Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Revealing the ´Revealing the Revolution´ blog

I have never tried to pay much attention to those alleged Insiders that claim to know all about the Revolution. They have usually done a good enough job exposing themselves without any intervention. I must admit, though, that Revealing the Revolution has not exactly lent itself to being easily shrugged off. Here is what the author writes about himself:
I've seen many fakes on the internet about Nintendo's next big thing...if you care about REAL information, bookmark this page. It will be updated a few times every week. I can assure you that what I say is authentic. I am not a hoax...and you will see that in the coming days. Again, don't expect to see "leaks" of game screens or anything of that nature. Do I have access to these mysterious screens? In a way...but that's not a risk I'm willing to take. I apologize. Please try to keep this site sort of on the "down low." Thank you.
Now, I am sure you will agree that this guy is either not after the kind of exposure as fakers like Seriousgamer007 are - or, at least, he is a million times more clever than them. In my books, at least, his claims are worthy of closer inspection. There are too many to list them all here. But here´s a flavour:
* In the extremely early stages right now is a MMORPG game set in the Mario universe.

* There will be an African American lead character in one of the earlier "Revolution" games.

* The new redesign of the DS will be "Revolutionary".

* The first explanation of what is revolutionary about the system itself will still be revealed this year.

* "Revolution" is not the final name anymore.

* Broadband will offer full support. 56K connections will work with most of the games, don't worry.
Those are all bold claims that eventually will show the author off as either right or wrong. None of this ´Believe! A Revolution is coming!´ crap that doesn´t help anyone.

I hope the author will not think that I am violating his request of keeping a low profile by posting this here. After all, this is only a humble blog with hardly more than a thousand visitors a day. And I think we will all benefit from having his claims either confirmed or quashed. That is why I posted the following guestbook entry on his site.
Dear Insider.

I am a television journalist reporting about games, as well as the owner of the well-respected blog Definitive Nintendo Revolution speculation. I would very much like to verify your authenticity. I have good enough contacts with Nintendo to do this without compromising your anonymity.

For example, you must have been visiting either Redmond or Kyoto, albeit as a guest. From those visits, you will have noticed mundane details about the interior design or office routines, such as hotels where guests are commonly booked into.

You would only be able to answer those questions if you really had contacts with Nintendo and had visited their premises. Through my contacts I can easily verify your answers. This has great advantages for all of us. We will know if what you say is trustworthy and you will gain full credibility, while remaining completely anonymous. I strongly suggest you agree. Since there are no disadvantages to you doing so, refusing my request will show you up as an impostor.

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely, Andreas.
I am looking forward to his response. This little trick helped kill one alleged insider blog already, if you remember. Let us see what will be revealed about ´Revealing the Revolution´.

Source: Revealing the Revolution


tim said...

hmm.. interesting.

I've been thinking about a mario-mmorpg - and I think the universe has enough characters to make it work. I hope intelligent systems (paper mario) (together with maybe square?) work on this one, if it is true.

It would also allow them to flesh out some characters more, and create new favorites from the mario universe who are currently not very exposed - but could potentially carry a franchise (like yoshi, wario etc).

Anonymous said...

I read his blog because he was right about everything of the Leipzig Games Convention.

Blizz419 said...

Interesting i m definatly intregued in the result of your proposition to him.

Falafelkid said...

@ Anonym: You are right. He wrote this about the Games Convention, Leipzig, two weeks before the show:

"Nintendo wants to reveal the "Revolution" in whole, and the controller is still going to be under wraps until TGS (at least, that's the plan). The whole speech is going to be about the direction of the company and Gameboy Micro."

He was right about that. Incidentally, so was I. I was told so by Nintendo beforehand.

Shoxware Games said...

well, i haven't visited the NCL headquarters in kyoto, but i can say, that the interiors are nothing special. there are no nintendo figures, only some pictures of some fishes (??!!).

everything is very quiet and fine polished, so nothing monumental or something like that.

- and THAT'S fact!

Shoxware Games said...

besides - he said, he hasn't played "Mario Kart DS" since TGS, but nintendo wasn't at the TGS (with a booth) strange, eh?

pn18 said...

indeed xD

Anonymous said...

If he has any contact with nintendo people the chances are hes played mario Kart quite a lot, but only in the company of nintendo employees (that he is linked with). I played a beta version nearly 5 months ago.

A lot of people have had carts for ages, and let people play them.

- JP

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone. I agree with the last anonymous poster. He may have played preview versions at some Nintendo place rather than at the TGS.

