Friday, April 21, 2006

Rising Sun

The amount of comments on my last post makes the page too big to load for people with modems. I have been asked to write another post to allow for a fresh start. And since my blog is still in hiatus, I decided to post a pretty picture of a sunrise. Enjoy ;)


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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rising Sun = RS ???.
Great blog

Nomadx469 said...

Thanks for the nice pic :o

Arsenis said...

That sun is a little too bright can you post a sunset instead....

Just kidding Fal...

let us know when you move compleatly to your site...

Andy Witmyer said...

Rising Sun = RS ???.
Great blog"

Andy Witmyer said...

The above was "Quoted For Truth"!

Anonymous said...

Some BIG Japanese announcement is coming...

runnin_blue said...

Way to be vague.

Shoxware Games said...

Oooooh! Could you guys please stop that "RS" stuff! In two weeks this is FINALLY over!

BTW, falafelkid... from whom or what are you directing the musicvideo?

910do said...

Nice one Falafelkidicarus !!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it has something to do with Japan; Land of the rising sun.

Maybe its the first pic he came across.

Anonymous said...

well, put "rising sun" into google and go for image search, this pic is on the first page...

dunno how to interpret that, and, honestly, i dont care :)

i am not even visiting any revolution-pages anymore, as i dont want to shit my pants with rumors which aren't true.
i just wait für e3, and after that, i will be happy. or not, who know's.

Anonymous said...

"Rising sun" could also refer to Camelot RPG "Golden Sun" follow-up.

Anonymous said...

that cloud looks like a flying dragon with its mouth open. what are you trying to tell us fal!!!!!!!

Lair for the 360 is coming to the Rev??????


Morton-jn said...

My god you people are desperate.

On a more speculative note the next Gameboy is to be shown in late 2006/early 2007


KLind said...

Okay, why does everything have to be HINTS??? I know that I was tired of waiting for the comment section load, and I'm glad that there is a New place that has a few comments.

Also Lair is for the PS3, exclusive. Not 360.

I'm under NDA, so I think I'll just watch this time. It kinda sucks. But it's worth it though.

Morton-jn said...

The blog Nintendo Echo is back up.
I had a bit of a hiatus since february but I've got a bit more time now to post.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

lol at the picture and all of the posts trying to figure out what it means.

Anonymous said...


Is it a 3D Mario?

Anonymous said...

I mean, a stereoscopic Mario?

andrew said...

Kevin from Zogdog confirmed that the Mario pictures ARE in stereoscopic 3D.

He had a cousin with stereoscopic glasses check it out.

Anonymous said...

THIS has nothing to do with the photo. To solve the problem with the modem, you (falafel kid) might want to set up a home page with archives to each month, and have ONLY the news for that month.

Tom said...

Yeah, and I have a cousin who says you could tell if these pictures were stereoscopic by looking at them. ;-)

I mean, you just can't tell by a single picture whether it's presented stereoscopic or not. And if you were able to see something stereoscopic in a single picture, then it would look strange without special glasses.

The zogdog pictures don't look strange (doubled), so I'm sure these pictures are fake. They're pretty for sure, but fake in the sense of stereoscopic.

In the comments you can read the same scepticism.

Greetings, Tom

Anonymous said...

This blog is very professional. Much better than those of Tortus and SG007. This thread is about facts and no fake information.
Good work Falafelkid!
Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

"infinite horizon" - this comment comes to mind when i look at the picture in this post

SuperUser said...

Thought about that:

Does this point to a FF for Revo?

chema said...

So Rising Sun or RS is the name of the next Nintendo Console?

Loos3r said...

@ superuser: This is advertise for Final Fantasy III on Nintendo DS ;)

Anonymous said...

Grasshoppers next game has been revealed and it could be for the revolution!!!

Anonymous said...

Rising Sun/RS would be a very cool name!

Grandmaster B said...

It would be a F'd up name and stop it with this BS. Totally ridiculous you clowns.

Squirrelly Bob said...

Based on the patent applications I posted and read a while back involving displacement mapping, cube mapping, and alpha transparencies and the such these screenshots of mario look very legitimate in my opinion. I'm just a college student with no experience in the gaming industry but I've studied those patents a lot and one of them said that the player character would be transparent much like Mario is in image #2. Also, those images have a distinct depth with clear hi-res details as you get closer and volumetric fog and the like for the background. These S-shaped patterns of objects and such create a real sense of depth and virtual-3D kind of immersion. It might not or it might be stereoscopic 3D but it certainly looks like a clever graphics system that "fools" your eye into seeing more depth than there actually is thanks to the diverse use of lighting and fog effects as well as different transparency levels. I'm ready to say WOW! when e3 rolls around.

Squirrelly Bob said...

Oh, I forgot to mention the other imaging methods Nintendo mentions in their patents (with displacement mapping, parallax mapping, and cube mapping) that could be what makes those two Mario pictures look the way they do:

Parallel and Perspective PROJECTION!

I'm almost positive it's in those patent applications from earlier this year.

Squirrelly Bob said...

Falafelkid, You might have already seen this patent before but I think you should reread this one closely. Here's some interesting tidbits that I think some might have overlooked:

"[0020] In one embodiment of the present invention, the specific object includes a light source and the parameter changing means changes at least the brightness of the light source. More specifically, the specific object includes a light source and the parameter changing means (36, S21) changes at least the brightness of the light source. Therefore, it is possible to generate such a screen where light from the light source shines from behind an object. This makes it possible to achieve a more real scenic effect."

"[0021] A storage medium according to the present invention stores a three-dimensional image generating program, and the three-dimensional image generating program is executed by a processor of a three-dimensional image generating apparatus. The three-dimensional image generating apparatus comprises an operation input detecting means, an object data storing means, a displaying means, and a depth value storing means. The operation input detecting means detects an operator's operation input. The object data storing means stores object data for rendering objects forming a three-dimensional image. The displaying means displays an image projected onto a projection screen within a virtual three-dimensional space. The depth value storing means stores a depth value of each pixel of the image."

"[0106] In addition, it goes without saying that the present invention can be applied to production of CG movie films, not limited to generation of game images."

Falafelkid, I think this patent backs up your 3D projection theory. I also think that this patent backs up the old conspiracy that Nintendo has beaten the movie industry to a new 3D projection technology. Who knows?

Anonymous said...


sounds to me like the first one is talking about a method of shining light around, say, the roof of a building when the sun falls behind it inside a game, and the second one sounds like its referring to something virtual (inside a game) as well... note that it also says that this tech can be used for *CG* movies (not all movies) which leads me to believe that it's describing some kind of rendering technique.
there's currently been a rumor going around saying that on revolution you'll be able to use (and interact with) pre-rendered backgrounds somehow... so the graphics will look awesome, but won't suck up all of the cpu power by rendering the shit in real-time...
i dunno. that's my take on those two patents.


superuser said...

@ loos3r
I thought there could be a FF-Game for Revo bc the pic shows a sun like in the FF-DS Ad.

gonzales said...

google-->image--->golden sun

Tom said...

Hey, Falafelkid!

Since you probably know more about the Revolution than most other people, what would you think about writing an article which deals with all your previous speculation about the system?

