Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wii gets original downloadable content

Nintendo has announced it will make original downloadable content available through a new service called WiiWare. Nintendo´s press release describes WiiWare as follows:

[It is] a game-creation service that will allow developers large and small to create new downloadable video game content for sale by Nintendo through the Wii Shop Channel of the hot Wii™ home video game system. WiiWare paves the way for smaller, more creative games to make their way to the public at lower prices, without any inventory risk to developers. The first WiiWare content will launch in early 2008.

Newsweek technology editor N´Gai Croal exclusively revealed WiiWare before Nintendo´s announcement. His post adds some detail to the official story:

What's more interesting is that Nintendo isn't only seeking WiiWare from established publishers and developers like Ubisoft and Sega. At a Nintendo developer's conference earlier this week, the company informed attendees that it was seeking from indie developers as well. (...)

Fils-Aime told us that while Nintendo, as the retailer, would itself determine the appropriate pricing for each game on a per-title bases, the games themselves would not be vetted by Nintendo. Instead, Nintendo would only check the games for bugs and compatibility

Nintendo is rather late with this offering. The PS3 already offers all-new downloadable content with games like ´Gran Turismo HD´. What is more, at least some of those games are free. Microsoft may charge for their Xbox Live Arcade service, but they have been up and running for some time already.

What will be interesting to Wii owners is that those games will not be vetted by Nintendo. Providing they do not receive an ´Adults Only´ rating, Nintendo will allow them to be published via WiiWare unchecked. With Nintendo being notorious for monitoring third party content very closely, these games may bring something new to the Wii.

Sources: , N´Gai Croal´s blog
Thanks to: GoNintendo, Kotaku, Carmine "Cai" M. Red, Tim De Vogel


Anonymous said...

play magazines metroid preview sounds promising


Anonymous said...

Yes, but UK Nintendo Public Relations has denyed that a hard drive is in the works. Which brings the question if this is true then what is the big hardware announcement for the Wii?

Also I must ask, what is the likelihood that the Wii is still getting a hard drive and this guy doesn't know what he is talking about.

The way I see it.

With already over 100 virtual console games, SNK games about to be released VC, and now original content, how can Nintendo still maintain that original internal memory and SD cards are the most viable solution?

Falafelkid said...

Hi Spak-Spang.

With already over 100 virtual console games, SNK games about to be released VC, and now original content, how can Nintendo still maintain that original internal memory and SD cards are the most viable solution?

Thanks for your good contribution. Allow me to disagree, though. I believe SD cards are a perfect storage medium. They are very cheap and offer enough space, while tiny in size and safe. I do not need a hard drive for my Wii.

Also, Nintendo was keen on keeping the console small. They will not want people to have to clutter the space around it with dozens of periphery items. I think a harddrive for the console is unlikely. It would not be ´big hardware news in my mind, either.

Anonymous said...


Well if Nintendo is still going to contend that SD cards are the way to go, then they need to allow the ability to read games and game saves directly from the SD cards.

I do not want to be constantly redownloading, or swapping my virtual console games from SD card to the system to play them.

As it stands I have downloaded over 20 virtual console games, and I plan to get many more.

I understand Nintendo's desire to keep things small, and I agree with that goal for the most part...but I am all for Nintendo giving me the option how I want to store my virtual console games, original content, game saves ect.

Though, as mentioned the SD card problem could be solved with a simple firmware update. Which, could actually be the big hardware news. What if a firmware update is coming that allows Virtual Console Controlers to play Gamecube Games? That would be a pretty awesome hardware announcement.

Anonymous said...


It's about image.

To build a good image (Brand) you should atleast:

Dominate a category and to have Quality! - (Nintedo's sofwares)

Own a word in the mind of customer! And not name a brand with "general word"! - (Wii)

Be consistent - Market change, but brands shouldn't. Ever. (The same positive profile of Nintendo)


Anonymous said...

That is really good news.

