Tuesday, May 29, 2007

´Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers´ trailer

The teaser trailer for ´Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers´ shows off some great graphics. Here it is, courtesy of FFCCNews.

Recently, the new ´Harry Potter´ game already showed off some great visuals. I believe that, graphically speaking, we will see the second generation of Wii games released this summer.

´Mario Strikers Charged´, which has just been released in Europe, also shows off some fantastic graphics. And ´Metroid Prime 3´ is sure to raise the bar even further at the end of the year.

Source: FFCCNews
Thanks to: Linkario5, darkNiGHTS0


RGB said...

It is looking good and it seems like SE have put a lot of effort into this one. It reminds me of FF7 for some reason, and if its anything like that or better its only a good thing.

If people complain about those graphics they are being a bit too hard. It looks nice as it is, just appreciate it as its not unattractive, instead of looking at and comparing games on PS3 for example.

Anonymous said...

Simply inacceptable graphics half way through 2k7...100% low rez Cube graphics ...not tolerable...Metroid looks like in 2003...like Prime 1....no noteworthy improvements visible over Prime Cube... a total disaster documented by latest batch of shots...a joke..Nintendo once again pulling a fast one on costumers with 5 year technology coupled with gimmick controller alibi...doln't even get me started on the usual japancentric kiddy sequel suspects...totally played out...Look at Lair,GTA4,Kameo, Bioshock and start to cry...

Anonymous said...

on customers with 5 year old technology....

RGB said...

It's 2007 not 20007 so I dont know what kind of graphics we may have then.

Metroid isnt out yet so you cant comment yet.

The Wii was a very well designed system in a low power and mini box, it isnt just a re-iteration of the GC. The Wiimote isnt 5 year old technology either and the system is built around these playing mechanics.

You can bitch about graphics and like Fal said Harry Potter and the others coming out look very good. A lot of the early games are not the pinnacle of the Wii's graphical power so give it some time.

Gee I look at PS3 games and think gee they look nice but I also look at Wii games and think they look decent or nice depending on the art style and dont care much more about it. I know its been said a million times but I am more concerned how the game plays cause after 5 mins if a game looks good but plays crap you wont devert much more attention to it.

Perri said...

The graphics of Harry Potter are great, no question about it. FF graphics are good aswell however from what I see it still isn't looking like anything thats a noticeable jump from gamecube. Mario Galaxy, so far, is the only game that does this for me. Perhaps RE:UC aswell. I think that the FF game will have some stellar effects and will probably surprise us with an amazing amount of polish when it comes out much later. After Christmas I think the ports will stop and wii will get the attention it deserves.

Anonymous said...

just fucking release some good looking shots that show a marked improvement which is to be expected from a new wave of consoles at long last...everyday I look hopin for some attractive shots but all I see is low rez ness and average Cube half ass level -mnot-even-matching-Rogue Leader-2k1-visuals....just fuckin don't make games if you are not skilled enough to deliver on both ends...I'm fed up with wannabe Unreal 2 engine Red Steel type attempts that look like shit...so what...just make good looking games..if you are not able to make small rooms..find alternatives...hire good artists
...give your game character like they used to back in the Acclaim days...only shitty style games nowadays..remember Shiny...Interplay..Acclaim...Lucasarts...Capcom...Take 2...Konami...people with a sense 4 style released distinctive memorable games...cool games with character...fuck them wannabe crytech bullcrap wannabe realistic...cool...biting ten other styles..at least they got better technology though..that's elementary...just give me Mario Galaxy and go to hell Grandmaster biatch!

RGB said...

You have too much hatred within you.

I really cant say much for Acclaim and you say Acclaim days? Most of what they produced was so so. I can only think of Turok as their best accomplishment (I didnt like the game since I am not into FPS).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the graphics ain't bad (the airships are straight out of Skies of Arcadia, which is a damn good thing), but I'm more interested in how this game controls. From the short snippets the magic abilities seem quite powerful and intriguing... For example, the main character seems able to use such magic liberally and continously--possibly without any MP limit. (Also, in the Eurogamer interview it was revealed that you can fly the airship by tilting the controller. Damn straigt, is all I got to say about that.)

