Saturday, June 02, 2007

Big hardware news regarding Wii at E3

French gaming site Jeux-France (translated via Babelfish) reports that Nintendo will show off a ´large revelation on the Hardware level´ at the E3 Media & Business Summit starting July 11th. No more information is given.

What could it be? Could it really be something far out or are we talking about that funny audio translator that was mentioned in an interactive description of the Wii remote?

My money is on the latter. After all, Nintendo has patented some sophisticated form of speech recognition and conversion that could enable some really cool gameplay features.

Source: Jeux-France (translated via Babelfish)
Thanks to: Kotaku, Codename Revolution, ESA193


Anonymous said...

You dropped the idea of the holographic box?
I think there might be restiled rechargeable wii-remotes, maybe they'll come with wireless nunchuk too..


vb said...

The speaker is horrible, so I think it's in reality a micro.
But that's not a big secret... Especially if Nintendo doesn't change its "Everyone in the internet is a padophile"-policy.

Anonymous said...

I'll take back that 'restiled'. The design off the wii- remote has become a strong icon in the software. Changing it would set it apart from Wii-unity.

The rechargeble part would be nice I guess..


Anonymous said...

i think when it s something big, it won t be a micro or a camera or a language-translator.
when its something big for hardware it will be a hdd or blue-ray add-on, or better(i hope that it will be) a 3d-add-on! like a visor or shutter-glasses, cause the grafic-chip is named hollywood and they worked 5 years on it. 5 years for a little bit better game-cube-grafic? i think no. i think its something no other console has.
myhjamto said you will say wow....
i believed on it since 2 years now.
and when it is a 3d-add-on, then it would end the grafic-war, cause that would be much greater than hd-grafics.
playing=believing :)

Grandmaster B said...

I dont think its anything that has been mentioned. I really dont have an opinion or speculation of what it might be.

Guess it is only a month.

Anonymous said...

falafel wii grafik is sooooo schlecht....unfassbar schlecht...

smash bros schaut so schlecht aus...genauso wie Metroid und Harry und die franchise pseudos wie chrystal chronic. und umrella chronic... echt so sau billig.. als wii besitzer würd ich mir so verarscht ja echt mal n


Anonymous said...

Ign is reporting its likely a hardrive will be unveiled.

Anonymous said...

Game Boy 4.0?

Maybe they'll sprinkle in smaller hardware announcements, like a cordless, wireless Classic controller that connects to the remote, different color Wii/motes,
and an announcement pledging allegiance to the Squeenix console ((jk)).

Starstriker1 said...

Are you sure the announcement is for the Wii? In the text you've provided, it doesn't mention WHAT hardware Nintendo is talking about...

Anonymous said...

I just keep wondering how they will use this in their games.


Greg said...

Hey Fal,

what do you think of those rumours concerning a hard-drive add-on for the Wii? (here: ). Personally, I don't see the outlandish nature of such an idea - after all, all Nintendo would need is a USB hard-drive and a firmware upgrade.


Anonymous said...

same link without the cut:


Anonymous said...

...A good read:

Same link without the cut:


touch-gen said...

I believe that it could be possible, that there may be one or several new hardware devices shown.

The first that comes to my mind is a reworked DS? With a larger screen and other extra funtions, which ill allow you all to speculate on. Looks like everybody in Japan has tobuy another version :)

Secound is a HardDrive....Lets just hope this is in the works, I kno ive filled my spaces up! Also I would like to think it'l come at a good price and not like 360's HDD add-on! Maybe we'l see these being bundle with wii's from e3 onward instead of a price-drop! This would mean developers would be able to do more with there games! Like Guitar Hero!

Behold - The Wii-virtual life.
Huh? A.K.A Holographic display uint. Seems really far fetch to most, but hologrpahic displays are alot more commom place today and the tech has moved on considerably from the dark ages of the virual-boy!

The Zapper!!! I think we'll 99% see this thing unless it's pulled at the last minute for being to white! Plus other periphials are expected!

Different coloured Wii's and DS's.

Headset - Oh yes, The online world wouldnt be the same without one!

