Monday, June 19, 2006

WiiPointer, WiiCulture and !!M

After Wii Karaoke, Nintendo seems to have registered more trademarks associated with Wii. reports about three trademarks: WiiPointer, WiiCulture and !!M, citing German news site GameFront.

The latter name is the console´s name turned upside down, which might point to a game that is played with the Wiimote held upside down. Alternatively, some people have associated it with the Wii´s rumoured messenger service, because it contains the acronym IM. Either way, it´s interesting stuff.

WiiPointer could become the official name of what is commonly referred to as the Wiimote in the Nintendo community. WiiCulture is an intriguing trademark that I would associate mostly with the online community, since culture is something that is built up by a society.

EDIT A ton of new Nintendo trademarks related to Wii surfaced, as Go Nintendo reports. Here they are:

- WiiCan
- WiiClub
- WiiCommunication
- WiiDiary
- WiiHappy
- WiiHealth
- WiiHome
- WiiKids
- WiiMap
- WiiOnline
- WiiSenior
- WiiWords
- WWWii

Most likely, not all of these will come to use. Still, interesting stuff to mull over.

Source: GameFront (via, 1up, Go Nintendo
Thanks to: SpeedRunner2001


Jon said...

cool post

Volven said...

It looks like Wii will be the best gaming console ever!!!

How is !!M pronunced? "I'm", "I AM", "I M" ?

.:tOUCH-gEN:. said...


I dont think its meant to be pronunced "I'm", "I AM", "I M". I think that if this does indeed turn out to be an iNSTANT mESSAGE service then its probly ment to be another word that sounds different than is actualy said in english. Much like wii, which is pronunced wee. I believe that Nintendo are just being smart with their design of the software. Which makes sense.

.:tOUCH_gEN:. said...

Also...I really hope Nintend does do something like this. Itd be great to keep in touch with friends and family through your tv. AND WE COULD HAVE VOICE AND VIDEO CHAT.

game on said...

Good stuff indeed. IIM has to be an instant messaging service

game on said...

Good stuff indeed. IIM has to be an instant messaging service

Luca S. (Italy) said...

Big OT question
Any body knows if the Wii will be region free?There's a lack of information on that point.
Andreas some developer have suggested something to you?
Sorry for ugly english :-)
Luca S. (Italy)

Anonymous said...

"Cool post"? "Good stuff indeed"? All he said was "!!M is Wii upside down. Some people think it's an instant messaging service. Also, a culture is built up by society." This news is being reported on every other news station, and the only insight Falafel can give us is "Culture is built up by society."

This post will not go into the hall of fame. Of posts.

Anonymous said...

^Huh. That came out sounding kind of tame. There should be more exclamation points in that.

pi said...

Maybe ...

Wii connect24 + !!M That also have voice/video chat.

Sure it's rumour. But if this rumour is real. Isn't this sound interesting ?

Shoxware Games said...

Hey guys, check this out...

ian said...

Nice Shoxware, but it was no secret though. Nice to have this confirmed by Mosys themselves. Also nice to see NEC profits getting a boost from Nintendos chip purchases. Seems everyone can profit from the Wii.

Long live Nintendo.

As for Wii culture i can definitely say its already started,lol, and !!M, it would be nice if this pointed to MORE than just im, like others have stated, live video chat, AWESOME, for free.

Anonymous said...

i still like this idea:

if the "ii" in Wii are controllers... the "W" must be two intersecting projector beams ;)


but yeah... go voice chat!

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

Culture = Game genre

!!M = eeM



Anonymous said...

The Wii will be the best !!! That is clear !!! No Doubt !!!

Anonymous said...

microsoft is possibly working on a wiimote of their own.

sa-x said...

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Anonymous said...

where the hell is our revolution?

wii looks great... but it just seems like the all-powerful hype-machine just came to a screeching halt at e3, doesn't it? ugh... i don't know. what is this fucking shit? where is the revolution? how the HELL do they expect us to accept a speaker in the wiimote as the "big hardware secret"?

i'm getting really fucking annoyed, here.

-"superfan" tactics.

Lf_sIcKmAn said...