I think about an article which covers nearly all your previous articles with personal comments, a retrospective view with up-to-date comments (when you know everything about the Revolution, after E³ hopefully)...

I hope you understand what I mean, and I really would look forward to such a review, when you've got the time and the possibility of doing such a thing! :-D

I think it would be a nice transition (end?) for this blog to see all the past rumors (and how they turned true/false) in a 'small' coverage, whenever you're allowed to do something like this!

What do you (and the others) think, Falafelkid?

Greetings, Tom

Anonymous said...

I cant get to the page with the supposed Mario screenshots, can someone upload them and post the links please?

andrew said...

Tom said
"I mean, you just can't tell by a single picture whether it's presented stereoscopic or not. And if you were able to see something stereoscopic in a single picture, then it would look strange without special glasses."

when i said it was confirmed stereoscopic, i meant that it works with stereoscopic glasses. It's been confirmed multiple times that the images are stereoscopic by poeple who own stereoscopic glasses

Plus, they wouldn't look strange without can watch 2D movies, television, and old 2D games in stereoscopic now.

ssj2119 said...

For the people who would like to see the FAKE mario rev pics



Fake as fake can be, also extremely amateur.


What you wanna be talkin about is this...

First of all, they note that this info is not directly linked to E3, and that some of it may not be talked about at the show.

Europe launch for DS Lite will be on eitehr the 9th or 16th of June. Most probably, according to their sources, the 9th.

The original Soul Blade game for PSX will be remade for the DS

All next gen consoles wil be getting the next iteration of Soul Calibur

"It seems almost confirmed" that the new Tomb Radier will be on Rev. There will also be a DS version and the Cube version of Tomb Raider Legend will contain extras the versions on other consoles did not have.

They claim that they have confirmation that the Nights into Dreams game rumored for Revolution is no rumor at all; they claim they can confirm it is being developed and is being directed by Yuji Naka, that it is 65% complete, and that it will use the Revmote exclusively, no nunchuck or shell.

Once again, rumors point to a June/July launch for the console in Japan, with the rest reciving it between Septembar and October.

The launch color will be white, with black and other colors following soon after. The color will be directly related to the game that comes with the console.

The sensor bar under the TV will match with the color of the console.

Retro Studio is giving Kid Icarus a complete makeover for its Revolution debut. The name of the game is Icarus. They also go on to say that this rumor seems to be the real thing.

A new Star Fox game is in development. It will rely solely on the Revmote for control.

There is a horse racing game in development aimed at the japanese market.

Fight Night is in development and will use two Revmotes.

Burnout Revenge may not be the Burnoutgame that will be on Revolution. Instead, Revolution will get the next entry in the franchise.

Peter Molyneux was planning on beggining development of versions of Black and White and The Movies for Revolution before Microsoft bought the company.

35 develpment kits were sent to Rockstar London/Take Two about a month ago. Nothing about what kind of game it may be is known, but it seems unlikely that it will be a GTA game.

One of their sources says that he can confirm that Ubi Soft has 9 titles in development for the Rev, many of which will be launch titles.

It appears that the suspected Prince of Persia version for Rev seems completely confirmed.

Super Smash Bros. for the Rev will be subtitlted "Mayhem". (The part of "Caos Total" is simply the way you would say it in spanish, NOT another option).

Nintendo and Valve were in talks during the month of March about bringing an exclusive new version of Counter Strike to Rev.

The Rev control in Zelda: Twilight Pricness will be used in combination with the shell. Its use will be limited, not a full blown translation to the Rev control wise. For example, using it in situations ehre you are in firts-person view.

However, they do say that an exclusive dungeon may be included that exploits the new caracteristics with a new item. (They do not say to what caracteristics they are referring, though I suspect they simply mean the Revmote's unique qualities).

Zelda: Twilight Pricness has changed a great deal, and we may be surprised when he see the new images come E3.

Pikmin 3 is completely finished. They cannot confirm Spong's calims that it will appear at E3, but they would expect that would be the case. It will use the Revmote exclusively for controlling the game.

From here on they cite somebody called BigTac. It appears that he is some kind of insider that has proven himself honest in the past.

There will be online launch titles from both Nintendo and 3rd parties.

Sega games on other systems will also be available for download.

Midway is developing three exclusives for the Rev. One of them being "incredible".

They vaguely mention there will be two gorgeous RPGs and some new/wierd games at E3.

There will be cheap games between $25-$30.

Developers have known the new name of the console since January.

We must keep our eyes on Zoonami.

Capcom will have 2 titles for Rev at E3. They may or may not be playable.

Another big name designer will be announcing a new game for Rev at E3. They say it may be the Naka Nights into Dreams game they reported on.

Red Steel will not be the only game revealed prior to E3, although Nintendo will not show anything till then.

BigTac says that NoA hyped him up when they talked about Red Steel, stating that NoA told him, "This is nothing", "You haven't seen anything yet",and "This is only the beggining".

Right then, there it is. Trust me when I tell you this is a very good translation. I think most of this is rather intriguing, but I cannot say I can realy trust them.

(from ripper-san2 on ign revolution boards)

Metaldave said...

Where does BigTac post again? I thought I heard it was Revo-Europe?

Anonymous said...





derek said...

"Based on the patent applications I posted and read a while back involving displacement mapping, cube mapping, and alpha transparencies and the such these screenshots of mario look very legitimate in my opinion."

LMAO. Do you even know what you're talking about? 'Cube mapping', alpha transparency and displacement mapping have all been used for the GameCube (And N64).

Seriously, I hate amateurs like you that claim they have the technical knowledge to 'decode' the revolution. No offence, but you know jack shit about what you're talking about here...

Just end it with the bloody patents already.

P.S - those mario 'screenshots' are completely bogus. Anyone with two brain cells could see that they're amateur 3D renderings. I mean if you're going to fake it, at least make it look like a magazine scan or something...

Anonymous said...

let us all bow down to the almighty derek

Anonymous said...

I agree with Derek. Most people misinterpret the patents to the most baffling extent. And the two pics looks amateurish.

Grandmaster B said...

Can you please explain why you think they are fake? I'm not saying they are real or fake but I want to know how you came to tha conclusion.

Squirrelly Bob said...

(bows to derek)

I still think that the Revolution's graphics will make us say "WOW" like Iwata-san promised. Perhaps not stereoscopic 3D or augmented reality, but more in the sense of "Wow, how did this little low-cost machine produce such depth and detail in these virtual 3D environments without having HD capabilities or a Cell processor inside?!"

I'm expecting improved graphics, immersive gameplay, and power-efficient hardware. It should be scores more fun to watch and play than the systems I play right now.

E3's a few days away, so I will wait for the last "secrets" to be revealed and more importantly listen to what the folks on showfloor who actually get to play it have to say. After all I'm just a lowly consumer with no computer expertise just a fan of innovative video games.

Anonymous said...

There's a simple reason why the mario pics are fake. When i first saw them i didn't think "wow", instead i thought "yuck". They really don't deserve attention, nothing in the pictures matches up. They are a garbled mess from a poor imagination. What really confuses me is how the creator could have, even for a second, thought "Wow! They look good".

