Friday, September 15, 2006

Nintendo of Europe Event Update #3

Laurent Fischer, NOE's head of marketing, announced:

Launch: December 8th 2006
Price: €249 / £179
Wii Sports included


babble said...

Great news!

.:((GeNeSis)):. said...


Anonymous said...

I couldn't have hoped for much better! I am now totally psyched for this launch. Better start saving ;P

ian said...

Wii are here at last. Shame its Wii sports and not Zelda in bundle, nvm. Great news about VC games though and cheers for being first with the good news Falafelkid. Appreciated. - Ian

Anonymous said...

Finally I can breathe again.....

december 8 is still in a bit less than 3 months, but all in all, it's better than march 2007 ;)....

Guess I won't have to cancel my preorder after all....

Well now, all we need to do is wait a bit more, after this year and a half of rumours and craziness....

But if Iwata san wants to finish us with an HMD or 3D stereoscopy before launch, that's ok for me ;)

Fal, thanks again for the good work, and I look forward to crush you on wifi-wii tennis (just joking) :)

[mec] rincewind

Wiisualizer said...

Wii graphics need to improve to the fullest!

I dont want to pay 250 bucks for 5 year old technology!
Seriously judging by Red Steel,Galaxy,MP3 Wii is Gamecube 1.25 at best!
They want to pul a fast one on me!
They wont even disclose the specs!
Rediculous!What do I pay for?
Again please consider you want to pay 250 bucks for Gamecube 1.25 with a new controller?

People you cant be serious!
No bump-mapping,no shaders,no normal mapping,no displacement mapping,no high polygon count,gimmicky games,party games,no real hardcore 3rd party games,no DVD playback.
C'mon you cannot be serious!

I want a timely expirience like Bioshock,Gears of War,Oblivion.
Gamecube Zelda for Wii with GameCube graphics?No thanks.
Watch the MP3 hi-res videos on IGN
They didnt even bother changing the Samus character model from Metroi Prime and the ugly green,kiddy weapon from the first Metroid!Still the same sound effects!Does anyone remember the Samus character model from Spaceworld 2001 With the shiny grey
weapon arm and stylish neon panzer armor?Thats how you pull of an edgy stylish mature Smaus model without a green pseudo weapon arm!
The graphics are basicly the same with some insufficient subtle improvements on lightning and detail!No new visual direction no bumping nothing!
People you need to expect more from a next generation Nintendo console that you pay 300 bucks for (with a game)!
Nintendo is pulling a fast one on you!They think they can get away with this cheap approach!But I tell you Micro is gonna stomp them in the ground because they know what the real hardcore core gamer wants.Its just a matter of time before Nintendo drops out of the console business granted.Micro ids doing everything right now!They got a big porztofilio with all games that matter!Ati graphics card,a nice controller,solid 3rd party support and nice Xbox live feature.Micro is delivering.Thats why Im going to avoid Nintendo this time around.I gave them the benefit of the doubt until NYC event just to be left in the mist again with E3 versions of Mario and Zelda,sub par GameCube graphics and cheap gimmicky japanese anime biatch games.
I simply expect more of a next generation console.You guys always bitch on people who bitch about Wii graphics when in reality you tend to forget that video games indeed are a visual medium in the first instance.Respect that.Dont even get me started on the rest gimmicky Rayman,Wario line up on hand at the NYC event.
Mr.Iwata you are the one responsible for this mess.Its your fault that a great company like Nintendo is hiding in a corner and closing its eyes instead of taking the fight while the competition looks down on Nintendo with a wretched smile.Nintendo is faced of ruin because of you .Poor Nintendo.Its your fault Iwata.Go to hell.

Rosti said...

Wiisualizer: What you say is really really interesting... Wii won't have bump-mapping? That's really shame beacuse GC had bump mapping... Oh wait! Then how can the Wii play GC games?
Oh and I know you love giant enemy crabs but they aren't arreving until March...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

As usuall the British public are getting shafted and paying over the f'ing odds again, sorry havn't done a conversion in euros, £179 minus VAT is £152.34 and converting $250(US) into £Sterling is £132.99. Thats 20 quid more than over the pond. I think I'm right that the price in America is with TAX? I can't believe that it's all down to the retailers wanting more dosh.

Moan over, only 12 weeks to go.

M. Ferreira said...

Actually, the US price is WITHOUT tax factored in :) If they were announcing a price "with tax", we'd have seen 50 price points announced yesterday. ;)

zin said...

hey wiisualizer if you feel that then go buy your self an xbox and enjoy all those pretty graphics. Meanwhile if you want to really play games get yourself a wii and ill more than happy to show you what gameplay is all about. Or do you know how to play games? I know it may be a bit much to understand but im pretty sure any one with a wii will be more than happy to shove there remote up your xbox lovin ass!!

Oh yeah great work fal

Anonymous said...

well, 250 euro... kind of too much, i think.
at least, we'll get a game with it (i'm not interested in wii-sports anyway, so i'd loved a only-console-package much more)

gamer first, nintendo fan second said...

Joystiq is getting slammed for a retarded post by editor in chief vladimir cole. A subtly anti-nintendo jerk. The posters over at joystiq are really sticking it to him on the boards. Even penny arcade is giving him a good schooling. Check it out for a fun read.

Grandmaster B said...

Wiisualiser will you just go and buy a PS3 if your so upset if its graphics that you want. Your blog achieves nothing and is not advantageous to anyone. You've made very few posts already and you are irratating already.

By the way Aus get the Wii nearly 48 hours before EU! It's amazing, EU get it last. Either way its all good.

Anonymous said...

M. Ferreira; I meant to say "the price in America is WITHOUT TAX?" The &179 UK price will include VAT so that's still a UK price of £152 & a US price of £133 both before Taxes.

Anonymous said...

wii console $250
extra remote $40
extra nunchuck $20
2 games $100

total $410, after taxes almost $450!!!

ian said...

My 6 pen'orth for Wiisualiser,

Dude, GRAPHICS are an illusion, GAMEPLAY is the REALITY. Wii graphics are fine kthxbai.

ian said...

