Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wii redesign

While still in hiatus, I have redesigned the blog to take the console´s name change into account. Very kindly, Product_Number_18 had reserved the URL for me and installed a referral. So, until further notice, this blog can be reached through two URLs:

Again, thanks for sticking with this site. I will begin posting again very soon.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait till you can post again :)

Falafelkid said...

By the way, I really do like the new name now. At first, I was shocked (like so many people). But it makes so much sense when you think about it. Think about Blue Ocean. The console won´t be competing with PlayStation or Xbox - they want to broaden the market scope far beyond the gamer demographic. So a name like PlayStation or Xbox would have been totally ill-fitting.

Similarly, Revolution would have been perceived cool and meaningful only to gamers (who know where console gaming is coming from historically and can appreciate this console as a revolution). To ordinary people it would have meant nothing though.

Wii has all the potential of brand names like Google, Yahoo or - as IGN rightly pointed out - Banjo Kazooie, to use an example that gamers are more familiar with.

Also, as far as connotations go, it will only take days before we associate Wii with the word We rather than the childish Wee. After all, which word do we use more often? It´s just the double vowel that allows for this association in the first place. But because of usage, this will fade rapidly, I am sure.

Anonymous said...

gogo, spill the beans as long they're hot. :/

pn18 said...

I want you to know, that I also own and it also forwards you to this blog.

Grandmaster B said...

Can you please repost the times for E3 for different timezones so people know when it is. Also for live streams from websites that we could get access to would be helpful.

Drum Eagle said...

Hi Andi! Nice to hear from you again.:-) With the announcement of the new name, the total revealing of the console has begun and will reach its peak on May 9th!! I'm so excited!
The first time I heard from the Name i was stunned, not knowing what I should feel and think about it. But a few seconds later (with the "we" concept in mind) I liked it.

HEY FALAFEL! I found something very strange. We alle know, that Nintendos PressConference is on May 9th.
And do you remember (what a question...) Pablo Belmonte, the creator of the NintendoON-Video?
Now, hes has a new Website with a COUNTDOWN on it!! And the Countdown ends 30 minutes before Nintendos PressConference.
Probably it means nothing, but its interesting that the creator of the greatest mockup in Videogamehistory is still around.......we'll see..

Everything is possible, nothing has to be....on the 9th of May!!


Drum Eagle said...

Psyco3ler is his ArtistName

Shed said...

The best thing about Wii is that it's kind of international and not limited to the English language.It means yes in france and good in Japan.
It sounds like a name in other countries.That's clearly something it got going for it.
It kind of serves its purpose.
I still dont like how it sounds but ultimately I would say the name grows on you-Wii is okay but still nothing
too spectacular.

Falafelkid,I would very much appreciate it if you would get rid of that "lot" Wii pillar finally.
Nice writing by the way.

-Shed (former IALS)

SNES Link said...

One can only wonder what I'll be using the scissors for.

Spike said...

VIVA LA Wii!!!!!!!!!!!
I am used to the name now and i think its brilliant!!

Have you heard of the Kojima rumor via gamepot?
Exciting things!

Anonymous said...

anyone seen this next-gen-tony-hawk-animation-video?

what you think about it? could this be on wii? is it real at all?! or fake?


Falafelkid said...

Hi Grandmaster. Sorry, probably will have no time for this. The redesign was almost too much already and I´m flying to LA Sunday. I´ll try to make time for this but it´s unlikely. I still have to make appointments plus the music video needs my attention too.

Hi Shed.

that "lot" Wii pillar

What on earth do you mean?

Grandmaster B said...

For anyone who doesnt know the GMT for LA is -5 GMT. If this is incorrect please let me know.

If anyone knows any site which is reliable who will be streaming please post it in here.

By the way IALS, Wii does not mean good in Japanese, 'ii' does.

Shed said...

I plead the fifth :)!

You know that Wii underpart,bottom, basepart or whatever you want to call it.
Not that it matters or something I just felt it looked a lil cheap ever since I first saw it!
But stick with it if you like it's up to you.
Sorry,I have to nit-pick on things.
That's my nature I'm afraid.


Anonymous said...

Yeah !

I also must confess that i was sceptical first. But now i am accustomed to the name and i even do like it. It sounds simple and mysterious and has the potential to succeed in his way like the DS. I think it will conquer the japanese market like the ds.

Thrakkerzog said...

grandmaster b:

I believe LA is currently GMT -7 hours. It is normally GMT - 8, but they are currently observing daylight savings time, so it is GMT - 8 + 1.

Lord_Darcia said...

