees it as things that download their content without consent and share it with others for free. SONY sees it as a threat to it's content (movie and music holdings) and it's standalone consumer electronic devices.

As alot of things move towards convergence, it's imperitive that SONY have something along those lines. And no brand within the company is better suited to do that, than the PlayStation brand. PS3 is really a continuation of the PS2.. PS2 pretty much failed in what SONY really wanted it to do, which was become that 'entertainment/media hub' device. In order for PS3 to better achieve this, it's way more powerful at just about everything but it's also largely different from other architectures out there.

SONY is throwing it's BluRay movies behind PS3, as well as it's formidable game line up, as well as looking to put Cell in numerous other consumer applications such as workstations, servers, etc. PS3 is very much supposed to be much much more than a game machine, SONY is aiming to create a sort of PC-alternative.

Dunno if it will work though. Especially if the public doesn't really get what SONY's trying to accomplish, or if they do understand it and don't like the sound of it.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, the Cell processor has 1 main general purpose type core that controlls 8 semi-independant synergistic cores. These cores are much like the 2 vector unit cores of the 'emotion engine' except they're more flexible and run code in C++ (the old ones had to be done in micro code) - and of course far more powerful. All run at 3.2 GHz. The original Cell spec actually specifies that they can go as fast as 4.6 GHz, cooling permitted.

The confusion over the last core is that while the Cell has 1+8 cores, one of the eight is redundant. Programmers are told to assume 1 core is gone. No, this isn't so things can run in the background; it's so that if there's a manufacturing error in one of the cores then they don't have to sacrifice the whole chip as per usual, just that 1- a technique used to save borked graphics cards today. This should boost their effective yields massively, and is one of the reasons such a complex chip might NOT be more expensive than MS's CPU.

On another note, it's my opinion that Nintendo may be going for a rather radical 1 chip solution; integrating their CPU and GPU onto the same die. The reason the competition aren't is because both of their CPU's and GPU's are within range of the maximum chip sizes achievable today (as has been true for every previous console), but if Nintendo are using more manegable transistor counts, then putting both on one die has distinct advantages

Anonymous said...

but does all this tech talk impress buyers? maybe some but there all die hard sony fans who were alredy saving up. Though i think it sucks that nintendo might not show their specs, to confuse the people that their targeting with the ,easy to use, image would be silly and defeat the main reason for the new controller.

Anonymous said...

SONY should just be avoided full stop.

If you look at SONYs history, it is obvious that in manufacturing, hardware and software design they are generally behind everyone else.

The problem this time around is that they actually have something more powerful than the competition. This is really the first time they have had this advantage.

Sadly, in terms of consumer tastes, i dont see it as an advantage. Games like World of Warcraft, and blocky PS2 and DS games pretty much top the charts right now. What does this tell you, like a brick to the face? Graphics are no longer everything!

Sony are going to shove games like Everquest 2 down peoples throats with the PS3, and i doubt they will be adopted. Along with that, they are going to shove (semi) proprietary formats into consumers faces and expect them to smile and be happy.

If you can tell me one SONY proprietary format that is liked and widely adopted, i would love to hear it.

Sony have just totally missed the mark with the PS3, as they did with the PSP. It is catering to the brand mentality, in a gaming market saturated with people looking for REAL, fun and impressive games. Not some rehash in a flashy cover.

No doubt people who care about franchises will buy the PS3 to play Gran Turismo X. People who care about the playstation logo will buy their machine to play their blu ray movies etc. And kids will pester their parents for one to play the latest GTA.

If i had influence over the community i would pretty much tell people to go out and buy 360s and laugh at Sony come next year.

They are asking consumers and producers to bend over once again, and its about time they were told to **** off.

- JP

Anonymous said...

all good appart from the bit where you get everyone to buy 360's

Marius said...

> all good appart from the bit where you get everyone to buy 360's


He means 'next to a revo' of course. ;)

Anonymous said...

I too see MS en Nintendo growing a lot bigger then sony this time around. There is nothing but bad news coming from the PS3 camp, and knowing the financial position sony is in, it doesn't have the same power as they had around the PS2 launch.