Also, @ Shoxware: Exactly, there will probably be very few memorable things about premises in Redmond or Kyoto. That´s exactly why you won´t be able to find a lot of detail on the internet. For example, I would ask questions about the make-up of the foyer (is the desk facing the entrance or adjacent to it?) or perhaps about the building´s features (how many stories high?). As he seems to be with a second or third party developer, he should know which hotels Nintendo prefers to book their guests into, either in Kyoto or Redmond. Companies will always use the same hotels for that. So, you see, there is ample opportunity for verifying his authenticity beyond a reasonable doubt.

Shoxware Games said...

oh, by the way... which "Insider-Blogger" has been terminated through that?! i really don't recall!

Falafelkid said...

It was Gemini. See the comments under this post: http://nintendo-revolution-nside.blogspot.com/2005/07/nintendo-on-3d-displays-mystery_05.html
He tried to hang on and posted a few more things but because he never answered my question he got flamed to death. And well deserved, I must say. Good riddance!

Fedboy said...

I don't believe him, mainly for the reason, that if I were a 'Almost-Insider' (which I ain't), like seriousgamer (and still have my braincells unlike the previously named 'Insider'), I would do exactly the same... Furthermore Leipzig? I guessed exactly the same about the revo, I was right but I ain't exactly an Insider.

Furthermore if he was working in the industry (The only way he could know) Nintendo would hunt him down and shoot him like a dog (which is funny because they don't shoot dogs but instead make superselling videogames of them, which in this case wouldn't make much sence, unless ofcourse they want to be like rockstar which in their turns is succesfull, with san andreas being one of the most succesfull games, so I betcha they want to be like them, so they probably WILL make that game of him, now st....)

Anonymous said...

now takea deep breath, fedboy...thats right relaxe. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Shoxware Games said...

uh oh, well that must've been gemini though ;-)

(anonym's comment)

falafelkid - what's up with merrick? still no answer? man, man you cannot rely on these marketing guys!

Falafelkid said...

Yeagh, sorry everyone. I have reminded the German guys of the Merrick questions - and nothing yet. I´ll be going on holiday Saturday. Hope to be able to post before then.

Anonymous said...


Blizz419 said...

Hey Gemini, just cuz you love to suck cock and lick Anus doesnt mean we do, so chill you retard, you got a big mouth online but in real life you would cower like a litle girl so stop pretending to be hard you lil pussy just because your jealous of falafelkid's respectable blogg unlike the garbage your blog was lol

Falafelkid said...

@ Blizz419. Nice job pwning that idiot, man.

@ Idiot. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Try arguments for a change, you´ll find they get you through life much, much easier...

Blizz419 said...

ya, sorry bout the language. he just kinda urked me

Falafelkid said...

No, you go ahead. He started it and deserves no better.

Lord Turbine said...

Apparently, he's right about most of his claims that I've read. And he even disproves other rumors, like Seriousgamer and the Furtana.

According to what he said, his company has ties to Nintendo because his company is working with Nintendo on Wi-Fi Connection.

What was that company that Nintendo teamed up with to bring Wi-Fi to McDonald's?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if this "Revealing the Revolution" blogger was/is that "Osoko Tanaka" blogger.

Lord Turbine said...

Pertaining to my last post, I really don't believe any of these rumors at all.

I've been reading this blog for way too long without posting comments... it's about time I did.

Lord Turbine said...

@Last Anon Post: No, or else this guy would be posting weird, cryptic comments in Japanese. If you look at the writing style, you can tell they're not the same person. NO ONE can change their writing style that dramatically. I study writing, so I'd know. It's easy to spot someone by their writing.

Blizz419 said...

i dont even think tanaka is really japanese

Anonymous said...

Well he did say that on the Xbox launch date, Nintendo would reveal something (peripheral or something like that).

None one (as in mainstream media such as IGN, PGC, or 1up) has said anything like that, so if this guy is right, then he is legit in my book.

Anonymous said...

Turbine...I didn't say it was him but I said I wouldn't be shocked as if it was the same blogger behind all these "insider" blogs...You can still write weird cryptic shit and post like a normal person under different identities, any moderator of a forum can tell you that. The thing about Nintendo might release something or info on the release day of Xbox360 is no surprise. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all three of them have history of doing this on launch days or events. IGN, Gamespot, or 1up haven't said anything about this is because they don't post rumors up like this.

Lord Turbine said...

@Blizz: Yeah, me neither. I think he's just a smartass yanking people.

@Anon 1: Same here.

@Anon 2: Good point.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone would be surprised if the 'Revealing the Rev' blogger turned out to be fake. But just once I would like to see an insider that really was. I hope this guy responds, right or wrong, with some details about offices or hotels...its good fun.

Anonymous said...