Wishes for an edit function,,,

I believe price comparisons are pointless and acheive nothing.

Xbox360 plus extra controller plus two games plus live equals a lot more than comparable Wii. See nothing acheived and pointless.

Raphael said...

$ = €?

Think again, Nintendo!

But anyway, I can´t wait to
get my hands on this console!

And the resi-game with less action
and new game-mechanics is really
awesome! I love REmake!


good job Andreas! I´d several pages
opened during the conference, and
you were the first guy with the
new price-tag posted!

Lord_Darcia said...

Im also very underwhelmed by what nintendo has shown so far. With the exception of zelda, mario galaxy, and red steel, all other games look like fun mini games. However, I will make final judgments about Wii when i experience and play it myself. I dont think its fair judging a system by screenshots alone.
Also all games have been made using the gamecube hardware. I really do think that nintendo has more up its sleeve then what we are seeing.

Here is why:
#1) whats with nintendo securing all these wierd patents? Falafel has talked and discussed about them in great detail, yet i wonder if we are seeing any of those patents taking effect on launch.

#2) Mr.Miyamato stated that "he dreamed of a day where we could play games out of a cathode ray tube box" what the hell does that mean?

#3) ATI has said themselves that wii has more in store for us then we think.

#4) All launch games have been developed using gamecube hardware with a little bit more ram and some special effects (alpha kits). Wii's architecture closely resembles gamecubes, the alpha kits DO NOT REPRESENT THE FINAL HARDWARE POWER OF WII.

My hypothesis:


Third party developers (especially the lazy ones) are very sloppy when it comes to using new hardware effeciently. Current xbox360 games like need for speed, have a choppy frame rate, and look like xbox games with maybe more lightning effects. Whenever new hardware comes out, developers are still thinkin from previous hardware. Only the most talented developers who totally submerge themselves in programming and artistry come out with polished games, and those polished games take time, resources, a good talented staff. Dead or Alive 4, Gears of War are good examples of this.


Because of the rising costs of new hardware of ps3 and xbox 360, this leaves developers with relatively low budget, to truly be under the shadows of developers who are the big guns in the industry. However this begs the question: what really makes a good game? Do you really need toy story like graphics to make a good game? NO! DS AND GAMEBOY ADVANCE IS PROOF of that.

Point 3: Gamecube/Wii hardware is easy to program for and relatively cheap. This gives the developers who are shadows under the big guns to truly shine and be reflective of their innovation and ideas. The unique controller and online connection further emerges the player to be involved in gameplay which is not possible in ps3 and 360.

Point 4: Nintendo beleives that
3-D graphics are reaching a level of saturation. I agree to this to a certain extent, while we have ways to go to reach toy story or even final fantasy advent children grafix, it comes to the point where you have to ask yourself:

"Just how many freakin polygons do you need to create a sphere, or a cube? how many polygons do you need to create a starship in star fox? "

Im an artist, and I have to admit that unless you have a basic strong core foundation on color theory, shapes and patterns, human anatomy, animal anatomy, 2-d & 3-d perspective,and motion kinematics, then it does not matter how many different varieties of paint brushes you have, or how many paint sets, color pencils, markers..etc,..all of those tools are WORTHLESS IF YOU CANT DRAW OR PAINT WELL.

I am assuming that nintendo feels the same way about new hardware power. It does not matter how many pixels, shaders, pipelines, speed, polygons the machine is capable of. Unless you know how to make a good solid fun playable game with DECENT SOLID 3-d graphics and innovative gameplay, all that hardware power is worthless and will be used ineffeciently. I think nintendo wants us to go back to the basic core foundations first.

Point 5: Keep in mind that playstations 2 launch was absolutley horrible. Launch titles were mediocre to crappy at best, and some games looked WORSE on ps2 then dreamcast. Remember DOA 2 and Marvel Vs Capcom 2? Ps2 was incredibly difficuilt to program for, but eventually with time and dedication we got top notch polished games like Metal Gear solid 2, final fantasy 10, gran turismo 3 and 4, and tons of other good games which are optimized specifically for ps2 hardware. Eventhough im a bit underwhelmed with Wii launch games, it is still so much stronger than ps2's launch, or even xbox360's launch, despite using old gamecube hardware for development.

Point 6: Nintendo wants a smooth transition on their vision of changing video games forever. A new way of playing games-A REVOLUTION. Right now, its NOT about the graphics, but a good solid core foundation on what the hell makes a good game? Its inteface, connectivity, and playbility that needs to be dealt with FIRST before you progress into making better graphics. Usually with every system, you have a handful of mediocre to crappy games, with only 2-3 games that truly stand out. I think nintendo wants their hardware to have 80-90% of its games to stand out. This can be possible with the unique controller, inteface, and online connection.


The controller, inteface, online connection, and forcing developers to go back to the core foundations of making a good game with limited hardware is the FIRST PHASE of the revolution. The next phases I believe has to do with its recent secured patents. Once developers of mastered the art of making a good video game, a new frontier of playing video games can emerge.

A) The nintendo hardware does not support HD in 720/1080. Maximum resolution is 480p. Wii neither has a DVD player nor HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. I beleive that nintendo will finally introduce some sort of Augmented Reality or stereoscopic 3-d or holographic projection technology.

B) The nintendo wii hardware will probably be the most effecient and easy to use hardware in making NEXT-GENERATION graphics. It does so by eliminated the need to support HD, and creating a hardware architecture with no bottlenecks, redundancies, or uncessary waisting. You can create the illusion of next-generation graphics by using highly effecient short cut methods that do not put a strain on GPU/CPU and does not compromise quality, nor does it requrie huge amounts of RAM or hardrive space...

Tell me what you guys think

Wiisualizer said...


The Nintendo (graphics) Difference
You can compare a late NES game with an early SNES game and see a big difference, You can compare a late SNES game with a first N64 game and see a difference. Ditto for N64/GCN. Dittor for Ps1/Ps2/Ps3, ditto for Xbox/360, ditto for Genesis/Saturn/Dreamcast. Generational leaps have always been significant enough that it doesn't matter what part of a previous gen's lifecycle you use, it still fails to compare to the next generation's initial cycle.