Granted, the clip is so short that it's hard to gleam much of anything from that trailer, but I certainly hope that the game does something unique with respect to the main character's skills and abilities. There is a lot of potential for a very unique spell-casting (if that's the case) experience on the Wii and, honestly, the console is in dire need of an adventure game the uses the wiimote/nunchuk entirely new actions instead of grafting the old actions to the new controller.

Finally, the story seems interesting... Crystal Bearers? Does that mean that the main character bears the power of the crystals inside of him (hence, the magic)? One thing for sure is that the Crystal Chronicle series emphasizes the interplay between 'holy' magic of the crystals and the 'dark' magic of the miasma/creatures/villians. This seems to take that relationship a step farther by possibly internalizing the power of the crystals. Makes you wonder who the villian(s) might be. (To this end, the Eurogamer interview described this game as an interactive adventure storybook...)

Anonymous said...

Ok, after having watched the trailer a few more times, a more obvious interpretation of the title 'Crystal Bearers' occured to me: the main character is a sort of agent who in some way bears the crystals (it appears that this is through mere material posession--notice the part we he isn't wearing his goggles and nods as he puts some green gem inside his coat) to ward off evil, or the miasma, or maybe even to protect the crystals from something.

Eitherway, the story is obviously told on a grand scale that already reaches from various villages to vistas to even the heavens. The technology (airships, weapons, etc.) implies an imperial/military presence and the main character appears reckless, yet dignified and generally confident in his abilities (as well as his sense of fashion). He obviously posesses potent supernatural abilities (such as flying/levitation and a possibly destruction/disruption-type attack in addition to a sort of cannon) that are presumably distinctive. Such powers seem necessary, as it seems they make the creatures big and numerous (there are at least eight flying creatures in the initial air-battle scene) in this game's world.

Although we can be certain of very little about Crystal Bearers' story, it's hard to argue that it has potential. Now I'm wondering if the story will be told in the more typical Final Fantasy fashion (lots of text/scripting, grandiose cinemas, global themes, etc.) or the more intimate Zelda style (a narrow perspective on a largescale adventure, abstract symbolism, classical themes, etc.)

Falafelkid said...

Hi Grandmaster B.

First of all: It´s good to have you back, once again. Just wanted to say: I admire you trying to talk sense into someone who is obviously either an incompetent moron or is being paid to bash what is currently the most successful videogame console at the moment.

What is more ironic about those comments is that ´Kameo´ looked almost better on the Gamecube than it ended up looking on the Xbox360. Ah, well.. I´ll just leave you two to it. XD

Axel F. said...

Falafelkid-> i don't what is your definition of "great visuals" ! harry potter and ffcc are , for my standpoint, just "normal games" on a graphical field. Nothing that even the old ps2 can't do!

i was much more impressed by Rogue squadron gamecube or Re4!

Then please , could temperate your judgment about "great visuas"? thanx.

Anonymous said...

“From our perspective, this industry is about entertainment and it's about driving a consumer interface and engagement with content. That's why people want to play games. From that standpoint, our strategy is certainly working and we believe it's going to work into the future. What that future is going to look like and what's the content - stay tuned,”

Reggie Fils-Aime


hmmm... gonna look like the Ubisoft 3d projection promo? :)


Falafelkid said...

Hi Lyxx.

i don't what is your definition of "great visuals" ! harry potter and ffcc are , for my standpoint, just "normal games" on a graphical field. Nothing that even the old ps2 can't do!

i was much more impressed by Rogue squadron gamecube or Re4!

Then please , could temperate your judgment about "great visuas"? thanx.

I disagree with you here. Sure, the Wii´s visuals are not too far away from the better looking PS2 games like Gran Turismo 4 - but neither are Xbox360 or PS3 visuals.

Compare old ´Kameo´ footage when it was running on Gamecube hardware to the final Xbox360 version. Or compare ´Gran Turismo 4´ to ´Gran Turismo HD´. In SD or ED resolutions you can hardly tell a difference. And even in HD resolutions you won´t witness the same graphical leap we have grown accustomed to with each new console generation in the past. The gap is clearly smaller for every console and you should take that into account.

Both the new ´Harry Potter´ and ´Crystal Chronicles games show a marked improvement over current Wii titles and they certainly deserve the label ´great visuals´ in my book.

Anonymous said...

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