Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nintendo sells six million units, expects 20 sold by March

Nintendo has met its target of shipping six million Wii consoles within the financial year 2006/2007 and expects to have an installed base of 19,84 million units by the end of the next financial year, ending March 2008. The console also achieved phenomenal software tie ratios.

Here is the information taken from the company´s most recent annual report (PDF file):

Wii hardware

Japan: 2 million

The Americas: 2,37 million

Other:: 1,47 million

Total: 5,84 million

Wii software

Japan: 6,12 million

The Americas: 14,49 million

Other:: 8,23 million

Total: 28,84 million

Tie ratios

Japan: 3,06

The Americas: 6,11

Other:: 5,60

Total: 4,94

The tie ratios are my own calculations and are very close to my estimates three months ago.

Please note that the software figures may include ´Wii Sports´. The game being bundled with the hardware outside of Japan, this would make the other figures go down to 5,11 and 4,60 for the Americas and other territories, respectively.

According to the report, Nintendo expects a further 55 million games to be sold between April and the end of March, bringing the expected total up to 83,84 million units and making for a tie ratio of 4,23 overall.

Source: Nintendo annual report 2006/2007 (PDF file)


touch-gen said...

I think whats really good about this news is the fact that more developers will come onto Wii to produce there games. (And hopfully it'll be there top studios and not there lower inexperience dev's working on these titles!) Much like they did with the PS1. This is excellent, well done Nintendo!

Jarod said...

Ubisoft just reported that Rayman and Red Steel have both sold nearly 1 million copies each. Great news for third party support when combined with overall sofware sales. I just wonder what Nintendo will do with its rapidly growing mountain of cash (one bigger than even Microsofts famed mountain when compared to company size).

Carmine "Cai" M. Red said...

Nintendo has a new second party:

Monolith Soft... the people who are making Disaster: Day of Crisis.

~Carmine "Cai" M. Red

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