This hoop jumping some Nintendo fans do in the name of "fairness" is just another lame attempt to minimize what is obvious: Wii isn't a big leap on GCN graphically.

Take any Xbox game and compare it to Kameo, Perfect Dark, COD2, Condemned, etc. and the difference is clear. No need to try to hand-pick comparison shots.

Grandmaster B said...

Nintendo never claimed it would be so whats your point? And there has been no emphasis from anyone on graphics. The main emphasis Nintendo have reiterated time and time again is the new control scheme for video games. They are also implementing new UI and the way people relate to games.

What are you set out to prove?

The Wii is the Wii and thats it. What you see is what you get graphically for now.

You mention about the leap from generation graphically. Nintendo's direction have CLEARLY stated that they are not concentrating on breaking the bounds graphically, but only to how people PLAY games.

I dont know about you but I have been reading since the start and its been clear all along. Move on.

Wiisualizer said...

@Grandmaster b,Lord Darcia,Babble,Falafelkid,zin etc.

The problem is Lord Darcia that it's so hard to spot any improvements and if you do in games like Galaxy and Prime they are -and lets not kid ourselves here - very,very subtle at best I'm afraid to say.
So I feel impelled to question the price for a system that fails to excite me after many impressions.
As I mentioned in my previous posts,I gave Nintendo the benefit of doubt concerning Wii up to the Wii event but as it turns out it leaves something to be desired even 5 months after its unveiling.
I under stand the philosophy and approach of Iwata and his team towards more accesible gaming and even applaude them for their great new controller but at the end of the day its still no mystery that the system is still struggling to to be a step up from Gamecube.
The games just seem to lack modern timely techniques like normal mapping, shaders,displacement maps,etc. that unquestionably make games more immersive and on a side note make the mainstream media take notice to a higher.
Compared to 360 games Wii games cant hold a candle to them.
Nintendo at least should have built the system in order to get results evident from a first impression.That would have kept them interesting and people would be more forgiving of the gap.But you know sadly up until now its almost immposible to spot any noteworthy differences,no way around it I'm afraid.And with that in mind I simply am not able to understand how Nintendo wants to justify the $250 price of Wii.

Wiisualizer said...

to a higher degree

Eithan said...

This arguing about graphics reminds me of similar banter regarding the release of the PSP and the DS. Many people were quick to judge the DS as a failure prior to its launch due to its lack of graphical prowess. On paper, the PSP looked better. Even many fans of Nintendo were scratching their heads. We all know how that battle turned out; the DS is more than holding its own years later.

And fans are once again questioning the power of this console. Give the Wii some time and I’m certain it’s unique games will produce similar results like the DS.

Anonymous said...

it was so clear, so obvious.
i mean, yes, i am kind of dissapointed by wii's graphical abilities. but what the hell... ps3/360 dont have that kind of control-system.

no console will satisfy everyone. you have to set your priority. you wanna try something new with medium graphics? go with nintendo.
wanna get your cock sucked by hardcore-realistic graphics? go with nintendo.
wanna have nice graphics but cant afford ps3? go with microsoft.

+sigh+ of course i'd love to have a wii3. a wii with ps3-like graphical abilities. but thats just not the case. +sigh+

Anonymous said...

+++ ooops! please delete my previous post, i did something wrong there! +++

it was so clear, so obvious.
i mean, yes, i am kind of dissapointed by wii's graphical abilities. but what the hell... ps3/360 dont have that kind of control-system.

no console will satisfy everyone. you have to set your priority. you wanna try something new with oldskool graphics? go with nintendo.
wanna get your cock sucked by hardcore-realistic graphics with oldskool controls? go with sony.
wanna have nice graphics + oldskool controls but cant afford ps3? go with microsoft.

+sigh+ of course i'd love to have a wii3. a wii with ps3-like graphical abilities. but thats just not the case. +sigh+

The I.A.L.S said...

"wanna get your cock sucked by hardcore-realistic graphics? go with nintendo."


Superfan Tactics?

The I.A.L.S. said...

I knew it was you tactics
by the sound of it.



The I.A.L.S said...




Matsuno Developing for Wii

Former Final Fantasy XII director loves the Wii.
by Sam Kennedy, 09/14/2006
66 of 66 users recommend this story.
At Nintendo's Wii press conference in Tokyo today, Yasumi Matsuno, director of Final Fantasy XII (well, until he left the project midway through its development) and other popular RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Battle, stated that he is developing for the Wii and expressed his love for the platform.
As part of a video segment of developers praising the new Nintendo console, Matsuno stated he's a recent convert to the Wii. "The Wii controller makes total sense when you think about FPS-like games, but my question was, will the controls fit other existing games?" he asked himself, no doubt thinking of RPGs. "However, when I first tried Mario Galaxy, I realized that the controller fit the game almost scarily well. It allows you to intuitively feel the game and its atmosphere."

Matsuno also mentioned that he agrees with Nintendo's stance of gameplay over graphics. "Graphics (these days) have evolved, and there are many games claiming that this generates a more realistic atmosphere. However, there are very few games that have a control interface that lives up to this atmosphere. With the Wii controller you can actually feel like you're touching or living in this atmosphere."

Matsuno, who quit Square-Enix after having a mental breakdown during Final Fantasy XII's development, is working on his Wii ideas for a new game developer (though which one has yet to be revealed).

some guy said...

I’m surprised that Europe gets hit so hard with the Wii price. In the States we only have to pay 197 euro (250 USD) and dear lord the British price can’t be real?! 180GBP! Just to put that in perspective that is 337 USD, ouch!

Japan makes out the best with the Wii coming in at only 213 USD.

Does anyone know why there is such a price difference?

Anonymous said...

The american economy is pretty weak, which is obvious when you compare dollar versus euro. I think thats the reason europeans see a higher price, in the end we probably pay about the same price compared to wages, costs of living etc.

Lord_Darcia said...


"The problem is Lord Darcia that it's so hard to spot any improvements and if you do in games like Galaxy and Prime they are -and lets not kid ourselves here - very,very subtle at best I'm afraid to say."