I bet this is just another Revolution-hype blog just to get us excited. Does anybody remember King Dea, the developer who "claims" to have saw the Revo controller until he admited that he was a fake when Nintendo unveiled the controller that was completely different from his version?

majik12 said...

I was not going to post this before, to keep the blog on the down low,but since you have an entry on this site, i guess it wouldnt hurt to write about it now.
But I found these quotes from his last entry intresting, I may be reading into this too much. I was going to post this in the comments of your 3d patent entry...

"Keep checking patents. Much information that is actually being used in some form have been discovered through that method. You won't find a DEFINITIVE patent, but you'll find bits and pieces."

Rember he posted this a little after you posted an entry around that patent, then he uses the word definitive right after it. I am probably reading into this too much, maybe he is saying something though, I dont know.

I personally find his blog the most rewarding, he seems to be a trustworthy person. But its difficult to tell if what he says is true, as it is extremely vague, and its seems he tries to write so that depending on what happens or not, you cant call him out...like this line...

"Xbox 360 is launching soon. Pay attention to anything announced or more specifically not announced by Nintendo on that date."

maybe Im missing something, but how can you pay attention to what is not announced? Seems he is just covering his ass...as before he has suggested something could be revealed around this date, for a long while now. He seems too vague to call him on anything. He has also been very vague on if there is a visor or not.

Also, if he is real he has reasons not to answer your questions falafelkid, if he proves himself w/o a doubt, his website would get flooded with traffic. Just a few weeks ago his site was down for a week because it went over its bandwith for the month. I thought then he had or would close it down because it had become too big.

LSSLAVE said...

Actually, his comment makes me think about the fact that developers are allowed to announce their stuff

Could third parties be prepared to dick over Microsoft and help Nintendo?

Sega wants to use Virtual Console over Xbox Live Marketplace, I think that shows you the kind of third party support that Nintendo has these days!

The fact he was right about the TGS controller revealing, and the fact Square Enix has hinted at a new MMO and now talk of a Mario MMO? if they did it the same way they did Mario RPG, just IMAGINE it? (if SE did the N MMO)

Falafelkid said...

Hi majik12. Some good points there. I agree with you on the blog. He seems to have been right about a number of things, but he was also wrong about stuff and seems vague at times. In my mind, the only way I could start regarding him as a real insider was to answer my questions or post more detailed information. The latter is not an option to him (showing up Nintendo is not to my liking, either), so I am hoping he will go for the former. A good point about traffic and bandwidth. But with little over a thousand visits a day I wouldn´t be too afraid of being flooded. I don´t think my blog is big enough for that.

Falafelkid said...

@Turbine: Hi and welcome. Quick word about Osoko Tanaka. Lots of Japanese people claimed he couldn´t be Japanese from his use of English (and his refusal to respond to posts in Japanese). Also, lots of Spanish people picked up on specific mistakes that were peculiar to Spanish people speaking English. It´s pretty much a given that Osoko was not Japanese. And changing his writing style from the Osoko blog to the Revealing one is not a big task in my mind.

@Anonym (fourth from this post up): Good point. His comments about some counter to the Xbox360 launch really do set him apart from all reliable sources I have heard. A Nintendo employee told me there was not going to be any more news this year. N-Sider may have reported the very opposite - but N-Sider is not exactly GameSpot. So this could show this guy up eventually, by the end of the year. Even though he writes that Nintendo may counter the launch by not announcing something.

He seems to be in line with my information on a different point. He keeps on talking about the last information to be revealed as ´the big one´. Not many people have been so bold to say so. I know so. He is totally right about that. I´m intrigued. Let´s see what action he takes.

Stu L Tissimus said...

Certainly an interesting blog. I get the feeling it might be the real thing. If you look at Update 4, he mentions both of its controllers.

Also, the thing about one mockup being the real thing... There was one (extremely intricate) mockup I remember seeing that, while not really looking much like the Revolution controller, had the same principle behind it. It was split into two parts, and one of them had the whole gyro/pointer stuff built into it.

Tetsuo Otomo said...

It is really interesting that when he was a little off he wasnt that far off. Plus, I wish to GOD I could get into E3, let alone BE and N-sider. That would be too cool.

Hostile said...

The Internet: Serious fucking business, eh?

Anonymous said...

He claims that 56k will be supported when there is no modem port on the revolution. Why is Nintendo supporting 56k when they're really really pushing for the wifi message? You can't get wifi to work with 56k since it requires a constant ON wireless connection. Nintendo is not releasing the wireless dongle for nothing. Nintendo also stated that they think hooking the console up to the tv and then hooking up a network is a turn off for many people. If anything no offense to 56ks users but they're just goin to disrupt the online experience.