I think that most of these are a real possibility! The Holographic display unit might be at the bottom of the list but I dont think it isnt in production (at Nintendo) of some sort!And I know Miyamoto would create amazing things with. Different coloured Wii's are a must! At least Black ( which isnt a colour) The HDD would be a great addition and id love one in the shape of the Wii-stand so I can keep it neat+tidy, unlike the 360's HD-DVD stand-by-me device! Please no...A headset could be used in all sorts of ways (Hey Pikka) No SERIOUSLY! Nintendo is one of a very short list of dev's that could do more with a mic than just speak to people online! But lets not forget to include that feature too Nintendo!

Lets just wait and see...I honestly dont care (much) if Nintendo dont give that. Wii is an awsome console as it stands. And do not forget that, Nintendo. Has given us a new way to play, a better way. That cannot be forgotton in all this speculation just remember...wii have the superior console!

GWX said...

If its not about the Microphone
what other BIG hardware revelation could there be about Wii?

It certainly doesn't have HD graphics or somthing and they have been lying all along?

Must be the recognition/translator for different languages..(I remember that certain patent where text was generated depending on/according to how you spoke into a mic?)

GWX said...
The Wiis Hidden audio translator...

GWX said...

Maybe this is what the Mic expansion could be like?...

Anonymous said...


bist du vegetarier?

-infamous anonymous....

Anonymous said...


If that what the new device is then i think a GREAT use would be free VOIP over the Wii console! imagine being able to call anyone in your address book for a call!

that would be Fucking great!

GWX said...

@Tom...go further...why stop there?...
Dont forget that VOIP thing they showed for DS back in 2004?...

Why not be able to communicate using that DS VOIP program?
Remember?...The thing where Nintendo characters spoke using YOUR VOICE?

DS to DS VOIP...Why not DS to Wii to DS to Wii VOIP?


GWX said...

And I mean via WIFI Hotspots.

You could be out and your Wii could be in standby on WiiConnect24 still connected...and you can send messages to it from your DS VOIP and maybe text like PICTOCHAT Online or somthing?...

GWX said...

Obviously if you home you can still connect Wii-DS by WIFI too.
:) VOIP to it or send messgaes too.
or DS -- DS too?

Anonymous said...

Would be very cool!

imagine your wii glowing rappidly to tell you that you have a call!

would look soo goooood!

and people could leave messages in it,

it would be perfect because the infrastructure is already there, all they need is a software update and a wii mic!

GWX said...

Pretty much.
Lets see what Nintendo announce at E3 2007(July 11th) and E4 for All(In October)

Anonymous said...

uhm, it's almost certainly going to be a much needed hard drive attachment.

Anonymous said...

uhm, it's almost certainly going to be a much needed hard drive attachment.

SpacePirateFear said...

hmm. i like this sight. the rumors are nice because i ike to know if the come true!

GWX said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GWX said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@ spacepiratefear:

Nintendo likes taking juicy rumors and underwhelming us.

Set your hopes to low.

ERAze1 said...

Hey Falafel,
I tried to send you an email a month ago but I guess you never received it. Is there anyway other way besides these comments to contact you? If so can you send me an email -> ERAze1 (AT) Gmail (DOT) com <- so I can reply to it?

Thanks in advance :)

Anonymous said...

falafel...where r u....(nothing but silence)

Anonymous said...

hi f...kid!!

why didn t you post again the last 2 weeks?

i saw in the internet at

"- der "Video Maker"-Modus soll den Einsatz einer 3D-Brille unterstützen "

does it mean, that all our dreams become true and we will get a 3d-glasses from nintendo for a lot of games??????
please answer!!!!!!!!!
(germany, hamburg)

GWX said...
Wii is only this powerfull: (more or less actually):

Sorry to disapoint you folks.
But there is not going to be any 3d glasses or any mad thing like that.

Synapse said...

The kid has left the building.

Anonymous said...

ha ha der final finishing move in your face falafel män!!!