Anonymous said...

falaffelkid, you have 2 post this:

Be The "First" To Play The Revolution
Submitted by Duke_Ferris on Mon, 2006-04-24 16:52.
AOL and Nintendo are having a contest where the winner gets to be the "first" to play the Revolution. That's not entirely true, since all the developers and game testers have been playing for weeks. Heck, we got to try out Red Steel ourselves last week.
The winner will actually be playing on stage at Nintendo's May 9 press conference at E3. As for me, I'll be there in the audience laughing my hind end off.

Grandmaster B said...

There's a simple reason why the mario pics are fake. When i first saw them i didn't think "wow", instead i thought "yuck". They really don't deserve attention, nothing in the pictures matches up. They are a garbled mess from a poor imagination. What really confuses me is how the creator could have, even for a second, thought "Wow! They look good".

Because you think they are yuck, they are fake? Get real, not good enough answer. You also have said they are a mess etc but haven't said why.

I think they look real good and if I saw that in motion it would blow me away. If Mario does look anything like that I will be quite happy from a graphical standpoint.

Meloche said...

Yeah, they look great. But you clearly see that Mario doesn't match the rest of the universe.

Johnny B said...

Rising Sun? Seems to be referring to the 'RS' acronym again, as others have suggested. Does Falafelkid know of another game, the official name of the Revolution, or is this just another nod to Red Steel? Sure, its a subtle hint, but I think Falafelkid is trying to tell us something.

Anonymous said...

Besides, the usual cartoony design of Mario games isn't there in the pictures. Mario looks out of context.

Raphael said...

hey tactics,
what do you say about this? ;-)

It´s from the new Nintendo Power:

A picture is shown of the fan who stood out at GDC with the Iwata drops Bomb sign, Nintendo Power comments with “A Nintendo superfan displays his excitement at GDC. He’ll have to wait until E3 for the real bomb to drop.”


Anonymous said...

To the douche bag who posted the following:

There's a simple reason why the mario pics are fake. When i first saw them i didn't think "wow", instead i thought "yuck". They really don't deserve attention, nothing in the pictures matches up. They are a garbled mess from a poor imagination. What really confuses me is how the creator could have, even for a second, thought "Wow! They look good".

That's not proof that they are fake. That means you personally don't like them! If you're going to say why you believe the screens are fake than back it up with some kind of believable proof, not your personal opinion you nitwit.

I personally think those are awesome looking pics of Mario and would like to see them in action.

Nintendo has a lot of hype to live up to this E3. I personally believe that the new controller itself is cute and interesting but by no means revolutionary. It, by itself, is more 'evolutionary' than 'revolutionary' IMO. I don't see a "paradigm shift" in gaming with just this device.

Nintendo should not have let all this hype build up for OVER A YEAR! (Nintendo On, countless rogue Nintendo blogs, vague comments by Nintendo execs, etc...) First Reggie says he saw the NintendoOn video, then he said he didn't. Come E3, if Nintendo does not show us some kind of VR/AR/Stereoscopic3D/Visor dohickey for Revolution as the last big secret, then the Rev is a huge letdown to me. And it's really Nintendo's fault for letting the hype build up to enormous proportions.

- my $.02

ssj2119 said...

Look, please stop with the Mario Screenshots - why in blue hell would Nintendo leak those images, they have control over every game for Revolution and allowed Ubi Soft to debut a Rev game. End of Story.

Now... check this out posted:D'après nos sources proches de Nintendo, le Nunchaku Pad que nous avions pu voir lors du Tokyo Game Show 2005 devrait bénéficier d'une toute nouvelle technologie gyroscopique. Notre source nous nous a ainsi expliqué : « Lorsque vous recevez un choc, vous sentez le pad forcer dans votre main. Un peu comme une Powerball... ». D'ailleurs, plusieurs rumeurs avaient déjà évoqué ces informations.

Which means:

From our source near Nintendo, the Nunchaku adapter we have seen at TGS 05 will have a new gyroscope technology. Our source explain it to us: "When you receive a shock, you will feel the adapter pushing in your hand. Like a Powerball..." It's not the first time we heard such thing.

Oh they also say Revolution will be availible in Europe in November 30


Anonymous said...


That sounds reminscent of the eccentric gyro-based forced feedback. It'd be truly amazing if they used this in the revolution because most people think it's not possible to include.

(I'm sure most folks here have already seen this; you can also google AIST force feedback to find the article.)


Zaro said...

i've search for Powerball and i found this

Before seeing this it tought that it was impossible. But now i think they can add a small version of this tech in a controller.

But i wonder how many power it need too spin this. The powerball is activate manually.

It can be interresting, i kind of force feedback when you turn in a racing game or a flight game. You feel the resistance.

If it's possible, a controller with this will be more immmersive.

I think the ps3 controller can hide this in there strange handle.

Zaro said...

I want to had that i hope that the revolution add it and not the ps3.

But ps3 strange controller must be for something.

Anonymous said...

DUDE RAPHAEL THATS AWESOME!!!! yeah, i got an email from the nintendo power rep that was at GDC asking me "if it was okay to use my pic in the next NP" i said FUCK YEAH, BITCH! dude... where the hell is my copy of the mag, man... i subscribed months ago and haven't seen shit yet! i'm gonna go to barnes&noble and see if they sell it on my lunch today... which issue # is that? #205? well, i guess it doesnt matter; it'll be "this month's" so... cool.
thanks for the tip, raph!


Anonymous said...

Hey, read this.

Anonymous said...

anybody else out there who CANT WAIT to have ff3 (ff6 :P) ported to the GBA? man, that's going to be SWEET.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The above link is a to a 2.5 minute video about an Al Gore movie about global warming. While entertaining, it's not revolution related.

Anonymous said...

looks like that issue isnt out at all yet... i guess that info was leaked or something? can't wait to show gramma and grandpa!

-"nintendo superfan" tactics.

Lf_sIcKmAn said...

Advanced Media Network confirmed the following bomb... THE NUNCHUCK ATTACHMENT ALSO HAS GYRO FUNCTION... now you can use dual weapons or even shield and sword... TEH MEGATON!!! im not kidding go read it...

Was this the other secret nintendo was refering to? i bet there is even a bigger one... LONG LIVE NINTENDO!

Dual Katanas... ::DROOLS::

ssj2119 said...

Yep ^^ Posted the speculation a few posts back - now its confirmed :)

Extra goodness, can't wait. Follow me people, I am the bearer of reliable gifts. ( I give falafel the scoop sometimes ;) )

ps - **** those fake mario screens

Anonymous said...

You all know it is quite possible that he put a picture of a sun up because " I decided to post a pretty picture of a sunrise."

What an amazing league of dunces.

rhopa said...

all comments are… very funny!
please, wait for E3, and you won't be disapointed.


derek said...

"If you're going to say why you believe the screens are fake than back it up with some kind of believable proof, not your personal opinion you nitwit."

Here's a reason they're fake.

a)Nintendo has complete control over any in house franchise. A leak could never happen...and never has happened. A mario game would be guarded with insane measures.

b)They look like ass.

c)It was a direct crisp image. That means someone working on the game would have to capture the image and leak it. See reason a) on why this is impossible.

d)They look like ass.