Ok guys in
there is a thread called "Pre-E3 revolution thread"

in the last couple of pages, some anonymous person said 2 important things

-Revolution is indeed slightly more powerful than 360.
The reason why all the third party developers were saying that its basically a gamecube with minor upgrades and more ram is because they DONT HAVE THE FINAL DEVELOPMENT KITS. Only nintendo and square enix does.
-The reason why nintendo doesnt want to give out the final development kits is probably because they want to make sure that the third party developers learn how to utilize controller and experiment on developing original games, rather than straight ports.
-The other reason is because current xbox360 games basically look like slightly upgraded xbox 1 games so it is hard for the consumer to really tell a difference.
-Third party developers must learn how to make original games using the special controller FIRST, and know how to create interfaces before they recieve final development kits
-Revolution *may* utilize some sort of AUGMENTED REALITY device.

There is a link to a demo video that explains what augmented reality is, and i almost shit in my pants. There is some french guy in the video who was holding a flower in his hand, and then he turned the flower into to those saber swords from star wars. You should guys watch that video, it may be a clue to what revolution can do.

Lord_Darcia said...

Eventhough Revolutions graphic capabilities and specs has not been officially confirmed,
I *REFUSE* to believe that its basically a gamecube with more ram and minor graphical upgrades.
I think nintendo knows that graphics is extermely important aspect of gaming, and they would be shitting in their pants if it were not up to par to 360.
I think they have taken a DIFFERENT approach to creating the same level of grahpics as 360 by using different techniques and creating a customized grafix card built from the ground up (rather than following some PC architecture. Thats why they dont want to release the specs, because if you see the specs you are going to be comparing to 360 and PS3 which follow the traditional PC architecture. And I dont think you can compare it to 360 and PS3 otherwise you would be really confused.

Nintendo knows that graphics are extremely important, but they dont just want to emphasize the same old type of games with prettier graphics. Thats why they are hammering us guys that HOW YOU PLAY and FEEL is MORE important than graphics. Once you get the hang of that, then you will be treated with next-gen graphics.

Ofcourse this is just my speculation on nintendo thinking..

Psionicist said...

I thought you all would enjoy this.

Anonymous said...

interesting stuff darcia. thanks for that. feels good.

on another note... DAMN, it just hit me that e3 is sooooooooo close now... i can fuckin taste it! GRRRRRRRRRR i cant WAIT.

-"superfan" tactics.

Carutsu said...

lord_darcia, i wasn't able to find the thread, would you mind ging us the link, either for the thread or the video (which is what i want to see :D)

Anonymous said...

Tortus has a new blog:

Also, he owns aZrev's blog now.
nothing important there, I think he owned the blog to prevent aZrev's return.

What do you think about him?
Is a coincidence? or he's an insider?

Anonymous said...

Lord Darcia, cheers for the info but i must disagree...simply because of the IGN specifications that done the rounds some time ago.
Although they aren't mind-blowing they are still impressive...I would love to see hyper-realistic graphics but it isn't going to happen for Nintendo this gen.
We should just all focus on the in-game experience with the controller and be happy.
Graphics are an important part of game-play, however they are not the be all and end all

Grandmaster B said...

I dont think IGN really know anything. Nintendo and others have been giving scoops to all the other sites and IGN have basically received squat.

And I am sure Nintendo wouldnt of been happy of them releasing those specs.

babble said...


This is only harmfull speculation. Please don't make posts of this kind without any proofs or links.

This can only bring false hopes before a let down.

Anonymous said...

Grandmaster b, some good points

I would say though that the IGN specs,although they may not have been 100% on the money, are a rough guide to what we can expect.
They are a reputable news source afterall and would have no real reason to lie.If they did intentionally mis-lead people wouldn't Nintendo take them to the cleaners?

Nintendo even said themselves that they are aiming for a small but reasonably priced console, and i think we can look forward to just that...there are too many comparisons with the XBox 360 as though anything less than that would be a failure.

As for them being pissed, sure they may have been but sooner or later the specs would be released.
And who said it wasn't all part of the bigger plan? ;)

Lord_Darcia said...

Here is the link to the

go to page 36-39 and its somewhere in their.

here is the other link:

The video link about augmented reality:

The link about revolution being slightly superior to xbox360:

A couple of points to get across:

1) When PS2 was about to be released, there was a lot of pre-hype on what ps2 was capable of.
Think EMOTION ENGINE. Offering ultra realistic graphics and realistic facial expressions. When PS2 was finally released, the games basically looked like dreamcast with jaggies. Dead or Alive 2 looked WORSE on ps2 than dreamcast, along with marvel vs capcom 2. Ridge Racer also had a lot of jaggy problems. The high expectations of the console fell way short in the begining. Its only now that we are seeing great quality games of PS2 only because developers are now familiar with the hardware. This is the same case with Xbox360 as well, most 360 games basically look like souped up xbox 1 games despite its technical specifcations. This sort of makes you wonder "wow all this RAM and special effects produces souped up xbox1 game?"