My question? HOW do you make games for it!? I'm more than a little interested in the chance to make use of it...

Anonymous said...

hey Falafel:

Welcome back from your vacation long time that I don't post but I always stop here to read and stuff.

anyway I would disagree with you about some things.

about the harddrive, they definite need one, but are probly afraid of hackers finding out how to backup games unto it ala original xbox and about the cluttering the Wii with things next to it. let's see 2 Wii-motes and nunchuks, 2 classic controllers and a small box to hold lots of SD cards ok thats clutter if you ask me.

bottom line nintendo is being nintendo is being nintendo once again cocky as hell but hey thats opinion


RGB said...

You are able to get 2 and 4gb SD cards quite cheap which is probably more than adequate at this stage.

I like this news obtaining downloaded content, especially indie. Bring some point and click adventure games.

This means so much to small developers who cant afford the usual console distribution way.

Anonymous said...

Wii just lacks a true killer title for the core gamer...thats the consoles main problem...there simply aren't any true killer titles out...face it...a title where you damn I really need to play this...there is nothing truely deep or original out for the platform...we are almost exclusivly dealing with party games and PS2 ports...and then there are the usual Nintendo suspects...I'm really looking forward to Prime 3 and Galaxy of course but that's hardly enough...there aren't any original new high production value blockbuster titles like Alan Wake, Bio Shock, MGS, Motostorm, Resistance,Kameo, Lair, Ninja Gaiden, etc. in the have to admit that...PS3 will sell soon as the price drops...that's perhaps the biggest no brainer of all time...Wii's success won't last..the games will start to look even more oudated than they do now soon as ps 3 and 360 deveopers figure out how to maximize the consoles potential...Nintendos price advantage will vanish soon as the price drops...unless 3rd parties and Nintendo announce some truely original killer titles in the near future...,but that's not going to happen I'm afraid...just compare the line up...look how many absolute killer smash hit titles are in the pipeline for PS 3 and 360....again Prime 3 and Galaxy are going to be super...I don't doubt that fort a second...but beyond that I simply don't see any blockbusters that are worth mentioning...those two titles are simply not enough to conquer the majoritzy of core gamers who are eagerly awaiting such titles as Haze, Halo 3, Lynch, Too Human, Resident Evil 5, Lair, PGR3, GTA4 , Assasins Creed, Bioshock etc get the picture


Anonymous said...

IALS wrote: "Blah, blah, marketing spin. Blah, blah, wishful thinking. Blah, blah, I'm a complete tool."

Who knows? Maybe if you go to enough sites; spew more of the same
bile; make that same list of games whose critical and commercial success isn't even a given; ignore more painfully obvious market trends; and prove to be more of deranged and social misfit, it might convince someone of something and even earn you some brownie points with the corporations whose company line you're spewing.

But, while you do so, keep one thing in mind and deliver this message to Luke Smith, Joe Analyst, Moe, Larry and the rest of the Goonies:

Halo 2: 7.5 million sold
Nintendogs: 13.6 million sold

Much free-thinking will follow, I'm sure.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous (oswmd).

Who knows? Maybe if you go to enough sites; spew more of the same
bile; make that same list of games whose critical and commercial success isn't even a given; ignore more painfully obvious market trends; and prove to be more of deranged and social misfit, it might convince someone of something and even earn you some brownie points with the corporations whose company line you're spewing.

But, while you do so, keep one thing in mind and deliver this message to Luke Smith, Joe Analyst, Moe, Larry and the rest of the Goonies:

Halo 2: 7.5 million sold
Nintendogs: 13.6 million sold

Much free-thinking will follow, I'm sure.

Wow, great response. Thank you ever so much. There is a certain level of stupidity which I feel does not warrant a response. But I think you proved me wrong. I could not have put it quite as well, though. Or as entertaining, for that matter. I really appreciate people like you contributing greatly to this blog´s community. Again, thanks.

Anonymous said...