In terms of looking at pictures alone, then yes its very hard to notice any differences. But are you going to judge a game by pictures alone? That is highly unfair, and unless you have hands on experience with any game, screenshots are not a good way to judge a game.


"You mention about the leap from generation graphically. Nintendo's direction have CLEARLY stated that they are not concentrating on breaking the bounds graphically, but only to how people PLAY games"

Yes you are right for the most part, but this still does not explain what I have stated previously. (strange patents, miyomotos odd quote, ATI reps saying hollywood has more in store then what we think)


"This hoop jumping some Nintendo fans do in the name of "fairness" is just another lame attempt to minimize what is obvious: Wii isn't a big leap on GCN graphically."


"Nintendo at least should have built the system in order to get results evident from a first impression.That would have kept them interesting and people would be more forgiving of the gap.But you know sadly up until now its almost immposible to spot any noteworthy differences,no way around it I'm afraid.And with that in mind I simply am not able to understand how Nintendo wants to justify the $250 price of Wii."

First of all, I want to emphasize that none of the third party developers had final development kits when they were making their games. Eventhough Wii claims to be only 2-3x more powerful than original gamecube, we still have not seen that power yet. So their is still a little bit of juice left. Second, despite being underwhelmed, everyone should reserve the right to give nintendo wii a fair chance by actually EXPERIENCING wii hands on. Most of us have not experienced Wii at all, and if wii is all about experience, then you MUST EXPERIENCE it to see what the system is all about. Lastly, if you are not sure about Wii's outcome, then dont buy it yet. No one is pressuring you to buy Wii or even xbox360 or ps3 yet. I have NEVER bought a system when it is first released, and i refuse to pay $50-$60 for games which i know will eventually go down to $20-$40 price range. Kutaragi said himself that PS3 is more like a computer then it is a video game system, he even hinted that future ps3 models will encorporate Blu-Ray recordable and rewritable drive, along with a possibility of more RAM and bigger hardrive space. If that is the case, then how do you justify your $600 purchase? Will the current ps3 models be upgradable?


Keep in mind, that inorder to have the best possible experiencing xbox360 and ps3. You need to spend:

-$400+ on xbox360 + $600 on PS3
-$50-60 on xbox360 game
-$30-50 on extra on 360 controller
for minimum of 2 players
-$50-60 on ps3 game
-$30-60 on ps3 controller for a minimum of 2 players
$1000-$3000 on high quality HDTV with HDMI inputs and 1080p signal

If you were to get both systems, you would be spending around $4000-$5000 just to meet the requirements of these systems. The cost of those 2 systems is outrageous when compared to Wii.

Scyen said...

Someone explain to me why the Hell the Wii isn't region-free, because that just seems stupid. No SD card memory, no 512 MB of memory, no DVD playback, sub-par graphics (even for 250 USD), and a very childish aesthetic and ergonometric design don't add up to a "REVOLUTION"...

Wiisualizer said...

Mario Galaxy seems to incorperate deeper,wheitier,light-mapped,meshi textures.
I like the look.It has finesse.
It looks like a solid,cartoony, alternative to displacement-,normal- ,bumb-mapping and what not.
The textures are bright and clear.
The polygon count seems to be higher in comparison to Mario Sunshine which is visible on the Mario character-model,the round level objects and land scapes.
Even the coins seem to sport quite a few polys.
Mario Galaxy is definetly the most impressive Wii game so far and hopefully a sign of things to come.
Metroid Prime 3 on the other hand looks too similiar to Prime 1 and 2.The improvements are very subtle.
The lightning seems to be a tad bit more expressive and powerful.I'm not sure if the overall poly-count is higher though.The space pirate design is still a little bit messed up and more on the edgy side,the lil critters from the new level seemingly dont sport the environment-mapped chitin panzers from the first Metroid.There is a section in the demo where Samus finds herself in green liquid.The water effects have obviously improved.All in all it still looks like it could have been pulled of on N-Cube I'm afarid to say.
Eventually I would say that if the monster at the end of the demo is more representative of the final quality there is hope that things get significantly smoothed out before Corruption launches.

Anonymous said...

There are no doubts that the 360 is doing the best ! PS3 sucks and the wii did not achieve the expectations ! Where is the secret ? Or why is the graphics so bad ? I mean, you cant justify for innovation the lack of new technology. The Wii is a console for socialist, people who dont have money for next gen, but when you would give them money they would buy the best, and they are the most greedy people in the world. You know i am happy that i have not sold my Gamecube, because im getting the new zelda definetaly, but not on wii. Nintendo you have lost my confidence since launching the N64, in other words you have failed and lost your charm since then. You know what, i am fed up with the waiting, i am going to buy the 360 : no lies, brilliant games,powerful machine and the price is cool !
The only place where i can play the best japan RPG's is on xbox 360, think of Sakaguchi when you know him you noobs !

The I.A.L.S said...

From the IGN boards and too true.
People this is so true:

"If Wii had never been built, and Nintendo had just created a $60 remote controller for the Gamecube that was necessary for most games releasing between 2006-2011 (Gamecube thus having an unusually long 10 year-lifespan) you would have the exact situation we have now, with 5 exceptions.

1) We wouldn't have to buy a new system
2) People wanting to buy the system could pay $99, which is what the technology is worth today, instead of $249
3) There'd be no need to release the "classic" controller
4) We wouldn't have an online plan, fair enough, but that's something Gamecube should have had in the first place
5) The system power would be slightly less

And that's all folks."


"Wiiovercome for crying out loud #6 of your "other" differences is the same as my #4. Please read before posting.

"1. Nobody would buy it
2. It would be a gimmick
3. No third party support "

You're exactly right about those 3. My point is that the Wii is basically a Gamecube that's been given a paint job and an unreasonable price to trick people into rebuying it. It's Nintendo giving consumers the finger, and the saddest part is that most of you respond by getting on your knees and opening your mouths. "$250 is a smart price", "WiiSports actually has great graphics"... the company can do no wrong to most of you thickheaded Nintendo-worshippers. As far as you're concerned, cartridges on the N64 and no-online on Gamecube was an ingenius marketing strategy by Nintendo... LOL

As far as the Mii channel and all that stuff, I'm not gonna say that all those gimmicks are worth an extra $150. Xbox today sells for what, $129.99? Yeah and it's roughly the same technology as the Wii system... Nintendo thinks they milk people for all their worth, just like when they sold NES games on GBA for 20 bucks a pop."