Anonymous said...

( Hopeful speculation )
I really think it would be neat to play wave race with the rev controller. Hold it horizontally and steer just like holding the handle bars of a real jetski. Use the d-pad or maybe roll your wrist forward and backward to control acceleration. I wouldn't be surprised at E3 if we hear about a wave race in the launch window ( Including new and all old race tracks ). What games do you guys think will fall in the launch window that haven't been widely known or talked about - Holiday 2006...and how do you think they can be controlled?



Falafelkid, since you said you will be there I hope you can give us your impressions.

enigma7 said...

To anyone wondering if those rediculous mario screens are real, here is what I posted on ZogDog. It seemed to shut people up pretty effectively:

I love keeping up with the N-Game and this stuff is always fun, however, whenever screenshots are released in this manner I can't help but be skeptical because of the nature of my job. I'm an art director for a fairly large online managed service provider. It's my job to make sure that everything we release looks right when it goes to press, or is published online. One aspect of my job is to take a step back and look at the way things relate to each other and make sure that everything looks in place. To be completely honest absolutely nothing about these screens looks even close to the level of artistic quality that Nintendo is known for. Below I'll present the artistic problems that jump out at me right away:

Pic 1-(rooftops)
-The stars in the forground and the background are of the same scale, and are only in the darker areas. Look closely and you'll see that the stars are not only the background sky, but also in the shadows and overall darker areas of the foreground. Anybody that's ever worked with layer masks in Photoshop can see that they merely overlaid the star image over the other layers and then painted a mask over the areas that they wanted to be clear, such as the rooftops. It just makes the whole thing messy and blurs the distinction between foreground and background. I can think of no logical reason that Nintendo would make such a poor artistic decision. It really looks sloppy.

-Clearly the individual who created this didn't take the time to go through a good Photoshop smoke tutorial. The smoke is clearly made by a white airbrush clicked once per "puff". Again, it's attrocious and is so far below the quality of smoke physics that Nintendo is capable of that it's ourtight laughable. Smoke or flying cottonballs? You be the judge.

-The little hill that the warppipe and Yoshi are sitting on was photoshopped in as well. This is clear, because the hill is transparent, showing the horizon line on the layer behind it. Nintendo may mix up their art style, but the style represented by a see-through bubble hill with a warp pipe on top is such a radical departure from what Nintendo has done in past Mario titles.

-The characters look so bad that I won't even say much here. Mario has clearly been distorted by the "Liquify" tool in Photoshop, and both Mario and Yoshi have had lighting effects painted on to make them look like they are part of the scene. Both are very poorly done and don't show any depth to the lighting effects. The lighting simply falls on the edge. Also it's clear that the Mario Character is ripped from the Mario Sunshine model.

Pic 2-(village)
-Visually Mario does not belong in this setting. The contrast ratio is waaaaay off. Mario looks washed out and undetailed in comparison to his surroundings. Just horrible. Also, the viewing angle doesn't make sense.

-This is the mushroom kingdom right? So why would toad live in a house that had a doorknob that he'd have to climb a ladder to reach? From a design standpoint that house is completely illogical. The architecure is bland and does not fit with the Mario universe that Nintendo has so deliberately created over the past 20 years.

-Give me 30 mins and I'm sure I could find the village image on or google images.

To those that think this is real I say give Nintendo a little respect. They create world class titles that are interactive artworks, not photoshopped hack jobs. IF these were actual screens of the next Mario title I would not purchase the Revolution because the Nintendo that we know and love would have completely abandoned their pursuit of perfection and quality. Wait until E3 and then you'll see that what Nintendo has been up to will be far above your expectations, and certainly much more impressive than this rubbish.

Anonymous said...

okay, lets have a discussion about this "confirmed" feature of the nunchuck addon peripheral.

"nunchaku controller features a built-in acellerometer allowing it to sense it being tilted left or right, or being moved up, down, left, right and in a number of other directions as well."

"However, we were also told that the nunchaku controller does not feature the same pointing and motion sensing abilities that allow the Revolution free-hand controller to be used like a “pointer” or “wand.” "

okay, im kinda confused. according to the first paragraph, it can sense tilt and movement in a plane and "other" directions (which i interpret to mean forward, back, and anywhere in between all of the above, but i could be wrong here). now according to the second paragraph, it doesnt feature those same motion sensing features that the revmote does. whats going on here?

Anonymous said...

Thanks enigma7 for providing a professional view on the fakes. I didn't doubt for a second they were fake, because it didn't look like Mario was in his usual context.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Internet forums are professional critics!

Visually Mario does not belong in this setting.

Says who? He looks fine in that setting to me.

IF these were actual screens of the next Mario title I would not purchase the Revolution because the Nintendo that we know and love would have completely abandoned their pursuit of perfection and quality.

You won't purchase a system based solely on 2 screen shots? Dude, you're so lame.

Give me 30 mins and I'm sure I could find the village image on or google images.

We're still waiting for your lucid discovery. Where are did the images originate?

IMO, fake or not, those pics look awesome! Although pics alone, just don't cut it anymore. I need to see it in action. I'm no photoshop/3D animator wizz, so I don't care what was used to create them, and I would gladly play that Mario game if it does exist.

Anonymous said...

No he looks crap in that setting. The style doesnt mix with Mario games at all. The village int eh second shot looks much more akin to a Zelda title then a Mario one.

Anonymous said...

They are not real pics. Show these pics to ANYONE who actually works in the game industry and tell them they are the real deal. They will laugh in your face.

They look like shit.

You will see in 2 weeks the REAL Mario.

So Drop it. It's very annoying.

Anonymous said...

Quick Question,

Does anyone know why, if the the Revolution is more powerful than the original Xbox, and the Xbox can output games in 720p, why the Revolution is not capable of producing High Def games? I don't see why not if the Rev supports component cables, unless there is another technical barrier I am missing.


Anonymous said...

If you're annoyed, don't read the comments.

I think it's funny how people debate all this revolution shit, going into conspiracy theories, heavily, scrutinizing (possible) screen shots and such.

It's only a game console people! If your future happiness is only dependent on something produced by the entertainment industry, then you seriously need to get a life.

Sure games are fun and we're all anxious about the possibilites of Nintendo's next system, but in the end, life goes on.

Anonymous said...


After Revolution, there will be no life.

Anonymous said...

my life == nintendo's success

just keep guns away from me.

-"superfan" tactics.

Jochen said...

@ D-Bone

Who told you that the original X-Box can output 720p?

It can't! Just normal SD (btw. SD is 480p right?)

The X-Box 360 can output HD, 1080p afaik.

piccard said...

no moron standard tv is 480i
480p is progressive scan the next step up which all consoles last gen could do. the xbox did do 720 which is hd, the 360 does 1080i
nothin currently does 1080p(which is currently pretty much useless, as less than 5 percent of hdtv's do1080p) hd will never broadcast 1080p so i dunno if it will ever take off. the ps3 will have 1080p as will all bleray players. currently hddvd's can push 1080p also but the player are currently maxed at 1080i for now.

Anonymous said...

@ jochen

You should probably research things and know what you are talking about a little better before commenting. No harm done though.