To play Devil's advocate for a second.

I think the poster is right about not yet having a true killer App for traditional gamers.

I have talked to a few gamers that love Nintendo but are just waiting for that one game to sell them on the system.

Where he gets misguided is thinking that the PS3 has that game, because it doesn't. Or comparing Xbox 360's 1 1/2 year lineup to the Wii's. It actually took almost that entire 1 1/2 years for Xbox to get the games like Gears of War needed to attract the traditional gamer.

What the poster conveniently left out was the fact that Nintendo is about to release several killer apps for the Wii starting late this summer.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Super Mario Strikers
Battalion Wars Wii

Then in fall:

Super Mario Galaxy
Super Smash Bros Brawl

All of these games WILL attract traditional gamers and non-traditional gamers to enjoy the Wii.

And Wii will have this awesome lineup in about a year instead of a year and a half.

Blizz419 said...

spak-spang for the most part you are right but there were must have games much earlier than a 1.5 years into it the 360's life Don't forget Oblivion, Ghost Recon, Saint's Row, and Dead Rising these all came out way before Gears of War which i think was a over hyped game.

RGB said...

You just love to try and stir people with your drivel.

value blockbuster titles like Alan Wake, Bio Shock, MGS, Motostorm, Resistance,Kameo, Lair, Ninja Gaiden, etc. in the works...

Resistance and Ninja Gaiden are just selling so well, do I need to post sales figures again? Whats to say the others (well bar MGS) will sell systems?

There is no guarantee. A majority of people who were so keen on the PS3 have most likely purchased (I am assuming here and it is 3am and couldnt be bothered thinking further into it). I dont think they are waiting for these games, the enthusiasts have a PS3 already.

You can talk about this and that game etc but when will they be released? Most not very soon. People in the gaming market dont like to wait and on top of that Nintendo are reaching out to new audiences. No one could care less who they are selling to etc, the fact is they are selling systems and games on top of that.

However in 2007 I agree with Spak-Spang, there are no killer must have titles. Well for me anyway. Not unless they release SMG this year.

Metroid 3 will do well I am sure and they do say its looking a lot better than before. For Japan its not going to sell a heap however.

You speak "when Sony have a price drop". WHEN? By the time that happens it may be too late. As Fal and myself have alaready posted links on shifts of development, that is the worst thing for PS3. It will make things a lot harder for them because it will most likely be too late.

If they cut price now they also incur HUGE losses, even more so then what they are incurring now. One way to make your shareholders happy.

You seem to forget you little pratt that the gaming industry is a business. It means nothing which system has such and such game coming out etc, or has a game that looks unreal. If the system isnt selling and creating a user base then it all falls apart around it. It doesnt do the numbers for developers. They couldnt care less if Sony was number 1 last gen, just like they didnt in N64 and PSX. (however there were other reasons then).

Developers follow the numbers and hardware manufacturers should be in business for money. I know Nintendo is, I dont know what MS and Sony are trying to achieve but its basically the opposite.

You also speak of Halo 3 etc coming out. But when are they? At what cost? Will they break even? Is there enough userbase out there to buy the games?

You forget the average joe bloe who bought PS2 and PSX purchased those systems at well below the PS3 price. These were guys who wanted a system that replaced going to arcades or having to buy a PC for games that werent really their cup of tea at a fraction of the cost.

Mass isnt PS3. Not unless they want to sell it at a $300-400 USD loss.

Wii aint the great all of end all either but I think the better content will come and in streams. I hope so anyway. Even if it doesnt offer me great games and continues to sell, the system with the greatest user base and the ability to keep creating large numbers of new users will win.

Excuse me for my bad grammar, too tired to go and correct any of it.

Anonymous said...

ok then go and play your ultra succesful nintendo dogs and nintendo smash brothers nintendo golf nintendo mario soccer just go and play with the nintendo kirby family and be happy O.sw... blah blah

I hope you don't mind though if I don't join your bright colourful juicy top of the pops Mario Party.

