Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wii is king of exclusives

The Wii is continuing to claim the top spot in the number of exclusive titles, both in terms of the games already available and those yet to come. In fact, Nintendo has been able to widen the gap further, new data by the good people over at Gaming Target has shown.

While only three and two more exclusive titles have been announced for Xbox360 and PlayStation3, respectively, since the site´s last count in July, the Wii can boast about another 17 exclusives. The data was compiled at the end of November. Here are the numbers in detail.

Xbox360: 100 (+3 from last count: 63 released, 37 announced)

PS3: 52 (+2 from last count: 16 released, 36 announced)

Wii: 135 (+17 from last count: 75 released, 59 announced)

The increment differs slightly when compared to the numbers in my last post about Gaming Target´s count. This is due to the fact that they have removed a number of titles from the three lists, like the would-be Wii games ´Orb´ and ´Thorn´, a move which I argued for way back in May.

Here is their graph showing total numbers of exclusive titles, both released and announced:

This is the second time that Gaming Target data has shown that Wii is both king of the exclusives and gaining at an impressive pace which is leaving the competition far behind. In fact, within weeks, Wii should boast more exclusives than the other two consoles combined. As in July, though, Gaming Target wisely comments on the need to balance quantity with quality.

In light of the latest exclusive lists, ease of development and console power are the prime reasons why a game is exclusive to one platform or the other.

The Wii has as many exclusives as it does because it doesn't cost $10-50 million to develop a good Wii game. But most of these companies are not interested in creating good Wii games. They're interesting in creating any Wii games they can because it has the highest install base and lowest barrier to entry. So that's why the system has been flooded with such stellar titles as Balls of Fury (which scored a 14 on Metacritic) and Anubis II (which scored a 19).

But this flood of titles is also producing a mountain of titles that many people find pretty good and a mountain more in development which show some promise. And this was the secret to the PS2's success. It had a lot of games, of which many were terrible, but it also had a mountain of classics and a bigger mountain of games that were just OK. And their ridiculous number fueled system sales. But completely aside from this, other developer are interested in using the tools of the Wii to create some truly unique games (for example, Will Wright's Spore). The Wii is clearly carving its own niche.

I absolutely agree. Many people who bought a PlayStation2 last-gen did so pointing to the sheer amount of games available. However, if they had not found the games they actually bought satisfactory, they would not have recommended the system to others.

This very mechanic - a tightrope walk between quantity and quality - seems to be working for the Wii in this console generation. From ´Carnival Games´ to ´Resident Evil 4´ and from ´Dewy's Adventure´ to ´Metroid Prime 3: Corruption´, the Wii boasts the biggest and most diverse portfolio of exclusives, with a few rotten eggs, but enough games that are sufficient and some which are outstanding.

The Xbox360 may come a close second in terms of quantity and quality. But, as this Reuters article suggests, the same certainly cannot be said about the PlayStation3.

A year after its release, only two PS3 games have sold more than 1 million copies, a benchmark of financial success for a big-budget game. The 7-year-old PlayStation 2 had nearly 100 games sell more than a million copies.

Top next-generation video games cost between $10 million and $50 million, according to IDC videogame analyst Billy Pidgeon. That means publishers must hedge their bets by going onto as many platforms as possible.

"You might be able to weather one title coming in at 500,000 in sales," said Pidgeon. "But two or three failures like that and even big publishers are going to be hurting."

The article entitled ´"Metal Gear Solid 4" last of the great exclusives?´ suggests that publishers are increasingly reluctant to commit their resources to exclusives for any system. I disagree with regard to the Wii and I believe the above data clearly proves my point.

As far as ´Metal Gear Solid 4´ is concerned, though, I would like to go on record again stating that the game is sure to be released for Xbox360. And don´t just take my word for it. From Konami executives to Hideo Kojima himself, there have been unambiguous signs that Konami cannot afford to publish their most prized asset on a system that is trailing the competition.

As far as exclusives are concerned, the PS3 is stuck in a downward spiral of lagging hardware sales causing less exclusives causing lagging hardware sales. For the Wii, the opposite is true.

Source: Gaming Target


Anonymous said...

ah...c'mon falafel I have yet to see a publisher backing wii big time with strong core gamer content .....all the big fancy titles are either PS3 or 360 releases...From Silent Hill/Resi 5 to GTA4 from Max Payne to Alan Wake from Tekken to Soul
Calibur, Bioshock, Brütal Legend, MGS4, Orange Box, Sega Rally, Kane and Lynch, Ratchet and Clank, Skate, GT5, Fallout 3 etc...

dont kid yourself.......

there is absolutely nothing outstanding out or on the shedule for Wii except for

again, Zelda and Resi4 dont count as they are essentially Gamecube ports..

