Tuesday, March 10, 2009

´GTA´ developer warming to Wii

Here is a brief update. In relation to some exclusive information I gave you some time ago, my guess regarding Silicon Knights was wrong. Just to make up for it, though, I can reveal that publisher Take 2 and developer Rockstar are warming to Wii.

When developing the DS game ´Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars´, they were very happy with Nintendo's third party support and are considering a `Grand Theft Auto´ on Nintendo's newest. I had asked them last year whether a GTA on Wii was a possibility and they had categorically ruled that out. Now, it simply hinges upon the success of ´GTA: Chinatown Wars´. If the DS title performs well enough, Rockstar will be swayed by its success and bring the franchise to Wii as well. Whether they would invest in an original installment running on a dedicated graphics engine is another question.

On a personal note, please excuse the recent lack of updates. The Falafelkidkid is a lot of work and it is hard for me to find time to write decent articles. I have a number in the pipeline, though, including a lengthy examination of controversial developer Nibris (`Sadness`), which should be online within the next two weeks. So please stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hello Falafelkit,

What happened with the status of Factor5?

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

hey, long timw since ive commented haha. pretty sure the wii would be able to sell a 'GTA' title well but i think the title itself would be lacking. such as other games wii gets like 'call of duty' etc. i feel the power of the wii would be a big barrier for fans of the series and developers.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog so I've been reading up on your older posts. Great to see you are back. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

@NZ Guy: There were some really good GTA games on the PS2 remember? I'm certain that R* could make a full GTA game on the Wii.

I just hope they don't try to shoe horn GTAIV onto it.

Anonymous said...


;-))))the most beautifullest thing in this world is


haha nah just kidding hope your cool Falfelman!!
all the best


Anonymous said...

GTA is the only video game series that made me consider buying a ps or an x-box.
The music, the gameplay, everything was just fun about that game.
I was going to make the purchase because of Resident Evil 5's lack of wii support.

Looks like the new "exclusive" res evil for wii might be another rails shooter.
I am furious.
Why do you think wii is missing these games like GTA and RESIDENT evil 5 even with a huuge intall base?

M. Ferreira said...

Good to see you still kicking, Falafelkid! :)

On topic: I find it odd to see R* hinging a WII game on the success of a DS game. :\ The games industry doesn't make sense this gen - before Wii/360/PS3 hit, install base was what mattered most - more units meant more potential sales.

I don't get why companies are snubbing almost 50 million users with such a big smile. It simply makes no business sense.

Anonymous said...

take two still made a loss after ps3/x360 gta sales WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU the DS and wii = profits so make games for them its not hard 2+2=4 WAS THAT SO HARD hhhhhmmmmmm 3rd party's are acting in a insane manner this will lead to more horror story's and lost developer studios as the industry out side of Nintendo and her loyal s WILL COLLAPSE watch it happen if 3rd partys dont awake from there sony comas

Anonymous said...

Nintendo makes good games.
That's part of why the fervent Nintendo fanboy exists.

These are the some of gamers who recognize innovation and hard work.

Fallout. Thats shit.
It's like Doom for the pc but with more whistles and bells added.
The same as most other "hardcore" game. Halo.

It's like the republican version of Metroid.

Most 3rd parties dont make good games.

And it's Nintendo's fault.

Maybe its because one of the longest standing, most profitable Japanese companies of all time (fact check?)
loves being superior to
the friggin' Wall-E titles and Barbie Mall Shopper games it's sleeping next to.
Who knows?
I dont understand.
It's their own console.
Why release garbage?

I think Nintendo should have a higher bar on their 3rd parties.
I honestly feel Nintendo doesn't care about the quality of 3rd party titles.

Remember Metroid Prime for Gamecube?
If I recall correctly, Nintendo delayed the game, brought their own producer in to make sure their franchise isn't ruined. (From Japan to Texas?)
They only sent a Japanese staff in because Metroid is their name on the line.
What other time have you heard of Nintendo coming in to take over & make sure their games arent ruined by an american developer?

Nintendo needs to be doing this for all their 3rd part titles.

Bring back the Nintendo seal of quality.

-Ink Stud

Falafelkid said...

Hey Ink Stud.

Halo. Zzzzzz.

It's like the republican version of Metroid.

Funniest thing I read all week.