First of all, nothing personal in this... I really dont understand u people... why do u suffer so much? the wii is really great as it is... projectors, 3d, that is all BULL... cmon... accept it for the great game machine it is... and if u have doubt about the graphix... just look at the pokemon battle revolution trailer and dont sweat anymore... 200 bucks for a SUPER gamecube WITH GREAT GRAPHIX(i actually call it this not to underestimate it but because it OUTPERFORMS THE GAMECUBE like the SNES did with the NES) with freehand control that rumbles and makes sounds AND the wiiconnect24 for free like the ds AND the virtual console with ALL THE BEST NINTENDO TITLES!!! THAT IS WITHOUT COUNTING THE ESPECTACULAR EXPANSION POSSIBILITIES AND DS/Wii INTERACTION!!! EVEN BETTER YET! ONLINE SMASH BROS, METROID, ZELDA, MARIO!!! WHAT MORE CAN U WANT!!?!?!?! THAT IN ITSELF IS A REVOLUTION BIGGER THAN I COULD IMAGINE!!!... now please... respectfully shut the hell up and stop complaining... think about it for a while and it will sink in... Wii does it for me... ps3 is way too expensive and the 360 gives u a different option... Nintendo is still king... so quit the freaking complaints already...

pi said...

By neary any poll ps3 IS down to no 3 in us and no2 in japan already. Bitchying can't change that.

reduce ps3's price may help for being No2. not No1.

And ... if roumor about 360 to reduce $100 is real. ps3 to win is hard really.

sorry to any sony's fanboy. really.

Grandmaster B said...

If Sickman, well there is various comments from Nintendo that there is more in store so people will speculate until they release that info.


Lf_sIcKmAn said...

I am relaxed :) it's just that the wii has all this incredible options and thingies and some people overlook it for the secrets... they dont seem to appreciate everything so far... it's alright to especulate... but behave while doing so... after all... the wii IS a revolution in itself... PS3 meh! I even find myself rooting for microsoft a bit... since ive heard very good things about live... wiiconnect24 will rule because of one word... FREE...

Is anyone else dying to play WiiSports? I know I am... looks more fun that any sports to date... Baseball and Tennis will rock... and i can only imagine the possibility of a "PRINCE OF TENNIS" Anime game for Wii! dying to play some pangya too...

Anonymous said...

VC controller secret or just the wiimote hook up connection?

julencin2000 said...

Interesting video. We can see an attachment where, possibly, we can put the Wiimote to convert to wireless that retro controller.

In other forum are saying it is an attachment to a kind of arms, to transform it as a N64 controller (two or three arms connected to the back).

We will see...

Anonymous said...

The slots making it into say an N64 controller is a good idea, but it would be pretty pointless. First, it already has all the buttons required, as well as 2 analog sticks. Why would you really need the 2 N64 "arms" if they didn't have buttons on? Second, if it turns out to be true, Nintendo are already going to put out the "retro" Virtual Console controllers. If you could simply go out and buy a replica N64 Virtual controller, why bother going out to buy the supposed "arms" for the normal controller?

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Superfantactics...but the Wii is a really nice little machine.

I too thought that the Wii would have had something new or revolutionary out side of a new control schematic. However, maybe it's not just hardware that's the revolutionary component of the Wii.

I know it sounds boring or unexciting, but I would like to think that Nintendo's new industry ideologies are part of the "REVOLUTION" as well. New approaches to software that is played on a "game" machine.

Besides...despite what you may think, the hype didn't diminish, the eventual reality just broke through the false hype in my man.

IALS said...


1.Ironically Tecmos Golf game is the best looking Wii game so far.

2.The Wii pillar should be as thin as the console itself.

3.Nintendo needs to grow up.

4.Almost no mature games on Wii so far.

5.Elebits could be sleeper hit.

6.Red Steel without blood is like
Falafelkid without RTL 2.

7.Red Steel looks like a Dreamcast game with better lightning effects.

8.Neither Mario Galaxy nor Zelda Twilight take advantage of the controller as they are supposed to which is a shame.

9.Mario and Zelda both need completely new visual make overs and themes-other takes on the franchise cause its the same old style.
Zelda Wind Waker was a step in the right direction.

10.Metroid Prime 3 has lost and is lacking any new impulses just like Galaxy and Twilight.

11.Smash Bros looks kiddy bullshit to say the least.

12.After 20 years Nintendo still has shown its good will to please mature

13.Hammer,Excite Truck,etc. look cheap crap.


