Thursday, October 25, 2007

´Animal Crossing´ to become Massive Multiplayer community

´Animal Crossing´ for Wii is set to become a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) community, UK gaming magazine Edge reports. According to CVG, the magazine´s latest issue announces that ´Animal Crossing goes MMO´, citing "a Japanese source".

Edge´s online presence, Next-Gen, adds more detail to the story:

Animal Crossing for the Wii will be an MMO/social networking title. It’s no great surprise – in a few short years, Animal Crossing has become one of Nintendo’s most-loved and top selling franchises (over seven million copies sold), particularly in Japan. Nintendo refers to the title as a ‘communications game’ rather than a videogame, and playing already depends on real-world timekeeping, weather patterns, social conventions, and above all else economic interactions. In almost every way, Animal Crossing has always been the perfect MMO concept, and this development is simply a fulfilment of that promise.

The game has yet to be officially announced (although Nintendo has at least confirmed that an Animal Crossing game is in development for the Wii) and so details are not so much thin on the ground as nonexistent. But there are some indications of where the game will take the series: Katsuya Eguchi, head of development for the project, has made relatively non-committal noises thus far, but hinted that connection to mobile phones and PCs (for basic functions such as messages) would be included in an interview as far back as last year. Animal Crossing’s earlier iterations already feature travelling between towns, the ability for players to live in the same town (though not to play in it at the same time), and the ability to design your own clothing – and to sell it.

I predicted just this last month, speculating about what happened to that elusive September surprise NOA president Fils-Aime promised - and what it might turn out to be.

Most interesting will be to see how Nintendo incorporates the Friend Code system into this game. How limited will communication be between players who have not yet registered one another? What kind of exchange is available to players who have? And how do you get from the former state of affairs to the latter?

Sources: Next-Gen, CVG
Thanks to: Joystiq, NeoGAF


Anonymous said...

IALS gots Prime 3 and will play it tonight on a biiiig,big 1080p Sony plasma with a component cable............;))

...I'd like to add that the box art is fugly ...unfortunately ....I assume Nintendo doesn't like to be cool or something, I don't know....


...never judge an IALS by its cover



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Have played MP3 the whole day... Great game, but my head is hurting now ;)
Have to stop for now and play it sometime tonight again too.

Anonymous said...


I realize Wii really isn't meant to be played on big 1080p has to scale the image down to 480p...Metroid looked suprisingly bad on that high end TV I played on despite numerous colour and image setting attempts and official Nintendo component cables....

It's no mystery that Wiis output can't keep up with the HD solutions of its competitors and consequently with HD TVs but I must admit I was still surprised how bad it looked on it. I guess its also due to the mere size of the TV.... it was a very big one...and in 480p resolution there simply aren't enough pixels to fill the entire screen(on large TVs)so that the image remains sharp ..

Furthermore, I figured Wii component cables are dispensable..they only showcase whats best to remain in the low rez shadows namely muddy textures,low poly models,architecture etc.

I will hold back my full impressions of Metroid until I play it as it's meant to be played namely on a smaller lower rez television.

stay tuned


Anonymous said...

wow ials, y dnt u piss off nd play more metroid prime if your nt gonna comment on the fricken topic,

there may be issues with people getting into gangs nd messing with peoples towns or houses nd then there would be counter gangs nd itd turn into a cute W.O.W .
itd be the sota game you can play forever tho so people wouldnt have to sit round waiting for the next nintendo release.

RGB said...

NZ, exactly.

No one gives a flying F about what you do IALS. Maybe little kids at IGN or some pratt site like that. But really, no one cares here.

In addition to what NZ said, go off and play Metroid for a few months and maybe come back then when you have something wothwhile to add to this blog.

Anonymous said...

oooh..... no one cares grandmaster biatch??? for real???
no one are you sure?
Oh Im so confused I dont no what to do
grandmaster biatch doesn't care?
Worlds end!!!!!!!!
this cant be happening
should I kill myself now???
OMG unfotuanate...

I guess I Should buy him some flowers with kirby faces? maybe then he'll forgive me for speaking my mind!! mr blog sherriff Grandmaster Biatch! He is not content with know BIATCH is so important to if hes not pleased I got to do something about it!!!

Grandmaster Biatch its majesty mmmmmmmhhhhhhh lol

Anonymous said...

yes kill yourself

Blizz419 said...


well if you should ever decide to do that IALS could you have someone record it and put it up on youtube thank you

Anonymous said...

You guys are arguing like a couple of little girls.

Anonymous said...

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