I couldn't care less about kiddy smash brothers......Metroid3 was a disappointment Zelda was essentially a Gamecube game which leaves us with Mario but 1 game doesn't warrant a Wii purchase...

Dewys adventure Ssx blur rayman are soso titles nothing big nothing for core gamers....

I want big original titles with better than gamecube graphics....but I just don't get it.

if you are content with party gimmick titles, ps2 ports with weak visual presentations and last but not least the usual Nintendo suspects then Wii is the right console for you to own...

If you on the other hand prefer big high production value high end core gamer titles with mature content then Wii is a
Nightmare for your wallet

Anonymous said...

I love my Wii, but i have to agree the anonymous poster above...

But the really sad thing about this whole story is, that the worst hardware of this generation (360) gets the best games (as it seems)...

Come on guys, throw away your 360s and get a PS3 besides your Wiis ;)

Anonymous said...

I spent over 400 bucks on Wii and software and the only title that I had fun
with was Mario and to tell you the truth it felt awfully familiar (no matter how good it was)

its a de ja vu situation and while I can see how many young kids and non gamers are having a good time with Wii its not sufficient for me as a core gamer I am totally disapppointed with the software situation..

Nintendo is doing absoutely nothing ....I don't see them securing deals with publishers aggressively.....Nintendo sucks

Anonymous said...

I do look forward to such titles as Okami and Bulli being that I have not played them yet....if I had though I dont know If I would be willing to pay another 60 bucks or so just to play them again with Wii controlls.....

Nights looks interesting but I don't see a rewal blockbuster title that pushes Wii to its limits with content and visuals

Anonymous said...

YOu rheadline should be like this:Wii is king of BULLSHIT exclusives

Anonymous said...

What are you guys talking about?!?

The PS2 was BUILT on exclusive titles in the mid-range to low-end market. The Gamecube didn't have such PS2 niche titles like RPGMaker, Kaz, Rules of Rose, and Persona. These are the sorts of titles that indicate mass market acceptance.

Now the Wii is picking up titles that normally would've gone to the PS2, titles like Dragonology, Zack & Wiki, My Horse and Me...

This is KEY to the Wii getting total market dominance and penetration!

Anonymous said...

i just want a call of duty on my wii :(

Falafelkid said...

Hi NZ Guy.

i just want a call of duty on my wii :(

You know what? You can.

Anonymous said...


I guess NZ Guy thought about something like COD4 and not a buggy game with bad graphics (but pretty good controls imo - there are many ways to customize).

BTW, you seem to do a pretty good job at "neues".
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Allthough I love my Wii, it would e nice to see a serious racing effort in the likes of Gran Turismo and Forza or PGR. It would also be nice to see some major devs making some serious effort to built an FPS exclusively designed for the Wii.

I mean, it prints money and some true dedication will be rewarded I strongly believe.
I know MoH2 isn't exactly blowing up the charts, but how serious an effort is it? Yes, the controls are very good, but its basicly a PSP-game and it shows. Further more, it is an old franchise, on its demise.

Anonymous said...

lol yea i try not to think about that agme fal, i enjoyed it when i played it but it wasnt too flash aye.
btw that link was crule. sat there thinking i was going to be presented with a big 'COD5 ON WII' artical :P

Anonymous said...

Some anonymous mentioned that the Wii needs an exclusive fps specifically designed for the Wii. Nintendo Power revealed that a red steel 2 is on it's way. It seems to be a huge improvement compared to the original red steel. In terms of weapons, controls and online gameplay. Ubisoft promised to improve the standard of it's Wii games. Perhaps Fal could tell us if the new red steel lives up to it's expectations.

Anonymous said...

I hope the reason for keeping quiet on the project is to make sure they get it right this time....

hey falafel any news on factor 5 or Ubi ?


Anonymous said...

Too bad all those "exclusives" are dog shit, aye?

Anonymous said...

@1st anonymous user

Yeah, just because games like Super Smash Bros: Brawl is "kiddie" means they're not relevant to the Wii's success. The gaming industry must revolve around you, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey Falafel,

Please read this message.
There's a new (ground breaking) technologie for wii. I think this might be the last nintendo secret. But somebody found out already.

You guyz wanted 3d? you've GOT 3D !! :D

Take a look at this video.



