Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nibris subsidiary Bloober Team emerges

Bloober Team, the subsidiary studio of Poland-based ´Sadness´ developer Nibris has finally launched their website, announcing three new games and dishing out information on their various in-house graphics engines.

For a start, Bloober Team claims to be an approved developer by both Nintendo and Sony, currently seeking Microsoft approval. The studio also claims to be developing four titles and has apparently developed two graphics engines.

´Last Flight´ (WiiWare); development status: demo ready
´Troopies series´ (Xbox360, WiiWare, PSP); development status: early stage of production
´Engineering an Empire: Egypt´ (DS, PSP, PC); development status: unknown
Undisclosed RPG project (Xbox360, WiiWare); development status: preproduction

´Cross Engine´ (Wii, PC, with Xbox360 and PSP support by the end of the year)
´Black Horse engine´ (DS)

No screenshots are available on the site. Instead, the studio shows three pieces of artwork for ´Last Flight´. Here is one of them:

Interestingly enough, the website seems to make no mention of parent studio Nibris, although some images are shared between the websites and Nibris links to Bloober as a "befriended studio".

While the site looks professional, it also contains some spelling mistakes and awkward use of English.

It seems also worthy of note that the studio appears to concentrate solely on digital distribution. It seems that they will not release any games on physical media.

I know some of have been waiting for my in-depth analysis of Nibris for some time. While I must apologize for the time it took me so far, it is coming along and will be published as soon my little son gives me some time off. I estimate that it should be done within the next four weeks.

Source: Bloober Team


error404 said...

Good article, I love the ideas that both Nibris and the Bloober team have, hopefully we can be playing there games very soon.

Axel F. said...

useless thread!
Nibris doesn't exist! they have anything to sell! It's just a buzz from a small group of students or geeks!! Is it possible to stop relay this joke?

Raphael said...

They say it´s the first trailer - but we´ve seen it before. Do you remember?

Falafelkid said...

Hi Raphael. Do you think this is ´The Calling´? Possible, but not necessarily.

Raphael said...

Yes, that´s my guess. Even if I can´t watch the old videos, since YouTube has deleted the clips.

But in my memorization it looks nealy the same! Not only the slow gameplay and the art direction, but also the thin, long arm of the main character and the little girl.

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Susan said...

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