Anonymous said...

Nintendo is destroying the gaming market with stupid inventions that nobody needs ! As a hardcore gamer i give a shit about Remote Controls ! I want cool games which are state of the art and not crap like the wii games !
And why are they postponing the Zelda for the Gamecube ??!! Oh well some of you ignorants would claim that they have probslems or shit like that, you nintendo is also cheating the gamecube owner, they want that you go out and buy the Wii for a game that runs on Gamecube!!!
And buying a complete wii station costs equal to a next gen console, why should i buy this kind of crap ?? Only for a controller ??! Oh, i know now you would come up with the argument of gameplay and fun, hey stop with these childish comments because on other consoles you have also fun and your beloved word "innovation" ! Go play your stupid short games and get arm pains of playing, stupid controlle !

The I.A.L.S said...

People it all boils down to this in the end :

Do you feel like getting the right value for a system that is just slightly more powerful than Wii?
Do the games declare the value for you?

I'm not sure!I'm really not sure if Zelda which I can also get for Gamecube Mario Galaxy,MP3,Red Steel justify the purchase of a system that has 3-5 years old technology (albeit shrinked)equipped with a motion sensing controller to round it of for $300 with one game.
I'm not sure if the expirience really has such an impact.
Lets not kid ourselves here:
You have all seen the videos and screenshots.What you see is what you get,namely more or less advanced Gamecube graphics with a new controller and some channel and 24connect gimmicks.
To tell the truth,I for one havent seen one single Wii game that made me say WOW,I really need to play this.Quite the opposite is the case I'm afraid most Wii games I saw left me with a crestfallen impression.
Remember the time when you saw the first shots of Rogue Leader,Resident Evil 4 or Metroid Prime.It gave you that feeling.You know,that feeling when something catches your interest when you really start looking forward to something.I dont know,maybe I'm just jaded,but that feeling is totally absent when watching Wii games.It looks like its just more of the same and sometimes even subpar to the creme de la creme on Gamecube.
I really gave Nintendo the benefit of doubt since E3 to convince me of their system and games but unfortunately they failed.I have been a Nintendo supporter long since long before the lackluster days of N64,owning almost every system.But now I really feel impelled to avoid their new system.It feels like they are trying to cheat on me and it feels like they havent really learned from their mistakes in the past.
I still dont see any new IPS with more appeal I still dont see them fulfilling their promises.I have ultimately changed my mind.I won't get a Wii until I feel I get the right value in games AND hardware.
I guess I will eventually end up getting myself a 360.

R.I.P Nintendo


some guy said...

I am starting to agree with the negative press regarding the recent Wii information.

It turns out that the Wii will NOT be region free but will be locked.Also there will be no DVD playback but who cares?

Also Nintendo plans on charging users for web browsing on the Wii starting June 2007.

I am not trying to be cynical but this is really disappointing news, why would I pay to browse the internet on the Wii? I can still do it for free on my Dreamcast and it also supports flash. (Granted I am not going to use a console to browse anyway but the fact that they hide this information about service fees in the back really irks me)

My hope is this turns out to be false, but it did make me reconsider buying a Wii until next year. I want to know all of the “features” of a console before I buy it.

If this is how Nintendo planes on making a profit by charging fees (or Fii) they can count me out. I’m sorry but I feel there has been a lot of marketing deception and I expected better from Nintendo. (Sony and MS I would expect to hide service charges but not Nintendo)


The I.A.L.S said...

@some guy

Seriously some guy,

I wouldnt give a flying fuck about internet access region-lock lack of dvd playback etc. BS when the games at least looked state of the art and promising which simply is not the case.

Matter of fact is the games for one look like medicore Gamecube outings at best plus the launch line up is just not really AAA.Its not a killer line up.It a so so line up.Be honest to yourself.
I have read a lot of hands on impressions ever since NYC and one thing that striked me was that no one is really talking about a ultimately new,better flashy expirience.
I havent seen anyone praising it to the skies like its really revolutionising gaming.
Strange isnt it?!
(With the exception of Matsumo:)


some guy said...


I see your point about the gaming media remaining pretty quiet when it comes to actual game play. This could be due to the fact that perhaps they did not get a chance to truly play through any title for a reasonable amount of time. I think the Wii will have excellent titles and game play, I don’t think that was in question for me at least. At least Zelda will be an AAA title at launch. But, I do feel the smaller things, such as DVD playback, web browsing and region free could have helped, especially with the casual / older gamers or non-gamers. Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo by no means needs these features but when NOA claimed that it would have these features then takes it back I can’t help but feel a little deceived. Now Nintendo has me questioning whether their online game will have a service charge. They claim they will not but will they change their mind in the near future? Things like this have me thinking about when I should buy a Wii.

Sorry if I come of as cynical, that is not the intent.

As for the graphics on Wii Nintendo will need an aggressive marketing campaign to show the people what the Wii is all about. They shouldn’t rely on gaming sites considering they will just show some screen shots then compare them to PS3/360.

The I.A.L.S said...

c'mon some guy you can't be serious!
Zelda is a Gamecube title with revamped controlls.
So what?
I have played Ocarina of time and majoras mask!
Wind Waker at least had a new different style that made it interesting again.
Same thing with Prime 3 I own both Prime 1 and 2.Its getting boring.Its like an additional mission pack.You really expect me to pay 300 bucks just to be able to play a mission pack with the same graphics same style and everything?
C'mon Some Guy!
Excite Truck?
You must be kidding me!
50 bucks for Excite Truck?
Wario Ware?Do I really need cheap gimmicky party games?
A solid launch line up would consist of Sam and Max,at least 2-3 original Nintendo IPS,4-5 Exclusive well crafted 3rd party games.That would be enough for me

But no we are getting Rayman,Wind Island,Dragonball,Disney,Wario,Trauma Centre,Monkey Ball etc.