"Allerdings äußern auch viele Entwickler Kritik an der - im Gegensatz zu Playstation 3 und Xbox 360 - schwachen Hardware. Auch Scott Steinberg vom Sega-Marketing äußerte seine Bedenken an der Langlebigkeit der Nintendo Konsole:

„Ich bin ein bisschen besorgt über das kreative Potenzial des Wii-Konzepts. Dass die Konsole auch 2007 und 2008 so stark sein wird wie bisher, daran habe ich so meine Zweifel“
Weiter sagt er: „Wenn die Entwickler in ein paar Jahren noch mehr aus Xbox 360 und PS3 rausholen können, wird das Wii ziemlich überholt aussehen.“

Zudem sieht er das Konzept hinter der Steuerung als nicht zukunftstauglich an:
„Wie viel können die kreativen Köpfe in den nächsten zwei, fünf oder zehn Jahren aus der Bewegungssteuerung wohl noch rausholen? Wird es wirklich möglich sein, weitere Spiele zu entwickeln, die sich in genügendem Maße von den Titeln unterscheiden, die es bereits gibt?“

Hingegen sieht er für Sonys Konsole eine rosigere Zukunft und glaubt daran, dass sich die Verkaufszahlen noch steigern werden:
„Aus der PS3 kann man noch sehr viel mehr rausholen. Da ist einiges an Potenzial vorhanden.“


IALS has killed you!!!!!!!!!!

...and Nintendo for releasing crap hardware with crap games!

I rather go out in a blaze than giving Nintendo the glory for this on going crap!!!!


SuperUser said...

Read this:

Anonymous said...

buy nintendo stock anyone?

or (same link)


Anonymous said...

"This is Nintendo's plan: make our existing game world better." "For us, this is a passion. This is a mission of adventure."

Revolution's technological heart, a processing chip developed with IBM and code-named "Broadway," and a graphics chip set from ATI code-named "Hollywood," are being designed to deliver game experiences not possible to date.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata's vision for the future at Game Developers Conference keynote speech, "The Heart of the Gamer,"


So I guess his "design not possible to date" where just all about the the Wiimote?


touch-gen said...

I guess your really busy falafelkid with the pre-e3 shows....have you seen the new starwars game yet?!

Peter said...

Hey fallafelkid I found this news on the web regarding Wii support:

While some companies are investing heavily in Wii, others would rather let Nintendo drive their own platform, as they typically do. Screen Digest explained, "Publishers in the past have been loath to invest in Nintendo consoles to the same degree as Nintendo 1st party, so 3rd party titles have often not been as competitive. This time round, on one hand some publishers are investing much less saying they will leave the platform drivers to Nintendo and ride their coat tails by spending very little on mediocre quality titles but ones which will give some return. 'We're running a business, not to win awards but to make money – if we make breakeven plus on Wii then we are happy,' said one of the largest Japanese publishers."

Please tell that this Japanese publisher is in the minority when it comes third parties veiw of the Wii.

Touch-Gen said...

@ Peter

I would say that this is defnitly the minority! Infact this is probly one guys opinion that happens to work for this developer. It's probly the reason why they cannot announce the name of that Big Devloper because its not the companies view on Wii. If you look at the support Nintendo's Wii console is getting from every cornor of the globe. Including Take-Twos's Manhunt series. (This is a dev that hasnt really embraced Nintendo and yet now there pledgeing full support!) Companies are losing millions of dollars/pounds on games and if their titles do not make sales of 500,000+ then they are unlikely to make money. This is one of the main reasons every company wants onboard. Also its worth noteing that Wii is selling huge amounts in every market, outselling Sony's PS3 and MS X360 by a large margin and this will not be ignored! It canot be! These are business run by business people...they wana make money plain and simple so they go where the money is and right now its DS, Wii and x360. And in that order!

For example the dev says....

'We're running a business, not to win awards but to make money – if we make breakeven plus on Wii then we are happy,'

So they wana make about getting your best team to create a top game that would cost around 5-10million to make on Wii. And cost 20-40million on X360 or PS3...Now if you create this game on 360 or PS3 you gota sell throw that 500,000+ before profit starts to flow in and thats if yourlucky! And not many companies are!

You see business wise...Wii makes more sense! So this guys opinion couldnt be that of a mayjor gaming establishment. Other wise, their letting millions of dollars/pounds go. And looking at nearly every games companies finacial reports not one of them cant let that happen!

Anonymous said...

... where are you... haven't seen a post in weeks

SpacePirateFear said...


Grandmaster B said...

IALS this is for you:

03. [PS3] Ninja Gaiden Sigma (Tecmo) - 46,307 / NEW

Which brought:

PS3 9,481

I need not to say anymore.

Anonymous said...

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