2) That is why nintendo is not sharing its consoles specifications, and not giving developers the final hardware because they know in the begining that developers are still going to be working from current gen mind set. Even if you give them the final hardware kits, developers wont really know how to use all that raw extra power, and it will be used very ineffeciently. That is why nintendo wants developers to make a smooth transition.
If you lower the consumers expectation, they will be suprised on what is ACTUALLY in store for them. Reverse on what has been attempted before. Remember nintendo 64's claims of having silicon CG like graphics from terminator 2? It didnt look anything like that at all, and games were notorious for using texture blurr/smoothness.

3) Again, nintendo is forcing developers to think out of the box and get their creative juices flowing on ORIGINAL titles. Forcing them to think differently and form a fresh perspective utilizing the controller and its features and possibly augmented reality features. You dont need super dooper graphics card to feature such things (for now). Most people still have a hard time distinguishing which game is better on what console because 3-d graphics have reached a certain level of saturation. For example, is there much difference between Residents Evil 4 on gamecube and ps2? How about sonic adventure 2 on dreamcast and gamecube? How about Dead or Alive 2 from ps2 and dreamcast? How about Dead or Alive ULTIMATE on xbox versus Dead or Alive 4 for xbox360? If an average consumer saw DOA 4 AND DOA Ultimate, they would just notice that DOA 4 is slightly prettier. That is what NINTENDO DOESNT WANT.

4) The initial revolution launch games, will have ROCK SOLID graphics that fully utilizes the controller and possibly the augmented reality thing. The graphics will be good-to really good but nothing to spectacular and mind blowing. I think we will only see that later on the consoles life.

Keep in mind, that nothing has been OFFICIALLY confirmed by nintendo on certain things:

-Revolution is slightly superior to xbox360
-Revolution features augmented reality

But it makes you wonder, why is nintendo so hush hush in the first place?

Lord_Darcia said...

Hey falafelkid, if you can post an article on what AUGMENTED REALITY is that would be great, since you posted an article on what displacement mapping is. Perhaps revolution will utilize both.
Keep up the good work falafelkid! Hope I brought some good insight on whats to come!

Lord_Darcia said...

Here is a better video of what augmented reality is:

pi said...

no-one will not buy ipot because once it been call " i pood "

picture :

And since we still don't see last part of Wii.

That it. This name "work". It make Wii "being focus in E3". Where we will see the last part -The best part- of Wii. Just after ps3 news.

Anonymous said...

Get back to reality. You wont be seeing "Augmented Reality" this generation.

Falafelkid said...

No. Augmented Reality is a real possibility. For more information, please read these posts from last June:

Not virtual, but augmented reality?
Augmented reality is reality already.
The price of the future.

Anonymous said...

Augmented Reality stinks and it won't be part of the wii.

Grandmaster B said...

I personally dont think it will be part of gaming. It is good technology and all but I dont think it is part of the Wii.

Anonymous said...

Yes falafel, maybe it's technically possible. But i doubt that this is the goal of Nintendo.
You would have to wear glasses or something similar to mix reality and synthetic pictures like it's done in AR. For Nintendos Family-approach that's simply counter-productive. They want people who are not familiar with videogames to pick up the remote. Glasses, helmets or anything crazy like projectors and so on would be highly scaring to those.

Sule said...

Maybe they found a way to do it without glasses. remember the three girls that were playing kill the flies in the first Revmote video from TGS? They weren't looking in the idrection of the TV they were looking as if they saw the flies flying around them. Highly unlikely though.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but i just don't see a chance they secretly invented the holodeck from startrek ;)

Anonymous said...

Wii does not mean good in Japanese.
ii pronounced like the letter e means good.
The simple fact is by naming it wii they can pronounce it as apposed to the pronounciation they had of revolution re bo ru shion
. Trust me I live here.

Sule said...

''Highly unlikely though'' reading is hard ;)

Falafelkid said...

When playing Zelda, AR would allow your hand holding the Wiimote to turn into the Master Sword. When playing Metroid, your whole arm could turn into Samus´ gun. Without a doubt, AR would be as much of a gaming revolution as full-blown VR.

Falafelkid said...

And yes, I admit that any kinf of goggles or visor would be an element that would make non-gamers more hesitant at first. But I am sure that a company like Nintendo would be able to package something like this in the most non-threatening way. Also, consider that there are ways of generating holographic 3D images that can be seen with the naked eye.

Of course, I maintain that such a scenario (graphical output in Wii-D, if you will) is not likely. But, as ever, it is a possibility in every respect.

Anonymous said...

Oh, i read that. Maybe i should add to the comment: I consider it impossible, not highly unlikely. Just my opinion, doesn't have to be anyone elses. We'll see in a few days anyway. :D

runnin_blue said...