Thats what you consider a solid launch line-up?
I don't doubt for a second that Wii will end up with solid descent titles,but the question is how long do I have to wait?And how many will I get?
Will it be similiar to Gamecube with merly 3 solid titles like MetroidPrime,Resident Evil 4 and Wind Waker after 4 years life span?

It seems like Sony and Micro are the only ones getting new franchises while Wii gets mostly sequels...

Anonymous said...

Hi some guy,

I think 1Up messed something up.
You don´t have to pay for online.
The only thing is you have to pay for the opera browser after june 2007. Before you can download it for free.
It´s a nice trick to let the people know that they gonna buy theirs wii´s as soon as possible.

Anyway, how could you believe 1UP?

have a nice calmy day (escpecially to I.A.L.S)

some guy said...

Hi Anom,

There were other sources stating similar news, but after checking opera for news it is true that the browser will be free until June 2007 then users will be charged for the download (price?). As long as it is not an annual service charge it’s not so bad. But having people pay for a browser that I can download for free on my PC still will not go over well with some people, especially the ones who are already unhappy about the $250 price point.

My fear was that they were going to do a Microsoft and have service charges. Still this goes against NOA claim that the browser would be pre-installed and ready to use out of the box. I know I’m making a big deal out of something that doesn’t really matter to most people, to be honest I really don’t want to use a console to browse the web but I’m just wondering why the last minute changes such as no DVD support, a now add-on browser and region locking? What changed between E3 and now? Could it be from all the bad press Sony has been receiving that Nintendo did not feel the need to include these things to compete?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ials: that was not me, and it's funny that you'd even think of making posts under another name. makes me wonder what other names you've used for posts? i sign all of mine.

lord darcia: yeah, we know. that's what we've all been adding up for over a year, but... where the fuck is it? is it too late? does nintendo honestly expect us to believe that there are *STILL* some kind of "secrets"? i'm completely lost. i just don't understand it. there are so many things that don't add up.

well, so nintendo looks to pull off the worldwide simultaneous launch, with the biggest and most beautiful launch in videogame history. i'm very pleased that wii sports is a bundle, too.
the one thing that has me trippin' is the price point. i thought for sure they'd just go for the jugular at $199. thinking about it, however, from nintendo's point of view, (logic/business) they're certain to sell out every single unit through 2006, no matter what the price is. seems to me that wii will end up picking up more steam in xmas 07, when nintendo drops super mario galaxy. yes, i said it: metroid in march, galaxy in november. call it a hunch. they'll probably drop another huge IP in summer, and hold onto mario... that's my thinking, anyways.
mii looks SWEET. i can't wait to get myself into a game of wii golf. that is going to rock. i gotta say though, i am most especially excited to make mii's of friends and family that have passed away. should be a lot of fun.
vc pricing is perfect. i plan on buying only the cream of the crop for each system, for which i would GLADLY pay those prices.

a final note: i refuse to accept that there are no more "secrets" until i have a wii in my living room. you guys know me... i'm a fool.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

you know what REALLY annoys me?
that you cant connect wii to the internet via cable.
i dont have a wlan-router and i won't buy one only because of wii.
this REALLY pisses me off so much.

what the hell is wrong with nintendo? didnt they plan to make a console for non-gamers? of course every-gamer is going to buy a wlan-router if they have none, right? oh man...

Cyriel said...

What the hell are you talking about !? ofcourse it can use a normal internet cable..

babble said...

It's only Wifi. You need a wireless network or Airport.

I'm happy with Wii news. Nintendo is on a roll!

babble said...

And/or USB jack... Forgot about that.

Anonymous said...

What happen to the stereoscopic 3D technology from nintendo?

Grandmaster B said...

Gee I wish you would stop dribbling out garbage IALS.

All the naysayers on Wii. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

910do said...

I myself not interrested on Buying "Wii" at launch day !, and the reason is simple : the only game I'm interrested in is obviously Z4elda TP, and in order to play it I have spend almost $350 after taxes !!!!, and to tell I found the 360 exepensive , it's actually pretty cheap compared to "Wii", and one other thing launching AGAIN without mario !? what are they thinking !? and also metroid is no longer a launch title !?, comm'on , I wouldn't be surprises if Mario galaxy will be released in holiday 2007, what I see now is a deja vu of the gamecube, few games and the majority targeted to a young crowds, kids, i,e, elebits, spongebob, cars,...etc, and finally I'm not imagining myself waving my hands for hours to play zelda, I'm a drummer I have enough exercice, that's why I'm gonna buy zelda GCN version indecember if they don'y canned it of course, when mario come's out may be I'll get a Wii, and to tell I bought every single nintendo console since the NES, and mark my words nintendi will be #3 this generation again....sadly.

Grandmaster B said...

910do: then dont buy it, who gives a shit?

As for Nintendo being no 3. Yeh ok mate. We'll see. There is nothing to dictate this at all but only your disatisfication with the price point.

Buzz is everywhere.

The I.A.L.S said...

910do, I love you mate.

Everybody should listen to 910do.

As for Grandmaster b.Would you please be quiet.
Your comments are very annoying and without any substance.


The I.A.L.S said...


Ha,did anyone notice that they used a 360 Madden screenshot for the NYC presentation?

Tricky Reggie



The I.A.L.S said...

By the way my cousin had the chance to play Wii in Leipzig.

He told me that the Wiimote really adds something to the expirience but that the graphics on the other hand were disappointing.

Zelda and Mario were absent.

Furthermore he told me that Wii wasnt playable for the masses due to larcany by trick.

(He also told me that the Nintendo people were quite uninviting and mildly arrogant.They were like "try it out if you want I don't care at all")


The I.A.L.S said...