Grandmaster B said...

Glad your not in charge of Nintendo IALS cause your observations are crap.

Anonymous said...

This blog is difficult to load in my internet browser because it is so big. Falafel can you clean up the blog a little bit so it can load faster. Maybe get rid of some old articles. I am the only one with this difficulty lately?

SuperUser said...

Ha! IALS tried to be funny...

Realmy said...

Ials, those are the absolute worst observation I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...


".Mario and Zelda both need completely new visual make overs and themes-other takes on the franchise cause its the same old style.
Zelda Wind Waker was a step in the right direction."

if u think that zelda ww was going into the right direction you are WROOONG. a zelda game is suppose to take me a month to finish it not a weekend.. thats why that game sucked!!!!!! maybe the Ds version will be better cuz that game is more for a handhell than a console. I know that many ppl love this game but comon it was too short and wayyy to easy, and listen Im a Zelda Fan to death. And What tha F.. are u talking that mario needs a make over and that it doesnt use the control the way it is , when it actually won the Best plataformer in the E3 and you move and jump and kick, etc. using the F control !!! MEn if u are going to talk about sumthing first read, those are the worst speculations that I've ever seen.

plus the graphics of those games are the most neat in the Nintendo Booth and the most played from the Whole audience in the E3 so ShetThaF..Off!!

Playing=is believing

Anonymous said...


It is definetely obvious that you lack of knowledge in the gaming section. Your "observation" of nintendos position in the gaming market is nothing more than a personally insult because your statements are very cheap.
The facts that you are delivering are a proof for your weak personality, because your statements that you have listed are all very offensive and none of them is correct. I think that you are the sort of gamer, who is really a fan of nintendo, but when nintendo do not satisfy your desire, you leave them. I call such people "doubleminded".
You are the kind of people who are responsible that the gaming market is lacking the magic. I remember the good old days of nintendo and sega, where gaming was gaming, and not the stupid idea of upgrading levels of your character like in some games where you can play massiveley. Nintendo is the only one, that is trying to keep gaming as gaming! If you dont like the way nintendo is acting now, than you have the choice to go and play with your friends stupid games like on PC or PC360 or PC3.

Anonymous said...


i hope you're joking. i disagree with almost all of your "observations"... which strikes me as strange. we normally agree on most stuff.

1 - pangya looks way cool. i really dig the style.
2 - i don't know what you're referring to here... pillar?
3 - fuck you.
4 - red steel, disaster, mp3, hammer, and more...
5 - elebits looks liberating and awesome. i can't wait to play it.
6 - i don't know what rts2 is, but i can say this: the game does not need blood... i understand that this is a matter of opinion, but i think it's actually more childish to *demand* blood than it is to just be satisfied with killing shit, even without gallons of blood flying everywhere. i thought you wanted a mature game? :/
7 - hm :/ i dunno about that. you're exaggerating.
8 - have you played them? they look pretty fuckin cool to me... mario was at the top of every e3 list...
9 - these iterations of mario and zelda ARE complete makeovers, man... like... mario in space? that looks trippy. link in the "twilight realm"? that twilight realm looks fuckin sweet, dude. totally awesome art style. i'm really glad they revamped it into some weird-looking shit rather than just the drab black and white (although Sadness looks AWESOME. black and white could be REALLY cool)
10 - mp3 is just like mp and mp2, but the new "impulse" is the control scheme, dude. look at the DS: a lot of the highest-rated and most anticipated games are just sequels to popular franchises - but with a bad ass new control scheme. aren't you excited about the control scheme at all man?
11 - wow. that's just... lame, ials. really. you're really sounding like a sony fanboy here ;) just because a game is rated E and uses a cartoony art style does NOT make it "kiddy". just because you don't HAVE to be an adult to purchase the game, does not mean that it is for kids. quit being a dick. games are rated E because... *gasp* THEY ARE FOR FUCKING EVERYONE.
12 - i agree. isn't nintendo awesome?
13 - i don't know about all that. i can't WAIT to see how H.A.M.M.E.R. controls... it seems like it could be really cool - and also kinda "mature", too. running around town bashing everything in sight with a big ass mechanical hammer? i dig it. excite truck looks fuckin sweeeeet. i saw the e3 videos, and *everyone* who has played it said it was awesome. the graphics on it look really good, too.

i think you should re-evaluate your position on some of these opinions, ials. i think you're being really really closed-minded about the awesome new control scheme that revolution offers, and about your definition of the word "mature".


and to clarify for everyone else, my "where is the revolution" comment was not meant to position me as someone who doesn't think that Wii is AWESOME the way it is: i really really do. i'm just feeling like there is something missing, and it's bugging the fuck out of me.
i also agree that nintendo's "new" ideology behind the games industry and stuff like that is DEFINATELY part of the revolution, but only part.
maybe i'm a fool, but i still feel like there is something missing...