Also, a lot of the people who had to buy 2 (or some even more) playstations2 because theirs was broke - will think again this time around before bringin in the 400$ / € to get their shiny box.

Anonymous said...

the ps3 looks like a hard out printer. and silver was so last generation.
yes nz GUY ... nz stright guy!

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous 4:46 PM

About sony's malware/spyware.
I think. Sony really do it on purpose. Look at this word closely



Will personal information be collected from my computer during the installation process?

No, none of your personal information will be collected during the installation process.

If sony don't do it on purpose some word must not exist. "during the installation"

This mean after it install. it will send your personal information to sony. some one post in that page just found that where it send data to.

connected.sonymusic.com and www.sonymusic.com.

Oh! I just forgot. This program make Windows Media Player able to used it. So some data like all your movie and music list in it may send to that two web.

If you don't belive. just install that program. stop all internet using program. wait for 60s. then run that malware now click start on task bar then run type netstat

this 2 ip will show up

or just ctrl-alt-delete click networking the graph should stay at zero all time if you don't have any spyware.

Oh one more thing sony just send removing tool here.
This time sony it may just remove it ... or just used other cloaking technology. only sony know.

Shoxware Games said...

sorry guys, if this is a little off-topic, but i'm getting angry about these people on forums, like gamespot, who believe this crap posted on the "reliable" site playbomb.com.

The "Nintendo Futurna" is able to project 3d images out of the console.

here are my thoughts...

playbomb.com is defenitaly hosted by seriousgamer007. this site was first mentioned in his blog.

second - look at the headers of the homepage and the sg007 blog... compare the differences.

third - the shape of the console is totally wrong. it's way too thick and on top of that, the slot-in discdrive is set wrong too.

fourth - the "futurna" WASN'T shown at the MTV EMA's. the gorillaz always use this technology at their concerts. so no this wasn't one of the countless [insert day]tons.

fifth - so what is my point in this post? i don't want this discussion to arrive at falafelkid's blog, because it is do fake like Gamehelix and playbomb and his blog, etc.

just don't believe anything first mentioned by sg007.
there is no projection right out of the box. unless you want to buy a revolution for around 1500 USD.

Anonymous said...

Coming from someone who watched the BMW helmet explode onto the internet, I can tell you now that this futurna stuff is very similer to that... Poor magazine scans, the same basic type of design etc.

Personally I think it's fake and that is why I wrote the news article on Moz La Punk. As cool as T-E is, he does fake a lot of things. Now, people who are less familier with his work are getting hyped over a Gorrilaz performance and so forth... I feel like just shouting at these people, but then again, you have to know thought_epiphany to know if it's fake or real.

In my personall oppinion Serious Gamer is one of two people. It is either T-E or Sage (who now writes for SG007).

There has always been something unknown about T-E... I remember accusing him of being a Nintendo Insider, but SG seems much more likely now that I think about it :/

Anonymous said...

Oh. again about ps2 as entertainment/media hub.

sony don't make ps1 or ps2 able to play movie cd (this make everyone who already have movie cd in his home buy his dvd player that can play movie cd player)

Now sony have that 600$ bru-ray player to sale. So ps3 must unable to play something that bru-ray player can.

to elmer : easy to under stand multicore's basic.

About multicore cpu. it's a single cpu so it's not as fast as 4.6ghz it's reality is 3.2ghz and it's total of all core

multicore just let cpu work more than one program faster than single core ... but slower for one program. (and that 4.6 is estimate under Cell's best enviroment vs. single core)

Also. I think some thing like this. Sony make cell cpu that well arechitecture and organization "8" of it ... if you know something about computer organization you will know that any thing digital must run on this number to have effective 1,2,4,"8",16,32,64,128,256,*512...

xbox360 work well on his 3 core. he say programmer can use 1 or 2 of it for game the rest used for graphic then send them to gpu as last work. so xbox360 is can work base on 1 or 2 core that look cool and flexible

but ps3 8 core that will better...it's NOT that way.

cell and rsx is too expensive already but
ps3 still have 512bit protection(*look the number) so it need something to get that well lock data ...cpu... also ps3 will use on-bord soundcard ... that on-bord soundcard is some thing again ...cpu... so sony using 1 core for that two thing to reduce it's price. data about 7 core come form ps3 toolkit for programmer. and it's 1+7 exist for programmer not 1+8.

now about programing. multicore is exist now a day ... but only 2. by making 7core cpu work at it optium speed it's not just 7 time hardder.

so for programmer...
1 core ...piece of cake.
2 core ...ok i seen it.
3 core ...oh old 2 core and just put all graphic to the rest?
7 core ...I don't seen it befor. How to using it ???

also read this. or other web about how developers say about ps3.