Does anyone remember the Samus Aran character model from SpaceWorld?
I am asking this because I simply can't understand why they are using the same model again for the third one.
I never liked the neon green weapon. The grey weapon from Spaceworld had style and gave it a suitable mature look.
I'm wondering if they choose this design over the edgier one in order to make Samus more accesible for younger gamers.
Dont get me wrong Retro really put it in perspective.The level design and most of the creatures have such a vivid, mature style that Samus simply doesnt seem to fit in with her colourful green weapon.It's odd.
In fact the first time I showed Metroid Prime to a mate who owns a Xbox he immediately was averse to it just because he didnt come to terms with the green "kiddy" weapon.
I know thats quite narrow minded,but I cannot help but wonder why Retro isn't considering making Samus and her weapon less "cartoony" and more like in the stylish Space world 2001 demo.Its simply suits Metroid better.


Blizz419 said...

Ya know the only thing i'm aggrivated about is no online games at launch, some of them need to be online, like how can ubisoft release Far-Cry without online play Nintendo needs to provide the online info now to 3rd parties, dont get me wrong i am definatly going to buy the Wii, but i was going to get Far Cry even though i own it for the 360 just cause online play with that new control scheme would be lots of fun, but sadly it wont be online so i wont buy it, the only first person shooter i would buy without online play is metroid.

910do said... online, no metroid, no region free , new controller yes, is this a revolution !?? no it's just Wii.
so much promises, so much lies, so much hype ....where are you Hiroshi Yamauchi ?

Blizz419 said...

no metroid no mario? what do you mean 910do?

910do said...

I meant no metroid and mario at launch.

Blizz419 said...

last i knew Mario galaxy was a launch title i have not heard different yet, i heard about metroid yes but not mario

910do said...

Mario is not a launch title, it's set for 2007 , and I know Nintendo, they will release metroid around march 2007 and mario holiday 2007 november-december, in between a long desert full of waiting and frustration , we are nintendo fans we're used to it.

Grandmaster B said...

You are more of a big sook than anything else. Ppl just get over it and stop whining, all it does is make you look like a little girl.

IALS you talk utter bullshit. And the comment about your cousin is garbage, I can tell it is just you making it up.

BTW comments have plenty of substance and trying to stir me up wont work.

The I.A.L.S said...

Grandmaster B....?

Good luck.


Grandmaster B said...


The last two paragraphs were for you IALS, the first paragraph the person knows who its for.

I get sick of hearing people whine and whine. Get over it, geese.

When people realise Nintendo are out there to make money and are not a non profit organization like MS, then maybe they wont get so upset.

As for people thinking Nintendo are going to be number 3, it didnt effect their share price much thus far.

The I.A.L.S said...

Grandmaster stop being uncle scrutch!
Otherwise you might end up with a


Lord_Darcia said...


Here is the link:

Falafelkid said...

Hey Lord. Thanks for the link, but please: pay no mind. It is a ridiculous claim to make that Nintendo has been deliberately holding back on the Wii graphics. Apparently, this is to protect some kind of secret method responsible for Xbox360 looks. But there is one weak point in this story: Showing off the graphics does not amount to showing how they are done.

Those people, much like one or two people who comment on this page, are out to counter and deflate the hype about Wii by spreading such rumours which will inevitably lead to disappointment on our part.

Some do it because they are fanboys, some do it because they work for Nintendo´s competitors (or their PR agencies). So don´t believe a word of this, please. Look at the most recent trailers of games like Zelda: TP or Red Steel. They look absolutely stunning. Wii is just fine as it is.

Lord_Darcia said...



Thanks for checking it out Falafel.

We will see what wii is about when it comes out. I guess its just wait and see.

Blizz419 said...

only a fool would believe what Osaka Tanaka sais seriously

The I.A.L.S said...

Kid whats goin on?

Yo kid you know who this is,its the IALS mate and you know what ?
I have been roughing up the ign Wii boards lately under the name "Superbugle" creating thread after thread.
I whole heartly invite you to join the discussion.

-IALS aka "Superbugle"

Zucas said...

Nobody has any proof whatsoever to prove Osoko real or fake. So as of now I stand on a neutral posistion. But dileberately going out and criticizing him for his writings I do find unacceptable as he is just a writer. So he claims things that are unproven yet. Just go along with and see what really happens. Only people who fall into the hype are the stupid ones. But ones interested in his writings are just like people interested in a good book. I suggest laying off on people who still follow his writings and ones who criticize him for it.

Arsenis said...

ILAS I know how biased apinions are but to all the bitching from people, let me tell you alll things can be justified or you can shit on them just as everyone has points of view.

"If Wii had never been built, and Nintendo had just created a $60 remote controller for the Gamecube that was necessary for most games releasing between 2006-2011 (Gamecube thus having an unusually long 10 year-lifespan) you would have the exact situation we have now, with 5 exceptions.

1) We wouldn't have to buy a new system
2) People wanting to buy the system could pay $99, which is what the technology is worth today, instead of $249
3) There'd be no need to release the "classic" controller
4) We wouldn't have an online plan, fair enough, but that's something Gamecube should have had in the first place
5) The system power would be slightly less

GC =$99 plus WiFi adapter same price as Xbox 360 = $100 plus remote = $60

Thats $260 to me so for $250 am getting more if i wanted to have the same experience with the Wii.

See no comparison with GC to Wii applies unless you Cry about Graphics which aren't exactly what I wanted but luckily i went to the first Secret Embassador Party in LA.

Let me tell you my now more biased opinion as I play Xbox 360 at Home With my friends the graphics ar sweet no doubt but if you compare Fight night 3 to regular Xbox the gap you all talk about is not that big of a difference... unless the show a close up.

Fifa same thing even that has not much difference.
OK blame that on EA fine.

Lets talk about gameplay. Xbox fight night round 3 difference from 360 is slight improvement on graphics

But I still get my twiching thumb after 9 rounds of the same thumb stick movement from both versions.

Now to my biased opinion of Wii...

I played Wii boxing and I was so Impressed at what you could do that I forgot I was fighting a cartoon on screen and started talking shit at the person next to me... do too the Inmerssion the Wii gives you.

Playing is believing. <--- now i really believe that shit.

Graphics are mostly appreciated in cut scenes but what i want is gameplay.

and for all europeans saying the US is getting it so much cheaper you still gotta add tax, once you do the Wii is $270 actually here in the US.

