Friday, May 16, 2008

´ Shenmue´ to hit Wii?

Sega will port both parts of ´Shenmue´ to Wii, Swedish gaming magazine Gamereactor claims, according to GameFAQs forum user Saikobooru. He posted a scan from the magazine.

Here is Saikobooru´s translation:

Shenmue is back!

Sega has rereleased classics like Nights,Bass Fishing and House of the Dead lately. Now it's said that Shenmue is next. But don't think that it's about a new game, instead, they're bringing back the two original Shenmue games with extra Wiimote-minigames which will be released for the Wii.

The controversial (at least in my book) Surfer Girl had posted rumours to the same effect. However, it was simply a matter of time before Sega would bring the financial flop that was ´Shenmue´, while undoubtedly being one of the most influential videogames ever, to another console. Wii, as the market leader worldwide, would be the natural choice.

The only question is whether Sega will simply port the first two games over as they did for ´House of the Dead´ or whether they are also considering ending the series with a brand new ´Shenmue 3´.

EDIT I have just been on the phone to the author of this article and he gave me a little more detail. He heard the rumour from a Dutch game editor when he was at an event in the United States and is unsure whether that person had heard it from a direct source. He himself rates the rumour as unreliable.

Source: Saikobooru
Thanks to: Nintendo Wii Fanboy, Joystiq


Anonymous said...

Wow... There's been a lot of rumors of Sega reviving old franchises lately... Shenmue... Skies of Arcadia... Cosmic Smash...

Especially about Skies of Arcadia sequel... Which makes me happy, because the first was a great game and I loved it. :D Hopefully, it'll turn out to be true...

Actually, now that I think about it... didn't SurferGirl also mention a Skies sequel? Ah well... I'm just getting my hopes up... XD

Anonymous said...

yoyo whats up this is the IALS once again life and direct from planet mr falafel the voice of the electronicunderground!!

many things need to be addressed so letts go without further ado:

- For starters I have to admit, GTA4 is quite okay's not super-perfect or something but it's good it's entertaining. It doesnt'r deserve the ridiculously high ratings though since the core gaemplay simply can't match the gorgeous presentation. But it is a lot tighter than the old GTAs as far as the gameplay mechanics are concerned.

The music selection leaves a something to be desired though (of course I mostly listen to the classics station with tracks from Stetsasonic, Group Home, Jeru , T la rock etc. ;-) the Jazz station is good too )

Also Niko must be one of the coolest cats to appear in a video game since I don't know ;-)Wouldn't suprise me if rockstar used him for the sequel. and Brucie is hilarious you must check his website it made me lol to the fullest.

- I am not terribly impressed by Mad World. I don't know whether it's supposed to be a parody of a mad society that loves violence or whatever but if it's not it's just a sad reflection of it. I don't support mindless violence that tries to compensate for lack of gameplay ideas.

- The video game medium is slowly overtaking the world. Now that in game graphics have reached a point
where the transition between gameplay to cinematics becomes more and more seamless better and more exciting stories are getting told and that will eventually draw in more and more people. At the end of the day videogames are without a doubt the most complete package combining many stand alone aspects from other mediums like text,visuals,interactivity, art and music.

- Let's face it: The Conduit looks like a super-duper-high-end-Half life1-2turbo-deluxe-mod-on-steroids to me if that makes any sense. If it ends up looking at least as good as Half Life 2 I might consider buying it. The art style or lack therefore and low polyness of everything needs to be addressed.Let's face it It doesn't look good enough for a 2008 Wii fps. Wii owners should demand more.

- The IGN Wii boards don't accept any negativity so beware. You will get banned for critisism no matter how constructive it is.

- I haven't seen a Wii game screenshot that made me say wow since Fatal Frame.

- I wonder what's the status of Red Steel 2? Can't wait for the first shots. I'm counting on Ubi Soft this time around. It's been in development for quite some time so it should be polished by the time when first shots will surface unlike Conduit I should add ;-). I'm positive they will nail the controlls this time around and round it off with a great visual presentation.

- Last but not least:too many games to play but not enough time. I stopped playing Zack and Wiki when I bought GTA4( what a surprise huh?! ;-)). So I will have to finish that first. You know I guess it's a good sign when a game keeps you guessing keeps you coming back and wanting more. And then there is Shadow of Colossus and Okami for Wii waiting for me. Oh and did I mention Ratchet and Clank tools off destruction? and when I'm busy with those there always soom room for a few rounds of Mario Kart!;-))

what a great read isn't it!?;-)

anyway, best regards from munich and peace

- IALS(the real one, you know who this is ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Falafel,

A shenmue compilation for Wii is actually the best news I 've heard for a long time.Words won't do justice for how much I love this franchise and I am a die-hard Nintendo fan.
But I don't know if we can trust the source of these news.How reliable can be a swedish magazine?
Can you investigate on the subject?
Finally,congratulations for your site but I miss your frequent updates.
Please update more often,or at least post more on the comments.
Thanks a lot! :-)

Ian Wilgaus said...