Despite what everybody says I still don't believe this guy. Don't you guys think that if this guy was real, it wouldn't be that hard for Nintendo to track this guy down if all the rumor/speculations that he is posting were true? I'm pretty sure Nintendo keeps track of who knows what about anything related to Revolution.

Anonymous said...

"Xbox 360 is launching soon. Pay attention to anything announced or more specifically not announced by Nintendo on that date."

This is the same sort of tomfoolery you see in the horoscopes. If Nintendo doesn't announce anything, he's right. If they do announce something, he's right too because they didn't announce "everything"! The only service you've done in this entry is make a list of his concrete predictions so we'll be able to tick off the ones he gets WRONG.

nz guy said...

A few times a week my arse! since ive been visiting its more like once a month, if that.

nz guy said...

I dont go there because i believe him i just go to see what he thinks and compare it to my own views.
because he hardly ever writes anything solid, why would nintendo give a toss about him confusing the world with his, they will but they wont, crap, its the same thing that high ranking people at nintendo are doing, keeping us guessing.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who doubt the 56k, re-read what he said

"56K is going to be quasi-supported for those of you living in the 90's"

In other words, the USB dongle will allow the Rev to hook up to a computer, and use the computer's interenet connection to get online. If that computer uses 56k to get online, then the Rev will use 56k.

And he's just making up stuff - although it is always interesting to see what others think this "Revolution" is all about.

Speaking of which, we've seen the console, we've seen the controller, we've seen the WiFi. What is left to complete the revolution? Games. There has only been a little talk about the games in progress, I think Nintendo has something wicked up their sleeves. Think more groundbreaking than Mario 64.

NES: shipped with Super Mario Bros
SNES: shipped with Super Mario WOrld
N64: Mario 64 avail at release
Cube: No classic mario to be found (and the system doesnt hold that same place in my heart as the others :'( )

Rev: BUNDLED with Mario, one controller with BOTH nunchuck and shell.

Oh yea, and my brother's friend's wife's cousin knows this guy who knows someone on the inside, so you know what Im saying is true.

Morton-jn said...

This guy is not anything but a sad kid. This does not fit in with Nintendo's strategy at all and I can't fathom truth out of his ramblings... I guess I am not totally confident in him. Who knows though.

Blizz419 said...

I think he is fake thats my view unless he proves without a resonable doubt otherwise, that whole 56k is crap, i dont see them going outta there way to use a should be extinct connection even if it is only quasi-supported its just bull

P.S. if anyone wants to trade Mario Kart DS Friend codes visit my blog


Blizz419 said...

Nice my list on my Blogg is growing looks like i';m gettin a decent network of friend codes going

Anonymous said...

"There will be an African American lead character in one of the earlier "Revolution" games."

- Could this be Barrett from FFVII?

Sylver said...

I know this is the wrong post, but i bet no one would read if I'd posted it in the right one.

Still on patent, for those that say that its a way to not render objects that the player does not see.. tough luck, that's been around for ages. Its called raytracing, and basicly calculates the position and direction of the POV and renders only the objects seen (there's even a Q3 version that uses raytracing... it sucks btw :P)
So i think for N to make a patent for that would be just silly... hence, the ar or something in the likes would be more reasonable... just my 2 cents

about the blog... i think its fake, specially the "does or does not reveal"... sounds fishy... but only time will tell, eh?

Anonymous said...

Still no answer from Merrick?????

MadOdorMachine said...

As far as the "Look for what may or may not be announced from Nintendo" post he made, he also said something about leaking things through a grapevine. Maybe he meant to look out for some Viral Marketing at or very close to the Xbox 360 launch. At least that's the way I took it.

Also Falalfelkid, do know what "The Big One" is? I'm asking that you tell us what it is, but just if you know of some features for Revolution that haven't been announced.

There's a lot of stuff he seems to be in the know about. Could the third party FPS shooter he's talking about be the one from Ubisoft?

MadOdorMachine said...

Sorry I seemed to have left out the word not in my previous post. Here it is again for clarity

"Also Falalfelkid, do know what "The Big One" is? I'm not asking that you tell us what it is, but just if you know of some features for Revolution that haven't been announced.

Anonymous said...

Blizz419: They don't have to go out of their way to support the 56k. The data is all the same once it gets to the computer. The USB dongle will simply take any connnection the computer has and broadcast it over wifi.

MadOdorMachine said...

What a coindence. Revolution Report just reported that Nintendo has announced they will be using Viral Marketing for the Revolution.

Anonymous said...

ViTal Marketing. Not "Viral".