480i is standard definition. ( i ) stands for interlaced, meaning every picture painted to the screen is only half of the picture. The very next picture painted is the other half. It happens so fast your eye recognizes this combination of the pictures as one.

480p ( p ) stands for progressive, meaning every picture painted to the screen is the full picture.

Anybody who actually has knowledge on HD care reason why the original xbox can put out HD and why the revolution with more power can't? I looking for more of a technical reason.


Anonymous said...

The mario pics look good but they are way beyond anything the revolution could produce if rendered in real time. They are beyond anything the 360 could do for that matter. They are quite obviously prerendered.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how anyone could NOT see how fake those pictures look. They're so inconsistant.

I think the people that are still perpetuating the idea that the pics ARE real are just trying to get a rise out of everyone.

If anything the picture of Mario on the roof with Yoshi in the background should be the red flag.

If it's really that easy to make crap up and post it on the Internet as real then I should give it a try sometime.

Nintendo's whole Revolution PR circus is relying on E3 to let people PLAY the games with the controller to judge the gameplay, not the graphics or inane features.

There is no way they are going to release pics/videos of their A-list software to be ripped apart by half-witted Bloggers and Video Game news sites for lames reason like "the images aren't in 1080P" or "You can't listen to your iPod while playing a westling game".

Obstacle-Man said...

I'm sure the rev CAN output in HD, and that it will output in 480p.

The reason to not do it is to save the processing power for other things.

Anonymous said...

everyone look at this!!

info posted in dec 2005 that was brought up again due to an unexplainable coincedence mysteriously disappears!

Anonymous said...

beware the hun in the sun

Anonymous said...

I like the zogdog board!

Where is that demonstration he mentions?

Mushroom Kingdom Hey?

Grandmaster B said...

Image Base Rendering? Not 'based'. Some guy called IBelieve at Zog Dog's claims he knows thats what is behind Nintendo's system for graphical uniqueness which he claims will better the competitions' graphical potential.

100 posts to his name. So many people claim this and that you really dont get took in to what most people claim. I guess we can only wait.

runnin_blue said...

He also claimed there was a visor previously and that Nintendo was going to launch with 4 different package types (including one that included Red Steel) and that the Rev would launch with 5 colours with more coming soon after launch.

And he reckons he knew all this because his sister slept with a guy from Ubisoft.

Now that's a big LOL!

He likes to make big claims.

Grandmaster B said...

Heh bedroom tales eh. Ok well I wish all this nonsense from people would stop.

Too many people have starved egos or want the spotlight. In the end they look like idiots so I dont understand it.

Anonymous said...

Nintendo Wii?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Introducing … Wii.

As in “we.”

While the code-name “Revolution” expressed our direction, Wii represents the answer.

Wii will break down that wall that separates video game players from everybody else.

Wii will put people more in touch with their games … and each other. But you’re probably asking: What does the name mean?

Wii sounds like “we,” which emphasizes this console is for everyone.

Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak. No confusion. No need to abbreviate. Just Wii.

Wii has a distinctive “ii” spelling that symbolizes both the unique controllers and the image of people gathering to play.

And Wii, as a name and a console, brings something revolutionary to the world of video games that sets it apart from the crowd.

So that’s Wii. But now Nintendo needs you.

Because, it’s really not about you or me.

It’s about Wii.

And together, Wii will change everything.

matenriquez said...

Yep IGN and other sites also reported on that, so I kinda think it's official, I really don't like it that much, I'd actually prefered if they sticked with the revolution name
But hey, it's just the console's name, what really matters are the games, and by the looks of it they should be great, just a couple of weeks to see things in action

All sportsfans, Madden has also been confirmed for revolution... ok for Wii, it's not going to be a port, it's being developed from the ground up to take advantage of the Wii's features

matenriquez said...

Here's a link to IGN's Madden note

Anonymous said...

Like i said it before: They will never learn from the past !!!
The name Wii clearly sucks !! Where is the cool name like revolution !
Prepare yourself for the next "gamecube" story ! Flop after Flop !

Anonymous said...

WII - world war II? secret hint? omg THURSDAYTON !!!

Anonymous said...

Wii doesn't suck, you suck! As well as "Revolution". Wii is quite cool actually.

Grandmaster B said...

Ummm errr I dont think so.

If they want to get rid of the kiddy image this name will not be it.

Anonymous said...

Wii ??? !!! Man are you stupid or so in love with your company, that you cant critizise this mistake ! Yeah im a big fan of nintendo, and i know definetly more than you in gaming, but this name is a mistake. This is a marketing mistake to name the revo like this crap !

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, this is a kiddy crap name !!!!
I think this was only the beginning of the upcoming dissapointing news !

Grandmaster B said...

Yep IGN and other sites also reported on that, so I kinda think it's official, I really don't like it that much, I'd actually prefered if they sticked with the revolution name
But hey, it's just the console's name, what really matters are the games, and by the looks of it they should be great, just a couple of weeks to see things in action

Study marketing and then come back and tell me the name isnt important.

Anonymous said...

The name is not important ??? !!! MUAAHAHAHAHAH, man shut up and go dreaming !!! I can read your dissapointment but you would never confess it, because you are the kind of fan boys which have no clue about gaming ! Common dont lie to yourself !

Grandmaster B said...

OK I eat my words.

That name is just stupid. I back Nintendo for just about everytrhing they do but this is not a smart choice of a name to a product.

Anonymous said...

You must really be a sad individual Grandmaster ! (Yeah Wii sucks like your name does ! )

Anonymous said...

it is unbelievable that they have changed the name !! Revolution was so cool and full of hope and now they are on the same track like the gamecube !

Anonymous said...

When i first saw it i thought it was pronounced "Why". IT could be wrose. I mean its kidna cool how its wii. i can understand them not wanting to call it revolution. They are trying to get in more diverse group of gamers. a soccer mom wont want to buy a revolution. she might want to get a wii

Anonymous said...

You are quite a douche @ the anonym who is posting his retarded crap three times in a row. Revoulution would be a very stupid name to go with. Nothing original, nothing catchy, too long.. just bad.
Only because you got used to it, it doesn't mean that it's good.

Wii has kind of an Apple style, it's catchy and as you can see in the flash movie it's good for advertising. Also it is something unique.

And whoever says that it's kiddy or anything like that.. only kids themself think in those categorys. For me it's "cool" enough.

Zaro said...

At least the logo look good.

Anonymous said...

I like how people think Nintendo just pulled the name out of their ass without doing any kind of research. They're a huge company, I'm opretty sure they did plenty of studies before they chose their name.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the whole thing is a joke ! ( Please god let it be so ! )

Grandmaster B said...

Anonymous said...
You must really be a sad individual Grandmaster ! (Yeah Wii sucks like your name does ! )

Umm why do you speak to me like this and get off by calling me sad? Where have I said I like the name? Grow up.

The name is not important ??? !!! MUAAHAHAHAHAH, man shut up and go dreaming !!! I can read your dissapointment but you would never confess it, because you are the kind of fan boys which have no clue about gaming ! Common dont lie to yourself !

Umm I hope you are not talking to me as I never said the name isnt important, I said the opposite so learn how to read.

Anonymous said...