Now I am not gonna convince anyone cuz i know how mad you are at the graphics you are getting.

But once those Kiosk are there at the stores try it, play it and let us know how much the GC 1.5 graphics stopped you from having FUN.

oh an IALS I know I only named you but most of the other people go by anonymous so why name 'em.

and the other reason I nemad you is your inconsistence... " I like it, I don't... Oh wait I do Like it, no... no it actually sucks."

Anyhow keep on Bitching all you want...

the choices are out there,

Blizz419 said...

osoko has come up with wild and crazy unreasonable stuff, so therefor the FACT remains only a fool believes what he sais case closed, i will eat my socks live on webcam if he is legit in what he sais

Blizz419 said...

Aresenis it will not cost me 270 and i live in the US it will cost me 262.49 unless i go one state north of me then it will cost 249.99

Arsenis said...

If you can't live with this graphics you have a problem,

CoD Wii

Seriously... oh I forgot the textures don't look go in your HD TV at 1080p.

LMFAO it's 480p stupid.

Arsenis said...


In California the tax is 8.25% so on taxes i pay $20.62 more.

OK for anyone who lives in California the price will be


Blizz419 said...

sux, in Massachusetts its 5% and in New Hampshire there is no sales tax

Grandmaster B said...

Arsenis, I wouldnt bother wasting your time on these guys. Thats why I dont bother.

IALS changes his mind every 2 mins, dont bother with him.

Arsenis said...

@Grandmaster B

I know i just don't comment much here... but i read a lot.

and I just wanted to point that out one more time.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Grandmaster. Hi Arsenis.

Arsenis, I wouldnt bother wasting your time on these guys. Thats why I dont bother.

Good one, don´t bother. You have to ask yourself why some people write so much crap... and you may come to the conclusion that they are on someone´s payroll.

The I.A.L.S said...

Ah c'mon falafelkid..

You can not be serious!

Neither am I payed by somebody nore anything else.
Excuse me Kid but what do you expect me to think about Wii?
Have I played Wii yet?
So the conclusion is,there is nothing else for me for now than to judge Wii solely on what I see.
The videos,screenshots and impressions.

It's a case of Hobson's choice.

You know what a long road it was kid since the lackluster days of N64 Kid.
I was looking forward to Nintendos next generation console just like you Kid just like everyone.
Please believe me I just don't endorse any type of BS or put my name or put my image on something just because.
I'm tellin you,I was a big Nintendo fan ever since the womb.
I gave them the benefit of doubt since N64.

I have seen all the Wii videos kid.
Takin it back to Nintendo ON when it was fake.I've continued on til' NYC.
I ran out of it.
The Wii games still lack the bells and whistles the "marked improvements" you'd expect from a system you pay 300 bucks for with a game.
Kid you are accusing me of writing crap when in reality you tend to forget that games indeed are visual medium just as much as they are a interactive one.
Hence I have posted N-Cube screens on IGN message boards that proove that Wii doesn't even match the better looking GameCube games.

Makes you wonder what you pay 300 bucks for with a game!
I am always open for discussion and I'm not trying to beat my own drum here Kid but even you must ask yourself at one point what the hell you pay for!
The Wii-mote is 60 bucks!
What do you pay for then?
To be honest I feel cheated Kid
I'm bitter.It feels like they are trying to pull a fast one on me.
Selling me insufficient Gamecube 1.25 hardware, with a new controller added into the mix to justify the 300 bucks price.
C'mon Kid, you cannot be serious.

As for the games its mostly sequels,party games,multi platform games and kids games.
Where are well crafted 3rd party games? new and more serious Nintendo quality IPS ?
See,they still haven't learned from their past mistakes.
I am just bitter Kid just very very bitter.

-The Irrelevant Annoying Laughing Stock

Wiisualizer said...

FalfelKid I agree with him.
Why don't you tell how you see things?

Grandmaster B said...


Blizz419 said...

i dunno if there paid by anyone who knows but IALS and tactics can be very annoying. my onjly annoyance with the Wii is no online play for Call of Duty 3 and Far Cry these are games that beg for online play, i do plan on getting a Wii on launch day of course Nintendo has always been my favorite company.

Anonymous said...

Blizz187 you are Mr.Annoy in person
I'm afraid to say

Blizz419 said...

why thank you IALS or Tactics which ever one you are

Anonymous said...

learn proper English first Blizzi

The I.A.L.S said...



Grandmaster B said...

Anonymous said...
Blizz187 you are Mr.Annoy in person
I'm afraid to say

Take your own advice. That english is poor.

Tactics is fine. He is a die hard loyal Nintendo fan. He just doesnt take crap from anyone and has a foul mouth. You cant hold that against him.

The I.A.L.S said...








Blizz419 said...

true grandmaster,

and btw Anonymous, i dont speak proper english i speak american lol, so um go be a grammar nazi somewere besides the comments of a blog fool.

Raphael said...

@ Falafelkid

Could that be your voice? ;-)

Anonymous said...

grandmaster b: thank you.

blizz419: you retarded fucking neanderthal. go spread your fucking filthy lies somewhere else. nobody here is interested in your ridiculous conspiracy theories.

i sign all of my posts.

-"superfan" tactics.

Sickr said...

My pre-order is done and dusted, now all I need to do is pay the deposit.



The I.A.L.S said...

grandmaster b: thank you.

blizz419: you retarded fucking neanderthal. go spread your fucking filthy lies somewhere else. nobody here is interested in your ridiculous conspiracy theories.

i sign all of my posts.

-"superfan" tactics.





Falafelkid said...

Hi Raphael.

Could that be your voice? ;-)

Yup, that is the item I produced on location and transmitted back to Cologne, here´s the link.

Blizz419 said...

i have no conspiracy theories, and chill out tactics, its that language that gets annoying sometimes, and yes i guess you do always sign your posts so my bad on that part but seriously calm down dude i should of just directed that to IALS as he does constantly babble on about some pretty dumb shit and nobody can deny that

Anonymous said...

well you annoy me because you don't use periods.

-"superfan" tactics.

"superfan" tactics. said...

testing testing...

MulberryNews said...

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