Lord Turbine said...

Hey, Falafelkid, you should get some companion message boards. These discussions tend to get long and take a while to read through.

Invision Free, perhaps? That way you can edit the HTML all you want without paying a dime?

Anonymous said...

The USB dongle DOES NOT work with 56k. Nintendo has always stated that it will only work for broadband. This is straight off the Nintendo Wifi USB dongle page:

"In order to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector, you will need:

* PC (The Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector is not Mac compatible)
* Windows XP
* A high-speed internet connection (such as DSL or cable)
* A Wi-Fi compatible Nintendo DS game
* and, of course, a Nintendo DS."

Shoxware Games said...

WHOOOO! Today is shigeru miyamoto's birthday!

happy birthday, shigeru - and now complete twilight princess! NOW!!

Blizz419 said...

exactly @ last anonymous, there will be no 56k support, nor should there be either, 56k should be extinct, i do not understand why people still have it, its pure garbage, i pay 14.95 a month for DSL, thats cheaper than AOL's dial up, but yet people still have it, its stupid

Blizz419 said...

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Anonymous said...

"There will be an African American lead character in one of the earlier "Revolution" games."

Mario's new sidekick?

Anonymous said...

I took pause at the African America character part on part it sounds unbelievable...But so was a fat italian plumber jumping on turtles 21 year ago. Id give nintendo all the credit in the world if this was true.

JP said...

Falafelkid can you answer about your possibly knowing a big rev feature? Just knowing you know would make me smile.

Also, i agree that you should look into hosting some form of website about the revolution. Every one ive seen so far has been set up by people looking for attention, and they have not been prepared to understand their subject.

It would be very refreshing to have a website that covers a subject that the author is REALLY devoted to.

Also, if there is a monetary issue i suggest you create a donation page and post it here. Im sure most of your readers agree.

- JP

Anonymous said...

jp: For a Revolution info website, you could use


If you see a mistake, you can fix it yourself.

JP said...

@Anon, thanks but i would not consider a wikipedia entry a website. I was suggesting that this blog evolves into a website.

Anonymous said...

What I found really interesting on the revealing Revolution page was his use of plural verbs after Nintendo. Examples "Nintendo are," and "Nintendo want." It is not just a mistake, he does it every single time. My idea is that english cannot be his native tongue and instead he natively speaks some language in which corporations are considered plural instead of singular. I do not know of any languages off hand, but maybe Japanese?

Anonymous said...

Actually that is also considered proper english ("Nintendo are..."/"Company are...").

"Use of a plural verb after a singular noun denoting a group of persons (known as a noun of multitude) is commoner in the U.K. than in the U.S."

nz guy said...

you must be fun at partys.
what exactaly is vital marketing?

Another NZ Guy said...

At party's what? Or do you mean parties?

nz guy said...

thats the one.
touch my name i'll touch your family!

Anonymous said...

OLD News?

Date: Mars 2004

Nintendo Invests in Matrix

Nintendo has invested US$150 million in the 3-D graphics chip maker Matrix Semiconductor. The design of Matrix's chips makes it possible to produce a much greater number of chips from a single wafer. This cuts the costs of such chips substantially. Matrix chips also take up much less motherboard space allowing them to be placed in mobile phones at much lower cost.

I think you might already know this, but incase you haven't.

Anonymous said...

About Vital Marketing :


Anonymous said...

Hmm... I never knew about using the plural verbs infront of groups of people. I have lived in America my whole life, read lots of books, and I have never heard it before. That makes it very possible that the writer of Revealing Revolution is from the UK or learned their English in a British setting.

Anonymous said...

@jp-- what would you put on a website that isn't on this blog or wikipedia?

Anonymous said...

The guy hasn't revealed anything of any substance. Notice how he posts AFTER information is released by Nintendo. All he does is just reconfirming what Nintendo has said. C'mon this guy practically studied and memorized IGN's revolution FAQ and every press release by Nintendo. Name one thing he was right on the money about? NOTHING, Seriousgamer007, SPoNG, Revealing the Revolution...They're all just seeking for more hits for their pathetic site.

saviorofhyrule said...

I'm not sure what to say, but I find it interesting. He seems very confused about his claims of Revolution being the final name, then not, then again, then not. However, he is very honest.

Regardless of whether it is true or not, I'm hoping you didn't intimidate him by "causing too attention" to his site. And, even if it is a lie, it makes me happy, thinking that it may be possible.