-"superfan" tactics.

IALS said...

******IALS RESPONDS**********

People need to relax!
Im sure,its just a matter of time til the day comes when you all realize that Nintendo is not everything!

Contentwise,its no mystery that Sony and Microsoft are steps ahead of Nintendo,no way around it.
The content is of higher quality.
The diversity of genres is very vivid and featuring content for every taste.
The Budgets are higher and the teams are bigger.
The target of publishers developing games on these systsem are late teen and adult demographics.
Nintendos targets younger people and family with its software like Mario,Pokemon,Super Smash,Donkey Kong etc..

Anyway doesnt it seem to you like Nintendo is using the new control method as its big excuse to
avoid taking risks as far as the actual content is concerned and playing it save by abondoning new concepts and franchises in favour of the tried and true?!

Matter of fact is most of the games shown are sequels to already existing ones!
Thats very unfortunate Im afraid.

Sadly,People tend to forget how much games truely are a visual expirience and not only a physical one.Sure both complement each other but its no odds.

Wii will loose Wii will win..So whos to say?



pi said...

I have to point ... about poll. About what everyone think.

Graphic dosn't matter. Feeling when play IS ...

It's just a poll. And Wii is the winner on poll.

Anonymous said...


i think your perception is way off. nintendo isn't really "targeting" anyone with mario... mario is a character that ANYone can enjoy and have fun with. same with pokemon or any of the other characters. it's about your imagination.

and no, it doesn't seem to me that nintendo is blanketing a conservative strategy with a new control method. they've said over and over why they're taking the approach they're taking, ials. wake the fuck up. the new control method makes games very accessible, again for ALL people, as well as makes them feel and seem fresh again! on top of that, they've also admitted that they'd never be able to keep up with sony and microsoft on the "my cock is bigger than yours" race, so they simply bowed out of it! they admitted it, dude. on top of that, they're not only *taking* a HUGE risk by "betting the bank" so to speak, on this new control method, they're also *encouraging* risk by giving developers a much cheaper platform for which to develop. not everybody has EA's money, you know.

open your eyes, ials. you're trippin, dude. trippin.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

Fala. I'm sorry, but I need to let some people know a little more about Nintendo as a game company. So I had to post this link to another blog for them to read/learn. I hope you dont mind. :)

anyways here it goes!

or (same link)

please read this, this is a must!!!

thank you.


Realmy said...

Microsoft and Sony's first party game development doesn't hold a candle to Nintendo's. Ials, you need a reality check. Seriously.

Grandmaster B said...

IALS, your boring me. Nintendo are a profitable company and trying to innovate the industry as well as extending the gaming market.

They are trying to be destructive.

If no one changed things in any technology market we'd become stagnant, just like how the gaming industry is getting.

The time is now to change somewhat of it.

Lf_sIcKmAn said...

Nintendo HAS NEVER ADMITTED THEY CANT COMPETE! the first thing they said was WE COULD COMPETE but we are not going to... they chose out... because it would drive the market to what happened with atari and all the others...

seriously tactics... nothing against you... but get your facts right...

Anonymous said...

don't split hairs, if_stickman.

if you percieve my statement of "can't" as "aren't capable", then you're percieving it incorrectly.

if you percieve my statement of "can't" as "won't because of the reasons if_stickman listed", then you're percieving it correctly.

how about you make a comment that contributes to the conversation, rather than being a smart ass and trying to piss me off?

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

okay, now i'm just an idiot. sorry, i made a mistake.

-"superfan" tactics.

Lf_sIcKmAn said...

let's all be friends :D i dont wanna argue against a nintendo loving buddy! xD every nintendo fan UNITE! :D

Lf_sIcKmAn said...

and... is L F SICKMAN not if_stickman hehehe :D

Anonymous said...