Please stop acting so wannabe are trying too hard...just come to terms with reality...reality is simple: NIntendo for kids(always has been always will be).....Playstation: for all ages....

Please accept that I ain't 16 anymore if you will...the playstation line up is a million times cooler, nicer, bigger, thouger and last but not least simply more appealing to older gamers that want something new...splendid entertainment for mature masses...

call it free thinking call it whatever you want to call's my's subjective I don't speak for you..I'm not the president...don't get it twisted...I am. I am me. The playstation line up is simply more attractive me and I'm pretty sure the console will sell when the price drops. I like the new Playstation. I like the robust design. I like Sony's style. Sony has a cool neutral style whereas Xbox and Nintendo are either too hardcore or too kiddy.

You think Smash bros Prime 3 and galaxy makes a killer line up... then it 's ok you know have fun...wharever..there is no accounting for taste...

but for me a killer line up consists of said titles like GTA4,Bio Shock,MGS,Perfect Dark, Kameo, Gears Of War, Lost Planet,Lair,Resistance, Motorstorm, Little Big Planet, ALan Wake etc etc etc

I prefer the style I prefer the themes I prefer the settings I prefer th efreshness I prefer the graphics I prefer everything about those game over games that I see on Wii... ain't telling me nothing..Wii simply lacks killer titles IN MY OPINION and thus other consoles are preffered


Blizz419 said...

PS3 sux, and its controller is horrid you would of thought by now Sony would of learned to switch the left analog and dpad left analog is the main input and there for should be placed in the most comfortable place for the left thumb, also it is not intelligent to charge $600 for a console. also doesnt help with the systems bottlenecks it has causing it not even be possible to take full advantage of its hardware.

RGB said...

PS3 lacks killer titles just as much as 360 and Wii, and whatever your liking is (who cares anyway?) doesnt change the facts or the cards that are lying on the table right now. Deal with it.

The other difference is we wont be waiting until 2026 for MGS4 which wont even be exclusive anyway.

Please accept that I ain't 16 anymore if you will...the playstation line up is a million times cooler, nicer, bigger, thouger and last but not least simply more appealing to older gamers that want something new...splendid entertainment for mature masses...

So you are 15 going on 14 then? Every trash you speak of makes anyone think so even though 5% actually read what you say.

I dont need to try to be intelligent. Even as I speak I have 1.5 hours sleep and sound more than the dribble your keyboard outputs. Like I stated in my message that I was half asleep and was nothing more than a massive blurt.

If you are so anti Wii now, why do you bother coming here? Because you like to get attention and its quite sad.

Cant see the 'mature masses' buying PS3 right now, can you? The developers certainly havent either and they are more in the loop than any of us when it comes to marketing their products.

I prefer the style I prefer the themes I prefer the settings I prefer th efreshness I prefer the graphics I prefer everything about those game over games that I see on Wii...

I put the only significant and relevant word there for you in bold.

Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

grand master b... sorry but I was talking to the other guy :)

...seriously though good luck with your taste and life




Anonymous said...

I dunno if you were talking to me.

But I do think Wii has a killer lineup this year, and a lineup that is actually quite diverse.

Super Mario Galaxy is a sequel to the best platforming game series ever. I don't think that me being a fanboy it is simply fact. Mario's track record for being the best platforming games is unrivaled.

Metroid Prime 3 will be the first great first person shooter for the Wii. No it won't be the best on the Wii, nor will it be better than Halo 3 (because of Multiplayer in Halo 3) but it is going to be amazing, and it is exclusive.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl is the only 4 player fighting series that actually plays great. The characters are beloved franchise characters that everyone enjoys playing, and the series is set to be the best of the bunch, and most likely will be the best fighting game of this generation.