Anonymous said...

woa krass falafel zieh dir des video von dem typen über mir mal rein des kommt echt krass


Anonymous said...

post 1 has a point but i think people need to see reallity wi is gaining MORE nd more and more EXCLUCIVES REGGY JUST ANOUNSED 4 TIMES MORE EXCLUSIVES THAN PS3 IN DEVELOPMENT right now wii shall ds the competition ds out exclusives psp at a huge rate

Anonymous said...

hey superfan tactics you still alive?

can you tell why ssx blurry is so shitty????

any Wii games you recommend???


Anonymous said...

I have no life; I'm going to go emo and slit my wrists.


Anonymous said...

keep the fake ialses coming,you know who you are


Anonymous said...

yeah, i'm still around. falafelkid just doesn't update much anymore :(

do you really want game recommendations, IALS? or are you just being a dick? i'm not trying to sound mean; that's a serious question.

anyways, i'll give you the benefit of the doubt here, and entertain your request.

first and foremost, i recommend that you play through mario galaxy, IALS. ALL the way through. 120 stars at LEAST. right now the first-party efforts are almost exclusively setting the bar for wii games. zack and wiki is truly an awesome game though, but you can't be a bitch about it. some of the puzzles really wrack your brain. it's a difficult game. it's for *actual* hardcore gamers, not "walk-through hold-my-hand interactive movie-game think i'm hardcore because i like shooting hookers" suckass pussies.

if you like racing games and the ability to use MP3s in a custom soundtrack-- AND some of the best graphics on the wii, you should definitely get excite truck: it seems shallow at first but believe me, it's HIGHLY addictive and surprisingly deep for an arcade-style racer. the controls are *perfect*, and the action is proper. best wii launch title, in my opinion. it's also very cheap right now. if you like skateboarding games and/or racing games, i had fun for well over 3 months with Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. don't expect it to be "skate.", but it's a TON of fun, and the unlockables are very satisfying. even having completely destroyed every aspect of that game, and unlocking literally *everything*, i *still* go back and play it once in a while. same goes for excite truck. that's how fun they are; really. once you master those two games, you will once again wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of tilt control (like you used to... you know... before you turned in to a fucking ass hole?).

most of my time as of late however has gone to guitar hero 3. part of me wishes i'd have bought that one for 360 because of the downloadables... but the wii guitar is just so much better. hearing the sounds come from the wiimote, and getting the rumble from the guitar more than make up for it.

also, IALS, keep your eye out in the next couple of months for Mario Kart, Endless Ocean (which you'd probably hate now that i think about it), and No More Heroes. actually, yeah: I really think that No More Heroes is what you're looking for, IALS.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

But, but, all those games suck. I mean, I mean, look at Super Mario Galaxy! It's sounds and looks so gay!!! Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, more like, uh uh..... Peetroid Rim: Poopruption! If it doesn't say Halo 3, then it's GAAAAYYYY!!!!!

I'm sorry, superfan tactics. I'm out of creative and witty responses as I've always have.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go jump off a building because I suck at life.


Anonymous said...

oh and as for SSX Blur... i can't help you there. i've never played it, don't care about snowboarding, and it's an EA game.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

hey superfan,

thanks for the feedback
I appreciate it...

yes this is me the real IALS

you know who this is...

and to the imposter above fakin the funk ( either nz gay grandmaster biatch or blizzyboy or one fuckin ugly mutation of all of them :)



OGs like the superfan can tell who the real deal is


eeey yo Superfan no brainer!!!

IALS obtained 120 starz in a jiffy mastering luigis puple coin challenge!IALS showin prove!!!
Show some respect fuckin IALS fakers you dealin with a true old school gamer!!!!!!

I dont know man excite truck hhmmm it looks like one of tose titles where fun lasts for like 5 minutes or somethin.....maybe tho I should give it a try ....

Endless ocean looks quite laid back........

But you know what I miss tho SUperfan

I miss that triple B title that big bang buck pay lot buck for big bang

Galaxy falls under that category you know.....more of that please

yeah yeah Zack and Wicki......I should give it a shot

- (the real)IALS

Anonymous said...

fuck you ials your name calling attempts are quite pathetic. I admit whoevers pretending to be emo ials is a bit sad in life themselves but your a real fuking douch. I really dont understand why your comments arent deleted by fal

Anonymous said...

The first commenter mentioned Kane and Lynch among a great group of games.


Kane and Lynch?


and you say Metroid 3 was a disappointment?

Anonymous said...

You're a genius IALS :D

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'd much rather have far less exclusives than the wheelbarrows of shovelware being dumped upon us, now.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry superfan tactics, but those titles that you recommended are insufficient. I only want graphically-intense first-person shooters with different names slapped onto them.

-(the real)IALS

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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