-"superfan" tactics.

julencin2000 said...

Nintendo shows Wii and more in Spain, courtesy of


Anonymous said...

hey hey hey ppl !!!!!!

target has release the LAUNCH DATES on Wii games and to are expected to be recieve on OCTOBER 04.. all info in target games page.... it may be not the rite info but is good to know!!!

Anonymous said...



DOES any1 have any info about this???? I THINK IT's Awesome

Sylver said...

hum.. its a fake. its obviously an ipod back

Anonymous said...

wow that's cool
ipod? i dunno , just because of its shape?

there are lots of devices out there that match this so I think its plausible

looks real 2 me :S

Anonymous said...

looks cool to me. theres gotta be more buttons though if it were to work.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Uh, no.

I Sega were to return to the console market...or hell, even the portable console market...Do you think they'd possibly save Sonic the Hedgehog for themselves instead of releasing it on the 360, PS3, AND the Wii? Let's not forget GBA, and the DS.

FAKE as FAKE gets.

DaBrains said...

pgLet me start by saying brand loyalty is scary on this site. So how about we put away our name calling and break it down as it is.
Playstation 3 has many positives, beautiful graphics, USB ports out the wahzoo, and is highly configurable. The problem is I already have a system that is all these things and it's made by Dell and it didn't cost much more than a PS3. So what does PS3 have to offer me? I can't think of anything.
Nintendo has an innovative console that has controller like nothing anybody has seen before, but does that make it better? Maybe, maybe not. Nintendo's main advantaged is the price. I can justify spending 250 for a brand new innovative console, but I can't justify spending 700 on a PS3 when I already have a PC.
It seems that the main argument for the PS3 is specs and graphics, but let's look back in time over the past four years. The Xbox has better specs than the playstation 2 and the gamecube, but what game had better graphics Halo or Metroid Prime? Metroid Prime is the obvious answer. Just last year what game looked better halo 2, GoW, or R.E.4? The obvious answer is R.E.4. So specs are not a true measure of performance or programming.
Also, let's go farther back in time. The N64 had just as many "good" games as PS1. So why was PS1 so successful? Many argue that is was the third party support but I disagree. The PS1 may have had a lot of games but the number of "good" games did not surpass that of the N64.
So why did the PS1 dominate N64? Marketing. Did you ever notice that the commercials for the PS1 games never showed the actual game play? It was always the beautiful CD-ROM movies of the 90's. So all the lemmings went to Wal-Mart and bought the PS1 and the 1 or 2 good games and the twenty crappy games and never looked back.
The moral is 1. The better system will not always be the best selling system. 2. PS3 does not offer anything that my PC doesn't 3. Better specs. does not mean better graphics. 4. If any of the innovative items for Nintendo is successful, it will be a PS3 peripheral in a matter of months.

My conclusion is that PS3 will be the better selling system because it will be better marketed than the Wii and a few months after it comes out it will be offering anything that the Wii has available that has become successful. I will not buy the PS3 because I already have a PC and HL-2 looks sweet on it. I will buy a Wii because of the downloadable library of NES games and it plays gamcube games, so even if the controller and the new games turn out to be crap, I will feel like I got my money's worth because of the for mentioned feature.

A-men, Goodnight, I only do one show a night, and don't let the fanboys bite.

Anonymous said...

well why should they keep sonic to themselves? if you can get more money by putting it on several consoles why not? I would sure do it if i was sega. I mean let's not forget, if it is real they are coming back so maybe they will keep sonic for themselves when they are completely back but at this time they are not. get it?

Anonymous said...

this blog sucks now!

pi said...

I got some inside Wiimote's back cover (at E3) picture.

Falafelkid said...


this blog sucks now!

It would suck much less if you just went away. Thank you ;)

Anonymous said...


Look, Nintendo isnt looking as great as the 360 and PS3 cause thy have commen sense. Graphics cant go much further. get a little more detailed you will get more detailed than real liefe(if it hasnt all ready). The next step would most likely be virtual reality(if posible). So Nintendo is taking it slow so not to rush ahead and to be able to release more products, therefore probably casuing them to be on top within 50 years.

Anonymous said...

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MulberryNews said...

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