Finally, we have Nintendo's lesser known games coming out this year. Battalion Wars Wii and Super Mario Strikers. From what I understand both are going to be online, and both offer a very unique experience. Strikers is a great party sports game. And BWWii offers great strategy game with intense real time action. Playing that online is going to be a blast.

And those are just Nintendo's published games. Let's not forget that third parties are also going to be releasing big games for Nintendo this Christmas. After all half of your list of must have games are from third parties.

So Wii will have two Resident Evil games, Manhunt 2, Red Steel 2, and many more games yet to be announced to play that may suit your personal tastes better.

Anonymous said...

There are these kid of people around Nintendo forums:

1. Love/hate the way Nintendo do their buinsess. (Buisness oriented)
2. Dedicated/Anti to Nintendo whatever the companay do or bring. (Brand oriented)
3. Loves Nintendo very much but frustrated by the lack of commitment toward its choose of hardware and software interest - the company seems not to show interest in thier-now “grown-up” fans (Irritated fans)

Its of course possible that one can have two or all three of these “dedicated interest” in the company (Nintendo), although I would make a bold statement; that even if one could possible belong to all three, there is only one thats is more enthusiastic about.

To speak about my self, I’m the #1 type of guy and loves the way Nintendo do thier buinsess, therefore, for the most part I’m also dedicated to the brand and falls in love with most of what they throw at me as consumer. But due to my ealier experience with Nintendo (from 8 bit era), I also feelt, at a time, that they have left me and other dedicated fans with a lucklusting offerings when it comes to both hardware and software...

But then again it was long time ago. I was only a spectactor and lacked the know-how about running a dedicated business. Now when I know better I can trully enjoy seeing Nintnedo, as a company, make their move to siege the trone as undisputed king of video game entertainer.

Why you ask? Here are some simple facts. Though bare with me for not have the exact numbers.

Hardcore gamer reprecent a market valued only about 10-25 %of the total gaming market that have a possibility to reach $49 Billion by 2011. This mean that the other market must have 75-90 %. As a buiness entity, its no brainer that one should go for the later. And I think Nintendo made a wise choose not to listen to Hardcore gamer and vicious developers wiches but to the numbers and numbers alone...

One of the holly cow of marketing and branding is to have a nich. By focusing what you’re best at, or for Nintendo - where the money is. By focucing in “kiddy” or “family friendly”softwares to Children (if you may) of all age, Nintendo now have a nich market or in reality, a lead in a categority which they hope to milk of money during lifetime. As a kid I love the experiecnce I had with a Nintendo product or things that is assosiated to it. This will hopfully make me a dedicated fan when I get older and have possible shared my happiness to other. My happy experience will of course continue and not to be halted untill I’m no longer interested for whatever reason.

…And its here where Microsoft and Sony made their misstake. To be fair, they also concentrated on a nich market, so why this huge different in sale? They have placed their bet on the wrong race – namingy the limited market of the hardcore gamers. Of course both companies have software catering towards the same market segment as Nintendo. But if you ask numbers for answers, likwise many players in field, you will know that although Microsoft and Sony have similar offerings, Nintendo dominate the category. An exellent company have to constraint their offering and evolve through innovations and successful ownership of a word in the mind of customer. How many of you don’t associate Nintendo with game-only console, quality product and servises, innovation leader, kiddy? If you have followed me from start and understand what I try to tell you, then you understand that Nintendo have been consistent in whatever they do. And this is the core formula that won them the initially console war.

Nintendo like other companies are in business for profits no denying here. But to do that in a more operative approach they have to convince other developer and publisher to make business on their machines/products. They making this happend by leading by example i. e develop games like WiiPlay/Sport , Mario Galaxy ect. But they never take a huge step out from their core business. So yes, it’s mostly up to other developer/puplisher to take on.

…Now look at Microsoft and Sony. What is the word the mainstreams out there have to say about these companies? Or for that matter what do they stand for? Let me tell you.

For gamers; Hi Defination, cool, expensive but.