Shoxware Games said...

right now, i don't think, that even nintendo knows the final name for the system, why shouldn't they reveal it??

well, it could look like this:

interviewer: "well, mr. iwata, so if revolution is just a tentative name for the console, what's the final name?

iwata: "i am sorry, but i cannot tell you, because this name is so revolutionary, that we can't allow anyone to copy it."

i mean... seriously! the nintendo "shift", why not? but i think it's all about the so-called paradigmshift, so i really don't know, what to think.

at the moment, he is NOT more credible then osoko tanaka and co.

Anonymous said...

I just presented this question to Matt, but it struck me that perhaps the Gamecube channel is not the most impartial place to ask this particular question.

I was surprised the other day when my brother expressed what appears to be the blind perspective of the brainwashed masses and we have subsequently been feuding over his claim: The Xbox is more powerful than the GameCube (he using the patented "everybody knows" defense). What was most offensive about his claim, and honestly it matters little to me if one console is more powerful than another (I've been a long time advocate of gameplay over graphics), was how he scoffed at the very notion that GameCube was on comparable footing to the Xbox graphically (and was supported by certain extraneous attendant parties in this respect). While I quite easily concede that in terms of sheer system specifications, the Xbox clearly appears to be the more powerful system, I've long been of the notion that the Xbox has not really held the power advantage its numbers claim it does. However, when I presented this notion to my brother with the seemingly unbeatable argument of "Just take a bloody look at Resident Evil 4, 'nuff said" he countered with an infuriating "it could have been prettier on the Xbox." What is even more troublesome is that my brother is a self-proclaimed Nintendo fan (though obviously not a fan-boy, which he accuses me of being solely on the basis of this disagreement). I would be tempted to just shrug him off as an ignoramus who is easily swayed by flashy marketing, but unfortunately, I have to live with the bloody man. So here's the question: is he a sheep or am I a fanboy?

nz guy said...

he just doesn't know where the heart of gaming lies

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is legitim or plausibel to call 360 a next generation system when games like Resident Evil 4 on N-Cube exist? the visual leap seems to be underwhelming!Resi4 was the last game I purchased almost a year ago and since there arent't any games that caught my attention lately I wonder what happened to the industry cause I used to play a lot.Games like:Metroid Prime,Resi4,a link to the past,Mario Bros,Golden Eye,Shadow Man,Street fighter,Monkey Island,Day of the tentacle etc.. back then there was always a classic around the corner, something you could really look forward to but nowadays if I take a look at the 360 launch lineup it just feels like been there done that - there is nothing new or exciting.And when I ask myself if it has something to do with the fact that i am getting older memories of Metoid Prime infiltrate my mind and I come the conclusion that it is their fault it has nothing to do with my age!they have not succeded with their approach!360 3d games are still not hollywood!there is still some blurry textures!normal mapping still isn't Jurassic Park it's more like Toy Story!the truth is that with 360 3d games still don't look as good as they should!And that was Microsofts attempt!that was their goal but they failed!If we take a look at the lifespan of xbox or more specifically if we compare first generation titles like Halo1 with second or third gen. titles like Halo2 the graphical leap between them is marginal!no way around it!same thing with other games!They won't get that much more out of 360 meaning that the games won't look two or three times better than what you see now even if it has some unused core or something. Actually they said similar things about the PS2 back then! 2d still looks more believebale than 3d if you ask me and 360 did not deliver!at least Nintendo is back on track with what seems to be the most reasonable direction to go by changing the fundamentels.People want new expiriences and not the same old crap albeit shinier!People tend to rely too much on tried and true things and are not open for innovation or perhaps too lazy to use their imagination!I am not saying that the Revolution controller is a safe bet or the denitive way to go and I am still sceptical how it will turn out at the end but simultaneously I can see the potential of this approach and that it could deliver...

Anonymous said...

definetive not denitive
formal error excuse me!

nz guy said...

thinking about it the only real next gen consol is the rev. The ps3 and 360 are nothing but hardware updates and that doesnt go far unless they reflected real life. You can say, 'well they are next gen because they are new versions of the consoles' but every time they update PC hardware do they charge around saying, 'Its the next gen of computers'.Its the same with the ps3 and 360 but they arent released as often so people think its significant.

nz guy said...

i ment if the graphics reflect real life.

Falafelkid said...

@ NZ_Guy and the last Anonym: I totally agree with you. Xbox360 will not be perceived as a next-gen console. I received the console yesterday along with a copy of Kameo and there are still some bugs in it. The morphing looks a far cry from the wonderful nebular-type effect seen on the GameCube version and, more importantly, cut-scenes jump and skip a few frames. It is very annoying and reaffirms my opinion that the console was rushed beyond reason. If you look at Perfect Dark (which increasingly looks like it won´t be available at launch), everything seems to be covered in cellophane foil, only to show off the really quite impressive reflective textures. Along witht the overtly bright colours (which do not do the title of the game any justice, at all) it looks like bubble gum, I´m afraid. So, Xbox360 won´t be much of a next-gen console (at least for the time being) and it won´t be much of a competition for the Rev.