Making developers happy

In the end maybe ps3 will that good. but how it's price.

for Nintendo we don't know any of it yet. please just wait.

sssd said...

nothing too new, but it's worth reading if you haven't seen it yet

Anonymous said...

Jim Merrick has said to a Dutch magazine [N]Gamer that the full specs. will prob. never release..

"regarding the specifications, we will probably never 'release' this information as we feel that it is largely irrelevant."

"While some of our competitors enjoy comparing specifications, it has little or nothing to do with how satisfied the consumers will be with the system and the games once they are released. I know people are hungry for information on Revolution and we respect and appreciate that, but we don't want to contribute to the cloud of meaningless information that surrounds the next generation systems."

Anonymous said...

ElLosDiablos said...

Jim Merrick has said to a Dutch magazine [N]Gamer that the full specs. will prob. never release..

"regarding the specifications, we will probably never 'release' this information as we feel that it is largely irrelevant."

"While some of our competitors enjoy comparing specifications, it has little or nothing to do with how satisfied the consumers will be with the system and the games once they are released. I know people are hungry for information on Revolution and we respect and appreciate that, but we don't want to contribute to the cloud of meaningless information that surrounds the next generation systems."

I read this a while ago on the web and I just got the magazine delivered today, it totally says it. Although this news has already been confirmed by other sources.

But back on track I just read reggies' interviews on IGN, why do these mayor people have to bull so much? I mean he told it twenty times before only now using a diffrent background... It's noting usefull and it's FIFE PAGES!

Anonymous said...

And this is just lies!

but EA, Activision, and Ubisoft who are all stepping back and saying "wow, this is provocative and I can see ways of creating games and new ways of bringing existing franchises to life."

EA is thinking: Ohh, god porting will be more difficult we will not be gaining as many dollars on this baby!!

Anonymous said...

Q: Is it just 1st party or will it be third party as well?

A: Yes we will.

I'm not even going to coment on this one

*Triple posting seeing falafkid gave him exclusive rights to triple quadruble or even duble post!

Anonymous said...


I do think that porting to the revolution will be quite easy/cheap. It's a lot harder to try and find descent multicore programmers then finding developers who can be a bit creative in a well known environment.

Anonymous said...

My name is Henrik and i was an IBM employee here in Sweden. Iam here to talk about the next generation consoles, and give you closley specs on the Revolution.

As many of you know, all three consoles is based on the PowerPC CPUs architect that have been designed by IBM. However, they vary quite a bit in size. You have the functionality, and the capability wich will give a major difference in performance. At the "large, hot, powerful, exotic" end of the spectrum sits the PS3's Cell processor, with its single PowerPC Processing Element (PPE) and its seven Synergystic Processing Elements (SPE). Down at the "small, cool, less powerful, conventional" end is the Nintendo Revolution's Broadway CPU. We'll talk more below.

In between Sony's massive Cell and Nintendo's small, but efficient Broadway is the Xbox 360's Xenon. From developer testimonies, Xenon seems to represent a good compromise between radical and untested hardware innovation and conventional multicore computing.

Many wondering what kind of architecture Nintendo will chose for the new console. The Cpu is called Broadway and Nintendo is not aiming to get better architecture than the Playstation 3, but Broadway will have a difference architecture than the Xbox 360 while the performance will be very ..very close to it. Yes belive me. Xbox 360 has 3 cores, but the Games will only use 1 Core 1 with 2 threads in the future. The other cores will be used for the Gpu. The X360 Gpu is very powerful and design both with Microsoft and ATI. Thats why the Gpu needs 2 Cores. The graphics pipeline takes two cores, both threads from each, to 'fill'. That means the developer codes the for a single core for the game parts, basically everything but graphic..