"im going to play on my Wii ! "

" I will buy a Wii ! "

"Please mommy, i want a Wii for christmas ! "

" I habe bought a new game for my Wii ! "

Sorry folk but i will definetly not use these sentences because the name is gay !! It is definetly made for gays !!!

Anonymous said...

Yo Grandmaster, sorry my englisch isnt the best, i must have not understand you correctly. May apologies.
Im sorry because im really upset how they changed the name !!

Grandmaster B said...

No problems mate, apology accepted.

I am not upset but disappointed about the name. It is not a good choice. It is not universal amongst different DEMOGRAPHICS.

I am a marketing manager and I would of tossed this name out if someone presented it to me. But as they usually say no one knows their business better than they do.

Anonymous said...

"im going to play my ipod ! "

" I will buy a ipod ! "

"Please mommy, i want an ipod for christmas ! "

" I have bought a new song for my ipod ! "

Sorry folk but i will definetly not use these sentences because the name is gay !! It is definetly made for gays !!!

Whats that? the ipod is one of the msot successful electronic devices in recent memory? whats that? the name that extremely masculine guys who arent trying to cover up latent homosexuality call gay is actually popular? hmmmmm

Zaro said...

One thing is sure, Nintendo this name make people talk about it. I'm sure
it's calculate in the decision to take this name.

In a couple of day, people will calm down and everybody will have learn about it.

Anonymous said...

Ipod sounds more cool than Wii . ( like pee. isnt' it ? )

matenriquez said...

Grandmaster B dijo...
Yep IGN and other sites also reported on that, so I kinda think it's official, I really don't like it that much, I'd actually prefered if they sticked with the revolution name
But hey, it's just the console's name, what really matters are the games, and by the looks of it they should be great, just a couple of weeks to see things in action

Study marketing and then come back and tell me the name isnt important.

I ceartinly don't know much about marketing, for I am studying chemical enginereering, something completely different, but I am pretty sure a company like Nintendo does know about marketing and didn't just wake up one day and decided Wii was good. I personally had almost taken for granted that they would take the DS road and keep the codename as the actual name

What I said about the name not mattering was IMO sorry I didn't express I thought it was implicit, I've been following the development of the Revolution since it was first announced, and it sound like a great console to me, I'm not going to miss on a good console just for a (really) crappy name, who knows it might just grow on ya as time passes bye (though I doubt it... hehe)

Just to make thing clear this is IMO, I didn´t think I'd get burned for posting, I just tried to put up some info

Grandmaster B said...

What is gay about ipod? And no I am not saying this now because it is accepted but back then it was never viewed that way. There was always the ibook, imac and so on. Pod just means a small vessel basically.

Anyway different product different name, irrelevant.

910do said...


Anonymous said...

Quote me on this...

Fans everywhere will soon be spelling "we" as "Wii". You will be seeing it everywhere... whether the name is liked or not... it will happen. Wii will try to resist, but resistance is futile!

pi said...

As I say the final name must short and meaning full.

Grandmaster B said...

Hi Matenriquez. No problems.

I never consider a products name upodn purchasing but other people do, thats the issue people are concerned about. A lot of people will make fun of the name and for a lot of people it is a concern for their social status. Which is ridiculous but it is a factor in todays society.

Like I said above "Nobody knows their business better than them". I know they have their reasons and huge marketing behind it as I said I am a marketing manager myself.

I just feel it is a mistake but I just hope the games and the look of the system talks for itself and the name doesnt get in the way of it flying off the shelf.

Johnny B said...

Wii? I honestly thought this was just a mockup when I first saw it on Kotaku. 30 minutes later, I check back, and it turns out to be legit.

Right now I'm not really loving the name, but....I do think it has more mass market appeal than 'Revolution.'

Anonymous said...

Wii... OMG... Who would have thought of THAT?! Well ok, at least it's remindable. But you don't automatically connect it with videogames like Playstation or Gamecube. Ok, i think we just have to get used to it. I think RS would have been the better choice as it resembles the by now well known and pretty successful DS... But ok, that doesn't change the console itself.

Shoxware Games said...

wii? i have to get used to that name!

Louis said...

The Game Boy had bad connotations when that was released. I remember "Toyboy" being mentioned a lot, heh.

This may work to Nintendo's advantage, although, it's going to make things very tough in the UK market.

Ah well, all you can do is smile! Afterall, it was the second word I learnt to spell! :p

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like I'll be forever calling "my revolution" - "my nintendo". Sorry everyone, but this is just bad. Almost as bad as back in the college days telling my buddies I was off to walmart to go buy "Mario Sunshine". I still loved it and played it, but damn it's just not cool, and cool matters. Not to me, but to the xbox'ers, ps2'ers, and many casual people it does.

"Do you guys want to come over and play my nintendo"?


"Do you guys want to come over and play my Wii"?


"I'm going to go play my Nintendo"


"I'm going to go play my Wii"


Now say that 100 times.

Yeah, admit it. It's bad. Focus groups, stats, research all mean crap if you ask the wrong questions. When Nintendo wanted to name this console they wanted a name for everyone, so they asked questions for a name for everyone. Trying to appease Japan and soccer moms Nintendo missed the ball on regular gamers. They always say, if you try to please everyone, you'll please no-one. I guess they are really serious about making this system for everyone, but they just may be ahead of thier time.

Naming a video game system to sound as a pronoun in the English language is just foolish.

But this has no bearing on me or what awesome Nintendo games I'll be purchasing, so spare the "It's the games/gameplay garbage"



Famicon --> N.E.S

Wii --> ( Place U.S. friendly name here )

SuperUser said...

Why? Why? Why Wii?
There are billions of possible names for a console and the they name it "Wii"...
I don't get it - Even "Go", "On", "RS", whatever would have fitted better...

Oh Nintendo! Imho you did everything perfectly correct in releasing your next console. Since months I had absolutely no doubt about the Revolution getting a big success - but now... I don't know. Really.
It's still a hell of a gaming-machine (probably - we will have to see that at E3) but with such a strange, alienating name... not even the logo looks kinda cool... oh, oh!
My god, when i read for the first time about "Viiv" from Intel, I thought: Oh, some markting-whore tried to be creative (and failed)! But imho "Wii" actually sounds even more stupid.

Don't get me wrong: I will buy this console! But i will forever call it the "Revolution".

Man, this whole story made my day suck!

Anonymous said...

Ok, time to see the positive aspects:

-The former Revolution is a highly unconventional console and its name should resemble this. With "Wii" i think it does. It's unique.

-It's an eye-catcher. Three letters and two of them are the same. Most people immediately search for a meaning for this word and i for myself understood the real meaning ("we") immediately without reading the text on the official Nintendo-Site.

-The logo is cool. It's clean, it's smart, it's simple. It's iPod (as the machines design is).

-Be happy it's not called "Super Game Station Turbo+". That would have been crappy.

To those who call it kiddy-crap: Yes it's unusual. But take a closer look at "Playstation". When i first heard this name i immediately thought of some kind of Bandai-Toy with a "Winnie the Pooh"-game...
The name of a console defines itself as soon as the first games are available. And i'm confident this will turn out as an unusual, but innovative and remindable name.
And don't forget: The target-customer of the Wii is NOT SOLELY the hardcore-gamer. It's the casual gamer and the non-gamer. And those folks don't know what kind of names consoles normally have.

