Friday, December 08, 2006

The wait is over

Thanks to the nice guys over at K-Videogames, the following ugly mugshot has now been made available on the internet. You might not be able to see it, but somewhere underneath that wild stubble is a happy smile.

Source: K-Videogames (German)


Andy Witmyer said...

You look like Kurt Cobain!

Is that a Wii in your hand or are you just happy to see mii?!?!? ha ha ha

Anyway, have fun, Fal. The system is great. Enjoy!

superuser said...

Got my Wii too!!!

pn18 said...

mediengeile sau ;)

Anonymous said...

i got mine too, from the karstadt @ wismar, and i didnt even reserved ^^
they got 8 systems, 7 were reserved, and i got the 1 which was free to buy.


Anonymous said...

Shame on you Nintendo.. The Netherlands just got a few Wii's.. I pre-orderd them in three stores and still don't own a Wii.. I have searched in 2 major City's and the Wii was nowhere to be found!!

Damn you Nintendo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

2 Wii's :| Your not zo nice to do that.. your frickin' Ebayer !!!

Anonymous said...

Fal deserves to be able to ebay one :P

starstriker1 said...

I think it's safe to say that no further posts will be made on this blog for a couple weeks... that is, if Zelda was part of the purchase.

If it wasn't, then what the heck are you waiting for! Buy it! It's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Finally, I was able to put my hands on my new wii today (with a copy of zelda, red steel and wii play), after a year and a half waiting!!!!
But before I start zelda, and get totally absorbed in a time warp, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank YOU falafelkid, for the time you took to inform/entertain us all during all this time.
And by the way, if you ever want to share your friend code with some people, I'd be more than happy to receive it (and give you a lesson in tennis ;) )....

It somehow feels like this is the end of something, but at the same time, this is only the beginning...I wish you all visitors and you Falafel the happiest of moments with your new game system!!!

And there is still a secret!!! lol (have you seen the number of wii channels that have not been showed yet??? ;) )



grahf said...

I'm interested in the demographic in the picture. Did you get a chance to talk to some of the people in line? Are they buying it for themselves? Kids? Ebay?

Grats Fal, let us know your impressions when you have time to sit down for a whilel

KLind said...

I find it ironic that I just came from Joystiq, where they were reporting on the European Wii Shortage, then come here and see Fal with 2 Wii's!

@ Fal:
Is the second one for:
D)The Photographers Unit?

Just curious, hope your having a blast! Have you experienced the dangerous Wii Elbow dun dun dun?


KLind said...

^What the end meant to say was "Have you experienced Wii Elbow yet?

Biohazard said...

You look alot shorter than your last pic, the one with you and Miyamoto playing the DS.

The I.A.L.S said...

Lo and behold.
How THE IALS has formed Kids' face since his pink T-shirt days.


Peace Kid.

The orginal:


The I.A.L.S. said...

Come and get your weekend soul food Kid!

Exclusivly on :



julencin2000 said...


The I.A.L.S said...

Ein Leckerbissen für Falafelkid :






nz guy said...

i got a wii too! i have been playing almost non stop. come to think of it, what the hell am i doing here?

The I.A.L.S said...

THE IALS pays homage to 'Kid, exclusivly on :

You know you want it!

Anonymous said...

Nigga, I'll blast you with my credit card!!!

Raphael said...

Hi Andreas,

I was at the midnight sale
in cologne, too! :-)

I love this thing!

Grandmaster B said...

All that confirms to me IALS is that you really do want Fal's body.

Shoot across your friend code Fal and I'll play against you one day. I need to get a stepdown first.

I've been looking at my Nintendo Wii the past 3 days without being able to switch it on.

C13 said...

DQ9 für DS!
was sagste dazu, falafelkid!

Leemzi said...

Wouldn't you love it if 'Fala' just popped his head out now and said...

"haha, I was a faker all along. My real name is Tony and I'm a 13 year old from Texas."

Geo said...

Bisschen zugenohmen? Du hast auf dem RTL2 Nachrichten Video vom E3 etwas dünner gewirkt ;P

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