Personally I have never played Shenmue before so to nw get the chance would be great. However I do hope they do more thana simple port with added Wii controls. I want updated graphics and great controls that compliment such a well crafted title. As for the trilogy, I heard once they where working on it??? But due to Sega's finance situation it didnt come too light. Let hope its there and comes onto Wii.......After all Wii is alot cheaper to make games for

M. Ferreira said...

Shenmue Wii would give me reason to finally retire the Dreamcast (Well, Shenmue, Sakura Taisen, and an AFFORDABLE copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on another platform ;) ). However, I do have to wonder if they WOULD bring the sequel to Wii, or if they'd pull a carrot-and-stick stunt like some developerss are trying.

One thing's certain, though... Shenmue would benefit more from a retouch, even if it is just minor visual upgrades. The original releases of the games look VERY dated in comparison to today's games.

Anonymous said...

is this the best artical you came up with you could of at least embeded conduit video

this is old news

M. Ferreira said...


It may be old news, but this is a SPECULATION site. As in rumors, whisperings, etc. This is a big rumor that's been quite persistent, so it obviously warrants discussion.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the only reason wii aint seeing true wii graphics from 3rd partys is just anti wii anti nintendo hate...

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stating contrast/colour/colour satuation etc to be FAR FAR MORE INPORTANT THAN RESOLUTION

these facts apply to cameras monitors tvs anything its all basicly the same thing A FLAT IMAGE BEING DISPLAYED

wiis pixel/texel level fillrate and its colour support are simply huge for a mear 480p display and wii can handle upscale easy

galaxy/prime3/ack and wiki etc all look stunning with solid frame rates

the fact a 3rd party with a more realistic art direction hasnt been seen yet is as far as im conserned a deliberate act of sabatage

if a wii game pushed wii in x360 type shooter etc graphics wii to the human eye would be very very very close

if 3rd partys pushed graphics on wii as well as the gameplay/controls

it would be proven x360/ps3 simply have no reason to exist

by separating the market splitting it down the middle

3rd partys can market fun and wagle in a lame mass market way on wii

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wether or not a console is HD is nothing to do with graphics but we keep hearing HD GRAPHICS OH ITS GOT GREAT HD GRAPHICS



the wii is closer to ps3 x360 than people are letting on

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its vastly superior to ps3 x360

d-pad mashing etc in say fps is no next gen experiance sorry and its not hardcore ether

a haze owning ps3 fan says to a wii owner HI CASUAL GAMER

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sorry dualshock is casual wiimote is a gaming wonder

get with REALITY

Anonymous said...

you should start your own blog, wiiboy. just make sure it does RSS feeds, and i'd read it every single day. your rants are priceless, hilarious, and mostly quite true. your grammar is bad, but you articulate fairly well. you comment on other blogs all the time: start your own.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

thank you for support and yes my grammer pure stinks... but my content is allmost GOD LIKE not bigging myself up but i was born with a mind of my own i wont allow liers to fill it with un truths

theres a anti nintendo conspiracy AND NO I HAVnT SMOKED TOO MUCH CRACK

i think thats all......
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Anonymous said...

go check out articals on pixel myths and resolution myths there very informative and prove the point im making

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its an insane count considering the 480p capped tv resolution supported

you carnt directly compare to xbox as

wiis more effective efficient and its ram much much faster

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holywood texture catch 16 gb bandwidth not counting 6to1 compression

hollywood z buffer 12gb bandwidth not counting compression

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effectivly now a chip set shared level 3 catch with full compression and 5ns latency

if ps2 gs unit is gs with 4mb edram

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cpu information

Normal Broadway interface:
Bus Interface Unit to System Bus = 64 bit * 243 MHz = 1.944 GB/s
Bus Interface Unit from chip = 17 GB/s
L2 Data cache to fill buffer 64 bit * 729 MHz = 5.832 GB/s
L2 Instruction cache to L1 instruction cache = 32 bit * 729 MHz = 2.916 GB/s
DMA controller to fill buffer 64 bit * 729 MHz = 5.832 GB/s
Fill buffer to L1 Data cache 256 bit * 729 MHz = 23.328 GB/s
Write Gather Pipe from Load/Store Unit 64 bit * 729 MHz = 5.832 GB/s

Broadways data compression
Data compression of 4:1 average data compression:
Bus Interface Unit to System Bus 4:1 = 7.78 GB/s
Bus Interface Unit from chip 4:1 = 68 GB/s
L2 Data cache to fill buffer 4:1 = 23.328 GB/s
L2 Instruction cache to L1 instruction cache 4:1 = 11.664 GB/s
DMA controller to fill buffer 4:1 = 23.328GB/s
Fill buffer to L1 Data cache 4:1 = 93.312 GB/s.
Write Gather Pipe from Load/Store Unit 4:1 = 23.328 GB/s

wii at peak clearly has 8X the bus and processor bandwidths of xbox 1

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risc vs cisc

copperwire vs aluminium

silicon on insulator vs standard

mpu embedded tight transistor ibm tiny chip design vs of the shelf intel

2.5 times a gc/xbox 1 if not more i would guess at

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wii fsb 243mhz plus 4to1 compression = 8gb bandwidth

no contest wii is a xbox my bellend it is

ok ill leave now cup of tea time

Anonymous said...

also: you should start commenting on joystiq, wiiboy. it'll definitely be good for a laugh. soooo many ignorant ps3 fanboys over there. it'd be a riot.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...


aaaaand begin.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

2 wii boy

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and that's why Conduit looks like ancient shit64 bs because of all that high end stuff that you list!?!




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