Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Take-Two to prioritize Nintendo

Take-Two Interactive has vowed to make development for Nintendo platforms a priority. The troubled publisher´s chairman Strauss Zelnick outlined this as part of a short-term plan for revitalizing the company to Gamasutra.

Also, their hit franchise ´Grand Theft Auto´ will remain their flagship series, the chairman continued.

Zelnick said that while it's true that no franchise lives forever, he saw GTA as the company's 'James Bond' -- a franchise that will continue to reinvent itself, adding that last year's Bond film release was its highest grossing to date. (...)

Asked about the company's traditionally weak relationship with Nintendo, Zelnick confirmed that "working with Nintendo is a priority," and in fact "all of next-gen is a priority," adding that the challenge was to tailor games to each platform and the type of consumer that was attracted to the platform, but that Take-Two was committed to creating "great games for Nintendo."

So ´GTA´ will continue to be their flagship series and the company vows to prioritize Nintendo platforms. Put the two aspects together and what do you get?

While no specific mention has been made, Zelnick´s comments stop short of an outright confirmation of a Wii version of ´Grand Theft Auto´. With publishers apparently scrambling to jump on the Wii bandwagon, this move would only make sense - for both companies.

However, shares in Take-Two were down almost five percent today, while Nintendo shares climbed another 1,6 percent to a four-year record high.

Source: Gamasutra
Image source: own artist´s conception


Grandmaster B said...

Down 5%? Boy that is a large drop. They certainly will want to turn it around.

touch-gen said...

Hello budding game developers. Want to make lots of money...then develop for Nintendo Wii and see the cash flock in!!! Also do not forget that if you dont use your no.1 teams and instead opt for your inexperience no talented devlopment teams you'll make no money because no-one wants to play crap games!!!

Take-Two bring GTA:Wii now....let me visically beat the public to a pulp by swinging my pointer and nun-chucks flawlessly around!!! Ahh feel that rumble as the bat hits the guys FACE!!!

Quick run or jack.T will get you!!!

Anonymous said...

and watch the stock climb up and up. citigroup changed their stockwatch forecast for nintendo to "hold" today... don't sell it! it's goin strong!

go nintendo!

-"superfan" tactics.

tim said...

Don't forget that in the N64 days, rockstar (the REAL rockstar, of GTA fame, not one of the renamed studios) was a 2nd party developer for Nintendo. They also did a GTA for GBA a few years ago.

I expect a game on the GTA3 engine.

Gregory Weagle said...

Yeah; it was called DMA Design, they created Body Harvest which was a B-movie game with insects. Not unlike Red Steel which was also a B-movie games with Japanese characters instead.

Anonymous said...

SO what this could mean is that they would make the old GTA Wii-mote versions, Like GTA3, vice city, liberty stories, and vice city stories, maybe even San andreas...

Don't think that they would make an Special edition of GTA4 or a Wii exclusive, no chance whatsoever.

I bet the old ones they will be welcome for anyone that never played them. the Start of Wii-makes as Miyamoto said .


Falafelkid said...

Hi Arsenis.

Don't think that they would make an Special edition of GTA4 or a Wii exclusive, no chance whatsoever.

That´s what people said about Resident Evil too. Just you wait, I am absolutely sure that Wii will get an exclusive GTA game. For Rockstar, it´s all about installed hardware base - nothing else.

There is no ideology concerned in decisions like these. Look at the ´exclusive´ PSP titles that went multi-platform after disappointing sales.

Anonymous said...

rockstar have the RAGE ENGINE they can run that on wii minus hd resolutions GTA 3 ENGINE IS A PS2 ENGINE



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