If I recall correctly, Nintendo delayed the game, brought their own producer in to make sure their franchise isn't ruined. (From Japan to Texas?)
They only sent a Japanese staff in because Metroid is their name on the line.
What other time have you heard of Nintendo coming in to take over & make sure their games arent ruined by an american developer?

Wha...? That's standard procedure in the industry. Producers are assigned from the publisher side and they work closely alongside the studio, either present at all times or visiting every week or so.

When Eden developed "Alone in the Dark", Nour Polloni was producer and she works for Atari. My girlfriend is a developer out here in Germany and it's no different for her.

Anonymous said...

Great article man. Also looking forward to that Nibris/Sadness article..it looks to be one of the few great games coming out on the wii. (Just got Madworld and my god it's amazing.)

Anonymous said...

Nour Polloni is da bomb!!!!

btw guys I'm playin Resi5 right now on PS3 and I cant help but feel like theres something missing from it!!!!

yeah, the gfx are absolutely top notch!You wouldnt expect anything else from the artists who made 4 to begin with!I'd say, basically, Resi5 looks like a supersuper hirez, superhighpoly version of Resi 4!but at the end of the day it still looks remercably similiar despite all the hirezness!lol
to be honest it only reminds me that graphics alone dont make a game!

But my main gripe or whats painfully missing imho is a truely original concept and an intruiging story that would've set it apart from its predecessors and 4 in particular!what is the plot?where is the story?excuse me but I dont get?I cant get behind it somehow!

So far Resi 5 feels more like an extraordinary hirez addon/mod of 4 to me!where the focus is mainly on pure action! theres a lot of action from the get go, you certainly get a lot of bang for your cash but its so similiar to 4 it hardly feels fresh. And I don't even get the story because it seems so random and because everything is so fastpaced!

yeah yeah I know of course Resi 4 had a cheesy story you didnt really care about as well and all that! but it was still presented in a way that rounded of the expierences/that added to the ecxpirience

But Resi 5 is boombangboomratatapeng from the get go!;-))you know 'm sayin!?!which isnt necessarily a bad thing!theres more going on at once than in resi4 it certainly packs more punch. But the thing is despite the amazing highend gfx and action its just not as well paced and simply lacks the "soul" that Resi 4 had imo!

Maybe I should add that the controlls are starting to feel dated too and that it s pretty annoying that game doesnt pause when you open your inventory like it used to in 4.

you could compare it to the Prime1 sequels to some extent!they all had their moments but at the end of the day they didnt feature the ingenuity, inspiration and newness that made the first one so memorable.

Or maybe I'm just getting old

lol the verification word is "excesses"^^

Anonymous said...

Hello Falafelkit,

What happened with the status of Factor5?

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Wow, this would just be awesome. Although I'm not sure they could really develop something like they did on the 360/PS3 for the Wii. They will need to get creative.

Anonymous said...


Im sorry.
I should clarify my comment.

Yes Nintendo keeps close watch on their franchises.
It's to be expected.

But as I remember reading before....

Metroid Prime was being made for Gamecube,
Retro (?) was well into development.

Nintendo saw what they were working on with metroid, and delayed the game, brought their own team in to help polish the title.
This was long after development started.

Im probably wrong....Didnt Nintendo delay Deadly Creatures as well to "make it better"?

So If Nintendo is complaining about lack luster 3rd party titles....(that they are releasing themselves)
Im proposing Nintendo have a quality control team, like they did with Metroid on all 3rd party wii titles.

Its not going to happen.

But maybe it would make people buy Nintendo's consoles for all of their games. Not just for their franchise A level games which generally completely rule.

Remember how many unbelievably bad most of PS2 games were?
I think that's what we are seeing now.
Except it's with Nintendo's console this time.


Anonymous said...

deadly creatures WHAT ON GODS EARTH ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT....THERE'S NOTHING NINTENDO IN DEADLY CREATURES... ITS A THQ 3RD PARTY GAME RETRO STUDIOS IS 100% NINTENDO 1ST PARTY NINTENDO OWNED STUDIO RETRO ARE NINTENFO THQ IS NO ONE....deadly creatures has mid level load-times (never seen that on a Nintendo platform before)unlike ps2 xbox and even ps3 x360 it accually freezes a load symbol appears and you have to wait ITS AWFUL motion controls are sloppy and the widescreen is faked ITS LIKE A POLISHED UP PS2 GAME YEAH RIGHT NINTENDO CAME IN AND MADE A CRAP GAME WHAT BRAND OF CRACK ARE U ON

Anonymous said...

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