To third Anonym above: Please stop dissing SPOnG. I will not get tired of saying that they are a reputable news site run by decent journalist. They have more than once been the only ones who rightly predicted Nintendo´s moves, because they have excellent contacts in Japan. I don´t know who started saying that they are no better than SG007, but they are wrong, even though everyone seems to have picked up on it.

Lastly, about the ´big one´, I don´t know what it is (I wish), but I know there is more to the Revolution, it will blow us away more than the controller already has and that is the reason why no games are being shown yet (and perhaps also why we don´t know the final name of the system yet).

Raphael said...

So, anyone told you that?

It`s not only a wish?

Can`t your contact-person be wrong?

(I hope your answer is: yes, no, no)! :-)

JP said...

Can i just say i agree about the spong issue. I think it started with Americans site being jealous of their contact, and basically calling them a 'poor european gaming news site'. It is shameful.

Sadly i didnt get my hands on a 360, and after hearing my brothers verdict im not to keen on even playing it. I could have gone to his place to play it today but i would rather sit here waitting for American sk8land to come. lol.

Also about perfect dark being shiny. This is a huge issue i ahve with shaders/raflections. Doom3 was ruined by this. I have no idea why this effect is so over used, it looks terrible. I was joking with someone about making a doom3 mod where you walk around with a dust cloth and the only thing to do is polish everything (it was funny at the time).

@Anon: Forums, organized articles, news, images and guest articles/editors. There are many many advantages to having a full website, opposed to a blog. I would very much like to see Falafelkid running a website which reviews the revolution games and hardware as well.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Raphael: Yes, no, no.

Glad to be of service ;)

Anonymous said...

Still no answer from Merrick?????

Falafelkid said...

Unfortunately, no. Nintendo told me the other day that they themselves had reminded Merrick a number of times. As of tomorrow, I´m on holiday, too. So we might only get the answers when I´m back, December 3rd. Sorry everyone.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone is even considering "Shift" a good name for this thing. Guys... "shift"... "shit"... do you not see the similarities between those words? As if Nintedo doesn't have enough grief as it is!

Anonymous said...

Wow...so Falafelkid is very confident that there is another surprise concerning the Revolution. Up until now its just been speculation...I think we just got our first reliable confirmation that there is indeed another *big* piece to the Rev puzzle.

I'm happy to hear this.

And considering the cryptic comments coming of Nintendo lately (as if it isn't always cryptic) the next revolution must involve the display. Hmmm....

pi said...

I think. It will named "Nintendo Revolution". Point it's moer than 1,000 time been call by every one every web and now it's too easy to remember.

Name isn't important point.

this blog show something real befor so I think I can belive

Important Point : this word

Understand this: there is a reason as to why graphics haven't been shown. This reason involves presentation of the games themselves. *HD support is virtually meaningless to Nintendo. **Less than 1/4 of gamers use HD anyhow. HD support would also raise the price.

.... he call it's graphics not pictuer or screen capture ... why?

by word found on **
mean revolution will used tv
but word *
mean good tv meaningless

now mix this two
revolution will used tv and have good graphic even your tv's picture look bad

and that's why graphics haven't been show ???

-*- any ideal ???

nz guy said...

will you post before you go?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the guy who says 'shift' is a bad name.

For the exact same reason. Pac Man was called PuckMan in Japan. I think you'll need about 2 seconds to understand why the name got changed.

And if you don't think people twisting the name into profanity would be a problem.. just think about the dudes you're friends with. lol every one of you knows some guy who would pounce on that and find it hilarious. "lol nintendo shit lol"

MadOdorMachine said...

Looks like the "Revealing the Revolution" site got shut down.

Anonymous said...

Freewebs froze the blog.

I guess it got too popular.

nz guy said...

if he did realy want it kept a secret then he is gonna be pretty pissed, its all over the web!

nz guy said...

here is some stuf i found on the net, well 1 thing realy. more of comfermation to what everyone alredy knew.

"Do we know everything there is to know about Revolution? And on a related note, when will you reveal the final pieces of the puzzle?"

What would be your answer? Anyhow, here is George speaking on the matter.

No, we have not entirely pulled back the curtain on Revolution just yet. There are many exciting details about its capabilities and the unique gameplay you will experience on it that we are keeping under wraps -- for now. We know you are very anxious to learn the full potential of the system, and soon we will be able to share more with you!