Back to Broadway wich is based on the PowerPC 9700-series will be a geat CPU. For the past 4 weeks, IBM worked hard on the PowerPC 9700MP for the Mac plattform. The 9700MP is clocked to 2.5 Ghz (Thats the Mac-version). Its a Quad processor which reduce less heat. (geting closely). The good thing with the MP-version is that it can shut down one or more cores if not needed. That makes it reducing less power and less heat. And that is perfect for a console which is about 3 DVD cases high(but less cores). So yes, the answer is, Nintendo will be using the 9700MP-architecture but not exactly the same one. The Broadway will be a 2 Cores processor clocking at ~2.8 Ghz in each Core. Each core will have 4 total of threads. And each core will be equipped with each 2 MB L2 Cache. Thats 2 more threads than the Xbox 360.

Summering the facts

Based on PowerPC 9700MP
2 Cores/ 4 Threads each. 2 MB L2 each Core
~ 2.8 Ghz each Core (not the final clocks ~2.2 ~2.5 ~2.8 Ghz)

Thunder Emperor said...

@ Anonymous(Henrik)

now tell us why we should believe you. those specs sound somewhat plasuable. but why should we beleieve you?

Anonymous said...

hi im mario and ive been working on my new game which unlike playstation and the previous post is not full of crap!

Anonymous said...

Thunder Emperor :

This I think

To make revolution under 200$ it's cpu must not too fast so.. it must run under 3ghz
Also to make it able to fight other it's must not under 2.5ghz. But if revolution really have ppu 2ghz is something Nintendo may think

2-3 ghz cpu is it's limit ... Not Falafelkid's 600mhz

If nintendo make it optium. So it will have big cache In the same way Amd's CPU do.

Also 1-2 core cpu. is it limit to make it easy to make game.

Thunder Emperor said...

@ pi

i think you are right and if nintendo is using a special variation of the 970mp powerpc chip with increased cahce of up to 2mb then rev will be more then capable.

Anonymous said...

sounds interessting. but thanks to other millions of specs i read the last weeks, i eon´t belive anything at the moment without a proper proof.

Anonymous said...

wow, I read the same thing from a speculater's analisys some days ago, you probably ripped it of from him...

Anonymous said...

Hello, again. I am Henrik, the former IBM employee. Why did I post the prototype specs of the Revolution system? Well, like the post here, about Gabe Newell and the future of developing video games.

You must think like this.

Gabe Newell is skeptical about multithreading. Moreover, by now, you already know it. Then why did he mention Revolution? If Revolution was a regular PowerPC based processor with one core, then there will be no problems for Gabe and his team for developing new games for the next generation.

Unfortunately, Gabe Newell and his team is like I said skeptical about the multithreading technology. In addition, yes, Nintendo Revolution will be equipped with a processor based on the 9700MP-plattform.

Based on 9700MP
Core 1 L2 Cache 2 MB/ 4 Threads
Core 2 L2 Cache 2 MB/ 4 Threads
Prototype clock speed 2.2-2.8 GHz running at 933 Fsb.

You do not have to believe me, but I can tell you, the final specs will be very …very close.

Thunder Emperor said...


ok now that you have posted those spec, which ibm wil lbe using as low power high perfromacne chips. what is the power usage of the chips, i know that the core can shut off when ever needed. do you know if the rev will include a gcn chip which could double as a ppu?

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong "Henrik" but I always thought it is "PowerPC 970MP" not "9700MP". Either the IBM internal names differ from what they use for their marketing OR you made two times the same mistake which leads me to only one conclusion. You simply lied...

Anonymous said...

run gcn chip as a ppu ... wow

now speed faster than 2.5 will no need for capable

I still remember when Revolution show it's self for first time (at e3 17/5) it's a little bigger than now

(This maybe speed (and price) reduction after know cell ... LOL)

Anonymous said...

Henrik S

You copy-pasted 90% of what you have written from independent analysis articles.

Get lost, moron. Stop lying and stop plagiarizing.