But for the most part the association they undoubtly belong to as much as Nintendo to their, are a market far from gaming world, and that is my ladies and gentlements – Windows and Walkmans (I know that I simplefied a bit, but you know what I mean).

Ow, I see that I’ve wrote to much and totaly forgotten the point of way I’m start to write this in the first place. Anyway what I intended to say from begining was that most of people who express their feelings through posting comments on varius Nintendo related forums have in heart a positive attitude toward Nintendo. But for the 1-3 belived reasons, category mentioned of dedicated people, they have gather along for written disputes over their love over Nintendo.


Anonymous said...

Hi Falafelkid,

Dude I just realized something. You really need to like clean up your blog. You have way to many old articles on here. I mean you have stuff over a year old! I wish you would redo the blog and make it leaner, cleaner, and just cooler. Put some flash on it or something. It is just to plain and to cluttered with the old.

Just my opinion :)

Anywho keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I would love to get into the PS3 or 360 games because they are beatuiful, but after using the wiimote for aiming on resident evil 4, godfather, scarface, red steel, et al. I can't go back to the analog stick aiming. I love the wiimote aiming. It is generations better than the analog stick. So I'm sticking with just the wii even if I have to suffer through the inferior visuals.

Anonymous said...

anonymous above me:

AGREED. i went to my cousins house last night, and tried out Gears of War for the first time. It would be silly to expect to be very good at a game the first time you play it, right? well... no, not really. not in my opinion. i'm pretty good at almost all video games, even the first time i play them. Gears was different. Very different. Putting my thumbs on Dual Analogs again (as i've done in SO many games over the years) felt completely alien and disorienting to me.
I couldn't believe it (As i got my brain blasted out of my skull by all the 360 gamers in the room). I've wanted to buy a 360 for a long time-- for Blue Dragon, for Halo, for Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dream, for Too Human, for BioShock and more, but now i'm having second thoughts.
i SUCKED. i sucked bad. i couldn't wrap my head around it. I've been playing dual analog shooters for years. what was happening? i could not aim for the LIFE of me. i felt genuinely disconnected from the game: then it hit me.

i've evolved. direct pointing technology is the future-- whether "waggle" is or not. i would be absolutely SHOCKED if microsoft's next console didn't include some type of pointer-- sony too (if they HAVE a next console. i'm hoping they don't.) In fact, i'm going to go out on a limb here and say that i will absolutely go COMATOSE if *any* major player in the home videogame industry ever comes out with a system that doesn't include a pointer in the box ever ever again.
nintendo was right: this is the revolution.

i'm one of those dopes who was hoping for so much more from wii, but the fact is; wii is wii. the revolution however, is the pointer, and i am *absolutely convinced* now that i go back to dual analog controls: they're ancient, dated technology that will soon be phased out. no more than a fading memory in gaming history that will serve very limited purposes in the future- like a joystick. fighting games still work best with a joystick, right? but most every other game would suck with a joystick in your lap. my belief is that dual analog will take the same train. no more than an afterthought-- a 3rd-party peripheral for the few games that still feel better using them.

-"superfan" tactics.

also: falafelkid: don't listen to the guy talking about cleaning your site out and adding flash and shit like that. fuck that. your site is perfect, and i hope you never ever remove your old articles. i still flip through them once in a while. it's fun to read all the speculation, the rumors... it's fun to remember how excited we all were... all the dreams-- and it's still fun to go back and see an IALS post from a year or two ago, before his lobotomy.

Anonymous said...

good one know..IALS has to confess something...IALS still hasn't played Wii as we speak..He likes the idea of the controller..he is gonna get one when the next Prime hits shelves....the IALS ain't anti's just that he doesn't see any killer know...real killer apps...IALS demands real killer titles beyond the NIntendo franchise pool...its played out....ah f... it GIVE ME GALAXY



Blizz419 said...

i think IALS smokes lots of crack

Anonymous said...

LMAO...funny comments...

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Anonymous said...

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