Saturday, May 02, 2009

´Conduit´ developer has more big plans for Wii

´Conduit´ developer High Voltage Software has more big plans for Wii. In a video interview with French site Nintendo-Master, the studio's Eric Nofsinger announced "two big ones" to be announced at E3.

Our goal with 'The Conduit' was to make a game that was the most graphically impressive for the Wii. Our goal with these upcoming games is to do some things that are very, very rare, even on the 360 or PS3. Some of things we are doing with the sheer number of enemies on-screen and things like that, are very impressive. We've got a demo we'll be showing there where the average number of enemies on the screen at any given time is 65 and then it goes up.

Here is the video interview in full.

Previous titles by the studio may only include ´The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy´ and the frankly appalling ´Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude´. But Wii-exclusive ´The Conduit´, to be released in June, clearly shows that they have entered another league, both in terms of immersive gameplay and extraordinary graphics. Here is the most recent trailer for the game.

We have gotten used to some studios talking up the Wii's graphical capabilities. In 2007, Epic Studios revealed that a licensee of their Unreal 3 technology was porting it to Wii. It is still unknown which studio and what kind of project are attached to this attempt.

Just over a year ago, Factor 5 president Julian claimed that the Wii engine he is working on will deliver no less than their PS3 engine used for ´Lair´:

We're almost done with the engine and it does everything that the PS3 did and then some, quite frankly.

In April of 2008, High Voltage Games claimed that Wii games can look as good as Xbox360 or PS3 titles:

Most of the games on the Wii look like crap. We want to change that, so we've invested heavily in our Wii tech over the past year. (...) With Conduit, we are trying to make a Wii game that looks like a 360 title.

Will they deliver? If all the games mentioned above can match or surpass ´The Conduit´, then the answer is a clear yes. But whether there is a market for these games is the question far more relevant to the console's long-term portfolio.

Source: Nintendo-Master (French)
Thanks to: Kombo


Anonymous said...


ANTI WII PROPAGANDA SEEMS TO BE WORKING..... i expect better from here (unless you mean how good thell end up being and what sales they then get)..

wii is dam efficient and its ram lightning fast and the "yield" from the chip set is very high

compare the effective yield of wii to a pc clock for clock etc

NO CONTEST take xbox 1 on paper its a 110million polygon machine in reality it was more like 10 million

that's a massive waste of theoretical power

lets round of that 110 to 100 (maths lol)




fillrate/bandwidth/streaming speed/compression/de-compression

all great on wii and the yield of the chip set is very very high

far higher than ps3 x360 xbox ps2 psp etc ITS MADE BETTER DESIGNED BETTER THATS ALL

assembly level code hand writen code and micro coding HACKING THE GPU AND CPU AT THE METAL LEVEL


check out wii physics and gamecube demos and games on you tubes BROADWAY KICKS SOME ASS SERIOUSLY

elibits on wii 100s of objects on screen 60 frames ALL WITH THERE OWN PHYSICS

and all interactible with a 3d motion pointer KICKING PS3 ASS BIG TIME

wake up wii is next gen - HD witch for the upteenth/zillienth time is not GRAPHICS.............

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Conduit simply looks horrible for the most part even in the latest vids and screens! Honestly, I don't recall having seen one single somewhat promising screenshot for that game. The gfx and the art direction in particular remain unadressed and leave a lot to be desired compared to games like Half Life 2 imho.

Spyborgs, Monster Hunter 3 and Silent Hill are LEAGUES above what Conduit offers in terms of visuals. It should be no mystery. The problem is, people simply buy into the marketing hype that HV has created for this game instead of taking a sec to really look at it and make up their own mind about it. They don't know their history. They don't go back and play Starfox Adventures and Rogue Leader from 8 years ago to face reality. The main difference is that devs of the games I mentioned above simply don't spend 90% of their time bragging about obviously bullshit graphics like HV does instead of actually addressing them like they are supposed to.No. Instead, those other devs let their vids and screens speak for themselve. And the Silent Hill screens speak volumes! You can tell from looking at the screens that its ambitious stuff. Perios. How come I still can't say that about Conduit after having seen dozens vids and screen? I mean don't get me wrong. I'd be the first one to admit that Conduit looks good. I'd love that to be the case.

Hyping and selling the game based on the gfx from day one is a well intended marketing trick on HV part.

I was quick to point out the obviously lacking gfx a year ago when the first screens emerged and I still stand by my opnion now:

Conduit looks bad. It doesn't derserve the hype it's getting.
It's an incredibly generic looking fps with some of the worst and cheapest alien character design I have ever seen in a game.


Anonymous said...

its a poor use of art in conduit and boxy level design the tech is fine and a small in house budget

for that and the fasct there experience was psp license games shit like that

ill judge on reviews and high quality footage

but i understand ur point

also its 30 frames a second

spyborgs red steel 2 etc are 60 frames a second

wii HD 2010 coexisting with wii in a ds/dsi like set up

i think i might be right on this

and even patcher might be right FOR ONCE LOL

pero_detlic said...

the conduit looks awful, save some nice bump mapping and bloom lightning... but nothing special...

re darkside chronicles looks very nice, much better than this crap.. i know, it's on-rail..but still

i would really like to know what is going on with that unreal engine thing, factor 5 and RETRO... what the hell is taking them so damn long??

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