- JP

Anonymous said...

JP here again, please refer to this article to prove that Henrick is a stupid little shit talking child.


- JP

( seems im constantly warning people on this blog not to trust certain sources) Check and double check!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, btw, SG007 did the same kind of plagiarism about some game tester supposedly "challenging" him.

Jason said...

Stop visiting and encouraging SeriousGamer007's the best way to end their idiocy.

Thunder Emperor said...

even if henrick copy pasted, the true fact is that with the tech detils of the 970mp chip. it fits the rev perectly with add nintnedo additions. so he could be a liar or the true thing. but he did bring up a new ibm chip set line that ibm still wants to release after their apple deal is over. which makes no sense.

so henrik could be on to something. and it makes snse.

Anonymous said...

You what? He has read an article that all you guys SHOULD have read (if you are into revo speculation).

Then he uses the name of an IBM employee, copy and pastes said article into a blog.. And yet you are addressing him like he is an honest guy bringing up an honest point?

Keep discussing the article, but dont give the little wanker the satisfaction of being believed. And stop refering to him as Henrik, because that is the name of the person he is pretending to be, not his real name.

As soon as you know someone is trying to screw you, you should ignore them. Full stop. The attention is what they are after, its why they claim to know what they do not.


Anonymous said...

HereticPB : I just keep visiting SG007 so I can debunk his rumors before they spread, like that GameHelix thing.

Anonymous said...

I am Henrik. Well, as I was reading the comments, as usual many do not believe. Well, it is your right. You don’t have to. About the wrong name which I wrote down 9700MP, which is 970MP. It is a simple error, nothing else.

But take it this way. Xbox 360 and PS3 have the processors based on PowerPC chip. The CELL is a major developed from the PowerPC architect. While the Xbox 360 Code-named Xenon, do not have the same development architect as the CELL. The Cell uses PPE/SPE technology, which is difference from the Xenon.

Therefore, back to Broadway.

Do you think IBM is developing a completely new MAJOR architect for Nintendo?

Well if you believe it, then think like this. It would cost Nintendo a major of investing, a lot of money to make it happened. Then think again, will Nintendo go for this kind of strategy? By knowing Nintendo, NO they do not invest a lot of money for this kind of project.

So that is why, Nintendo my friends, is going for a PowerPC 970MP architect.

Once again, they still not aiming for a big change of developing a major architect of the 970MP, like the CELL, which is a major jump.

About the 2 Cores. While playing games which not uses more than 2 Cores. One core will shutdown it self. When you are playing Nintendo’s old games, listening on music, only one core will be used.

Once again, if you do not want to believe me, please you do not have to.

About I was copying from the article, once again, it was me from the beginning to send the most of the information to ars technica.

Thank you!


Shoxware Games said...

@ henrik s.

it's obvious, that you must be henrik saaby, so isn't it a little bit TOO risky to lose your job by spreading confidential information?

well, i don't know, what to think...

pn18 said...


he had said, that he WAS a IBM employee. but, you know, take the whole story with a grain of salt, as falafelkid would say.


Anonymous said...

If you are a former IBM employee, how come your name is still on the employee list.

Anonymous said...

Can everyone who posted after my comment please scroll up!

He has copy and pasted someone elses article and used an IBM employees name. STOP TALKING TO HIM, or he will continue to take the piss.

I hate tripple posting, but please scroll up and read the replies which contain important info! He is just some moron trying to get attention.

( falafelkid you shoud consider deleting comments like his, it makes a fool out of your blog)


Falafelkid said...

It´s true. The poster is not Henrik Saaby. I emailed him and got this rather biref reply:

I have not posted anything on your blog !!
Please do not contact me again.

I guess it sounds a bit rude because the poor guy has been contacted by a million people. Anyway, he´s cleared this whole tech spec rumour thing up.

Anonymous said...

Gabe Newell is just a whiney PC kid - just because his company and technology isnt ready for NextGen he slams it. Where the competitiors (Epic) already have dynamic loading (streaming) and multicore support, Valve has nothing like that - so no wonder they wish the NextGen consoles were more like the PC.

Anonymous said...

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