Monday, July 04, 2011

PS4 coming 2012, feature Kinect-like controls?

The PlayStation4 will hit markets in 2012 and feature a control mechanism based on body movements similar to Kinect, Digitimes has learnt.

Sony will have Taiwan-based partners begin production of PlayStation 4 (PS4) featuring body movement-based control like Kinect at the end of 2011 for launch in 2012, according to Taiwan-based component makers.

Foxconn and Pegatron Technology, assemblers of PS3, will undertake assembly of PS4 as well, the sources pointed out. The planned shipment volume of PS4 in 2012 is at least 20 million units, the sources indicated.

It seems likely that next year, all three next generation consoles will launch (or will at least be announced to launch in 2013). Remember that Microsoft also has a successor console sent out to select third-parties, according to rumours.

More than two years ago, I predicted that all three next generation consoles would be announced in 2011 and 2012 and that the ten year lifecycle Sony envisaged for the PS3 was an illusion.

With the PlayStation3, Sony may be committed to a ten year life cycle. But Microsoft will clearly pull a successor to its Xbox360 out of the hat before 2012 by the latest. The same goes for Nintendo. And if the PS3 isn't selling now, why should it be selling in three years time, when there will be two next-gen consoles out, which are both sure to surpass the PS3 in either hardware power or controller scheme or both.


Raphael said...

Looks like the WiiU will be the console for the hardcore-crowd! (At least in terms of controles.) Imagine PS4-gamers playing Skyrim with Kinect and the Wii-crowd has the inventory on the Touch-sreen!

RGB said...

You cant say that as you havent seen PS4's controls yet. If its anything like Kinect then yeh maybe but not everyone is won over by Wii U's controls.

Anonymous said...

yes he can say that

kinect failed move failed SOOOOOOOOOOO OBVIOUSLY ps4 and xbox 3 cannot compete

how can you base a console around a already failed controller !!!!!!!

wiiu adds wiiu tablet pad with the already successful wii remote and the ability to use the classic pad how will some kinect crap compete with that....

the wiiu pad will be a success on top of wii remote success vs a failed kinect

nintendo has and continues to prove that the controller is and always will be king

waving at cameras it aint happening it cannot compare to wiiu

Anonymous said...

son lost 3.2 billion this fiscal year again Sony sinks into massive debt and loss and already is penniless

add to that 3.2 billion end 2011 April year loss the psn hack has cost sony 178 million

sony are operating at billions of loss year in year out there walking dead its over

Samsung should buy out Sony and nintendo should buy out playstation brand

sony are over notice how this massive loss hasnt been reported by biased gaming web sites

RGB said...

Anonymous said... yes he can say that

Errm no he can't..until Sony have released and confirmed what it is and does. Shouldn't need to reiterate that really.

Anonymous said...

Dont care...I want wipeout & viewpoint for ps vita. :)

Anonymous said...

got to love the trolling by 3rd partys to suck up to sony fans

the whole second analog stick is more accurate than the ir mouse THATS TECHNICALLY IMPOSABLE BY THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!

what a load of bollox why say such blatant lies and look stupid just to suck up to a userbase of other consoles

this industry is sooooooooooo imature

mild troll said...

off topic:

I finished mickey epic yesterday and I have say it is everything except fun. Not to mention the graphics which are simply terrible especially from a technical perspective.

Warren spector said he thinks it's the best looking Wii game to date. ROFLMAO I'd say it is most deffo one of the worst engines ever on Wii.

The funny thing is I booted up Knights journey into dreams(from 2007 ) right after Mickey Epic and was shocked about how amazing, detailed, vibrant and clear it looked compared to the muddy mess that is Epic Mickey.

Best looking Wii game lol what a joke it looks totally outdated and terrible despite the disney license.

I could have looked past those issues if the game itself had been any fun to begin with but it was sooooooooo lame so unbelievably lame it's doing my head in just thinkin about it trust me!! In fact the only good thing about this game was the 2 cartoons I unlocked at the end lol. One was the mad doctor from 1933 with mickey and one with oswald from 1928. Very impressive black & white cartoons!!

RGB said...

It isnt very good graphically you are correct. But a more interesting observation is you finished a game that is not fun?

Anonymous said...

yeah well i sort of kept on playing just to see if it gets better ...Mickey Epic could have been so much better in the hands of capable devs.

jerry said...

@ Above

Epic Mickey is pretty awful, it looks like rayman 2 but plays much much worse. Speaking of rayman 2, I picked it up for the 3ds thinking it was a new rayman game, considering there is no 2 on the box it's called Rayman 3D...

Oh well though, it was a good game back then and it's still fun, I just wish ubisoft put more effort into the graphics. I want to see what the 3ds is capable of.

Also, I bought RE: mercenaries 3d, it's pretty shitty. I mainly wanted the demo to revelations which is disappointing because it's literally about 3 minutes long. It plays well and has great graphics though, can't wait for the final release.

Anonymous said...

I hope the wii u will be taken more serious then the original wii games with more hardcore games like the ps3 and xbox 360.

jerry said...

check that out falafelkid.

Amazon isn't selling the 3DS right now, the product is "under review"

Any thoughts? Some are saying that the screen gets scratched easily. I bought a screen protector for mine.

jerry said...

nintendo loses 25.5 billion yen, drops their profit forecast by 82%, 3DS price drop august 12

what does anon have to say??????

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The release date of the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) could be at the end of 2012.

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