I'm pretty sure you can't talk about it yet Falafelkid, but most of us have assumed that you either played or saw Red Steel in action for that Game Informer article. If you've seen the Wii in action, why do you still maintain that AR is a possibility? Do you know something?

I know you can't comment but I had to ask, it's bugging me...

Falafelkid said...

Just clarifying a few things.

Do you know something?

Hi Toni. I can say this: With regard to any kind of 3D visualization, I know no more than any of you. Developers could either be hiding that aspect (no ig problem since it would certainly be optional rather than the only way of seeing the games) or they themselves don´t know (they needn´t know for their games to work with AR or VR). But I have not been told anything of the sort (if I had, I obviously wouldn´t be talking about it).

I consider it impossible

Hi Anonym. Well, you are plain wrong there. It´s definitely not impossible. I have proven that much. Read my old posts. It´s unlikely, but still a possibility in every respect (price, size, feasibility, etc.)

SuperUser said...

Even if AR would not be necessary to play games, it would be f*#king awesome to see yourself holding a gun, a sword or whatever. Imagine to wear some sun-glasses like gadget while playing Red Steel so you can see the blood squirting out the TV onto your clothes while your are chopping through your opponents...
Or imagine you look over to a friend with which you're playing co-op and he's holding a blood-dropping katana...


PS: I think this would cause a massive debate about how far games are allowed to go.
Hi Mr. Jack Thompson!

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, i don't think it's technically impossible or by price. I think it's impossible because i don't see this fits well with Nintendo's philosophy of a small, sleek, unscary machine.
Maybe my definition of "impossible" is slightly different from yours here :) ...

Btw, i read tose articles some time ago with big interest. Those articles are truly something that sets your blog ahead of many others.

PS: Guess i should register a username here... ^^

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonym. Thanks for your comments. All I am saying is: Consider that AR headgear can also be "small, sleek and unscary". Because, undoubtedly, it can.

superuser said...

@anonym above

The AR-glasses could attract a lot of hardcore gamers from the Sony/XBox-world...

Anonymous said...

superuser wrote:
"The AR-glasses could attract a lot of hardcore gamers from the Sony/XBox-world..."

Yes, maybe. But i think it would scare away many non-gamers. Even if this AR-equipment was slim and light, i don't see my mother or even some friends of mine wearing these things.

Well i'm confident Nintendo's marketing department did the necessary research before doing anything crazy and if that means i'll get proven wrong, i'm ok with it :)

Anonymous said...

''Well i'm confident Nintendo's marketing department did the necessary research before doing anything crazy''

They named the console Wii ;) Lovin' the name right now actually

superuser said...

@ anonym 2 posts above

"Yes, maybe. But i think it would scare away many non-gamers. Even if this AR-equipment was slim and light, i don't see my mother or even some friends of mine wearing these things"

If something like AR-glasses would be sold be Nintendo, they would not target on customers like your (or my) mum. But I'm sure that this would rock me, my friends and lot other gamers in the world especially after a test-play. Nintendo mentiones all the time that you have to use the console to understand the superior kind of gameplay. This could also be said abot AR-glasses, I think (if there is something like that).

PS: You can use a name for your posts without registering. Just click the button in the middle under the comments-field and then type in a name. :-)

D- said...


I too have pondered that Nintendo could very well be "Holding Back" sterioscopic 3D. I also read how much work EA has put into writing algorithms for recognizing gestures for the pointer. I would think if users were given multiple displays, their gestures would change to accomodate the different display. For example, if one were to swat flies that are displayed on a television screen, and then swat at flies that appear half way between the tv and the person, I would think the gestures would be different. So how does the system know what fly you are swatting. Wouldn't algorithms have to be modified to support this scenario. So then I thought, why would Nintendo allow 3rd party developers to design and code games and then change the playing field halfway in.

So, I would rule out them holding it back from developers, unless first generation games are meant to be television display only.

With that said, the developers could very well know of it and be holding it back, and there is no reason technologically wise why sterioscopic can't be a future add-on. I could imagine a game were ballons are displayed in sterioscopic and you have to keep them off of the ground by literal popping them up with the pointer. If this does eventually get pulled off, I could really understand why, those in the know, are saying control on xbox 360 and ps3 will feel archaic. These are exciting times, and I can't wait to see at E3 if they are adding accelerometers to the ps3 controller. It seems like the logical thing to do, considering what happened with the analog stick on the N64 and original PS.


Anonymous said...

But isn't augmented reality limited to onscreen illustration?
I mean in that video they have a helicopter flying through the audience, but it seems like that it is of course only visible on a screen and not in the real world. So it wouldn't be the case that your arm turns into samus arm etc when holding the revmote.

For that you'd need a fucking projector or something like that, so I don't think that this will be part of the cheap wii concept.

Anonymous said...

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