Anonymous said...

Playstation sounds cool and really adult. But "Wii" reminds me to a cartoon or something which is cute or gay.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, we will see nint.ndo in 5 years as a third party developer for PS 3 or PS 4. For me it is a mystery why the are repeating the same mistakes for years. Maybe the do not analyse their past ?! Or they love to destroy the company .
The last times i was dissapointed like today were:
1. Square left Nintendo
2. N64 came with cartridges
3. The looking of the gamecube
4. Cel Shadind Zelda

And now "Wii" is the next dissapointment. I mean how could they do something like this, its unbeliveable and makes me angry! Im loosing trust in them. Now i really believe the "Wii" is going to be a flop.
I cant understand this kind of decisions !!!

Raphael said...

I think Wii is a cool name for this console.

Stu L Tissimus said...

My god, what a bad choice of name. First of all, to English-speaking countries, it has a pee-related connotation. Second of all, Japanese doesn't really have a good way to pronounce double-u. They'd just say "ooeeee." But most of all? It's just a dumb sounding name. They should take a page out of Sega's book for console names, frankly.

The only good I can see coming of this name is if the logo changes for how many controllers you have. You know, like Gooooooooogle changes the amount of Os.

Also makes me think... Why did they use "we" instead of 私たち? o_O

Anonymous said...

if Revolution is Wii, the DS must be Woo. Because dose os are in teh logo.
Maybe da Viiv Wii connex is teh sekret dey keep talkin about - it is a chipwise one.

Thrakkerzog said...

By calling it Wii, they can ensure that everyone will just call it "Nintendo". Then, Nintendo will become a household name for video games again. :-)

SuperUser said...

OK, besides all this urine-gags - will there be some kind of Wiisor? Or will it just create some cool looking Wiisons on your TV?

SuperUser said...

Can't connect anymore to the "Community"-Section of There were going on some nice discussions bc of the name...

Can please someone try to post there!? And then give a feedback-post here at falafel's blog!

Luca S. (Italy) said...

I'm quite disappointed...for me the name sounds not too bad but i understand that in english it's very remenber my little english cousin who said "momey i need a wee" :-(
hope to read some comment from Andreas on that name...
Luca S. (Italy)

Anonymous said...

heh heh... heh heh, cool... wii kiks ass but y pay money 4 1 when I have a perfectly fine wii wii in my pants as we speak , heh heh, heh.

Anonymous said...

You have wii all over your face, priceless.

Anonymous said...

by far the worst name they could of picked besides poo.

Wee has the same meaning as urine in america.

Anonymous said...

!!!official name!!!!

Nintendo Wii



THE clue is in the name, but what is it??????? almost 9 may....

Anonymous said...

slogans nintendo might use:

wii've done it again

wii won

wii bring you wii

wii go online

what's your friendcode, so wii can play mario kart

wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii the nightmare of sony and microsoft

superuser said...

@ anonym one post above:

You have absolutely no clue what it is?

It's pure body-temperatured piss...

Anonymous said...

So many little cry babys here who cant play wii because they wont be cool anymore. :((

I dont care what wee means in the us, because the device is called "wii". You also always think of urin when you say "we" ?

Anonymous said...

This is so funny everyone hates Wii, i remember ther Rumours of Nintendo GO, everyone was like "ooh man so ugly i hope is only for Japan" but now even GO is pleaseful to your ears....

give it time then complain...

cuz later on you might have a mouth full of Wii and you might just like it.

superuser said...

It even sounds funny in german as well as in french.
The funniest name for a console ever!

I'm gonna buy it anyway! Nintendo knows exactly how to do funny things, that's for sure!

superuser said...

I buy it anyway!
Nintendo just knows how to do funny things...
Experience for the first time ever to play with the Wiisor!

superuser said...

Hey look at the wii-logo!
It's a W and 2 i. You could explain the logo this way (besides the official statement):
2 eyes (i) and a 3 (the "W" turned 90°) as symbol for "watching 3D". And it's spelled "We" like the "V" in Vision -> Watching 3D Vision!!!

At least the name makes some serious sense...

ian said...

Brilliant marketing there, now the whole world will be talking Wii and when the jokes die down soon, everyone will know of the new Nintendo. Clever imo.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh, heh heh heh, Theres sumtin wrong with my wiiner, like it itches n its like the wrong colour or sumtin, heh, heh heh cool heh, heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Revpatentleaker said that the controller has 12 configurations.

W = V | V = 5 | 5 = 10

i = 1

i = 1

Wii = 12

2 and 1, the future*...

nintendo revolution begins.


Tom said...

Did nobody else think about this beeing the very first real Revolution video we see? I mean with a length of nearly half a minute, this video could very well be the boot-up screen!

And I was surprised when I saw this video, because there are so many dots which are shot in the viewer's direction! I mean IF there is any possibility of any 3D projection, how cool would it be to watch this boot-up intro!

First the i jumps back and shoots towards you. Then it jumps directly into your face! Several times! Even the bowing at the end gives an idea of depth.

I don't believe in visors etc., but watching this video in real 3D would be really sweet!

Greetings, Tom

Tom said...

Okay, forget the idea with the boot-up screen, half a minute is much longer than I thought! ;-)

But a shorter version... who knows... :-)

Greetings, Tom

bunnyoku said...

tom, i was slightly disheartened after discovering the name (yes, it was the "wee" conatation that got me, though i dig the meaning and the message it carries), but after that hypothesis of yours, i'm right back up again, that would be SHIT-HOT, it's a very, very good idea, and if it's true, i will gladly become Nintendo's rentboy.
Though in a way, i always have been
;) said...

just a thought...

maybe Wii is just a clever way of announcing a joint venture between apple and ninty, as in WE.

everyone has heard the rumors about ninty and apple. yadda yadda..

but compare the fonts of the i's, identical to IPOD and Nintendo's in there logos.

i truly believe this is the only thing that makes any sense as to using the name

A+N kinda looks like a W- far fetched i know. heck maybe the revmotes will be mp3 players as well?? heck it looks just like a big shuffle. if they are announcing a joint venture then this would truly turn out to be a brilliant marketing scheme. said...

pehaps downloading games ala itunes.... apple wouldbe great for 99cent digital distribution. said...

not saying a merger, but perhaps a collabo, using apple for the distribution, or even some ipod revmotes, with varying sizes of hd's built in to the revmotes. this would solve the hard drive issues. said...

can you imagine the selling point of having a revmote witha built in mp3 player, that you could easily stream to your stereo through the Wii.

i tell ya i'm calling it right now. brilliant idea nintendo.

ooooh 360 has a 12 gig hard drive, well nintendo could potentially have a 200 gig ipod revmote, or just a lil 2gigger' to appeal to a wider audience.

fricking brilliant, this explains the lack (512mb)of internal mem.

Anonymous said...

fo really though... just think about why the would use 2 "i's"

the i for ipod, the i in nintedo, the shape of the revmote.