Keeping some Revolution cards close to our chest is a strategic decision on Nintendo's part. Every Nintendo console launch in the past has been shrouded in some level of secrecy due to Nintendo's desire to innovate and provide new gaming features and technology. With Revolution, this could be the most innovative product Nintendo has ever created in the history of the company. So, even though we have already shown you the basics on Revolution, you can be sure that there are still a few more surprises we are holding for a later date.

When? You will slowly begin to know more as we enter 2006 and as the year unfolds, and especially at E3, you will be immersed in Revolution news.

We will be eager to hear what you have to say and think you will be pleased with what is in store around the corner!

M-M said...

It´s from IGN asking George Harrison.


banKai said...

dont know if uve already posted this in the comments, but there is nintendo minute vol 20. out now.


its about when nintendo is going to reveal more facts about revo..
after reading it i guess itll just be the final name this year.. and more next year

bankai said...

haha.. m-m beat me to it :D
but u know.. make assurance double sure :)

Raphael said...

pi wrote:

"now mix this two revolution
will used tv and have good
graphic even your tv's picture
look bad"

That`s right, but also remember,
that Iwata told us, that the final
graphics will look almost equal
compared with the other consoles.

Anonymous said...

The site is down :( why? someone said he would stop writing if the page got to famous... damn :(

did the guy answer you?

nomadx469 said...

the site is down because he is a fake. just like seriousgamer. if anyone read his posts you can tell by his many excuses and being to straitfoward with the alleged information that he said he had and posted. come on guys you put anything on the net and it will spread like wildfire.:i

pi said...

If you read : We are sorry, this site is unavailable because it has used up its monthly bandwidth. Please try back another time.

I don't think it will looking bad. I think it will used other device and tv together ... not used only tv. to presentation of the games.

That will make tv output virtually meaningless. And make graphics haven't been show and this much more important.
I think "If they wish to hidden more importan might show later"

- it's maybe something more shock and more better than that joy stick -

Anonymous said...

omg lol pdz looks like plastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Alright this will be my last rant on Spong.

JP: "Can i just say i agree about the spong issue. I think it started with Americans site being jealous of their contact, and basically calling them a 'poor european gaming news site'. It is shameful."

Are you kidding me?? There's absolutely no jealousy or any animosity about who is getting exclusive news first; American, European, or even Japanese. As cliche as this sounds at the end the gamers will end up the winner so why would the gamers care if the info came from Europe. It doesn't matter who or where the news came from, just as long as they're credible. Nobody was complaining about the Spanish magazine that was gettin the first exclusive on The Twilight Princess or even nobody is complaining about Eurogamer.net interviewing Jim Merrick. Nobody is bitching unless the info was unreliable or have questionable credibility. Why don't you go to Eurogamer.net and tell the good people there that Spong is one of the most credible gaming news site then. A good site is a good site and a poor one is just poor one. Spong just happens to be the poor one. The only credible thing came out of Spong was a Peter Moore interview.

Anyways...if any info released from Sony or Nintendo on Monday or Tuesday. I say it would come in a form of a press release or so. No big press conference or so. Besides every other game writer is too busy covering the xbox360 launch.

Anonymous said...

The problem is spong has been spot on lately regarding Nintendo news at least, they were right about a new GB at E3, they were right about a new zelda trailer at GDC and now they were right about revolution controller at TGS......

Anonymous said...

To clarify everything...

E3: There always a big announcement there. The rumor first started when an analyst report said a revised gameboy maybe in the works and they're aiming for 2005 release. Here is the source: http://hardware.gamespot.com/Story-ST-11720-1561-4-6-x

Now lets take a look at spong's new gameboy announcement: http://news.spong.com/detail/news.asp?mode=news&type=n&cid=&pid=&vid=&prid=8385&n=Game+Boy+Advance+2+set+to+stun+E3+%96+DS+to+evolve+into+PDA

GDC: Everytime Iwata is giving a big speech, you can always expect him to drop some big news. So was it really a suprise when a new Zelda clip and news of DS online announced? Absolutely not, this was what Nintendo fanboys have been speculating all long. Its not hard to speculate when Nintendo is going to drop big news. GDC is considered as the pre-E3 event. When Nintendo wants to make big announcements, they like to do it big. You only have a couple of big events each year to drop big news on their big franchises. E3, GDC, German Game Convention(I think thats the name), Toyko Game Show, you can always expect Nintendo to do it big there.

TGS Revolution Controller Unveiling: Jim Merrick did mention that you can expect more revolution news in a few weeks at the German Game Convention. Matt from IGN always confirm Nintendo will show the Revolution controller there.

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