Anonymous said...

also... who is sony's biggest electronic enemy?? apple the walkman destroyer

Anonymous said...

perhaps a launch on june 6th, we all know how apple loves to play around with 666( remember apple i launch)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

hmm im not sure if you guys have noticed but in the post fal made on Friday March 31 2006 on his blog theres NDA Highlighted gray in the first part of the post each first letter in each paragraph make NDA... said...[/img]

also remember the image on the front page of this blog... from no end soon

compare that to a standard ipod add

see the similarities.

YankeeHKM said...

ahhh yes... I'm sure we've all seen that before...the NDA clue.

Grandmaster B said...

And don't forget: The target-customer of the Wii is NOT SOLELY the hardcore-gamer. It's the casual gamer and the non-gamer. And those folks don't know what kind of names consoles normally have.

Thats the problem, the casual gamers is the problem. Hardcore players will look past the name.

Grandmaster B said...

Will the Nintendo boys will anyway.

Anonymous said...

The more I see how all the little 13 year old boys dislike the name wii, the more I like it. :)

Anonymous said...

And my girlfriend, mom and daughter both love the name too.

Morton-jn said...

Yeah all the girls I've spoken to get the name. I quote 'It's genius, what is it an apple game machine?'

Tortus said...

A Disrupter Name...

for a Disrupter System.

Nintendo Wii

Cool! ;)

Wii are ready!

Anonymous said...

Well, the general census is: not many people like the name.

I hope that Falafelkid doesn't change the site title to


Johnny B said...

At first, I was disappointed by the name. Yet look what its done for Nintendo. It literally hijacked gaming message boards today. Everybody is talking about Wii. The name has gotten so much exposure in such a short time that by E3, Wii will be second nature. I can't help but think that this was ingenious. But what will the mainstream mass market think about it? I guess we'll have to wait till E3 to find out.

Psionicist said...

I'm still not understanding what everyone is all up in arms about.

There is so much potential for this name it isn't even funny. The advertising and marketing applications one can think of are just off the wall.

More importantly, as stated before: it sticks. Over time, the name starts looking better and better, much like the reaction to the controller.

I'm sure that everyone will calm down after about a week and realize how awesome the name really is.

Anonymous said...

I like it. And I don't think everyone think about piss when you say we.

Actually. Once ipot and google have been in this kind of trouble.

look at the picture

rhopa said...

yep! this is it!
this name is great. The concept is great.
I'm pretty sure that games wiill be great too!


Anonymous said...

Hey every1 heres a little something I put together after the Wii unveiling.

Theres two versions of the trailer, ones for Quicktime 7 and the other is for users who dont use quicktime 7 yet. said...

don't forget about the apple ii
and the apple iie said...

hmmm... i posted this same thoey on the nintendo boards, and they deleted it this morn.... hmmm maybe im onto something.

IALS said...



Anonymous said...

Iits Fuckiing briiliiant!

Forget comes EWii...

To Wii or not to Wii!

And a possiible hiint to a new iinstallment of Wiinniing Eleven?

Anonymous said...

Here's a rant:

Let's all face it....

Nintendo didn't "blow it" with the name change....

They didn't "blow it" with the weaker console specs....


They set themselves up to blow it at E3...or rather they put alot of pressure on themselves....

If the games are absolutely amazing - and they must be in order for Nintendo to succeed - we all won't care about the small screw ups that they've done so far.

If the games are freaking mind-blowing, and that's a big "IF", then we'll all jump on the bandwagon.

However, if the games are even slightly "blah" then Nintendo has lost before they have even begun to compete.

They're taking big risks and they MUST deliver.

My only real dissappointment is the kiddy conotation of the "Wii" name, in that it instantly makes me think of a bunch of kids screaming "Weeeee" while going down a slide or something.

And this is a common reaction.

Nintendo must get rid of the kiddie image and truly be all inclusive and not produce a system for-kids-and-adults-that-don't-mind-playing-kids-games, like all their previous systems were.

And, doesn't it anger anyone that Nintendo, over all their years of experience, have yet to realize that kids look up to adults, meaning that if adults find something cool, the kids will follow?

At least Nintendo has done one thing right in creating a massive pre-E3 frenzy....

Here's to hoping they don't crash and burn.

Grandmaster B said...

Out of all this, Sony remain quiet. They are not showing much or talking at all. They are always one to take the news away from competitors. Bad or good, Nintendo is getting a lot of attention.

I am really starting to think they have something up their sleaves.

Anonymous said...

Ok, after sleepiing a night over iit ii think the name maybe only half as bad as ii thought iit was yesterday when ii saw the short viideo on the niintendo-siite...

To those who are fond of this "Apple-conspiracy-theory": I love my iBook, i love my iPod, and these are surely not the last two products i bought from Apple. I love Apple and i'd love to see Apple and Nintendo working together on the gaming market. But that's not really likely...
First: Iwata uses a Mac for his Keynotes, so it's not unusual that he compares the virtual console with iTunes as he is surely familiar with it.
Second: The iPod has one of the best industrial designs today so it's not surprising other companies copy parts of that, like Nintendo did with the "glossy"-look of the DS-lite and the Wii.
Third: Yes, the i in iPod and Wii look the same. But hey, an "i" is not really the most complex letter in the alphabet and why should it look different. The "W" looks quite different from the one on the Package of my Apple Wireless Keyboard btw...

So don't set your hopes too high. I'd love to be proven wrong, but i guess it's coincidence.

IALS said...

The big problem is the sound of wii !
It doesnt flow!
It sounds ugly!
It almost hurts to pronounce it!
Its not that the concept behind it is bad or something (or that it means piss) because it isnt!
Its just that you know from the sounds of sounds so unsatisfying plus the logo is quite amatheurish too I'm afraid to say.I could barf if bubble it along.
Why not simply Next?Intention?On?Slim?Nu?Move?

Just when you thought Nintendo was on the right track NCL goes mad stupid!

Dissapointed to the fullest!!

Its creative and all you know blablabla but at bthe end of the day it sounds utterly exhausting or trying!
Change it!


Anonymous said...

"The big problem is the sound of wii !
It doesnt flow!
It sounds ugly!
It almost hurts to pronounce it!"

well i think that's a similarity to your nickname...

El Informante said...





ILS said...

Wii sounds trying!
Nuff said!
This is a bad move
Nintendo is over reacting with its approach
They should stop the madnes right now
It really hurts
Revolution was just right
Nintendo Revolution!
What mor could you want!
The name flowed and had merit to it
Wii shows the haughtiness of Nintendo!
They should calm down!
Too much pikachu,poke,mario,ndogs overkill psycho syndrome.


Anonymous said...


remember what revpatentleak3r said?

"Mr.W3i* had not failed..and it is complete*..our senses*..our vision*..our right* and our left* approach"

W = W
3 = 3rd vowel = i
i = i

what a hint!

if it wasn't for moon_illuzion I wouldn't understand.


Don Consolero said...

Wii is cool and YOU are stupid!
"Ahh, this sounds gay, i wont buy it!" calm down you morons! Do you really buy a console because of the name? You are all stupid.

.:((GeNeSis)):. said...

Wii. It's enough said. It's enoug done. It's enough hyped.
E3 will be mind-blowing...

pn18 said...

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